BEA 2016-Apr-17 to 2016-Apr-21

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Teaching Storytelling with Turbulent Tech
 Lee, Erika.

Teaching Students to Create Content for Multiplatform Delivery: The Theory of Digital Citizenship
 Switzer, Jamie. and Switzer, Ralph.

Teaching Theory in Upper-Division Undergraduate and Graduate-Level Media Industry Course
 Havens, Timothy.

Tell Me: Negotiating Authenticity in Sexual Narration
 Khayambashi, Shila.

Teulu, Familyar, Family: Along the Fall Line Road
 Price, Melissa Lee.

The Convergence of Cell Phone Video and Social Media on Issues Pertaining to African-Americans in Television News
 Veal, Jazmine.

The Edges of Broadcasting: Storytelling on the Margins
 MacLennan, Anne. and Moore, Paul.

The Effects of “Seeing Yourself” in Advertising: A Moderated Mediation Model of Cultural Cue Dynamics in Advertising
 Hoplamazian, Gregory.

The Far East Network Okinawa: Impact and Influence of Broadcast Programming for the Military, 1945 - 1995
 Aiken, LaDonna.

The Geopolitics of Visual Representation in News: The Case of Boko Haram
 Saleh, Ibrahim. and Knieper, Thomas.

The Ghost of Objectivity in a Post-Objective World: How Local Maine Television Newsworkers Perceive Journalistic Norms in a Transitional Era
 Ruhs, Theodora.

The Hoosier Schoolmaster of the Air
 Myers, Mary.

The Impact of Political Communication on Voters' Choices
 Braima, Mahmoud.

The Influence of Connected Viewing on a Television Writer’s Room
 Kropp, Evan.

The Influence of Self-Brand Congruity and Ad Position on the Effectiveness of Online Video Advertising
 Holmes, Todd.

The Many Sides of QUBE: Interactivity and the Evolution of Electronic Media, 1977 - 1983
 Arceneaux, Noah.

The Media Industries Essay
 Sandler, Kevin.

The Mediated Representation of the Criminal and Serial Killer on Television
 O\'Connor, Katie.

The Obama Effect: A Content Analysis of How News Coverage of America’s First African American Presidential Family Affects Coverage of African Americans in News
 Josey, Christopher. and Dixon, Travis.

The Oklahoma City bombing: Journalistic trauma and regret
 Hill, Desiree.

The Post-Communist Television Broadcast System in the Czech Republic: A Historical Case Study of TV NOVA, Czech Media Laws and Legal Battles
 Liseblad, Madeleine.

The Quest for Perfect AR and VR
 Korpi, Michael.

The Relevance of International Broadcasting when Support for Democracy Declines: An Analysis of two ‘Arab Spring’ Countries
 Clark, Andrew. and Christie, Thomas.

The Theory of Normative Social Behavior: A Review
 Pokharel, Manusheela., Carcioppolo, Nick. and Jensen, Jakob.

The Thin Line Between Masculinity and Skate: Primetime Narratives of Male Figure Skaters on the CBC and NBC Primetime 2014 Winter Olympic Broadcasts
 MacArthur, Paul., Angelini, James., Billings, Andrew. and Reichart Smith, Lauren.

The content of their 140 characters: An analysis of Twitter usage by television news anchors and reporters
 Eschenfelder, Christine.

The portrayals of Asian American women in New York Times
 Yan, Chao.

Theorizing Proximity and Velocity when Driving-Toward-a-Goal (DTAG): An Experimental Test of Goal-Oriented Visual Cues for Fundraising Appeals
 King, Andy., Carcioppolo, Nick., Scherr, Courtney. and Jensen, Jakob.

Theorizing the Impact of Targeted Narratives: Model Admiration and Narrative Memorability
 Jensen, Jakob., Sarapin, Ph.D., Susan., Yale, Robert., Weaver, Jeremy., Pokharel, Manusheela. and Loewen, Sherrie.

Trading in Heritage: Selling Bygone Britain
 Bell, Jennifer.

Traditional Media, Free Press and New Technology: Zambia Transitions
 Pitts, Gregory. and Kasoma, Twange.
BEA 2016-Apr-17 to 2016-Apr-21
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