Seventeenth International Conference of the Council for European Studies 2010-Apr-15 to 2010-Apr-18

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"Come Radicate alla nostra terra": Giuseppe Bottai on Race and Romanita
 Perry, Jonathan.

"I Was Weak, Insecure, and Easy to Be Blackmailed" - Stereotyped Secret Informants
 Szucs, Aniko.

"Poland in a Bottle": Redemptive Vodkas and the Branding of National Mythology
 Zubrzycki, Geneviève.

"Shipwrecked in the Ocean of Memories": Western Saharan Exile Writing in Contemporary Spain
 Repinecz, Martin.

"What Integration?": The Nation and Its Discontents in Post-EU Lithuania
 Lankauskas, Gediminas.

(Un)comfortable Standstill and the Revenge of Path-Dependency: The ESDP and the Transatlantic Security Relationship
 Lachmann, Niels.

2. Tolerating mistakes: How do popular perceptions of procedural fairness affect demand for transitional justice?
 Nalepa, Monika.

'We’re a’ Jock Tamson’s Bairns': Defining the Scottish Nation and Its Newcomers in Post-Devolution Britain
 Barker, Fiona.

‘Dualization’ versus ‘Hybridization’: Patterns of Transformation in the German Welfare State
 Stiller, Sabina.

‘Multicultural Britishness’: Balancing the Nation, Europe, and Migration in Curriculum and Policy Discourses in England
 Faas, Daniel.

‘New Blood’: How Enlargement Has Changed the Composition of the European Commission Staff
 Ban, Carolyn.

“Colonies Are Inharmonious”: A New Look Inside the Immigrant Community
 Green, Nancy L..

“European Integration” and Revanchism in Interwar Hungary
 Behrendt, Andrew.

“Liberté, Égalité, et Fraternité”: Marginalization, Identity, and Second-generation North African Immigrants in France
 Beaman, Jean.

“Testing ground for Europe”? Examining the Intersections of Governance and Identity in the Border Community of Baarle-Hertog-Nassau
 Brooymans, Linda.

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A Decade of Higher Education Reforms in the Czech Republic: The Good Times and the Bad Times
 Vlk, Ales. and Nantl, Jiri.

A European Socio-Economic Model: Social-Democratic or Conservative?
 Becker, Uwe.

A German Policy Shift? Immigration and Integration Policy in the 21st Century
 Givens, Terri.

A History of the Reception and Social Construction of Vygotskian Tradition in Soviet and International Psychology in 1930-1980s
 Yasnitsky, Anton.

A Lost Decade? Public Opinion among Immigrants and Natives in Europe during the 2000s
 Maxwell, Rahsaan.

A New Space for the "Politics of Fear"
 Maneri, Marcello.

A Theory on the Costliness of EU Normative Power
 Henke, Marina. and Lenz, Tobias.

A Transnational Approach to Migration: The Service international d’aide aux émigrantes and Its Marseilles Office in the First Half of the Twentieth Century
 Guerry, Linda.

A Very Local Crisis: Constructing Domestic Vulnerability to Global Turbulence in Ireland
 O\'Riain, Sean.

A Virtual Third Chamber for the European Union? National Parliaments Under the Treaty of Lisbon
 Cooper, Ian.

Accountability, Diminished Sovereignty, and Party Rhetoric. Evidence from 12 European Countries, 1989-1994
 Menendez, Irene.

Advocating for the Displaced in the EU and the US
 Mahoney, Christine.

After the Crisis Is Before the Crisis? European Labor Market Policy Responses in Comparative Perspective
 Weishaupt, J. Timo.

Against all Odds: ESDP Developments in the Fight against Terrorism during the Bush Administration
 Oliveira Martins, Bruno.

Against the Executive Tide? The German Bundestag and Its Strategy with Regard to Europeanization
 Beichelt, Timm.

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Between Politics and Administration: The European Commission and the Changing Role of the Cabinets
 Kassim, Hussein.

Beyond Bologna: Implementing the Process and Challenges Ahead
 de Miguel, Jesus. and Zamora, Anna.

Beyond Convergence: Constructing the Transnational High Tech Workplace in Ireland
 O\'Riain, Sean.

