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"Defamation Live": The Confusing Legal Landscape of Republication in Live Broadcasting
 Bunker, Matthew. and Calvert, Clay.

"How Does a Film School Education Help With a Career in Reality TV?"
 Gardner, Eric.

"Nobody can #DragMeDown": An analysis of the One Direction fandom's use of Twitter as a successful promotional tool
 Santero, Nicole.

#SocialCommerce: Examining Best Practices for Social Media Business Models
 Tang, Tang.

#Socialympics: Predictors of Social Media Uses during the Olympics
 Tang, Tang. and Cooper, Roger.

3D Radio Promotion in Cyberspace: VJs, Podcasters, and Mixed Reality Remotes
 Johnson, Phylis.

3D Sound & the Consumer Market: Are consumers really ready for the "next-gen" audio products?
 Williams, Crystal.

“Good B-roll for the Scissor Makers Museum”
 Hill, Desiree.

“HE COULD. GO. ALL. THE WAY!”: An Examination of The Cognitive Processing Behind Play-by-Play Announcers Voice Presentation.
 Berke, Collin.

“I’m Gonna Slap You Around Boy”: The Glass Ceiling for African-American Performers in American Professional Wrestling
 Woodall, Lowery.

“Teaching Longform in a Shortform World”
 Edsall, Samuel., Lewis, Warren. and Bond, Linda.


A La Carte Cable Pricing and the Future of Local Broadcast Television
 Andrews, Max.

ADR & Foley Assignment
 Wang, George Chun Han.

Abbas Kiarostami's Poetics of Automobility
 Kraemer, Joseph.

An Aerial Eyewitness
 Homburg, Nick.

An Epitaph in 140 Characters: A Uses and Gratifications Perspective of Twitter Use Following the Roanoke Shootings
 Dworznik, Gretchen. and Sharma, Rekah.

Are Hate Crimes Dangerous or an Educational Tool? The Portrayal of Muslim Students in Newspapers and Magazines
 vanFrankenhuyzen, Kelly.


Becoming Friends with Television: Analyzing the Influence of Personality on Parasocial Interaction with Television Characters
 Allard, Tara., Bolduc, Heidi., Dutkiewicz, Madison., Jean-Claude, Sandy., Romberg, Kyle. and Kinnally, Will.

Between State and Public Broadcasting: Egypt's ERTU
 Abdulla, Rasha.

Big Gulps, Smokes, Taunts, and Ta-Tas: Situating Public Health Campaigns Within Applied and Theoretical Frameworks
 Baker, Kimberly.

Big Pharma & Bigwig Bloggers: The David and Goliath of Health Communication in the Digital Age
 Crosswell, Laura.

Blazing the Trail of Inclusion in Television Advertising: Along the Way from Aunt Jemima to Cheerios
 Fuller, Lorraine.

Blindsided: The rise, fall, and rise of narrative description for the visually impaired
 Tirumala, Lakshmi N..

Broadcast Yourselves: Exploring Racial and Gender Diversity on Streamy-Nominated YouTube Vlogs
 Meyer, Michele., Kuang, Juan. and Masterson, Annette.


California (No, India) is the Place You Ought to Be: Representations of Capitalist Ideology and The American Dream in "The Beverly Hillbillies" and "Outsourced"
 Fortunato, Joe.

Can Robot Journalists Replace Human Journalists in the Coverage of Wars?
 Latar, Noam Lemelshtrich.

Capturing Mobility: Assessing Mobile Media use in Time and Space
 Hoplamazian, Gregory., Dimmick, John. and Ramirez, Artemio.

Civic involvement in video production
 Mangrum, Leah.

Class Effect: A Video Game Theory Response to Carol Smart’s Shifting Horizons
 Alton, Chris.

Climate Change, Risk and Framing in the Media: Communicating Urgency and Promoting Behavior Change for a Better Future
 Pulley, Erica.

Climate Change, Risk and Framing in the Media: Communicating Urgency and Promoting Effective Behavior Change for a Better Future
 Pulley, Erica.

Closed Captioning Forty-Five Years Later: Teaching the Value of CC in the age of YouTube
 Galvez, Anthony.

College students and legalized marijuana: Knowlege gaps and belief gaps regarding the law and health effects
 Hindman, Douglas.

Communicating Uncertain Science to the Public: How Amount and Source of Uncertainty Impact Fatalism, Backlash, and Overload
 Jensen, Jakob., Pokharel, Manusheela., Scherr, Courtney., King, Andy., Brown, Natasha. and Jones, Christina.

