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"Admit One" - Documentary to Help Goshen Restore its classic movie house
 Hufford, Kyle. and Mills, Riley.

"Finding the Production Mix: Commercial vs Nonprofit, Student vs Your Own Creative Activity."
 Hodgson, Scott.

"Fresno to Fiji" - Transformitive changes to students and locals
 Therkelsen, Jes.

15 Months of Sleeping Watchdogs: A Qualitative Analysis of Online News Coverage during a Prolonged Environmental Disaster in Flint, Michigan.
 Tunney, Carin.

‘This is The Sound of My Voice’: Exploring Women’s Broadcast Voice through Radio Documentary Work
 Copeland, Anastasia.

“A Man Must Have A Code”: A Contrast of Black and White Masculinity in The Wire
 Wilson, Graeme.

“Having Fun While Engaging in the Community: Finding Unique Local Stories”
 Pollock, Donald.

“Something new is being added”: The Story of WDSU
 Blue, Mary.

“Woman Inherits the Earth”: Deconstructing Jurassic Park as an Early Text in Third-Wave Feminism
 Wilson, Graeme.

“You’re my n-word” : Hate and empowerment in social TV n-word usage about TV characters in a popular TV series
 Chew, Fiona. and Chen, Flora.


Addicted to Performance: How Advertisers Masculinize and Feminize Gender-Neutral Products of an Addictive Nature
 Dunham, Ryan.

An Exploration of Parasocial Relationships and the Celebrity Influence of LeBron James
 Shabazz, David.

Applied Analytics: How Audience Research Influences Decision Making in Radio Stations
 Kaiser, Matt.

Are we teaching trauma? A survey of accredited journalism schools in the United States
 Dworznik, Gretchen. and Garvey, Adrienne.

Artificial Intelligence Media: A Fresh Look into New Audiences
 Chap, Chetra.

Audience and Consumer Analytics Consulting for Local TV Stations
 Guo, Miao.

Auto Women: Gender and Mobility from the Driver’s Seat and Beyond
 Bullock, Christina.


Backchannel Communication among International Researchers: How Academic Conferences can be Enhanced by Twitter
 Xie, Quan. and Luo, Tian.

Balancing the Three Pillars: Teaching Audience Analytics through Software, Theory, and Service-based Learning
 Shay, Ronen.

Believably Uncanny?: Bridging Uncanny Valley in Mediated Environment"
 Lee, Michael. and Han, Karen.

Bombs Away? Revisiting the “Failure” of Steven Spielberg’s 1941
 Fortunato, Joe.

Breaking in: How to get your first job in Hollywood
 Forsher, James.

Breaking news on Twitter: Is local news different or better?
 Sturgill, Amanda. and Perschau, Charles.


College Radio Takeovers and Shutdowns: An Analysis of News Coverage from 2006-2016
 Smallwood, Amber., Yates, Bradford. and Tripp, Winston.

Covering the Local Communities: Foothill Community News
 Cummings, Valerie.

Creativity Meets Collaboration: Lessons from an Immersive Multimedia Capstone
 Brockman, Cliff.

Curated Flows in the U.S., China, and Australia: From Information Behavior to Disaster Preparedness
 Lai, Chih-Hui. and Tang, Tang.

Curriculum Centered Around Creating Industry Connections
 Songer, Tracy.


Designing Radio: Captivating the Audience through Radio's design from Art Deco to the Transistor
 MacLennan, Anne.

Dialogic Orientation of U.S. Universities on Twitter: A Social Media Analytics Approach
 Sweitzer, Brandon. and Khan, Laeeq.

Did they really say that? Olympic Sports Announcers and the Intersection of Race and Gender
 Meadows, Jennifer.

Diluting Free Expression: Statutory First Amendment Proxies in Trademark Dilution Law
 Bunker, Matthew.

Diving Into the Deep End: Refining the Reporting Skills with Technology
 Wright, Leigh.

Does Augmented Reality Augment the Experience? A Qualitative Analysis of Enjoyment for Sports Spectators
 Rogers, Ryan., Strudler, Keith., Decker, Avery. and Grazulis, Anna.


Effective Cross-Cultural Advertising in Highly Diverse Consumer Markets: A Quantitative Analysis.
 Asim, Mian.

Enhancing Reflective learning in media production Curricula
 Charles, Franklyn.

Evaluation of the Eurovision Jury: Are They Fulfilling Their Purpose?
 Allgayer, Sasha.

Ever Changing Interactive Media: Choosing the Right Trends and Technologies to Teach
 Lee, Erika.

Examining the Role of Social Identification with Music in Digital Music Streaming Service Use
 Bolduc, Heidi. and Kinnally, Will.

Exploring a New Kind of Currency: A Transcultural Analysis of Public Health Commoditization
 Crosswell, Laura.


