BEA 2016-Apr-17 to 2016-Apr-21

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Making Better Screenwriters: Do Writing Methods from Undergraduate Writing Courses Help or Hinder Screenwriting Instruction?
 Diefenbach, Donald., West, Mark. and Slatton, Anne.

Making Media Industries Lectures Interactive
 Lotz, Amanda.

Managing Old and New in Local Newsrooms: An Analysis of Multiplatform Local News Repertoires
 Tang, Tang. and Lai, Chih-Hui.

Measuring Fandom: Social TV Analytics and the Integration of Fandom into Television Audience Measurement
 Kosterich, Allie. and Napoli, Philip.

Media Across Devices
 Wang, David.

Media During Bersih 4.0: A Study on New Media and Comparative Analysis on News Reports in The Star and The Malaysian Insider
 Jalli, Nuurianti.

Media Use and Narcissistic Sexuality: How Sexually Explicit Media Influences Users' Desire for Self-Satisfaction
 Dunham, Ryan.

Media, Culture, and Power in Risk Society: The Case of Egypt
 Al-Gammal, Rasem Mohamed., Soliman, Eman Mohamed. and Morsy, Heba Ahmed.

Mostly credible and transparent: Audience perceptions of news stories produced with traditional and multiplatform newsgathering technologies
 Auger, Giselle., Gee, Charlie. and Tanes-Ehle, Zeynep.

Musical Storytelling for the Future: Producing Music and the Potential for Virtual and Augmented Reality in Content Creation and Consumption
 Pluskota, Jonathan.

BEA 2016-Apr-17 to 2016-Apr-21
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