Beyond National Models of Immigrant Integration? The Fragmentation and Interconnectedness of Immigrant Integration Policies in Germany and the Netherlands
 Scholten, Peter.

Blurring Political and Functional Representation: Subnational Territorial Interests in European Multi-Level Governance
 Piattoni, Simona.

Bounded Solidarity: The Political Foundations of Basic Pensions in Sweden and the Netherlands
 Anderson, Karen.

Bourdieu Goes Global
 Mérand, Frédéric. and Pouliot, Vincent.

Bourdieu, the State, and Neoliberalism
 Wacquant, Loïc.

Bridging Gaps of EU Democratic Deficit Debate: The Quality of EU Democracy
 Tomini, Luca.

Bringing Political Parties back in -- Cultural Diversity, Social Cohesion, and Political Mobilization
 Helbling, Marc., Reeskens, Tim. and Stolle, Dietlind.

Bringing the State back in: The Role of Fiscal Federalism in Welfare Restructuring
 Hassel, Anke. and Schiller, Christof.

Building State Capacities in a Fragmented Polity: The US as a Comparative Case Study
 King, Desmond. and Hilliard, Nadia.

Bulgarian Emigration to Spain: The Impact of the Global Economic Crisis
 Jileva, Elena.

Business and Coordinated Capitalism: Defenders or Challengers of the "German Model"?
 Paster, Thomas.

Business-Government Relations, Networks and Institutional Change: Central and Eastern Europe after the Fall of Communism
 Feldmann, Magnus.


Canada and the EU: From Transatlantic Economic Dialogue to Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement?
 Deblock, Christian. and Rioux, Michèle.

Capitalist Diversity and the International Regulation of Hedge Funds
 Fioretos, Orfeo.

Center and Periphery in the Process of Europeanization of Law: A Systems Theoretical Account
 Bregvadze, Lasha.

Change in Policy Priorities in Westminster Systems: Evidence from UK and Canada
 Foucault, Martial. and Montpetit, Eric.

Changing Patterns of Socio-Political Representation? An Analysis of Data from the German Candidate Study
 Wuest, Andreas.

Changing Practices toward Asylees in Germany: From Long-term Residents to Temporary Guests
 Crage, Suzanna.

Changing Priorities? French Government Statements 1974-2006
 Grossman, Emiliano.

Chinese Perceptions of the EU’s Leadership Role on Climate Change
 De Cock, Geert.

Church-State Relations in Poland: Formal Pluralism and Informal Church Establishment?
 Turcescu, Lucian.

Churching Postmoderns: Evangelical Missionaries and Religious Change in Europe
 Boy, John.

Citizenship Rights for Immigrants: National Paths and Cross-National Convergence in Western Europe, 1980-2008
 Michalowski, Ines.

Citizenship Tests in Five Countries: An Expression of Political Liberalism?
 Michalowski, Ines.

Civil Society Dialogue in the EU Trade Policy Making: A Model for Global Trade Governance?
 Akeda, Yukari.

Civil Society Participation as a Cure for the Crisis of Confidence? Evidence from European Trade Policy
 Rodekamp, Meike.

Civil Society and the Rise of Right-Wing Populism in Contemporary Eastern Europe
 Molnar, Virag.

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De-socializing and Dividing the Mediterranean: The Orders of Redemption, Captivity, and Ransom in the Early-Modern Period
 Hershenzon, Daniel.

Decommodifying Markets? The Partisan Politics of Market Reform in Europe
 Gingrich, Jane.

Democracy as Institutional Change in Nineteenth-Century Europe.
 Morrison, Bruce.

Determinants of Cross-National Higher Education Policy Convergence: Domestic Factors and Transnational Communication in the Realm of the Bologna-Process
 Knill, Christoph. and Vögtle, Eva Maria.

Deux mariages religieux en migration, le cas des synagogues de la rue des Tournelles et de la rue Copernic à Paris, 1954-1970
 Scioldo-Zurcher, Yann.

Diamonds and Hospitals: Imperial Dimensions of Anglo-Jewish Philanthropy, 1885-1920
 Weber, Klaus.