Conduct, affiliation, and messages: A typology of statutes addressing political deception
 Spicer, Robert.

Considering Social Capital and U.S. Social Media Use in the International Student Experience
 Sweitzer, Brandon.

Considering the Video Essay: An Experiment in Transitioning Scholarship From Traditional Text to New Media
 Kraemer, Joseph.

Constructing a Media Industries Final Project
 Torre, Paul.

Convergence Approach: Multimedia-Multiplatforms Storytelling at Middle East Media News Websites
 Al-Obaidi, Jabbar.

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Demystifying Transmedia: Creative Approaches to Telling Non-fiction Stories Across Platforms
 Ogden, Michael.

Digital Distractions in the Classroom Phase II: Student Classroom Use of Digital Devices for Non-Class Related Purposes
 McCoy, Bernard.

Do you like me? A dramaturgical look at Chick-fil-A’s Facebook presence
 Sweitzer, Hailey.

Double Standards and Stereotypes: Media Depictions of Blacks in Sports
 Welch, Edward.

Dramatic Structure in UX Design
 Hokanson, Shelly.


E-Learning 2.0: How Seelio encourages a digital-work "safe-space" for student participation.
 Henderson, Janie.

East coast expansion, Midwest history: How nostalgic Big Ten Network programming analyzes the evolution and traditional identity of the Big Ten Conference
 Miller, Kyle.

East versus West: An Examination of Geographic Bias on Sports Networks’ Flagship Highlight Shows
 Romney, Miles. and Johnson, Rich.

Elite Perceptions: The War on Terror in Afghanistan
 Rasul, Azmat.

Establishing a Voice in Appalachia: The Social Media Strategy for a Commercial Country Radio Station in West Virginia.
 Kaiser, Matt.

Evolving Blogging Trends in Thailand and Malaysia: Changing Themes and Policy Responses
 Magpanthong, Chalisa. and McDaniel, Drew.

Examination of the Correlation of Online Content Strategy and Enrollment and Retention of the Tennessee Board of Regents University System_2
 O\'Neill, Todd.

Examining Print Coverage of the Keystone Pipeline XL Using the Social Amplification of Risk Framework
 Haigh, Michel.

Explicating the Cognitive Mediation Model for Underserved Populations: Direct and Indirect Effects of Ethnic News Media
 Jensen, Jakob., King, Andy., Guntzviller, Lisa., Perez, Debora., Krakow, Melinda. and Coe, Kevin.

Exploring Representations Of Race In Children's Television
 Alboum, Scott.

Exploring the Patterns and Determinants of Global Mobile Divide
 Zhang, Xiaoqun.

Expressing hatred or empowerment using the n word in social TV
 Chew, Fiona.


Fantasy Gaming on Steroids?: Contrasting Perceptions of Traditional and Daily Fantasy Sport Participants
 Billings, Andrew., Ruihley, Brody. and Yang, Yiyi.

Feeding the male gaze: Deconstructing the visual portrayals of hypersexualized women in Carl’s Jr. fast food advertisements from 2005 to 2015
 Karimipour, Nicki.

Finding Athens in Hollywood: Production Programs as Liberal Education
 Smith, Michael.


Game on: Targeting the young demographic with Virtual reality and Gamification in news
 Sethi, Neha. and Chi, Tai Ying.


Happily Ever After’s and Capitalist Fantasy: Harlequin Romances in Post-Socialist and Developing Cultures
 Choyke, Kelly.

Have You Seen it: An Examination of the New Narrative Experience
 Loof, Travis.

How Happy is Happily Ever After?: Disney Princesses in the Media
 Finney, Amanda., Anan, Shananu., Fu, Meng. and Hudson, Lawrence.

How Policy Guides CBC TV
 Oye, Amanda.

How Streaming is Changing Our Ways of Viewing Fictional Television
 Cuadra, Tanya. and Lawrence, Delaney.

How sociability and social presence influence viewers’ bridging social capital and program loyalty?
 Lin, Trisha T. C.., Chiang, Yi-hsuan., Liew, Kai Khiun., Theng, Yin Leng., Bautista, John Robert Razote. and Teo, Winston.


Imbalance in International News Reporting: Analysis of U.S. Media Coverage of Obama's Deployment of Troops to Cameroon to Help Fight 'Boko Haram'
 Ngwe Ali, Pechulano.

Immersive Experiences: Virtual Reporting with Empathy & Embodiment
 Conlin, Lindsey.

Improved Virtual Reality Imaging and Gender: Factors Impacting Cybersickness
 Carbonara, Corey., Korpi, Michael. and Shafer, Daniel.

