Seventeenth International Conference of the Council for European Studies 2010-Apr-15 to 2010-Apr-18

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Canada and the EU: From Transatlantic Economic Dialogue to Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement?
 Deblock, Christian. and Rioux, Michèle.

Capitalist Diversity and the International Regulation of Hedge Funds
 Fioretos, Orfeo.

Center and Periphery in the Process of Europeanization of Law: A Systems Theoretical Account
 Bregvadze, Lasha.

Change in Policy Priorities in Westminster Systems: Evidence from UK and Canada
 Foucault, Martial. and Montpetit, Eric.

Changing Patterns of Socio-Political Representation? An Analysis of Data from the German Candidate Study
 Wuest, Andreas.

Changing Practices toward Asylees in Germany: From Long-term Residents to Temporary Guests
 Crage, Suzanna.

Changing Priorities? French Government Statements 1974-2006
 Grossman, Emiliano.

Chinese Perceptions of the EU’s Leadership Role on Climate Change
 De Cock, Geert.

Church-State Relations in Poland: Formal Pluralism and Informal Church Establishment?
 Turcescu, Lucian.

Churching Postmoderns: Evangelical Missionaries and Religious Change in Europe
 Boy, John.

Citizenship Rights for Immigrants: National Paths and Cross-National Convergence in Western Europe, 1980-2008
 Michalowski, Ines.

Citizenship Tests in Five Countries: An Expression of Political Liberalism?
 Michalowski, Ines.

Civil Society Dialogue in the EU Trade Policy Making: A Model for Global Trade Governance?
 Akeda, Yukari.

Civil Society Participation as a Cure for the Crisis of Confidence? Evidence from European Trade Policy
 Rodekamp, Meike.

Civil Society and the Rise of Right-Wing Populism in Contemporary Eastern Europe
 Molnar, Virag.

Civil Society versus State?: Comparing Official and Unofficial Truth-Telling Initiatives
 Stan, Lavinia.

Clandestine Tales from Tuscany
 Garot, Robert.

Clashing Temporalities and the New Corporate Glass Ceiling with Hungarian Characteristics
 Kalocsai, Csilla.

Climate Change and European Landscapes: A Model for the Rest of the World?
 Krauss, Werner.

Coalition Governance under Chancellor Merkel's Grand Coalition
 Saalfeld, Thomas.

Cold War Housewives?: Italian and International Women's Organizations, 1947-1949
 Pojmann, Wendy.

Collecting Data on Race and Ethnicity in Europe : The State of the Law
 Ringelheim, Julie.

Collective Bargaining Institutions
 Pinto, Sanjay. and Beckfield, Jason.

Collective Identity Formation in the French Classroom: The Discourse and Incorporation of Immigration History
 Hanauer, Elizabeth.

Colonialism Contested in the Cité nationale de l'histoire de l'immigration
 Hall, Sara.

Colonialism Contested in the Cité nationale de l'histoire de l'immigration
 Hall, Sara.

Colorblindness and Discrimination among Adolescents in France: The Obama Effect and the Politics of Black Racial Identity
 Burgos, Giovani. and Recours, Robin.

Combating the Economic Downturn of 2008/9 in Europe: Patterns of Interaction of Domestic Politics and International Organizations
 Armingeon, Klaus.

Coming and Going: Migration and Turkish Foreign Policy
 Sargnon, Juliette.

Comparative Corporate Board Quota Debates
 Teigen, Mari.

Comparer les migrations juives maghrébines à Paris et Montréal: mariages exogames et reconfigurations communautaires autour de trois synagogues, 1954-1980
 Cohen, Yolande. and Scioldo-Zurcher, Yann.

Comparing Economic Determinants of European Gender Equality Policy Agendas
 Engeli, Isabelle., Gains, Francesca., Annesley, Claire. and Resodihardjo, Sandra.

Comparing the Europeanization of National Policy Agendas
 Breeman, Gerard. and Timmermans, Arco.

Comparing the Evolution of Welfare States in Western Europe: An Analysis on the Receipts Side
 Zemmour, Michaël.

Constitutional or International? The Many Paths of the ECHR’s Legitimacy
 Hennette-Vauchez, Stephanie.

Constructing a Knowledge Society: How Old Ideas Shaped New Investments in Denmark and Finland
 Ornston, Darius.

Contesting the ‘Laws of Life’: Science and Feminist Sex Reform in Germany and Britain, 1880-1914
 Leng, Kirsten.

Contextualized Capital: Short-term Investors and the Evolution of Corporate Governance in France and Germany
 Goyer, Michel.

Contraception Strategies, Place, and Migration in Geneva, Switzerland
 West, Lindsey.

Coping with Leadership but Facing the Limits of Consensus: An Appraisal of the EU Policies of the German Grand Coalition Government
 Wendler, Frank.

Corruption and Compliance in the EU's Post-Communist Members and Candidates
 Vachudova, Milada Anna.

Counter-Hegemony and Social Movement Hiatus: Neo-Fascist Families as Sequestered Sites in Postwar Italian Society
 Veugelers, John.

Cracks in a Leviathan’s Foundation: Reconsidering Society, Power, and the State in Early Modern Europe
 Wheeler, Nicholas.

Creating Equality in Europe: The 1957 Treaty of Rome
 Frader, Laura.

Creating “Central Europe”: Transnational Intellectual Networks of Hungarian and West German Non-Conformists in the 1980s
 Harms, Victoria.

Creative Corporatism and the Services Transformation: Governing Sectoral Shifts in Nordic Europe
 Ornston, Darius.

Criminal Law in the EU: Greater Harshness Through Harmonisation?
 Chaves, Mariana.

Crisis, Repetition, and the Loss of Futurity in Hungary
 Nadkarni, Maya.

Crusaders’ Heritages in Colonial France, Britain, Italy, and Germany
 Swenson, Astrid.

Culture Clash: Constructivism and European Security and Defense Integration
 Maher, Richard.

Culture, Memory, and the Struggle for EU Legitimacy
 Schrag, Claudia.
Seventeenth International Conference of the Council for European Studies 2010-Apr-15 to 2010-Apr-18
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