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"Africa to send troops, food parcels to UK as riots spread"
 Smith, Karen.

"Risk vs. Risk trade-off: or the not so predictable world of Jimmy Carter."
 Trenta, Luca.

"Where do I Begin?" The Politics of Causal Explanation in IR
 Humphreys, Adam.

#TellBashar2Go -- organizing protest in public
 Boynton, George.

(Re)Imagining time-space in Chinese alternative world orders?
 Nordin, Astrid.

'Non-Western' Insecurities: Absence in International Security Studies
 Dikmen Alsancak, Neslihan.

'The computer says no' - Technology and the United Kingdom's Expanding Maritime Security Umbrella in the 'War on Terror'.
 Malcolm, James.

'The deal' unravelled: Anerican ideology and self-perception in an era of declining power
 Quinn, Adam.

‘To see Terrorists or not to see Terrorists’: The performativity of threat in the EU response to Hamas’s electoral victory
 Charrett, Cata.

“An election to save the soul of America”: Declinism and Identity in the Political Spectacle of the Republican Primaries
 Tidy, Joanna. and Hope, Mat.


A Bourdieuian Account of Border Regimes
 Parker, Noel.

A Different Justice: Small Developing States and the Multilateral Trading Regime
 Samuel, Lisa.

A Fusion of Horizons: US and EU Democracy Support in the Newly Emerging Middle East
 Hassan, Oz. and Pace, Michelle.

A New Civil-Military Gap? Economic Interests and Defense Spending Preferences
 Tarsi, Melinda.

A Not So American Social Science – Alternative Cartographies of International Relations
 Marcus Kristensen, Peter.

A privatization of social peace through development? NGOs as guardians of virtue and channels of hegemony
 Dezalay, Sara.

A question of agency: Africa in international politics
 Brown, William.

Accountability and the Empowerment of Rural People's Organizations in Global Politics
 McKeon, Nora.

Adaptation in African Diplomacy: Rethinking Commercial Diplomacy in the Age of Globalization and Digital Divide
 Adogamhe, Paul.

Afghanistan, Iraq and the Challenges for Modern British Counter-Insurgency
 Mumford, Andrew.

Aid coordination in the DAC: What has (not) been achieved so far and why?
 Owa, Masumi.

Alternatives Approaches to Meaning and Intent: A Critique of Trust Studies in the Social Sciences
 Considine, Laura.

America and Europe: Global Responsibility in the New World
 Gaertner, Heinz.

American Support for Israel: The Changing Religious Sources of Public Opinion, 1992-2008
 Guth, James.

An Emerging sub-field: Exploring the Production, Evocation and Contestation of Memory in International Politics
 Budryte, Dovile.

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Back to the future. Premediation in historical and international comparative perspective
 De Graaf, Beatrice.

Between realism and idealism: EU and US responses to China's entry into Africa
 Rye Olsen, Gorm.

Beyond Westphalia? Non-Western IR ontology
 Noesselt, Nele.

Beyond actorness: finding effectiveness in the EU's new relations with Africa
 Haastrup, Toni.

Beyond speech acts: the body in securitization theory and practice
 Hindmarch, Suzanne.

Binary Role Theory and the Cognitive Architecture of Britain's Appeasement Strategy in the 1930s
 Walker, Stephen.

Brazil: Regional power with global interests
 Valenca, Marcelo. and Saraiva, Miriam.

Bringing Secularity (Back) Into IR: Interpretivism and Intervention
 Mitchell, Audra.

Building Dual Degree Programs across the Pond: North Carolina State University and the University of Surrey
 Hobbs, Heidi.

Building with BRICS: A burgeoning dynamic for South Africa?
 Abel, Jethro. and Asuelime, Lucky.

Bulls and Elephants: Three Reflections on the Past and Future of Substantive Diversity in the British Academy
 Turton, Helen., Freire, Lucas. and Thomas, Owen.

Business and Human Rights: A Research Agenda in International Relations
 de Felice, Damiano.


Can the Renminbi Rise as a Global Currency? The Political Economy of Currency Internationalization
 Chey, Hyoung-kyu.

