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#ThisIsWe: a content analysis of live tweets of This is Us
 Hamilton, Ansley., Miller, Caroline. and Hagy, Madeleine.

#aintturningtheothercheek: Using Anti-SLAPP Law as a Defense in Social Media Cases
 Bunker, Matthew. and Erickson, Emily.

“Great Sounds and Wonderfulness”: KMPX and the Birth of Freeform Radio
 Crider, David.

“The Walter Cronkite of Shrieking Bat$#!+ Gorilla Clowns:" Credibility and Functions of Parasocial Relationships with Alex Jones
 Madison, T. Phillip., Wright, Kaitlyn. and Gaspard, Timothy.

“WeChat or Alipay?”: New Technology Adoption and E-Word-of-Mouth in China’s No-Cash Era
 Gao, Bowen.


A Pioneer for Women’s Rights: A Narrative Criticism of Ella Grasso’s Speech During Rally Day at Smith College
 Mucha, Alicia.

A comparative study of Digital Competence across Afghanistan, Colombia, Honduras, Myanmar and the United States of America
 Acosta, Natalie., Schomaker, Quintin., Mendez, Angela., Hassan, Neela. and Hla, Aye.

Actions Speak Louder than Words: Incarceration and the Success of Rappers
 Mincer, Calvin. and Seidel, Jane.

Analyzing the ‘Asocial’ and ‘Ageing’ Twitter The case of #svpol
 El Gody, Ahmed. and Berglez, Peter.

Asexual Narratives in a Hypersexual World: The Relationship Between Media Exposure and Attitudes Toward LGBTQIA Individuals
 Dunham, Ryan.

Assessing the Diffusion of Drones and Virtual Reality in Local Television News
 Ferguson, Douglas. and Greer, Clark.

Audio immersion: Podcasting and the rise of serial documentary storytelling in the digital longform market
 Dowling, David. and Miller, Kyle.


Baking From Scratch: Digital Start-Up Campus Media:
 Coester, Dana.

Best Practices When Developing a Broadcast Journalism Based Service Learning Project For Hispanic Student Populations Attending Hispanic-Serving Institutions
 Taylor, Nick.

Breaking News“Don’t Read the Comments”: Sentiment Analysis of YouTube Political News Comment Threads
 Scott, Drew. and Perschau, Charles.


Changing Destiny or Commercializing Singlehood— A Critical Discourse Analysis of SK-II’s Advertisement on “Leftover Women”
 Li, Xiaomeng.

Changing Revenue Streams: Teaching Students the Ethics of Sponsored Content
 Spicer, Robert.

China’s new mania for live streaming: Gender differences in motives and uses of social live streaming services
 Long, Quan. and Tefertiller, Alec.

Chrononormativity and the Social Acceleration of Presidential Political Communication.
 Johnson, Kevin.

Codification and Commodification of Indigenous Culture
 Brislin, Tom.

Communication Research: An Evolving Industry Perspective
 Kaiser, Matt.

Comparative Study of Memes in North America, Post-Soviet Region, and West Africa: Common Characteristics of the Most Engaging Online Content on Twitter
 Shaikh Mohamed Saleh, Maryam., Gurbanov, Suleyman., Yamada, Rena. and Quarshie, Richard.

Comparing Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes Online Communities: A Natural Language Processing Study
 Jackson, Rachyl.

Consumer Complaints as a Paracrisis: A Moderated Mediation Model of Company Response and Comment Activity on Facebook
 Lee, Sang., LEE, JIYOUNG. and Ahn, Hongmin.

Coping with online trolls and scams: Media literacy among Malaysian online media users
 Jalli, Nuurianti.

Covering the Big Story with a Heart
 Spero, Doug.

Cross-national broadcasting: Coverage of protest in Russia and Armenia
 Grigoryan, Nune.

Cultivating Analytics Proficiency in Communication Undergraduates: A Sequence of Social Media Active Learning Experiences in an Applied Research Class
 Robinette, Jennifer.

Cyberbullying in Egypt: Motives, Gratifications, and Repercussions
 Mesbah, Hesham.


Defining a Mandate: Donald Trump’s Early Presidential Rhetoric
 Henry, David.

Digital inclusiveness of health information websites
 Youngblood, Ed.

Documentary Film and Thirdspace: A Critical (Ethnographic) Lens to Explore Community, Place, and Race
 Bell, Travis R..


Edged out? A Census of Undergraduate Ethics and Leadership Courses in Accredited U.S. Journalism and Mass Communication Programs
 Mills, Andrew., Sanders, Amy. and Hussain, Shakir.

