Seventeenth International Conference of the Council for European Studies 2010-Apr-15 to 2010-Apr-18

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Family Law: A New Case for EU Integration
 Tinney, Deirdre.

Fashioning the Common Defense: US Influence on the European Security Strategy during the Bush Administration
 Weisfeiler, Anna.

Federalism and Antitrust: A European Perspective
 Negrinotti, Matteo.

Fertile In/Securities: Bodies, Boundaries, and Babies
 Krause, Elizabeth.

Financial Crisis and Welfare in Eastern Europe and the CIS
 Drahokoupil, Jan.

Flexicurity: What Can We Learn from the Scandinavian Experience?
 van den Berg, Axel.

Foreign Policy in the Grand Coalition
 Paterson, William.

Foreigners, Northern League, and Prisons: The Creation of the Criminal Immigrant in Italy
 Faedda, Barbara.

Fragmented Membership: How EU Enlargement Has Created Different Health Care Entitlements and Rights
 Castaneda, Heide.

Frames in Contestation. Mainstreaming or De-gendering in Domestic Violence Policy Debates in Five Countries of Central and Eastern Europe
 Krizsan, Andrea.

France Transitioning from Integration to Diversity: New Framing and Old Models
 Escafré-Dublet, Angéline. and Simon, Patrick.

France, the Greatest Muslim Power: Creating Islam and Muslims in the Metropole during the Twentieth Century
 Davidson, Naomi.

France’s New Museums in a Postcolonial Age
 Ford, Caroline.

From Differentiation Towards Distinction: The Changing Landscape of Higher Education Institutions in England
 Kupfer, Antonia.

From Dilemma to Dualisation: Social and Migration Policies in the ‘Reluctant Countries of Immigration’
 Emmenegger, Patrick. and Careja, Romana.

From Elections to Outputs: The Changing Role of Political Parties in Continental Welfare Reforms
 Häusermann, Silja.

From Liberalism to Liberalization: The Political Economy of Ideas and Labor-Market Adjustment in Contemporary France and Germany
 Vail, Mark.

From Moral Economy to National Asset: Coal Fuel and the Beginnings of Energy Policy in England, 1500-1750
 Cavert, William.

From Necessity to Contingency: Hegel and Luhmann
 Moeller, Hans-Georg.

From Recipient to Donor: Poland Promotes Democracy in the European Neighborhood
 Petrova, Tsveta.

From Self-Rule to Proceduralism: the Paradoxes of Post-Authoritarian Democracy in Europe
 Riley, Dylan.

From Village Turks to Euro Turks: Turkish State’s Perceptions of Turkish Migrants in Europe
 Artan, Zeynep.

Functional Differentiation, Spillovers, and European Governance: Revisiting the Neo-Functionalist Theory of European Integration
 Verschraegen, Gert.

Future of Higher Education in Europe: The Case of Spain
 de Miguel, Jesus. and Arcarons, Albert.
Seventeenth International Conference of the Council for European Studies 2010-Apr-15 to 2010-Apr-18
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