Caught in the Power Dilemma: The effects of India's Power Preponderance on Regional Economic Integration in South Asia
 Dash, Kishore.

Challenging State Complicity in the Global War on Terror
 Lanovoy, Vladyslav.

Charity Begins (and Ends?) at Home? A Longitudinal Analysis of UK Public Support for Development, 1999-2010
 van Heerde-Hudson, Jennifer. and Hudson, David.

China and its Neighbours: Common visions of order or hidden contests?
 Jones, Catherine.

China and the SCO: a Tool of Influence towards a more Prominent Role outside CA or a Lamb-duck Organisation?
 Zanardi, Claudia.

Climate Change and Energy Scarcity: The Struggle over Knowledge
 Friedrichs, Joerg.

Climate governance : toward a Meta governance?
 LaBranche, Stéphane.

Common sense and ‘national emergency’: Italian labour and the crisis
 Bradanini, Davide.

Complexity Power Europe - Towards a theoretical framework for securitizing the EU regional international society
 SBK Kristensen, Sanne.

Conceptualising Civil Society in Post-Conflict Sub-Saharan Africa
 Datzberger, Simone.

Conflict Resolution in the Contemporary International System
 Keating, Tom. and Murray, Robert.

Conflict in the Virtual Battleground: Military Video games and American Foreign Policy
 Robinson, Nick.

Conflict: A Constant within International Studies
 Khalfey, Sameera.

Consequences of the centralization of funds aimed to international cooperation over the position of the social non profit sector in the political life of Cape Verde
 Machado Carrion, Rosinha.

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Deadly Paradigms Redux? Assessing American Views of Pakistani Counterinsurgency
 Ladwig, Walter.

Decolonising IR classroom politics
 Hagmann, Jonas.

Deconstructing the primordial or aspiring for the possible? Identity construction and the political at a crossroads
 Eriksson, Anna-Karin.

Defeated by the domestic dimension? Realism and the challenge of political revolutions in the Middle East.
 Belcastro, Francesco.

Democracy is not enough: Fragile states as a challenge for democracy promotion
 Sørensen, Georg.

Desecuritization of Islam through Interfaith Cooperation and State's Ambiguity: The Case of Russia
 Merati, Simona.

Designing Democracy – Epistemic Gaps Between Governmental and Non-governmental Donors and Recipients: The EU’s and Egyptian Left’s Discourse on Democratization
 Teti, Andrea.
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 [017] [018]

Devaluing Nuclear Weapons (or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Un-Love the Bomb)
 Ritchie, Nick.

Dialectics of Peacebuilding: Soft Power and Local Agency
 Cristiano, Fabio.

Disciplinary Boundaries and the Challenges for International Relations
 Zvi Baron, Ilan.

Divergent interpretations of the influence of religion on contemporary military conduct: The case of the Israel Defense Force (IDF).
 Cohen, Stuart.

Diversity and Public Engagement: is International Relations able to unite multidisciplinary efforts against global warming?
 Damiani, Gerson. and Minks, Volker.

Does right make might'? A comparative analysis of regional denuclearization
 Mulas, Roberta. and Baert, Francis.

Dynamics of Disciplinary Dialogue: Three Strategies of Interlocking
 Turton, Helen. and Freire, Lucas.


EU as a Global Actor and the Arctic as an International Regime: Comparing the EU's Role and Ambitions in the Arctic and Antarctica
 Travnickova, Zuzana. and Knotkova, Vladimira.

EU-China Relations: The Limits of Strategic Partnership
 Ohn, Daewon.

Economic and Social Human Rights Accountability in International Organizations
 Felice, William.

Electing to Fight or to build Peace? Electoral Systems and ethnic violence in post-war societies
 Wagner, Wolfgang.

Elections, Political Instability, and Mass Killing: Do ballots lead to bullets?
 Semenovich, Dimitri., Goldsmith, Benjamin. and Sowmya, Arcot.

Elihu Root As Legalist and Diplomatist: The American Campaign for a World Court
 Russell, Greg.

Elites and the public good: The private sector response to HIV/AIDS in Botswana, Kenya, South Africa and Uganda
 Handley, Antoinette.

