Seventeenth International Conference of the Council for European Studies 2010-Apr-15 to 2010-Apr-18

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EU Competence over Foreign Direct Investment: Implications for Canada-EU Economic Relations
 de Mestral, Armand.

EU Pensions and the Financial Crisis: Renewed Networks, Renewed Ideas?
 Natali, David.

Eastern European Civil Society Development: The End of a Transnational Philanthropic Project
 Fazekas, Erzsebet.

Eastern European Views on Democracy Two Decades after the Fall of the Berlin Wall
 Wike, Richard.

Economic Change and the Labor Market Dualization by Skill
 Nelson, Moira.

Economic Patriotism and the Transformation of Political Conflict
 Woll, Cornelia.

Economic Redistribution and Socio-Political Governance: When and Where Do Second Dimension Voter Alignments Matter?
 Kitschelt, Herbert. and Rehm, Philipp.

Economic and Institutional Networks in Wider Europe: Analysis of EU's External Influences
 Turkina, Ekaterina.

Economic and Territorial Cleavages after Decentralization: Comparing Redistributive Coalitions in Britain, Italy, and Spain
 Hopkin, Jonathan.

Education State, Welfare State Regimes, Technological Change, and Politics
 Mosher, James.

End of Careers in Québec and Belgium: Towards a New Form of "Governmentability" in Retirement and End of Career Policies ?
 Tremblay, Diane-Gabrielle., Moulaert, Thibauld. and Fusulier, Bernard.

Enlightened Elites and Bigoted Masses? The Politics of Citizenship and Immigration
 Hofhansel, Claus.

Environmental Policy Convergence in Europe
 Holzinger, Katharina.

Ethnic Banking and European Muslim Integration: A Case Study in Britain
 Armstrong, David.

Euro Adoption Problems in Central Europe: The Cases of the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland
 Dandashly, Assem. and Verdun, Amy.

Europe and the Development of the Italian Gender Equality Policy: The Case of Work-Family Reconciliation Measures
 Donà, Alessia.

European Civil Society and the ‘New’ European Fundamental Rights Agency
 Thiel, Markus.

European Expertise, Adaptational Pressure, and Domestic Policy Environments: The Eurocare Study and Cancer Control in Europe
 Briatte, Francois.

European Foreign Policy in Lebanon and Palestine
 Makdisi, Karim.

European Governance à la Bolognaise? Reflections on European Coordination Processes on the Basis of the Bologna Case
 Ravinet, Pauline.

European Higher Education Area: Various Perspectives on the Complexities of a Multi-level Governance System
 Amaral, Alberto. and Veiga, Amelia.

European Higher Education Systems, Internationalisation, and the State: The Role of Governments in Liberalisation of Higher Education
 Dodds, Anneliese.

European Humanitarian Policy: Creating Standards Leading to Exclusion
 Lefevre, Sylvain. and Belleil, Sara.

European Integration as a Palace War: Law, Economics, and the Scholarly Constitution of Supranational Politics
 Vauchez, Antoine. and Mudge, Stephanie.

European Security Strategy and the National Security Strategies under the Bush Administration: Implications for the Development of a Strategic ESDP
 Kammel, Arnold.

European Union and its Eastern Neighbours: The Art of Governing Migration in Harmony
 Zhyznomirska, Lyubov.

Europeanisation Processes and Structural Funds: European Orientations in the Mirror of Practice
 Hubert, Gaëlle.

Europeanising the Political Treatment of Inequalities in Southern Europe
 Lombardo, Emanuela. and Bustelo, Maria.

Europeanizing External EU Energy Relations: The Role of Instititutions
 Padgett, Stephen.

Exceptional Citizens, Commensurable Difference: Secular Muslims in Contemporary France
 Fernando, Mayanthi.

Expanding Civic Citizenship: EU Migration Policy as Anti-Discrimination Policy
 Mushaben, Joyce.

Explaining British Voluntarism Unions, Wage Differentials, and the Introduction of the Statutory National Minimum Wage in the United Kingdom
 Oude Nijhuis, Dennie.

Explaining France's Suspect Plebiscite for European Defence
 Thiebaut, Cyrille.

Exploring Campaign Dynamics in EU Referenda: Does Sequencing Matter?
 Atikcan, Ece Ozlem.
Seventeenth International Conference of the Council for European Studies 2010-Apr-15 to 2010-Apr-18
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