Engagement and Brand Loyalty Through Social Capital: How Social Media Marketing Utilizes Social Capital for their Benefit
 Abuljadail, Mohammad. and Ha, Louisa.

Engaging Transmedia: The Brain's Response to the Marvel Cinematic Universe
 Cassidy, Tabitha.

Enhancing Regional Tourism Through Media Analytics
 Metzger, Eddie.

Equipping the Media Analytics Toolbox: A Study of the Skills Required for Entry and Mid-Level Media Analytics Jobs
 Stansberry, Kathleen. and MacKenzie, Madison.

Ethnographic Study of Cuban Evangelistic Pastors and Seminary Leaders, and the Mediums They Use to Evangelize
 Weiss, Joshua.


Five Tips for Advising Administration
 Fleming, Brittany.

From Town Criers to Presidential Tweets: An Historical Glimpse of Oval Office Communications
 Barnas, Frank.

From the Structuration Theory to Active within Structures: An Integration of Divergent Audience Approaches
 Cooper, Roger.


Gaming Journalism; Subjectivity, play, and interactive storytelling
 Staton, David.

Gender Equity in TV Sitcom Pilots: Industry Mojo or Cul-de-sac?
 Perry, Hollie., Houston, Crystal., Aixinjueluo, Kaisa. and Long, Jing.


Harassing the fourth estate: How broadcast journalists make sense of harassment
 Bane, Kaitlin.

Heterosexual Consumer Responses to Gay Cues in Advertising: The Impact of Brand-Related Cues on Advertising Outcomes
 Hoplamazian, Gregory.

How Long Should a TV Show Last?
 Pike, Jasper. and Lemanski, Bennett.

How are Beauty Ideals Viewed Through Social Media and Across Generations?
 Barangan, Krischa. and Songer, Tracy.


ISIS’ Social Media Strategies
 Amin, Hussein.

Immersive Journalism: Educating Students in an Emerging Genre for Reporting and Storytelling
 Switzer, Jamie. and Switzer, Ralph.

Information or Inflammation: How Does News Media Exposure Relate to Americans’ Opinions About the Nation, the Government, and Personal Satisfaction?
 Blackstone, Ginger.

Integrating Big Data with Audience Reception Research
 Mahoney, L. Meghan.

It’s a Scary and Dangerous World: A Content Analysis of Xinwen Lianbo’s News Coverage of Foreign Affairs
 Xu, Zedan. and Clark, Andrew.


Keeping up with the times: A case study of RadioFX and digital technology innovation in college radio
 Miller, Kyle. and Brownlee, Jodeane.


Mapping the History of Public Media: the Library of Congress Project
 Stavitsky, Alan.

Masculinity Motifs in Post 9/11 American War Films
 Bowen, Jamie.

Measurement Uncertainty in the Pursuit of Audience Engagement
 Nelson, Jacob.

Measurement in Mass Communication Research: Trends, Opportunities, and Challenges
 Tang, Tang.

Media Literacy as a Strategy for Combating the Spread of Misinformation in Egypt
 Hamdy, Naila.

Men’s Sports or Women’s Sports? Gender Norms, Sports Participation, and Media Consumption as Predictors of the Perceptions of Gender-Appropriate Sports in China
 Xu, Qingru., Fan, Minghui. and Brown, Kenon.

Message sensation value and narrative engagement as increasing the effectiveness of workplace safety videos.
 Loof, Travis., Krause, Amber., Berke, Collin. and Nutting, Brandon.


New Zealand's Maori TV Network: Producing Inclusion
 Armstrong, John.

News Work in the Age of Consolidated Corporate Ownership: Navigating Corporate Profits and the Public Interest as a Newsroom Worker
 Higgins-Dobney, Carey.


Objectification, Sexualization, and Misrepresentation: Social Media and the College Experience
 Davis, Stefanie.


Perceptions of Asexuality and Mental Health Issues: Breaking the Connection
 Dunham, Ryan.

Permission to Fail: Letting students experiment with legacy campus media
 Inman, Jeff.

Plaintiff Identification in the 'Persona Torts’: What Defamation Law can Offer the Right of Publicity and Related Claims
 Bunker, Matthew. and Erickson, Emily.

Predicting TV audience viewership during commercial breaks through the application of neural networks
 Chew, Fiona., Egan, Beth., Mohan, Chilukuri., Jiang, Ruochen., Suresh, Sushanth., Joshi, Kartik. and Dabre, Rishi.


Reality Shows and the President: Exploring Disposition Effects of Apprentice Viewers in Attitudes toward Trump as Presidentially Fit
 Lee, Shu-Yueh. and Hansen, Sara.

Research Methods for Audio Description: Approaches and Problems
 Tirumala, Lakshmi N..