Enabling Failure: U.S. Military Training, Mexico’s Security Crisis and the Paradoxes of Military Aid
 Ashby, Paul.

Enframing Insecurity: Technologies of Visualization and Threat Representation in Global Politics
 Peoples, Columba.

Environmental mainstreaming and post-sovereign governance in Tanzania
 Death, Carl.

Envisioning the Global Challenge: The US Army and the Insurgent Threat
 McAllister Linn, Brian.

Ethics and Geopolitics: Realism and Morality in the International Thought of Halford Mackinder and Isaiah Bowman'.
 Ashworth, Lucian.

Europe's Challenge: A Theory of Crisis Response
 Cross, Mai\'a.

European Energy Security Relations with Russia: The Constructivist View
 Repyeuskaya, Olga.

Europeanising Greens: mobilising in Italy, France and the UK
 Maythorne, Louise.

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Factors bringing success and failure of a state's response to international systemic change
 Ono, Na\'oki.

Failure of social contract and ethnic conflict
 Panwar, Namrata.

Fighting for a Peaceful World: The Role of Socio-Cultural Intelligence
 Borges Graca, Pedro.

Fishing in Muddy Waters: Exploring the Conditions for Effective Transnational Governance of Fisheries and Aquaculture
 Kalfagianni, Agni. and Pattberg, Philipp.

Framing the Sovereignty-Intervention Dilemma: The Strange Omission of the Genocide Convention
 Gallagher, Adrian.

Free us from Power: Governmentality and Western reform Initiatives in the Arab World 1995-2011
 Malmvig, Helle.

Freedom of speech in the context of counter-terrorism
 Gelber, Katharine.

From Advocacy to Confrontation: Direct Enforcement by Environmental Transnational Advocacy Networks
 Eilstrup-Sangiovanni, Mette. and Phelps Bondaroff, Teale.

From Limited War to Limited Victory: Allied Strategy for Winning the War in Afghanistan
 Griffin, Christopher.

From Words to Deeds': Assessing the Impact of EU Democracy Promotion in Armenia
 Raquel Freire, Maria. and Simão, Licínia.

From the Periphery to the Centre: British Intelligence and the Warning of Irregular Threats
 Cormac, Rory.

Functions of Causal Understandings in World Politics
 Suganami, Hidemi.


G'day Australia! The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade's use of sport as a diplomatic means in the Asia-Pacific region
 Murray, Stuart.

Global Best Practices in the Promotion of Transnational Energy Governance: the case of Uganda
 Keating, Michael.

God's Land: Blurring the National and the Sacred in Waqf Territory
 May, Samantha.

Going Viral: The case of Roshonara Choudry and the Radicalisation Contagion
 Ali, Nadya.

Going beyond the Korean stalemate: Questioning traditional and new forms of engagement.
 Grzelczyk, Virginie.

Governance and Diplomacy in EU’s External Energy Relations: Discursive Shifts, Enduring Practices
 Herranz‐Surrallés, Anna.

Group Politics and the Responsibility to Protect
 Smith, Karen.

Guilty Consciences': Delinquent Behaviour and Moral Responsibility
 Brown, Chris.


H1N1 pandemic influenza vaccines: priority setting and the role of the public sector in production and innovation
 Huzair, Farah.

Habermasian Critical Social Theory and the Secular/Sacred Divide in IR
 Valk, John-Harmen.

Hazy Governance: The Politics of Environmental Securitisation in Southeast Asia
 Jones, Lee. and Hameiri, Shahar.

Hobbes on enmity, war, and international relations
 Jaede, Maximilian.

How Do Economic Sanctions 'Work'? Towards a Historical-Sociological Analysis
 Jones, Lee.

How international relations Co-constitute International Relations? Methodology and Methods for a Theory/Practice Inquiry
 Beaulieu-Brossard, Philippe.

How the Burundi intervention shaped the regional intervenors
 Wodrig, Stefanie.

Human Development and Diversity on the Battlefield: American and British Approaches to Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan
 Silinsky, Mark.


IR Studies, Diplomatic Service and Foreign Policy Practices in Brazil:D o you realize what you study?
 A. Resende, Erica.

IR and the lack of politics: developing political rights v universal human rights
 Zevnik, Andreja.