Diffusing Democracy and Liberal Market Values: The Turkish Experience
 Kirisci, Kemal.

Directionless? France’s Response to the Financial Meltdown
 Levy, Jonah.

Disciplining Disability under Danish Active Labor Policy
 Møller, Marie. and Stone, Deborah.

Diversity and Political Integration in Europe: Towards a New Paradigm?
 Kraus, Peter A..

Diversity, Connectivity, and Welfare State Solidarity
 Mau, Steffen. and Mewes, Jan.

Diversity, Vulnerability, and Governmentality
 McFalls, Laurence. and Vinz, Dagmar.

Does Corporatism Matter? On the Micro Foundation of Corporatism as a variety of Democracy
 Christiansen, Peter.

Does Globalization Increase Working Hours in Europe? Evidence from Enterprise Surveys in Europe
 Burgoon, Brian. and Raess, Damian.

Does Partisan Politics (Still) Matter? Welfare Reform, Italy and Greece in the Run-Up to EMU
 Bolukbasi, Tolga.

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EU Competence over Foreign Direct Investment: Implications for Canada-EU Economic Relations
 de Mestral, Armand.

EU Pensions and the Financial Crisis: Renewed Networks, Renewed Ideas?
 Natali, David.

Eastern European Civil Society Development: The End of a Transnational Philanthropic Project
 Fazekas, Erzsebet.

Eastern European Views on Democracy Two Decades after the Fall of the Berlin Wall
 Wike, Richard.

Economic Change and the Labor Market Dualization by Skill
 Nelson, Moira.

Economic Patriotism and the Transformation of Political Conflict
 Woll, Cornelia.

Economic Redistribution and Socio-Political Governance: When and Where Do Second Dimension Voter Alignments Matter?
 Kitschelt, Herbert. and Rehm, Philipp.

Economic and Institutional Networks in Wider Europe: Analysis of EU's External Influences
 Turkina, Ekaterina.

Economic and Territorial Cleavages after Decentralization: Comparing Redistributive Coalitions in Britain, Italy, and Spain
 Hopkin, Jonathan.

Education State, Welfare State Regimes, Technological Change, and Politics
 Mosher, James.

End of Careers in Québec and Belgium: Towards a New Form of "Governmentability" in Retirement and End of Career Policies ?
 Tremblay, Diane-Gabrielle., Moulaert, Thibauld. and Fusulier, Bernard.

Enlightened Elites and Bigoted Masses? The Politics of Citizenship and Immigration
 Hofhansel, Claus.

Environmental Policy Convergence in Europe
 Holzinger, Katharina.

Ethnic Banking and European Muslim Integration: A Case Study in Britain
 Armstrong, David.

Euro Adoption Problems in Central Europe: The Cases of the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland
 Dandashly, Assem. and Verdun, Amy.

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Family Law: A New Case for EU Integration
 Tinney, Deirdre.

Fashioning the Common Defense: US Influence on the European Security Strategy during the Bush Administration
 Weisfeiler, Anna.

Federalism and Antitrust: A European Perspective
 Negrinotti, Matteo.

Fertile In/Securities: Bodies, Boundaries, and Babies
 Krause, Elizabeth.

Financial Crisis and Welfare in Eastern Europe and the CIS
 Drahokoupil, Jan.

Flexicurity: What Can We Learn from the Scandinavian Experience?
 van den Berg, Axel.

Foreign Policy in the Grand Coalition
 Paterson, William.

Foreigners, Northern League, and Prisons: The Creation of the Criminal Immigrant in Italy
 Faedda, Barbara.

Fragmented Membership: How EU Enlargement Has Created Different Health Care Entitlements and Rights
 Castaneda, Heide.

Frames in Contestation. Mainstreaming or De-gendering in Domestic Violence Policy Debates in Five Countries of Central and Eastern Europe
 Krizsan, Andrea.

France Transitioning from Integration to Diversity: New Framing and Old Models
 Escafré-Dublet, Angéline. and Simon, Patrick.

France, the Greatest Muslim Power: Creating Islam and Muslims in the Metropole during the Twentieth Century
 Davidson, Naomi.