Facebook Groups, Tweeting, What’s App Messages, and Reporting: Teaching Social Media in Egyptian Journalism Programs
 Hamdy, Naila.

Female Voices in a Male-Dominated Sports Radio World
 Ohrt, Pam.

From Compton to X: Radio’s Community Role in Times of Protest and Unrest
 Pluskota, Jonathan. and Johnson, Phylis.


Gauging the Experience of Parasocial Interaction via Cognitive Resource Availability
 Cummins, Glenn. and Loof, Travis.

General, and then President Eisenhower’s Communication Style
 Powers, Jonathan.

Government’s Apps and Democracy: Citizens’ Participation in Indonesia and Malaysia
 Idris, Ika. and Jalli, Nuurianti.


How Do Social Media Affect the Education of Kuwaiti Students
 Al-Failakawi, Yousef.


In Step at the Top? Optimism, Efficacy, and Orientation Among Local Television News Managers
 Blankenship, Justin. and Riffe, Daniel.

Interactive Timelines and First-Year Students: A Foundation for Broadcast Education
 Diefenbach, Donald.

It’s about time! Action video games’ demand of cognitive skills during prolonged periods of gaming
 Koban, Kevin.

iPad and Faculty Multi-Touch iBook Initiatives
 Belafonte-Young, Denise.

iPhones Bring Martin Luther King's Speech to Life
 Punnett, Ian.


Journalism and Communication Education in the Arab world: Between Old Model Curricula and New Media Industries
 Amin, Hussein.


Laying the Groundwork and Building the Bridges for Student Success
 Weiss, Steven.

Leader Tease: The Effect of Elite Cues in News Teases on Political Information Use
 Calfano, Brian. and Swift, Kevin.

Longitudinal Affects of Immigration Frames within a Geo-Ethnic Context
 Cepak, Anthony.


Making Good on the Promise of the Digital Revolution: Netflix Original Content and Intersectional Representation of Female Characters
 Billinson, Jenn.

Making a Difference: Teaching Video Production Through Community Engagement at the Beginning Level
 Laponis, Michael.

Me, My "Selfie" and I: Photo Sharing as a Form of Self-Disclosure on Social Media
 Williamson, Patricia., Stohlman, Trey. and Polinsky, Heather.

Measurement of digitally segmented/online audiences in Canada
 Smith, Hanako.

Minority Millennials: News Engagement & Audience Fragmentation
 Smith, Laura.

More Than a Fairy Tale: How Female Protagonists Survive in a Videogame World That Owes Its Lifeblood to Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero’s Journey”
 Fisher, Howard.

Moving from “Either/Or” to “And/Because”: Locating Synthesis and Integration in Conceptualizing Cross-Platform Media Users
 Cooper, Roger.


NBC Primetime Olympic Coverage and the Intersection of Race and Gender
 Lashley, Mark.

NBC’s Men and Women of the Carnival: The Primetime Broadcast Television Portrayal of Male and Female Olympians at the 2016 Rio Games
 Billings, Andrew., MacArthur, Paul. and Angelini, James.

Narrative Elements in Video Games Realism’s influence on Perceived Realism, Enjoyment and Transportation
 Cutietta, Nathan.

Narrative and gameplay as unique instigators of immersion-based persuasion
 Sherrick, Brett.

Narrative, Image, and Social Network Engagement
 Romney, Miles. and Johnson, Rich.

Navigating Digital Video Advertising: The Impact of Ad Position and Ad Duration
 Holmes, Todd.

Networking Among Brands on Facebook: Analysis of Local and Global Brands in Saudi Arabia
 Abuljadail, Mohammad. and Yun, Gi.

News Framing of Marriage for Same-sex Couples: An Examination of Broadcast and Print News Coverage Surrounding the U.S. Supreme Court’s Landmark Decision to Legalize Same-sex Marriage
 Johnson, Chelsea. and Colistra, Rita.

Not TV As We Know It: Star Trek Had To Fit In Before It Could Break New Ground
 Brown, John.


Olympic Women and The Media: Observations From Rio 2016
 Coche, Roxane.

Optimism and Challenges in Thailand’s Digital Television Transition
 Magpanthong, Chalisa. and McDaniel, Drew.


Picasso, Computers & Hack Schools: Defending an Academic Education
 Kramer, Jen.

Platforms, journalism, and the future of reporting
 Rogus, Mary.

Podcasting Instead of Papers: How to Engage Student Creativity
 Bogardus, Ben.

Podcasts as “Old Media?”: A Critical Examination of Comedy Podcasts in Popular Culture
 Lashley, Mark.

Practical Strategies that Work for Students
 Friedman, Michael.

Predictors of Simultaneous Media Uses during the 2016 Rio Games
 Tang, Tang. and Cooper, Roger.