Imperial Sexual Democracy: The Missionary Position in US-Thai Relations
 Hemming, Judy.

In the Shadow of the Gunman: The Assassination of World Leaders, 1946-2000
 Susanne Martin, N.. and Ostergard, Robert.

Information and Conflict: A Structuralist Reinterpretation
 Corbetta, Renato.

Information is Power: Cyber Espionage and Its Implications
 Brantly, Aaron.

Innovation and the Political Economy of Global Health Governance
 Harman, Sophie.

Input, Output, Performance and Performativity: PMSCs and the Legitimacy of Security
 Krahmann, Elke.

Institutions and leadership - How to conceptualise and analyse the role of the High Representative of the Union?
 Helwig, Niklas.

Insurgency and mafia: is defining possible?
 Rossi, Norma.

Inter-state terrorism in the 21st Century: Mapping the Evolution of the Global Rendition System
 Raphael, Sam. and Blakeley, Ruth.

Interdisciplinarity: Thinking the Field of IR as a Non-Discipline
 Grenier, Felix.

International Development studies in the 21st century
 Shaw, Timothy. and Xing, Li.

International Law as a Missing Voice in Human Security Discourse: The Opportunities and Challenges for this Unexplored Perspective
 Daft, Shireen.

International Studies Placements at Home: Evaluating Innovative Work-based Learning Opportunities
 Grzelczyk, Virginie. and Smith, Roy.

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James and Carr: Realism, Pragmatism and Ethics
 Molloy, Sean.

Just an Internal Exercise? NATO and the ‘New’ Security Challenges
 Petersson, Magnus.


Knowledge economy as a major challenge in transition countries
 Djulic, Katarina. and Kuzman, Tanja.


LDCs, the WTO and the Norm of Special Treatment
 Hawthorne, Helen.

LESSONS FROM HISTORY "American Ambassadors - Where They Come From, Where They Go And Why It Might Not Matter"
 Jett, Dennis.

Leading or Following? The EU as a global development actor
 Lightfoot, Simon. and Kim, Soyeun.

Legitimacy Crisis and Nuclear Proliferation: The Domestic Drive behind Iranian Nuclear Policy
 Abulof, Uriel.

Libya Debriefing - Three Lessons Learned
 Stupart, John.


Managing the Risks of Japan's Emerging Strategy: Civilian Control, Alliance Politics, and the Increasing Complexity of Japan's Strategic Position in the 21st Century
 Mulloy, Garren.

Martin Wight, History and International Relations
 Maia, Fernando.

Measuring Securitisation Success: Between Rhetoric, Policy and Politics
 Judge, Andrew. and Karyotis, Georgios.

Medialization of European Foreign Policy - a cross-time, cross-national comparison
 Brommesson, Douglas. and Ekengren, Ann-Marie.

Methods, Theories and Hermeneutics: Reading Thucydides
 Devellennes, Charles.

Military Transformation in Europe - Following the US-lead into a 'Revolution in Military Affairs'?
 Esther Franke, Ulrike.

Mining Cooperatives: reinvigorating small-scale mining participation and benefit in Rwanda
 Perks, Rachel.

Modernization in Theory, Militarization in Practice: The War over Agrarian Modernization in Colombia
 O\'Connor, Dermot.

Moving Forward with the Legal Empowerment of Women in Pakistan
 Weiss, Anita.


Narratives and Emerging Powers. The case of Brazil and HIV/AIDS.
 Fraundorfer, Markus.

National Security Risks? The Language of Risk in the Formulation of the UK's National Security Strategy
 Hammerstad, Anne. and Boas, Ingrid.

National regulations and relations between states, NGOs, and MNCs
 Bloodgood, Elizabeth.

Negotiating Coalitions in the WTO Doha Round: Bargaining and Arguing in Pursuit for the Development Dimension
 Budi Rahmanto, Rio.

New Approaches in Public Diplomacy
 Peterkova, Jana. and Tomalova, Eliska.

Norms versus Utility: Understanding the Battlefield Use of Chemical, Biological and Nuclear Weapons
 Martin, Susan.
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Oil and the Libyan Revolt: The effect of Libya's uprising on global oil markets and its implications for future energy policies
 Leicher, Keri.