Includification: Why gaming accessibility matters
 Haislett, Robin.

Information Visualization As Storytelling
 Mahmud, Athir.

Interactive Emirate Storytelling: Place and Space in UAE Transformation
 Rahman, Nadia.

Internalized racism and the role it plays on reality television
 Easley-Williams, Traci.

I’m Ready for My Close-Up, Mr. Spielberg: Creating a Working Model for Data Security and Personal Privacy in the Use Case of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)
 Bronfman, Jill.


King Hu in Hollywood: Making "The Battle of Ono"
 Wang, George Chun Han.

Korean Pop Music from 2005 to 2015: Asianization and Cultural Hybridization in Framing Idol Imageries
 Xie, Quan.


Like it, Tweet it, Identify with it: An Analysis of NCAA Division I FBS Athletic Websites.
 Berke, Collin., Loof, Travis. and Krause, Amber.


Making Better Screenwriters: Do Writing Methods from Undergraduate Writing Courses Help or Hinder Screenwriting Instruction?
 Diefenbach, Donald., West, Mark. and Slatton, Anne.

Making Media Industries Lectures Interactive
 Lotz, Amanda.

Managing Old and New in Local Newsrooms: An Analysis of Multiplatform Local News Repertoires
 Tang, Tang. and Lai, Chih-Hui.

Measuring Fandom: Social TV Analytics and the Integration of Fandom into Television Audience Measurement
 Kosterich, Allie. and Napoli, Philip.

Media Across Devices
 Wang, David.

Media During Bersih 4.0: A Study on New Media and Comparative Analysis on News Reports in The Star and The Malaysian Insider
 Jalli, Nuurianti.

Media Use and Narcissistic Sexuality: How Sexually Explicit Media Influences Users' Desire for Self-Satisfaction
 Dunham, Ryan.

Media, Culture, and Power in Risk Society: The Case of Egypt
 Al-Gammal, Rasem Mohamed., Soliman, Eman Mohamed. and Morsy, Heba Ahmed.

Mostly credible and transparent: Audience perceptions of news stories produced with traditional and multiplatform newsgathering technologies
 Auger, Giselle., Gee, Charlie. and Tanes-Ehle, Zeynep.

Musical Storytelling for the Future: Producing Music and the Potential for Virtual and Augmented Reality in Content Creation and Consumption
 Pluskota, Jonathan.


NPR: The Business of the Story
 Bovio, Sonia.

News Media Economy in Post-Liberal India: Narratives of Nation, Region and Power in Neo-liberal Times.
 Elavarthi, Sathya Prakash.

Newsgathering Takes Flight: Legal Obstacles Facing Drone Use by Broadcast News Operations
 Calvert, Clay., Tobin, Charles. and Bunker, Matthew.

Non-Scientists' Knowledge Sharing Expectations in Citizen Science
 Duffy, Kevin (Fitz)., Cepak, Anthony., Peng, Zhao. and Carpenter, Serena.


Obamacare, Partisan Dissent, and the Threat of Default: Assessing Cable News Bias in the 2013 Government Shutdown
 Blackstone, Ginger.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Backward: Black Female Images in the Films of Tyler Perry
 Bougere, Cynthia.

One on One
 Soto, Jose.

Online Communities and its Role in Empowerment and Development Communication
 Abuljadail, Mohammad.

Open-ended Questions and Mixed-mode Survey? A comparison between Telephone Survey and Online Survey
 Abuljadail, Mohammad.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind?: Addressing Unconscious Brand Awareness in Healthcare Communication
 Crosswell, Laura., Porter, Lance., Sanders, Meghan. and Barber, Kari.


Panem Production: Fiction meets Reality in Lionsgate's Transmedia Marketing
 Bay, Jessica.

Peace Journalism in Iberoamérica: Mexican and Spanish Newspaper Coverage of Conflict
 Nicolás, Maria Teresa.

Perceptions of Texas Broadcast Professionals Regarding How to Save Today's Postsecondary Mass Communication Departments
 Taylor, Nick.

Persuading the masses to participate in a rally: A study of media photographs
 Friedman, Michael.

Post-Television Culture and Spreadable Marketing: Marketing Initiatives for Three Streaming TV Entertainment Series
 Lashley, Mark.

Presentation by Pete Seel, Professor and Adviser for the IS&T Minor
 Seel, Peter.

Presentation by Professor Joe Champ, Colorado State University
 Champ, Joe.

Presentation by Steve Weiss, Instructor and Director of Ram Productions
 Weiss, Steven.