France’s New Museums in a Postcolonial Age
 Ford, Caroline.

From Differentiation Towards Distinction: The Changing Landscape of Higher Education Institutions in England
 Kupfer, Antonia.

From Dilemma to Dualisation: Social and Migration Policies in the ‘Reluctant Countries of Immigration’
 Emmenegger, Patrick. and Careja, Romana.

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Gender Across the Border: Analyzing Immigration ‘through and beyond’ Mixed Families in Turkey
 Ozcurumez, Saime. and Cindoglu, Dilek.

Gender Equality in the Netherlands: An Example of Europeanisation of Social Law and Policy
 Ramos Martin, Nuria.

Gender and European External Relations: Dominant Discourses and Unintended Consequences of Gender Mainstreaming
 Guerrina, Roberta.

Gender, EU Migration, and Climate Change Policy
 Allwood, Gill.

Gendering EU Employment Policy: Periods and Pillars
 Hubert, Agnès.

German Fiscal Federalism on the Demographic Brink
 Leuprecht, Christian.

Germany and the European Union: Still a ‘Tamed Power’?
 Bulmer, Simon.

Get On The Bus: Travel Itineraries and the Problem of Narrating the Post-War European Landscape
 Reut, Jennifer.

Giddens’ “Structuration,” Luhmann’s “Self-organization,” and the Operationalization of the Dynamics of Meaning
 Leydesdorff, Loet.

Globalization and the Transformation of Trade Union Preferences in France
 Ancelovici, Marcos.

God, Gende, and the State: How Muslim Women Reinterpret and Reclaim Islam in the United Kingdom and United States of America
 Ajinkya, Julie.

Gonna Party Like It's 1899: Electoral Systems and the Origins of Varieties of Coordination
 Martin, Cathie Jo. and Swank, Duane.

Good Times, Hard Times, Crisis Times: Historical Potentials of Niklas Luhmann’s Theory of Social Autopoiesis
 Schütz, Anton.

Governing Pensions: Historical Perspectives on Britain and France
 Whiteside, Noel.

Government Partisanship and Social Spending Priorities
 Jensen, Carsten. and Pontusson, Jonas.

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Has the EU Fulfilled Its Commitment to Reduce Poverty Significantly at the 2010 Horizon?
 Peña-Casas, Ramón.

Has the European Union Made Europe More or Less Democratic? Network Deliberations and Advocacy Groups in the Biotechnology Sector
 Montpetit, Eric.

Health Assessment Agencies as Intensive Knowledge Bureaucracies
 Benamouzig, Daniel. and Borraz, Olivier.

Health Policy inside a Brussels Bubble?
 Greer, Scott.

Higher Education Policy in Central and Eastern Europe – To Converge or Not To Converge
 Dobbins, Michael.

Higher Education Policy in Germany: Tracing European Influence on National Political Traditions
 Toens, Katrin.

Hold the Fries: Europe Declares War on Obesity
 Kurzer, Paulette.

Hope and Disillusionment? The Dynamics of Political Support among Immigrants in Canada
 Bilodeau, Antoine.

How Europeanization is Changing European Welfare States
 Cox, Robert.

How Groups Shape (Not Just Represent) Interests: Lessons from the Italian Pension Reform
 Baccaro, Lucio.

How Poor Are Single-Parent Families and Where Does Their Income Come from? A Comparison of Select European Countries and Canadian Provinces.
 Bernard, Paul. and Raïq, Hicham.

How University Faculty Understands Bologna: The Case of Lithuania
 Leisyte, Liudvika.

How to Deport an Arab: Administration and Terror in 1972 West Germany
 Slobodian, Quinn.


Ideas, Structure, State Action, and Economic Growth: Rethinking the Irish Miracle
 Breznitz, Dan.

Identity, Discrimination, and Political Community
 Harell, Allison.

Ideological Dissonance and Public Spectacle on a Fifteenth-Century Frontier
 Devaney, Thomas.

Ignorance That Kills: Motherhood, Medicine, and the Francoist State, 1939-1970
 Salazar, Allison.

Immigration Policies and Exclusion: How the Degree and Form of Exclusion from the Citizenship Regime Affect Undocumented Migrants’ Mobilizations
 Monforte, Pierre. and Dufour, Pascale.