On the (Dis)Advantage of Backwardness: Realism, Marxism, Hegemonic Transitions and Technological Development
 McCarthy, Daniel.

Optimists, Pessimists or Skeptics: Explaining Variations in Post-Cold War International and Regional Order
 Miller, Benjamin.

Order amidst the Chaos: The Role of Police Assistance in External Interventions
 Heiduk, Felix.


Peace Building a la Carte. The Political Influence of Private Military and Security Companies on UN Peacekeeping
 Gilje Østensen, Åse.

Peacebuilding interaction through spaces of agency in Bosnia and Herzegovina
 Kappler, Stefanie.

Performing the Politics of Creditworthiness: The Uncertainty of Rating European Sovereign Debt
 Paudyn, Bartholomew.

Perpetual Existential Crisis: IR Theory and the Academic Resonance
 Hutchings, Kimberly.

Physical and Ontological Securitization of Kosovo Secession in Serbia
 Ejdus, Filip.

Polanyian Considerations on the regime of Corporate Social Responsibility in the EU
 Savevska, Maja.

Policy Salience and Veto Players: Explaining the EU's policy response to difficult WTO obligations
 Young, Alasdair.

Political Practice: The Nexus Between Realisms and Just War Thinking
 Kelsay, John.

Political revolt in the Middle East: Challenge or opportunity for the West?
 Kefala, Vivi.

Politics of identity and political uses of the past in Russia
 Malinova, Olga.

Post Colonial, Hermeneutic ..... or Both? The Problem of Interpreting Iran's Recent Foreign Policy
 Joharchi, Sahra.

Post-neoliberal Regionalism: Recasting Region as a Space for Social Policy and Policy Action
 Riggirozzi, Pia.

Power and Order: The Shared Logics of Realism and Just War Theory
 Morkevicius, Valerie.

Presidential Decsion-Making and the Use of Force During Crises in the Middle East and North Africa
 May, Cindy.

Primal security: Refugee Warriors in Exclusionary States
 Perera, Sudakshini.

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Questioning Hierarchy: Exploring the prospects of participatory social movements
 Miettunen, Juuso.


Realist Readings (and Misreadings) of Kant'
 Scheuerman, William.

Regional International Society and the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM)
 SY Tan, Elaine.

Regional Support in Civil Wars: The Case of Burundi
 Larsdotter, Kersti.

Regional environmental cooperation in South America: Who or what drives it and which forms does it take?
 Siegel, Karen.

Reporting Gender, Benchmarking Competitiveness: Postfeminist politics and the Global Political Economy
 Elias, Juanita.

Repurposing Globalization: Discourse and Political Strategy in New Labour Britain
 Dye, Daniel.

Reshuffling the International Order: China's Transition and the World'
 Ogden, Chris.

Rethinking the Politics of Nature: Representation and Rights
 Tanasescu, Mihnea.

Rooted in violence: economic development, globalisation and the expansion of palm oil in Colombia.
 Maher, David.

Russia in the South Pacific: A Response to the Rise of China?
 Headley, James.

Russia's National Identity and Perspectives on the Baltic States, 1992-2012'
 Titov, Alexander. and Duncan, Peter.


Sabotage,Organisation,Conformity and Adjustment: Reactions to Workplace Pressures
 Harrod, Jeffrey.

Securitising Climate Change, Framing Climate Change: Discursive Struggles and the Environment
 Grauvogel, Julia. and Diez, Thomas.

Securitization Theory and the Acceptance of Security Measures in the Field of Aviation Security
 Fischer, Susanne.

Securitization as systematization: Threats as images of international order
 Hagmann, Jonas.

Securitizing Ecological Migration: Mexico-US Migration Through Gender Lenses
 Windsor, Leah. and Detraz, Nicole.

Security Through Repertoires and Positions: Towards a Sociopragmatist Framing of Securitization Discourses
 Kluefers, Philipp.

Shaming the Shameless? Campaigning against Corporations
 Haufler, Virginia.

Shirking Responsibility for Genocide: New Prevention Efforts Under the Shadow of State Refusal and Neglect
 Galchinsky, Michael.