Production revelation, reality, and reality shows in Korea: Why and how production is revealed to enhance reality
 Lee, Hun-Yul.


Race/Riot/Protest: News coverage of Baltimore’s response to Freddie Gray’s death
 Spicer, Robert.

Radio and the Development of Kazakh as a National Language
 Brown, Michael., Yerkimbay, Askhat. and Myssayeva, Karlyga.

Real or Random: The Relationship between Film School Rankings, Academic Structure, and Curricular Design of Production Programs
 Smith, Michael. and Hackel, Kristiina.

Relationship Between the Producer and the Audience of Nonfiction
 Largent, Julia.

Russia and Baltics: News Media and Social Media Conversations on Russian Involvement in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia
 Cooley, Skye., Stokes, Ethan. and Jackson, Chase.


Section 508 at 30: The Evolution of Online Accessibility Rules
 Youngblood, Ed.

Sense of Virtual Brand Community and its Association with Brand Loyalty and Sense of Virtual Community
 Abuljadail, Mohammad.

Setting the Standard: Millennial Women’s Role Models in the Digital Media Age
 Blackstone, Ginger. and Karimipour, Nicki.

Social Media Effects on Casting Decisions in the Film Industry
 McGinnis, Elisha., Stier, Kelly. and Yang, Kaimeng.

Sports Video Games in Your Mass Communication Courses
 Litty, Jamie.

Storytelling Through Costuming
 Rehal, Priya.

Strange Empire: Presenting Canadian History Through Feminist Discourse
 Melamed, Erica.


Teaching Storytelling with Turbulent Tech
 Lee, Erika.

Teaching Students to Create Content for Multiplatform Delivery: The Theory of Digital Citizenship
 Switzer, Jamie. and Switzer, Ralph.

Teaching Theory in Upper-Division Undergraduate and Graduate-Level Media Industry Course
 Havens, Timothy.

Tell Me: Negotiating Authenticity in Sexual Narration
 Khayambashi, Shila.

Teulu, Familyar, Family: Along the Fall Line Road
 Price, Melissa Lee.

The Convergence of Cell Phone Video and Social Media on Issues Pertaining to African-Americans in Television News
 Veal, Jazmine.

The Edges of Broadcasting: Storytelling on the Margins
 MacLennan, Anne. and Moore, Paul.

The Effects of “Seeing Yourself” in Advertising: A Moderated Mediation Model of Cultural Cue Dynamics in Advertising
 Hoplamazian, Gregory.

The Far East Network Okinawa: Impact and Influence of Broadcast Programming for the Military, 1945 - 1995
 Aiken, LaDonna.

The Geopolitics of Visual Representation in News: The Case of Boko Haram
 Saleh, Ibrahim. and Knieper, Thomas.

The Ghost of Objectivity in a Post-Objective World: How Local Maine Television Newsworkers Perceive Journalistic Norms in a Transitional Era
 Ruhs, Theodora.

The Hoosier Schoolmaster of the Air
 Myers, Mary.

The Impact of Political Communication on Voters' Choices
 Braima, Mahmoud.

The Influence of Connected Viewing on a Television Writer’s Room
 Kropp, Evan.

The Influence of Self-Brand Congruity and Ad Position on the Effectiveness of Online Video Advertising
 Holmes, Todd.

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Understanding How Personas Drive UX Design
 Kramer, Jen.

Understanding user experiences of a multiscreen social TV system: A mix-method study
 Lin, Trisha T. C.., Wen, Yonggang. and Thong, Yean Jean.

Uses and Gratifications for Video-on-demand Services (VOD) in Korean MVPD Industry
 Seo, Sangho.

Using light to contribute to the story
 Chandler, Suzanne.


Violence on television: Surgery or Butchery?
 Abdikarimova, Alina.

Virtual collaboration using self-created avatar in classroom to combat school bullying by empowering K-12 students
 Kim, Youjeong. and Dahir, Carol.

Visual Crisis Communication: Exploring the Virality of Social Media Compassion for #KiyiyaVuranInsanlik
 Mahoney, L. Meghan., Kopacz, Ola. and Lawton, Bessie.


Well-known and Wide, Soft and Strange – Examining Students’ News Preferences on Twitter
 Cox, Jennifer.

What Content Do Askers Want on Social Q & A?: User Preferences of Answers about STDs
 Bae, Beom. and Yi, Yong.

When is a TV Binge a Real Binge?
 Rubenking, Bridget. and Bracken, Cheryl.

Writing a script for visuals based on what images and story the sound design suggests
 Pollock, Donald.
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