CCPH 14th International Conference - Journey to Justice: Creating Change Through Partnerships 2016-May-11 to 2016-May-15

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: The Next Generation of Community-minded Researchers: Connecting College and High School students to improve community health through Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR)
 Jauregui, Lyanna., Gamero-Rivera, Manlio., Johannsen, Jeff., Gonzalez, Monse., Valle, Tanya. and Tsui, Jennifer.

“Co-Everything”: Co-designing and co-building a foundational curriculum for patient-oriented research.
 Bell, Tim., Venuta, Rosa. and McGavin, Colleen.

“They Wont Do That, Trust Me”: Lowered Expectations About Black Well-Being
 Johnson Dias, Janice.


A Community-University Collaborative Design Process for a New Community Engaged Degree Program
 Morton, Mavis., Burpee, Jane., Millar, John., Perrott, Katherine., Harrison, Barbara. and Leach, Belinda.

A farming-academia partnership for sustainable agriculture: the New Mexico organic farming study
 Soto Mas, Francisco., Tomalá Viteri, Eric., Rohrer, Rose. and Reyna, Ashleigh.

Addressing Complex Community Health Problems through Academic Service Learning Partnerships
 Handrup, Jonathan., Guarrine, Michael., Larimer, Karen. and Student, DePaul.

Addressing Mental Health Needs in Community Settings: Development and Implementation of Wellness Programs
 Matlow, Ryan.

Addressing sexual and domestic violence in a U.S.-Mexico border community through a sustainable and transformative community-campus partnership: Strategies, outcomes and lessons learned.
 Karr, Stephanie. and Mangadu, Thenral.


Beyond the Bell: Advancing the coordination of quality programs and services for youth in Milwaukee
 Triblett, Jeremy. and Johnson, Sheri.

Bringing social justice to engineering education through community-engaged learning
 Cushing, Lara., Kadir, Khalid. and Wesner, Ashton.

Building Capacity for Research Leadership in Minority and Marginalized Communities
 Israel, Tiffany., Joosten, Yvonne., Hausken, Doug. and Totty, Patricia.

Building Capacity for Transnational Community-University Partnerships: Engaging Creative Resources towards Mayan Protagonism, Action and Wellbeing
 Tavara Vasquez, Maria., Ferreira, Kevin. and Sanchez Ares, Rocio.

Building Effective Partnerships to Promote a Statewide Community Health Worker Initiative
 Carter-Edwards, Lori., Boss-Nelson, Sharon., Singletary, Tish., Phillips, Kwame., Zabala, Amanda. and Wright, Cornell.

Building a Network to Advance Evaluation in Early Childhood Development
 Kingsley, Bethan., Gokiert, Rebecca., Tremblay, Melissa., El Hassar, Btissam., Springett, Jane., Daniels, Jason., Poth, Cheryl., Hopkins, Susan. and Cor, Kenneth.

Building the capacity of faith-based communities to engage in health research initiatives
 Ingram, Diana. and Johnson, Rebecca.


Challenges for Conducting Community Review Boards
 Lovelady, Nakita., Bachelder, Ashley., Hart, Camille. and Spencer, Nicola.

Challenging the Social Stigmas of Aging through Partnerships
 Nunez-Mchiri, Gina., Lopez, David. and Marrufo, Corina.

Changing Inner City Food Environments: Interventions to Address Nutritional Health Inequities
 Engler-Stringer, Rachel.

Community Engaged Learning Meets Knowledge Mobilization: Students, faculty, community partners work together on femicide
 Morton, Mavis. and Ham, Marlene.

Community Engagement Initiative: A collaborative approach to address public health issues facing migrant and seasonal farm workers
 Ejiofor, Chukwudi.

Community Health Grants: Promoting Academic-Community Partnerships through CTSA Infrastructure
 Jacquez, Farrah., Crosby, Lori., Rademacher, Eric., Smith, Teresa. and Mitchell, Monica.

Community Health Service Learning: Undergraduate students provide in-home service to individuals with chronic illnesses to learn about health from the patient perspective
 LaFave, Sarah. and Bonomo, Elizabeth.

Community Voices for Housing Equality
 Byrne, Kara. and Mohamed, Abdulkhaliq.

Community and Patent Partnered Participatory Research Network (CPPRN) for Behavioral Health
 Springgate, Benjamin. and Jones, Loretta.