Research Methods for Website Accessibility: Sites, Users, Designers, and Content Creators
 Youngblood, Ed.

Research methods for caption studies: Visualization techniques, big data methods, usability testing, and rhetorical approaches
 Zdenek, Sean.

Research on the digital divide in rural Appalachia: Understanding Internet access issues in southeast Ohio
 Manatong, Gaone.


Social Media Analytics at Crossroads
 Khan, Laeeq.

Social Media Influence on Perceived Stigma towards Online Help-seeking for Depression among Young Adults
 Li, Ting. and Muturi, Nancy.

Social Media Storytelling: Building a Brand and Engaging Sports Fans
 Leonard, Kylie., Johnson, Ciara., Wang, Chao., Palilonis, Jennifer. and Janssen, Sarah.

Social Media as a Bridge to Political Involvement for Young U.S. Hispanics
 Tremayne, Mark., Harp, Dustin. and Rodriguez, Julian.

Social media silencing: An introduction
 Mills, Hailey.

Student Radio and Social Media
 Blackwood, Emily.


Teaching Trauma in the Trenches
 Anderson, Stephanie.

The Battle of the Airwaves: The Role of International Radio Monitoring in Defending the Homeland during World War II
 Clark, Andrew.

The Case of the Missing Muslim: Islamic Cultures and True Crime Television
 Punnett, Ian. and Unus, Wafa.

The Contemporary Listener: Impact of MP3 Culture
 Naidu, Rajeev.

The Evolution Takes Time: Converging Student Media and Going Digital First Doesn’t Happen Overnight
 Chimbel, Aaron.

The Influence of Emerging Media Technology on Advertising and Public Relations Agency Performance: A Chinese Perspective
 Xie, Quan.

The Progress of Information Processing of Mobile App Download: A Study of Chinese College Students and The Role of App Engagement Level
 Zhang, Chenjie., Ha, Louisa., Liu, Xiaoyan. and Wang, Yinqi.

The Real Anchors of Cable News
 Hill, Cameron. and Vasuthevan, Saumya.

The Relationship Between Daily Instagram Usage and Body Image
 Babb, Sophia.

The ballgame is for the boys: The visual framing of female athletes on national sports networks’ Instagram accounts
 Romney, Miles. and Johnson, Rich.

The fourth wall and the second screen: The effects of actors live-tweeting television shows
 Geidner, Nicholas. and Stamm, Jason.

The progression of Mythic Messages of Diversity and Ethical Values in Star Trek Series from TOS to Discovery
 McMullen, Janet.

Threats to the Independence of the Slovak Broadcasting Organization RTVS
 Lukacovic, Marta.

Toward an Inclusive Public Service Broadcast -- Perspectives from Africa
 Kwami, Janet.

Trump Tower Live: An analysis of evolving propaganda techniques in emerging media
 Spicer, Robert.


Using Analytics to Assess the AltGov vs. Official Government on Twitter
 Scott, Drew.

Using Mobile Chat Apps to Foster Faculty/Student Interaction Outside the Classroom: A Case Study
 Mills, Andrew., Sanders, Amy. and Hussain, Shakir.


WSAF-FM: Addressing Security Concerns for College Radio Stations
 Woodall, Lowery.

What Can Data Tell Us? The Value of Using Social Media for SMEs: A Case Study on Jackie O’s Pub & Brewery
 Wu, Xiaoyu.

What do they think of me? Users’ beliefs about others’ perception of their Facebook life
 Magpanthong, Chalisa. and McDaniel, Drew.

WhatsApp Use by Kuwaitis: Misuse or Good Use?
 Al-Failakawi, Yousef.

When does linking to online content become copyright infringement? Rules for a post-Aereo world
 Podlas, Kimberlianne.

Where is your church?: A narrative analysis of religiosity in country music
 Gustafson, Erick.

Who’s in the lead? A demographic analysis of leading local television news reporters across the top markets in the U.S.
 Henderson, Keren. and Ri, Sung Yoon.

Why shouldn't I kill myself: How suicide and suicide prevention is represented in 13 Reasons Why
 Grimmer, Kristen. and Nyquist, Matthew.

Wife, mom, journalist: How Gender Roles Impact Journalist’s Self-Branding on Instagram
 Davis, Stefanie.

Winning over Fans: How Sports Teams Use Live-Tweeting to Maximize Engagement
 Anderson, Bryan. and Xu, Qian.


You Can’t Be Serious: Problems Of Facticity And ‘Plausible Nonfactual Assertions’ In Defamation Law
 Erickson, Emily. and Bunker, Matthew.
BEA 2018-Apr-07 to 2018-Apr-12
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