Immigration and In/Security in Greece Post-September 11th: An Open and Shut case?
 Altamirano, Deborah.

Immigration and Integration in Switzerland: Shifting Evolutions in a Multicultural Republic
 d\'Amato, Gianni.

Immigration and the Politics of Left and Right
 Perez, Sofia.

Immigration, Integration, and the Republican Model in France
 Hollifield, James.

Implementation of the Bologna Process in Belgium
 De Wit, Kurt.

In Diversity We Trust. Differentiated Perspectives on Trust toward In- and Out-Groups in Culturally Diverse Contexts
 Gundelach, Birte.

In Search of a Transatlantic Agora: An Examination of Elite versus Mass Values and Attitudes about Globalization and the Regulation of Global Capitalism
 Birchfield, Vicki.

In the Shadow of the Left Party: An Analysis of German Party Competition 2005-2009
 Egle, Christoph.

Information Bias and Support for ESDP
 Foucault, Martial. and Schoen, Harald.

Insiders, Outsiders, and Policy Change: Reforming Health Policy in France and Britain
 Smyrl, Marc.

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Judicial Control in the EU: Challenges and Predictions
 Hinarejos, Alicia.

Jurisprudence as Self-Description
 Schiff, David. and Nobles, Richard.


Kanak Attak Strikes Back: Challenging German Citizenship and Integration Policies
 Yurdakul, Gokce. and Gursel, Duygu.

Keep Your Government Hands off My 401k
 Blyth, mark.


Lawyers and the Construction of the European Human Rights Regime
 Madsen, Mikael.

Lawyers and the Construction of the European Human Rights Regime
 Madsen, Mikael.

Leaking Accountability on the Way to Federalism? Clarity of Responsibilities in Decentralized Contexts: The Case of Spain
 Leon, Sandra.

Legal Cultures in Transition: An Autopoietic Approach
 Febbrajo, Alberto.

Legal Experts or Political Entrepreneurs?
 Cohen, Antonin.

Les Groupes Militants dans les Luttes pour les Droits des Sans-Papiers au Québec et en Belgique
 Hanley, Jill., Lavigne, Valérie. and Gal, Sigalit.

Liberalization and Cartel Politics in Europe: Why Do Centre-Left Parties Adopt Market Liberal Reforms?
 Hopkin, Jonathan., Blyth, mark. and pelizzo, riccardo.

Liberalization by Exhaustion: Transformative Change in the German Welfare and Vocational Training System
 Busemeyer, Marius. and Trampusch, Christine.

Lighter than Blood: Ethnic Statistics as an Equality Tool in Racialized European Societies
 Simon, Patrick.

Limits to State Intervention into the Private Sector Economy
 Engelstad, Fredrik.

Lone-Parent Families and Poverty in Europe: Do New Social Risks Alter Regime Trajectories?
 Jenson, Jane. and Duyulmus, Cem.


Making Federalism Work: The Impact of Courts on Federalism in Spain
 Sala, Gemma.

Male Allies of Women's Movements: Women's Organizing within the Catholic Church in Franco's Spain
 Valiente, Celia.

Management from the Inside Out: Relevance of EU Migration Control to the non-EU World
 Okabe, Midori.

Marseille Mediterranée: Feeling Europe and the Med during Marseille’s Urban ‘Renewal’
 Quest, Nell.

Marxist Marks in the Sign & Meaning Theories in Russian Thought about Language in the 1920s and 1930s : V. Voloshinov’s “Marxism and the Philosophy of Language"
 Bondarenko, Maria.

Mediterranean, Becoming and Unbecoming: Fishing, Smuggling, and Cultural Politics between Sicily and Tunisia since WWII
 ben-yehoyada, naor.

Men and Women in French and British Jewish Philanthropy, 1860-1939
 Leglaive-Perani, Céline.

Microsegregation in Denmark and Sweden
 Valdez, Sarah.

Migrant Homophobia and Its Political (Mis)Uses in Europe
 Ireland, Patrick.

Migrants as Parliamentary Actors in Germany
 Wuest, Andreas.