Community health workers on the ground: A framework for holistic, community-led programs that provide access to local foods and increase opportunities for recreation and physical activity
 Catzen, Penelope., Harris, Sophie., Fox, Laila. and Lichtveld, Maureen.

Community representation on Scientific Review Boards--a path toward addressing health equity?
 Jenkins, Darlene., Amos-Mandela, Tiye., Sullivan, Clare. and Joosten, Yvonne.

Community-Campus Partnership Mobilizing For Action. Authors: Richard Brown, Ph.D., FACHE; Omofolasade Kosoko-Lasaki, MD, MSPH, MBA; John Stone, MD, PhD
 Brown, Richard.

Community-Campus Partnerships for Health & Justice: Facilitating the Student Experience
 Sampson, Natalie.

Community-Engaged Learning for Improving Population Health
 Quaranta, Judith. and Srnka-Debnar, Frances.

Concept Mapping as a Tool to Visualize Strategies for Intervention Development
 Jacquez, Farrah. and Vaughn, Lisa.

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Data-Informed and Community-Driven: An Approach to Address Birth Outcome Inequities in 16 Urban Communities Across the U.S.
 Beltran, Monica.

Defining, Measuring and Assessing Outcomes of Community Engagement to Foster Social Justice and Equitable Partnerships in Health Research
 Calhoun, Karen., Evans, Eunbyul., Ahmed, Syed., Dave, Gurav., Funes, Melanie., Eder, Milton. and Wallerstein, Nina.

Developing a Support Network for Community-Engaged Graduate Student Scholars
 Jones, Amanda Michelle.

Disability and Participation: Strategies that build capacity to address disparity
 Smith, Janet., Hammel, Joy., Lee, Danbi., Volion, Ashley. and Nolan, Lauren.

Does Equality always mean Equal? Navigating the waters of Equality through Equity.
 Bates, Denise.


Education, Community & Cultural Survival : A Decade Post Katrina
 Janisch Lake, Ruth., McClure, Sedric., Bigard, Ashana., Green, Robert. and Nguyen, Cyndi.

Engaging Marginalized Populations in CBR: Mapping Positive Practices
 Stack-Cutler, Holly., Schnirer, Laurie. and Dare, Lynn.

Engaging University of Michigan students in social justice research in Detroit, MI
 Steiner, Jenna.

Engaging in Authentic Campus Community Partnerships with High Need Schools
 Corral, Michael.

Ensuring Shared Leadership in Research through Community Advisory Boards
 Evans, Jill. and McClinton-Brown, Rhonda.

Evaluating Gender-based Approaches to Promoting Health Equity and Social Justice: Policy and Systems Changes in The Office on Women's Coalition for a Healthier Community Initiative
 Randolph, Suzanne., Kowalczyk, Shelly., Alexander, Stephanie., Oravecz, Linda. and Hill, Kelli.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Health-Focused, Community-Based Collaborative through a Campus-Community Partnership
 Gustat, Jeanette., Truong, Jennifer., O\'Malley, Keelia., Schwartz, Jeffrey. and Burberger, Amanda.


FEMART: Facilitating Inclusion of Female-Identified Youth in Community Arts
 Lombardo, Charlotte.

Feasibility of NCD prevention and control in humanitarian settings: Engaging Syrian refugees and host communities in Lebanon
 Najem Kteily, Martine., Afifi, Rima., Sibai, Abla., Chartouni, Mia., Ghanem, Maguy. and Barazi, rana.

Finding Our Way to Common Ground In Partnership Development: Two Organizations, Contrasting Methods and Conflicting Perspectives
 May, Marlynn., Ory, Marcia., Castillo, Evelia. and Valdez, Andrea.

Fostering social equity and norm changes to prevent Substance Abuse, HIV and Hepatitis C among minority young adults in U.S.- MX Border community through equitable community-campus partnerships.
 Robles, Rebecca., Mangadu, Thenral. and Ferreira-Pinto, Joao.


High School Students as Co-Researchers: A Collaborative Approach for Youth Suicide Research and Prevention
 Bruck, Demaree., Glandt, Jack., Petrie, Jill., Hall, Toni., Vaughn, Lisa. and Jacquez, Farrah.

Historical Purpose, Power, and Politics Behind the Concept of “Community Engagement”
 Key, Kent., Paulson, Leslie., Calhoun, Karen., Paberzs, Adam., Whitney, Tricia and Cedric. and Lota, Kanchan.

How Boundary Spanners Can Foster Equity in Community-Academic Partnerships
 Joosten, Yvonne., Moore, Todd., Whitney, Tricia and Cedric. and Zender, Robynn.

