BEA 2016-Apr-17 to 2016-Apr-21

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California (No, India) is the Place You Ought to Be: Representations of Capitalist Ideology and The American Dream in "The Beverly Hillbillies" and "Outsourced"
 Fortunato, Joe.

Can Robot Journalists Replace Human Journalists in the Coverage of Wars?
 Latar, Noam Lemelshtrich.

Capturing Mobility: Assessing Mobile Media use in Time and Space
 Hoplamazian, Gregory., Dimmick, John. and Ramirez, Artemio.

Civic involvement in video production
 Mangrum, Leah.

Class Effect: A Video Game Theory Response to Carol Smart’s Shifting Horizons
 Alton, Chris.

Climate Change, Risk and Framing in the Media: Communicating Urgency and Promoting Behavior Change for a Better Future
 Pulley, Erica.

Climate Change, Risk and Framing in the Media: Communicating Urgency and Promoting Effective Behavior Change for a Better Future
 Pulley, Erica.

Closed Captioning Forty-Five Years Later: Teaching the Value of CC in the age of YouTube
 Galvez, Anthony.

College students and legalized marijuana: Knowlege gaps and belief gaps regarding the law and health effects
 Hindman, Douglas.

Communicating Uncertain Science to the Public: How Amount and Source of Uncertainty Impact Fatalism, Backlash, and Overload
 Jensen, Jakob., Pokharel, Manusheela., Scherr, Courtney., King, Andy., Brown, Natasha. and Jones, Christina.

Conduct, affiliation, and messages: A typology of statutes addressing political deception
 Spicer, Robert.

Considering Social Capital and U.S. Social Media Use in the International Student Experience
 Sweitzer, Brandon.

Considering the Video Essay: An Experiment in Transitioning Scholarship From Traditional Text to New Media
 Kraemer, Joseph.

Constructing a Media Industries Final Project
 Torre, Paul.

Convergence Approach: Multimedia-Multiplatforms Storytelling at Middle East Media News Websites
 Al-Obaidi, Jabbar.

Crisis in Broadcasting: An Examination of the CBC's Response to Jian Ghomeshi
 Lao, Mary Grace.
BEA 2016-Apr-17 to 2016-Apr-21
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