Seventeenth International Conference of the Council for European Studies 2010-Apr-15 to 2010-Apr-18

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De-socializing and Dividing the Mediterranean: The Orders of Redemption, Captivity, and Ransom in the Early-Modern Period
 Hershenzon, Daniel.

Decommodifying Markets? The Partisan Politics of Market Reform in Europe
 Gingrich, Jane.

Democracy as Institutional Change in Nineteenth-Century Europe.
 Morrison, Bruce.

Determinants of Cross-National Higher Education Policy Convergence: Domestic Factors and Transnational Communication in the Realm of the Bologna-Process
 Knill, Christoph. and Vögtle, Eva Maria.

Deux mariages religieux en migration, le cas des synagogues de la rue des Tournelles et de la rue Copernic à Paris, 1954-1970
 Scioldo-Zurcher, Yann.

Diamonds and Hospitals: Imperial Dimensions of Anglo-Jewish Philanthropy, 1885-1920
 Weber, Klaus.

Diffusing Democracy and Liberal Market Values: The Turkish Experience
 Kirisci, Kemal.

Directionless? France’s Response to the Financial Meltdown
 Levy, Jonah.

Disciplining Disability under Danish Active Labor Policy
 Møller, Marie. and Stone, Deborah.

Diversity and Political Integration in Europe: Towards a New Paradigm?
 Kraus, Peter A..

Diversity, Connectivity, and Welfare State Solidarity
 Mau, Steffen. and Mewes, Jan.

Diversity, Vulnerability, and Governmentality
 McFalls, Laurence. and Vinz, Dagmar.

Does Corporatism Matter? On the Micro Foundation of Corporatism as a variety of Democracy
 Christiansen, Peter.

Does Globalization Increase Working Hours in Europe? Evidence from Enterprise Surveys in Europe
 Burgoon, Brian. and Raess, Damian.

Does Partisan Politics (Still) Matter? Welfare Reform, Italy and Greece in the Run-Up to EMU
 Bolukbasi, Tolga.

Does Strategic Culture Matter ?
 Foucault, Martial., Irondelle, Bastien. and Mérand, Frédéric.

Does the European Left Face an Electoral Dilemma over Immigration?
 Perez, Sofia.

Doing Justice on Two Fronts: The Liberal Dilemma in Immigration
 Abraham, David.

Dreamtime, Slumber, and Awakening in Serbia: Temporalities as Oneiric Modalities
 Zivkovic, Marko.

Drifting Towards Non-Standard Employment? The Politics of Precarious Work in the Netherlands, Germany, and United States
 Thurston, Chloe.

Drifting towards the Top? The Effects of Herding on Change in Domestic Environmental Policies
 sommerer, thomas.

Dubliners: Experiences of Asylum in the European Union
 Makaremi, Chowra.
Seventeenth International Conference of the Council for European Studies 2010-Apr-15 to 2010-Apr-18
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