How Can Clinical Trials Be More Community Engaged?: Community Perspectives on Engagement in Clinical Research Design, Education, and Promotion with Diverse Communities
 Mercado, Kathryn., Sipocz, Ashley., Mason, Maryann., Bishop, Virgnia., Curry, Gina. and Brown, Jen.


Identifying the Motivators to engage African American students into careers in public health: Recruiting the Next Generation of Community Based Public Health Researchers
 Key, Kent.

Imagining a healthy and well-functioning future: A co-produced community development project
 Eryigit Madzwamuse, Suna., Heaver, Becky., Buttery, Lisa., Hart, Angie. and Social Context Work-Package Team, The Imagine.

Implementing A Community Based Participatory Research Curriculum to Decrease Health Disparities and Strengthen Community Resilience Among Louisiana’s Gulf Coast Communities
 denham mohr, stacey., Fox, Laila., Davis, Patricia., Gauthe, Sharon., Gauthe, David., Bogen, Donald., foret, sharon., Mewherter, Maryal., Nguyen, Tuan., Bui, Tap., Canfield, Caitlin., Brown, Lisanne. and Lichtveld, Maureen.

Implementing a Seamless Health Career Pipeline for Youth and Young Adults of Color: An Alameda County Case Study
 Freeman Garrick, MD, Jocelyn. and Hudson, Dantia.

Injustice in Aging: Reversing Medicalization and De-Personalization in Longterm Care
 Greer, Annette. and Meggs, Susan.

Interplays Around Diet and Physical Activity Changes: Family Dynamics and Creating Sustainable Change through a Community-Based Participatory Approach.
 Zhen-Duan, Jenny. and Laroche, Helena.


Just Decisions: How Underserved Communities Deliberate about Research Spending Priorities
 Solomon, Stephanie.


Language Interpreter Center – Creating Change through Collaboration in Alaska
 Jacobs, Barbara. and Johnson, Rhonda.

Listening for A Change: Praxis for Hope, Healing, and Justice
 Dhaliwal, Kanwarpal.

Louisville Listens to Ferguson in Order to Sow Justice, Safety, Hope, and Racial Equity
 Jackson, Trinidad., Wendel, Monica., Ingram, Monique., Carthan, Quaniqua., Castle, Billie., Jones, Gaberiel., Ali, Nida. and Combs, Ryan.

Lyrics, Life & Lessons: Innovative Public Health & Social Justice Education with Hip Hop Music to Promote Authentic Engagement with Youth
 Ejike, Errik.


Make/Art/Space: Creative Approaches to Youth Leadership Development through Participatory Action Research
 Zaleski, Nikki., West, Kat. and Fagen, Michael.

Meeting the Needs of Incarcerated Individuals -- Now and in the Future
 Sayad, Judith. and Pizza, Albert.

Multiplying Resources: Impact and Return On Investment of Community-Engaged Research and Partnership Seed Grants
 Morrison, Sherida., Ford-Paz, Rebecca., Thompson, Melvin., Huber, Gail., Curry, Gina. and Brown, Jen.

Multisector Partnerships for Health Promotion: Factors Influencing Collaborative Advantage and Collaborative Inertia
 Johnson, Ashley. and Lucie, Lévesque.


Neighborhoods Owning Power, Advocacy, Leadership (NOPAL): A Community-Campus Partnership to Increase Young Adult Civic Engagement Through Culturally-Rooted Organizing & Participatory Action Research
 Nunez, Samuel., Gutierrez, Alejandra., Gomez, Juan., Vasquez, Leoncio., Xiong, Tsia., Gallardo, Crisantema., Erbstein, Nancy., DeLugan, Robin., Glass, Ron. and Borg, Emily.

New Models to Spur Innovative Thinking: Adapting Lessons from Cuba to Address Health Equity and Social and Racial Justice in the US
 Appelbaum, Diane., Retano, Alberto., Murphy, Maria. and Olivas, Alma.


Our ancestors are in our land, water, and air: A ‘Two-Eyed Seeing’ approach to researching environmental health concerns with Pictou Landing First Nation.
 Castleden, Heather., Lewis-Campbell, Diana., Francis, Sheila., Strickland, Kimberley. and Martin, Debbie.


PUBH 5150: Free NIH grant writing mini course for community members and organizations to assist with the eradication of health disparities on Chicago’s far south side
 Curry, Gina., Watkins, PhD, MPH, Yashika., Randal, Fornessa. and Britt, MD MPH, Thomas.