Societal-Systems Analysis and the Problem of Factionalism in Emerging Democracies
 Marshall, Monty. and Cole, Benjamin.

Sovereignty and Intervention in India's Foreign Policy
 Chacko, Priya.

Spin-doctors, mandarins, and media moguls: how political communication insights advance foreign policy analysis
 Strong, James.

Strategy in the Missile Cyber Age (with apologies to Dr. Brodie)
 Fiddner, Dighton.

Structural Realism and Human Security
 Ruth Adams, Karen.


Taking the moral high ground: A critical analysis of humanitarian-inspired international intervention in Libya.
 Waddington, Conway.

Technological Optimism in the Economics of Climate Change
 Keary, Michael.

Telling Stories: Narrating the Discipline of International Relations
 Shepherd, Laura.

Tensions and Opportunities In The Asia-Pacific: Implications for US Strategy
 Stuart, Douglas.

Terrorism In Pakistan's FATA: Employing a Conflict Transformation Framework of Analysis and Engagement
 Fiaz, Nazya.

Terrorist recruitment in the West: how do aesthetic technologies matter?
 Crone, Manni.

The Anarchy Debate Revised
 Heydarian Pashakhanlou, Arash.

The Arab Intifada and Alignment Change
 Hinnebusch, Raymond. and Miyagi, Yukiko.

The Arab Spring and Global Democratization: The Eclipse of the West?
 Mitchell, Sara. and Harrison, Ewan.

The Baha Mousa Inquiry's Recommendations on Interrogation Guidelines
 Newbery, Samantha.

The Cameron Government - Foreign Policy and the Arab Spring
 Honeyman, Victoria.

The Challenge of Climate Change : A South Asian Response
 Sharma, Suman.

The Contested Origins of National Role Conceptions: Lessons from Germany
 Brummer, Klaus. and Thies, Cameron.

The Contested Status of Knowledge in International Relations
 Jackel, Tatjana.

The Crisis of Europe and Colonial Amnesia
 Shilliam, Robbie.

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Understanding international law: is it time to abandon norms?
 Sinclair, Adriana.

Units of Selection and Diversity in International Studies
 Wilson, Iain.

Urban order, Global risks: Cities as nodes of global security governance
 Kuang Heng, Yee. and McDonagh, Kenneth.


Varieties of Pluralism in International Theory
 Hjorth, Ronnie.

Varieties of Venture Capital(ism) in East Asia
 Klingler-Vidra, Robyn.


WTO Accession: From Short to Long
 Basra, Hardeep.

Wartime Legacies, Grand Strategic Preferences and the Use of Historical Analogies in American, British, French, and German Policy Documents
 Van Hooft, Paul.

Watchdog or Consultant? How NGOs Respond to Private Military and Security Companies
 Joachim, Jutta. and Schneiker, Andrea.

What are the practical difficulties of being an interdisciplinary scholar (and how might they be addressed)?
 O\'Shea, Liam.

What is Wrong with Reification in International Relations?
 Tamaki, Taku.

What's at Stake in the decline debate? Implications for strategic planning
 Kitchen, Nicolas.

What's left of 'the left' in Post-Apartheid South Africa?
 Hurt, Stephen.

Where did we go wrong? Do misinterpretations of the nuclear past lead to inadequate nuclear policies in the future?
 Smet, Steven.

Who Needs Culture? Optimal Division of Labor in Military Intelligence
 Blanken, Leo., Lepore, Jason. and Overbaugh, Justin.

Whose Wartime Prosperity? : A Research of the American Industrial Structure from1947-1967
 Ueno, Eriko.

Why Decolonise IR theory?
 Fonseca, Melody. and Jerrems, Ari.

Why do Border Guards Shoot? An Analysis of Border Control Strategies which Target Illegal Border Crossers
 Idil Oztig, Lacin.

Women's Rights and the HIV/AIDS Epidemic, 1990-2009
 Sweeney, Shawna., Ostergard, Robert. and Welborne, Bozena.

World Poverty and the Innequality Between and Within Countries: A Quantitative Political Economy Analysis
 Dasandi, Niheer.
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