Migration Policies and Public Attitudes in EU15. A Multilevel Analysis
 Martinez-Herrera, Enric.

Migration, Islam, and the Politics of Good Citizenship in Denmark
 Mouritsen, Per.

Minority Representation in Norway: Success at the Local Level; Failure at the National Level
 Bjorklund, Tor. and Bergh, Johannes.

Mobilizing against Citizenship: Voter and Party Responses to the Naturalization of Immigrants
 Dancygier, Rafaela.

More Knowledge, Better Government? Consequences of Knowledge-Based Decision-Making in Swedish Pharmaceutical Benefits
 Sjögren, Ebba. and Casula-Vifell, Åsa.

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National Courts as First Instance Community Courts: Revenge of a National Judge?
 Jaremba, Urszula.

National Highest Courts in a European Context: Finding a New Institutional Balance
 Mak, Elaine.

National Venues of Science and Policy Divergence: Controlling Bovine Tuberculosis in England and Ireland
 Dunlop, Claire.

Negotiating Ritual and Revolution: The Political Activism of the Dames des Halles, 1789-1791
 Jarvis, Katie.

New Issues, New Cleavages, and New Parties
 Green-Pedersen, Christoffer.

New Modes of Governance in Active Welfare States in Europe
 van Berkel, Rik.

New Possibilities or Permanent Gridlock? The Politics of Economic and Social Policy Reform under the Grand Coalition in Germany
 Zohlnhoefer, Reimut.

Nordic Eco-Entrepreneurship: Global Reputation(s) and the Greening of Capitalism at Different Speeds
 Ingebritsen, Christine.

Nowadays It Is OK To Be Racist (Even If You Are Leftist): Building the Normality of Racism in Everyday Discourse and Media Discourse in Italy
 Pagliai, Valentina.


Of Critical Cosmopolitanism and Clandestine Passage: Redefining Euro-Mediterranean Relations
 Tamalet Talbayev, Edwige.

Of Labels, Credits, and Mobility
 Westerheijden, Don.

On The Limited Relevance of Identity Politics for Germany's Foreign Residents
 Street, Alex.

Open Skies, Closed Markets: The Shadow of the Future in the Negotiation of International Air Transport
 Woll, Cornelia.

Opposition Representation and Democracy: Participation versus Obstructionism
 Forestiere, Carolyn.

Ottomans, Bedouins, and Sufis: Understanding Istanbul’s Relationship with the Inhabitants of the Backcountry of the Hijaz and North Africa at the Turn of the Century
 Minawi, Mostafa.

Overlapping Mediterraneans: The Imagined Sea and the Traveled Sea
 Viscomi, Joseph.


Paradoxes of Sovereignty, Territoriality, and Military State-Building: The Improbability of the European State Model
 Harste, Gorm.

Participation of People Experiencing Poverty in European Social Inclusion Policies
 Larocque, Florence.

Partisan Representation of the Poor: Electoral Geography, Strategic Mobilization, and Implications for Voter Turnout
 Jusko, Karen.

Party Competition, Coalition Formation, and the Economy: Partisan Cabinets versus Partisan Ministries in Industrialized Economies
 Alexiadou, Despina.

Party Inertia amid Political Change? Stability and Adaptation in German Parties
 Detterbeck, Klaus.

Party Positions and Issue Ownership
 Green-Pedersen, Christoffer.

Peace Movements and the Sacralisation of Social Identities in West Germany, 1945-1980
 Nehring, Holger.

Pierre Bourdieu and the Study of Social Movements
 Goldberg, Chad.

Pius XI's Failed Condemnation of Totalitarianism, 1934 - 1937: The Triumph of Diplomacy Over Doctrine
 Chamedes, Giuliana.

Playground Fight: The Contested Ideology of Boyhood in European Literature before World War I
 Küveler, Jan.

Please Love Europe: A New Cosmopolitical Identity for a New Europe
 Ingram, Susan.

Polanyi Meets Hayek: Why the EU’s Welfare Architecture Remains Ambiguous
 Jabko, Nicolas.