Pathways to Improving Indigenous Health by Decolonizing the Academy: Institutional Barriers and Ethical Tensions Associated with Doing Community-Based Participatory Research in ‘A Good Way’.
 Castleden, Heather. and Martin, Debbie.

Photovoice: An Effective Method for Conducting a Community Health Assessment (CHA) in an International, Spanish-Dominant Setting
 May, Marlynn., Castillo, Evelia. and Moya, Benito.

Policy and Systems Change in Milwaukee Area Farmers Markets Through Coalition Building
 Patterson, Leslie., Casey, Jennifer., Holmquist DeNomie, Melissa. and Kim, Young.

Policy for and by whom? Eliciting community perspectives on regulating alcohol and sugar in San Francisco.
 Fleisher, Paula., Liu, Wylie., Queen-Johnson, Aisha., Rouse Iniguez, James. and Vargas, Roberto.

Project DASH (Divas Against the Spread of HIV/AIDS): Results of a pilot study on HIV risk and Mother-Daughter Communication among African American Daughters with HIV+ Mothers
 Amutah, Ndidi.

Public science partnerships for healthy communities
 Lewis, Stevie., Verdin, Monique. and Shapiro, Nick.


QuickStart: A Training Program in Collaborative Research in Breast Cancer, the Environment, and/or Disparities
 Poole, Senaida., Plumb, Marj., Sarantis, Heather. and Kavanaugh-Lynch, Marion (Mhel).


Reflecting on Process in Community-Campus Partnerships in Health with Women from Refugee Communities
 tecle, aster. and Dyer, Jane.

Research Apprenticeship: A concept comes of age
 Arrieta, Martha., Wells, Naima., Hudson, Marcellus., Taylor, Carla. and Parker, Lynette.

Research ethics re-considered in the context of community-engaged research
 Shore, Nancy., Drew, Elaine., Isaacs, Mei-Ling., Sablan-Santos, Lola., Castro-Reyes, Paige., Cooks, John., Edwards, Kelly., Freeman, Elmer., Park, Alice. and Wat, Eric.


SA Access: Responding to Bexar County’s Health Insurance Literacy Needs
 Stone, Melanie., Lehman, Chelsea. and Duffy, Brian.

Safe Spaces: A community health worker led approach to addressing intimate partner violence
 Wennerstrom, Ashley., Haywood, Catherine. and Theall, Katherine.

Serving the Whole Child: A community-university approach to promote optimal health and educational outcomes
 Rabaey, Paula., Black, Connie., Davis, Liza., Jimbo-Llapa, Fanny. and Hearst, Mary.

Sex-Trafficking Survivors Speak Out
 Rajaram, Shireen. and Tidball, Sriyani.

Social Work Education on the Margins: Creating a space of mutual learning and shared resources across borders.
 Hunter, Rosemarie.

Somali Women’s Health: A Collaborative Inquiry into Life Experiences of Somali Women in Oregon
 Shirazi, Mehra.

Spirit work: portrayal of initiating a community-campus partnership for racial justice and health equity for nursing faculty, staff, and students
 Befus, Deanna., Caiola, Courtney., Arscott, Joyell., Winkler, Megan. and Hunter, Wanda.

Stories for Change: Development of a Diabetes Digital Storytelling Intervention with and for Refugees and Immigrants to Minnesota
 Njeru, Jane., Sia, Irene., Patten, Christi., Hanza, Marcelo., Weis, Jennifer., Clark, Matthew., Ridgeway, Jennifer., Brockman, Tabetha., Porraz-Capetillo, Maria., Osman, Ahmed., Hared, Abdullah., Goodson, Miriam., Myers, Allison. and Wieland, Mark.

Surviving on fumes, passion & hope: Sustainability as an ethical imperative for community research review boards
 Guishard, Monique. and Korin, Daniel.

Sustaining CBPR projects: Lessons learned developing Latina Community groups
 Urquieta de Hernandez, Brisa., Sorensen, Janni., Avraham, Patricia., Schuch, Johanna., Rodriguez, Victor., Smith, Heather., Furuseth, Owen. and Dulin, Michael.


Ta hec čmiš qn mist I Will Never Give Up: Preventing American Indian Youth Suicide & Substance Use w/CBPR & The Gathering of Native Americans
 Wynecoop, Zachary., Wynne, Melodi. and Holliday, Carrie.

