Seventeenth International Conference of the Council for European Studies 2010-Apr-15 to 2010-Apr-18

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A Decade of Higher Education Reforms in the Czech Republic: The Good Times and the Bad Times
 Vlk, Ales. and Nantl, Jiri.

A European Socio-Economic Model: Social-Democratic or Conservative?
 Becker, Uwe.

A German Policy Shift? Immigration and Integration Policy in the 21st Century
 Givens, Terri.

A History of the Reception and Social Construction of Vygotskian Tradition in Soviet and International Psychology in 1930-1980s
 Yasnitsky, Anton.

A Lost Decade? Public Opinion among Immigrants and Natives in Europe during the 2000s
 Maxwell, Rahsaan.

A New Space for the "Politics of Fear"
 Maneri, Marcello.

A Theory on the Costliness of EU Normative Power
 Henke, Marina. and Lenz, Tobias.

A Transnational Approach to Migration: The Service international d’aide aux émigrantes and Its Marseilles Office in the First Half of the Twentieth Century
 Guerry, Linda.

A Very Local Crisis: Constructing Domestic Vulnerability to Global Turbulence in Ireland
 O\'Riain, Sean.

A Virtual Third Chamber for the European Union? National Parliaments Under the Treaty of Lisbon
 Cooper, Ian.

Accountability, Diminished Sovereignty, and Party Rhetoric. Evidence from 12 European Countries, 1989-1994
 Menendez, Irene.

Advocating for the Displaced in the EU and the US
 Mahoney, Christine.

After the Crisis Is Before the Crisis? European Labor Market Policy Responses in Comparative Perspective
 Weishaupt, J. Timo.

Against all Odds: ESDP Developments in the Fight against Terrorism during the Bush Administration
 Oliveira Martins, Bruno.

Against the Executive Tide? The German Bundestag and Its Strategy with Regard to Europeanization
 Beichelt, Timm.

Age, Class, and Attitudes towards Government Responsibilities: Exploring the Mechanisms
 Svallfors, Stefan., Kulin, Joakim. and Schnabel, Annette.

Age, Class, and Attitudes towards Government Responsiblities: Exploring the Mechanisms
 Svallfors, Stefan., Kulin, Joakim. and Schnabel, Annette.

All About Metal Trade, Railroads, and How to Solve the Social Question: Frankfurt’s Global Players Wilhelm Merton and Charles Hallgarten, 1860-1916
 Roth, Ralf.

An Emergent European Middle Class?
 Díez Medrano, Juan.

An Obituary for the Third Way: The Financial Crisis, Transatlantic
 Ryner, Magnus.

An Ocean Apart: Europe and America during the Bush Years
 Hodge, Carl.

An Ocean in the Desert: European Projects to Transform the Sahara
 Lehmann, Philipp.

And Yet They Changed! The Welfare Reform Trajectory in Continental Europe
 Palier, Bruno.

Angela Merkel’s Campaigns for Chancellor: A Declining Role for Gender?
 Wiliarty, Sarah.

Anglo-American Social Sciences: The Grail Keepers of Old Europe
 Roth, Steffen.

Anti-Americanism and Anti-Semitism: Theoretical and Empirical Findings on the Relation of Two Resentments
 Beyer, Heiko.

Anti-Americanism and the Financial Crisis
 Meunier, Sophie.

Anti-Americanism in French Preference Formation on Trade Liberalization
 van der Kamp-Alons, Gerry.

Architecting an EU Healthcare System: What about Solidarity?
 Martinsen, Dorte.

Are EU Officials Still a European Elite in the Making? Administrative Reform and Reproduction Crisis
 Didier, Georgakakis.

Authors and Interpreters of Nonproliferation Treaties: Explaining Changes in European and World Law
 Mallard, Grégoire.
Seventeenth International Conference of the Council for European Studies 2010-Apr-15 to 2010-Apr-18
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