Polanyi in Brussels? “Integration through Law” and the Three Dimensions of European Economic and Social Integration
 Hoepner, Martin. and Schaefer, Armin.

Policing Transnational Religious Freedom: Turkish Political Islam in the Federal Republic of Germany, 1960s-1980s
 Miller, Jennifer.

Policy Frames and Institutional Capabilities: EU Employment Policy Coordination and the Central and Eastern European Member States
 de la Porte, Caroline. and Natali, David.

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Quiet Politics: Business Power and Corporate Control
 Culpepper, Pepper.


Racial Diversity and Welfare: The Interaction and Institutionalization of Race and National Identity
 Onasch, Elizabeth.

Rating Agencies as Enforcers: Do Sovereign Ratings Respond to European Fiscal Surveillance under SGP?
 Barta, Zsófia. and Shum, Robert.

Reading History Forward: European Democratization and the Origin of Electoral Systems
 Ahmed, Amel.

Reasons for Introduction and Effects of Citizenship Tests in the Netherlands, Germany and the UK
 Van Oers, Ricky.

Reconstituting Territory in the EU Multi-Level System: Migration and Cohesion in Croatia, Macedonia, and Slovenia.
 Geddes, Andrew. and Taylor, Andrew.

Recruitment Processes and Effects on Gender Representation in the Boardroom
 Heidenreich, Vibeke.

Reflexive Governance in the European Union? A Few Prospects from Economic Governance
 Broquet, Julien.

Reforming Czech Tertiary Education: When the National and the International Interact
 Sebkova, Helena.

Reforming Global Financial Rules Following the Crisis: Still a Transatlantic Affair
 Leblond, Patrick.

Reforming the Central Government Offices in Sweden: Politicization as a Coordinating Strategy
 Dahlström, Carl.

Regional Interest Representation in Brussels and the Link to Citizen Attitudes towards European Integration
 Olsson, Anna.

Regional Reform and Territorialization of Party Systems
 Schakel, Arjan.

Regionalist Parties and the Mobilisation of Territorial Difference in Postwar Germany
 Hepburn, Eve. and Hough, Daniel.

Regulation Released: The Institutional Foundations of Diffuse Interest Representation in Europe
 Trumbull, Gunnar.

Regulation of Competition Both Sides of the Atlantic
 Rioux, Michèle., Morin, Marie-Christine. and Fournier, Valérie.

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Satisfaction of University Students in Europe
 Garcia-Aracil, Adela.

Satisfaction with Democracy in Post-Communist Multi-Ethnic Countries: The Effect of Representative Political Institutions.
 Ruiz-Rufino, Rubén.

School Choice, Productive Efficiency, and Left-Wing Politics
 Hicks, Tim.

Scope and Explanation in the Politics of European Community Law: Three Research Questions to be Disentangled
 Phelan, William.

Shaping and Making the EU Migration Polity: Forms and Types of Immigration and Immigrant Politics at EU Level
 Geddes, Andrew.

Shifting the Public-Private Mix: A New Dualisation of Welfare?
 Seeleib-Kaiser, Martin., Saunders, Adam. and Naczyk, Marek.

So What'll It Be, Kid? The 'Optionsmodell' and the Dilemma of Belonging in Germany's 1999 Citizenship Law
 Triadafilopoulos, Phil.

Social Democracy and the People, 1930-2010
 Andersson, Jenny.

Something New about Emile Durkheim?
 Fournier, Marcel.

Something New about Max Weber?
 Radkau, Joachim.

Standardizing Standards: The Development of Clinical Practice Guidelines
 Knaapen, Loes.

State Building Past and Present
 Berman, Sheri.

State Infrastructural Power and Politics of Economic Reform in Postcommunist Countries: A Multi-Level Comparative Analysis
 Sznajder Lee, Aleksandra.

States of European Migration: Labor, Culture, Security
 Soysal, Levent.

Strategies of Representation of Visible Minority Interests in Canada: Comparing Liberals and Conservatives
 Bird, Karen.

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Tackling Higher Politics: The Europeans and Iranian Nukes
 Aoun, Elena.

Taking Another Look at Marx: Re-Marxification of Scientific Revolutions in the Soviet Union, 1960s-1980s
 Aronova, Elena.