Professional Development: Campus to Classroom
 Raimist, Rachel.


Radio Korea and Korean Americans: Rise Together from Ashes of 1992 Los Angeles Riots
 Kim, Taehyun.

Rational/Emotional Appeals in Online Videos and User Reactions: The Case of
 Shin, Sumin. and Ki, Eyun-Jung.

Reality Bites: The Limits of Intellectual Property Protection for Reality Television Shows
 Bunker, Matthew.

Redefining college radio: Digital technology and organizational change
 Miller, Kyle.


Scaffolding Science Literacy with Digital Media Literacy
 Weaver, Bradley.

Self-Referencing Effect and Immersion on Public Service Announcement (PSA) Advertising in Virtual Reality
 Han, Karen., Lee, Michael. and Goo, Wongun.

Sex-Based Stereotype Threat and Game Modality
 Wasserman, Joe.

Simultaneous Estimation of Supply and Demand for Legal and Illegal Motion Pictures
 Koschmann, Anthony. and Bowman, Douglas.

Social Media Training in the Television Newsroom
 Getz, Bruce.

Sound Design and the Mind: The Listener's Reception of Sound
 Boara, Shaughna.

Spanish-Language Media Journalists in the United States: Media Training and Work Satisfaction
 Rodriguez, Julian.

Sporting Conversations Outside the Gender Binary: Social Media Discourse Regarding Trans and Gender Ambiguous Athletes
 Osborne, Anne.

Sports Broadcasting and the Silent Protest
 Sheffer, Mary.

Sports Media Rep.

Sports Media and Higher Education: An Analysis of Curriculums and Industry Needs in Television
 Bacon, Chris.

Storytelling: A Common Thread in Journalistic New Media Technologies
 Zheng, Nan.


Teaching Analytic Assessment in an Interdisciplinary Media Environment
 Orzechowski, Brett.

Teaching Interaction Design for Delightful User (and Student) Experiences
 Hokanson, Shelly.

Teaching Twitter
 Pucci, Jessica.

Technology and the Changing Television Scene 2017 – 2025
 Aycock, Frank.

Technology, Flexible Labor, Corporate Expectations, and the Local TV Newsroom Worker
 Higgins-Dobney, Carey.

Television News Formats and Constructing Public Sphere in Disaster: A Case Study on the Sewol Ferry Disaster
 Kim, Yungwook. and Lee, Jiyoung.

The Accidental Parodist: Donald J. Trump and Televisual Paradigms in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election
 Hong, Will.

The Curricular Impact of Strategic Alliances with the Entertainment Industry in the Middle East
 Ibrahim, Dina.

The Dependence of Folk-realists on Negative Media
 Zhu, Yicheng.

The Dramaturgical Self: Exploring the Experiences of LGBTQ Members on Social Media
 Mills, Hailey.

The Eyes Have It: Television News, Fear Triggers, and the Race for Viewers
 Blackstone, Ginger.

The Final Hurdle in Team Sports?: Framing Jason Collins’s and Michael Sam’s Coming Out Stories in Broadcast and Online
 Moscowitz, Leigh., Billings, Andrew., Ejaz, Khadija. and O\'Boyle, Jane.

The Machine Question; Do Robots Have Rights?
 Gunkel, David.

The Metamorphosis of Hyperlocal Information Services in Rural Areas
 Walters, Angela., Rohlf, Ron., Walburn, Melissa. and Guimon, Dmitry.

The Perfect Tweet for Promoting TV Shows
 Yang, Hyun.

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Understanding Multi-Screen Audiences via Big Events: A Case Study of the 2016 Rio Olympics
 Tang, Tang.

Understanding the Spread of Health Misinformation Online: An Audience Reception Study of “Slim by Chocolate!”
 Subramanian, Rajvee., Waddell, Julia. and Mahoney, L. Meghan.

Undervaluing Mutual: The FCC's Missed Opportunity to Restructure Radio Broadcasting in the New Deal Era
 Schiffman, James.

Universal Service and Broadcasting Digitalization Process in Armenia
 Grigoryan, Nune.

Using Analytics in the Strategic Communications Classroom: From audience engagement to targeted ad buys
 Colistra, Rita.

Using VR to produce Campus Tours
 Hufford, Kyle.


VR Makes its Mark in Rio
 Smith, Susan.

Variations of Online Privacy and their Impact on Facebook Users’ Attitudes and Behavior
 Kim, Kisun.


Watching lead female characters in political TV shows: Connections to political engagement and feminism
 Hoewe, Jennifer. and Sherrill, Lindsey.

We're Not Slacking off, We Promise
 Henry, Sandy.

What Makes People Watch Online In-Stream Video Advertisements?
 Joa, Claire Youngnyo., Kim, Kisun. and Ha, Louisa.
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