Taking the Next Steps Together: Lessons Learned and Challenges in Sharing Leadership and Resources in a New Community-Campus Partnership
 El Bayoumi, Gigi. and Duwell, Monique.

Taste-It: A University-Community Partnership to improve food equity
 Wright, Lauri. and Marron, Allison.

The Aging in Place Team of Tulsa: A Community-Academic Partnership Working to Reduce Disparities Among Older Adults In Their Abilities to Live Safely and Independently In The Homes of Their Choice
 Wen, Frances. and Land, Shirley.

The Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health: A Community-Academic Partnership to Address Health Disparities in Brooklyn
 Fraser, Marilyn.

The Bronx Community Research Review Board (BxCRRB)
 Guishard, Monique., Korin, Daniel. and Salcedo, Barbara.

The SEED Method: A participatory process for stakeholder involvement in selecting and prioritizing health research questions
 Zimmerman, Emily., Cook, Sarah., Haley, Amber. and Walker, Albert.

The bridge from social isolation to neighborhood engagement: Successes and challenges from a community-academic partnership creating a movement to improve health of African American men
 Harley, Amy. and Edwards, Terron.

The role of universities in conflict or contested societies
 Millican, Juliet.

Transformation by Intention: Women’s Healing Circles for Collective Wellness
 Weber, Tyler. and Smith, Angela.


Understanding the Impact of Global Health Research and Service Learning on College Students
 Casapulla, Sharon. and Hess, Michael.

Undocumented and Uninsured, a Health Justice Journey: Documenting Our Stories and Speaking for Ourselves
 Leyva, Alma. and Jaimes Pena, Mayra.

Unfolding Stories on the Spiral Model of Learning and the Empowerment Process in the Vietnamese Women’s Health Project
 Nguyen-Truong, Connie., Hsiao, Chiao-Yun., Le, Tuong Vy., Tang, Joannie. and Cheang, Sophorn.

Unsettling Research Ethics at Ethico-Epistemic Intersections
 Glass, Ron., Baloy, Natalie. and Sabati, Sheeva.

Using Group Level Assessment (GLA) to Build Capacity for Shared Decision Making in Community-Academic Partnerships
 Vaughn, Lisa., Jacquez, Farrah., DeJonckheere, Melissa., Bruck, Demaree., Zhen-Duan, Jenny. and Smith, Teresa.

Using Local Data to Catalyze Community Development: A Community Campus Partnership Connecting Research to Action
 Teixeira, Samantha., Kolke, Demi. and Wallace, John.

Using Social Justice Theatre and Movement Exercises to In-Body, Understand, and Overcome Systems of Power and Oppression
 Sanning, Susan. and Miller, Celeste.

Using an interprofessional course to prepare future health professionals to collaborate for population health among vulnerable populations
 Hardy, Anna.


West Louisville Photovoice Project: Local Perspectives on Justice, Safety, Hope, and Racial Equity
 Wendel, Monica., Jackson, Trinidad., Ingram, Monique., Ali, Nida., Castle, Billie., Combs, Ryan., Jones, Gaberiel., Rogers, Whitney., Carthan, Quaniqua. and Smith, Anthony.

What does it mean to be a trustworthy researcher in a community-academic research partnership?: Repairing distrust of research institutions through advocacy and action.
 West, Kate.

What you should know about Community Engagement in Human Research – A practical guide for community partners navigating the Federalwide Assurance Registration and IRB delegation process.
 Graf, Jennifer., Bernstein, Hila., Bierer, Barbara., Biggers, Jessica., Dominguez, Robleinscky., Jacob, Claude-Alix., Kaberry, Julie., Insalaco, Keren-Nicole., Pirie, Alex., Sengupta, Nandini., Taylor, J. Glover., Tendulkar, Shalini. and Winkler, Sabune.

When the Principal Investigator (PI) is Practically Invisible: How the PI Actions (or Inactions) Influence Threats to Research Fidelity
 Lopez-Arenas, Araceli., Nebeker, Camille. and Holguin, Margarita.


You Lead . . . I’ll Follow: How Philanthropy Can Support Social Change and Create Health Equity
 Hepburn, Carrie. and Bond, Matthew.

Your story touched my heart: A workshop on co-analyzing qualitative data
 McCormick, Alma. and Christopher, Suzanne.
CCPH 14th International Conference - Journey to Justice: Creating Change Through Partnerships 2016-May-11 to 2016-May-15
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