BEA 2015-Apr-11 to 2015-Apr-16

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Deskilling and Drones: Lessons from Recent Imaging Innovations
 Kilker, Julian.

Developing a Personal Connection With Impersonal Technology: Applying Classroom Research to Improve Your Online Course Communication
 Hemenway, Paul.

Development of Radio News Bulletins and the Changing Expectation of Canadian Audiences in the 1930’s
 MacLennan, Anne.

Digitizing the Classroom for the Online Environment
 Hebbeler, John.

Discovering Hidden Gems in the Archives: How to Find and Access Underutilized AV Collections
 Whitfield, B. Lynn.

Drones, Ender's Game, and the Reluctant Hegemon
 Larson, Gary.
BEA 2015-Apr-11 to 2015-Apr-16
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