Taking Political Sides: Explaining the Political Alignments of the France Plurielle
 Tiberj, Vincent.

Tales of Albarado: The Materiality of the Albanian Pyramid Schemes
 Musaraj, Smoki.

The Academic Construction of a European Legal Order
 Bailleux, Julie.

The Armed Right in the Successor States after the First World War
 Tarnaala, Elisa.

The Basel Accords and the Rise of Securitization
 Quinn, Sarah.

The Behavioral Foundations of Social Politics: An Experimental Approach
 Beramendi, Pablo.

The Birth of Europe’s Identity out of the Spirit of World Society: On the Paradoxical Effects of Functional Differentiaton
 Kastner, Dr. Fatima.

The British Council and the Dante Alighieri Society in the 1930s: Empire, Cultural Diplomacy, and Classical Heritage
 van Kessel, Tamara.

The Brussels Challenge: New Directions for the European Union in the Middle East Conflict
 Pardo, Sharon.

The Business of Collective Action: The Effect of Ownership Networks on Joint Political Activity Among Firms
 Schoenman, Roger.

The Campaign and Its Dynamics during the 2009 German General Election
 Krewel, Mona., Schmitt-Beck, Ruediger. and Wolsing, Ansgar.

The Case of Italy
 Ballarino, Gabriele. and Perotti, Loris.

The Collapse of Finance but Still Weak Labor
 Boyer, Robert.

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Unbalanced Integration: Geography and Redistribution in the EU
 Beramendi, Pablo.

Understanding Policy Convergences: Policy Networks and Same-Sex Union Laws in Western Europe
 Paternotte, David. and Kollman, Kelly.

Uneasy Citizens/Uncertain Spaces: Migrants, Morals and Everyday Governance in the ‘New’ Norway
 McIntosh, Laurie.

United States and the Vatican: Political Relations and Diplomatic Aspects, 1952-1984
 Di Stefano, Andrea.

Upper Middle Classes in European Cities: Transnational Mobility and Rootedness
 Le Galès, Patrick. and Andreotti, Alberta.


Wage Moderation, Institutional Complementarities, and European Unemployment
 Simoni, Marco.

Wage Restraint and European Monetary Union: The Impact of Currency Regimes on Sectoral Wage Divergence
 Johnston, Alison.

Waiting for the Revolution: Activism, Apathy, and the Dramas of History in Postwar Bosnia-Herzegovina
 Kurtovic, Larisa.

What Comes after Corporatism? Union-Left Party Relationships in Post-Schröder Germany
 Jacoby, Wade. and Behrens, Martin.

What Do Commission Officials Think They Are Doing? An Empirical Investigation
 Hooghe, Liesbet.

What Influences the Composition of Executive Agendas? A New Approach to Agenda-Setting Dynamics
 Breunig, Christian.

What Nature to Protect: Three Stages in the Environmental Politics of Genetically Modified Organisms in France
 Sato, Kyoko.

Whatever Works: Dualisation and the Service Economy in Bismarckian Welfare States
 Eichhorst, Werner. and Marx, Paul.

When Do Women Win? Gender Quotas and Women’s Electoral Success in Germany
 Davidson-Schmich, Louise.

Whither the Nation? Exploring Integration Requirements at the Sub-state Level
 Winter, Elke.

Who Are the Outsiders, and What do They Want?
 Häusermann, Silja. and Schwander, Hanna.

Who Doesn’t Feel British? Divisions Over Muslims
 Uberoi, Varun.

Whose Interests Do Unions Represent? Unionization across the Income Distribution and Its Effects on Redistributive Policy Outcomes
 Pontusson, Jonas. and Becher, Michael.

Why Is Saskatchewan No longer the Sweden of Canada?
 Marier, Patrik.

Why Schumpeterian Inclinations in the Commission’s Trade-Related Behaviour Should be Taken Seriously
 Kerremans, Bart. and Adriaensen, Johan.

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Young Elite Conceptions of British Identity and Immigrant Assimilation
 Warikoo, Natasha.
Seventeenth International Conference of the Council for European Studies 2010-Apr-15 to 2010-Apr-18
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