BEA 2016-Apr-17 to 2016-Apr-21

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Becoming Friends with Television: Analyzing the Influence of Personality on Parasocial Interaction with Television Characters
 Allard, Tara., Bolduc, Heidi., Dutkiewicz, Madison., Jean-Claude, Sandy., Romberg, Kyle. and Kinnally, Will.

Between State and Public Broadcasting: Egypt's ERTU
 Abdulla, Rasha.

Big Gulps, Smokes, Taunts, and Ta-Tas: Situating Public Health Campaigns Within Applied and Theoretical Frameworks
 Baker, Kimberly.

Big Pharma & Bigwig Bloggers: The David and Goliath of Health Communication in the Digital Age
 Crosswell, Laura.

Blazing the Trail of Inclusion in Television Advertising: Along the Way from Aunt Jemima to Cheerios
 Fuller, Lorraine.

Blindsided: The rise, fall, and rise of narrative description for the visually impaired
 Tirumala, Lakshmi N..

Broadcast Yourselves: Exploring Racial and Gender Diversity on Streamy-Nominated YouTube Vlogs
 Meyer, Michele., Kuang, Juan. and Masterson, Annette.
BEA 2016-Apr-17 to 2016-Apr-21
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