Seventeenth International Conference of the Council for European Studies 2010-Apr-15 to 2010-Apr-18

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Ideas, Structure, State Action, and Economic Growth: Rethinking the Irish Miracle
 Breznitz, Dan.

Identity, Discrimination, and Political Community
 Harell, Allison.

Ideological Dissonance and Public Spectacle on a Fifteenth-Century Frontier
 Devaney, Thomas.

Ignorance That Kills: Motherhood, Medicine, and the Francoist State, 1939-1970
 Salazar, Allison.

Immigration Policies and Exclusion: How the Degree and Form of Exclusion from the Citizenship Regime Affect Undocumented Migrants’ Mobilizations
 Monforte, Pierre. and Dufour, Pascale.

Immigration and In/Security in Greece Post-September 11th: An Open and Shut case?
 Altamirano, Deborah.

Immigration and Integration in Switzerland: Shifting Evolutions in a Multicultural Republic
 d\'Amato, Gianni.

Immigration and the Politics of Left and Right
 Perez, Sofia.

Immigration, Integration, and the Republican Model in France
 Hollifield, James.

Implementation of the Bologna Process in Belgium
 De Wit, Kurt.

In Diversity We Trust. Differentiated Perspectives on Trust toward In- and Out-Groups in Culturally Diverse Contexts
 Gundelach, Birte.

In Search of a Transatlantic Agora: An Examination of Elite versus Mass Values and Attitudes about Globalization and the Regulation of Global Capitalism
 Birchfield, Vicki.

In the Shadow of the Left Party: An Analysis of German Party Competition 2005-2009
 Egle, Christoph.

Information Bias and Support for ESDP
 Foucault, Martial. and Schoen, Harald.

Insiders, Outsiders, and Policy Change: Reforming Health Policy in France and Britain
 Smyrl, Marc.

Insiders’ Institutions: Outsiders’ Outcomes, Atypical Workers in Western Europe
 Oliver, Rebecca.

Institutional Change in European Industrial Relations: Varieties of Capitalism or a Common Trajectory?
 Baccaro, Lucio. and Howell, Chris.

Institutional Isomorphism versus Civic Epistemologies: The Case of Animal Cloning in the US and Europe
 JOLY, Pierre-Benoit. and Rémondet, Martin.

Institutional Revitalization and Relational Power: London Citizens and the Mobilization of Community and Labor Interests
 Tapia, Maite.

Institutionalising Dualisms: Complementarities and Change in France and Germany
 Palier, Bruno. and Thelen, Kathleen.

Institutions and Activism: Crisis and Opportunity for a German Labor Movement in Decline
 Turner, Lowell.

Integral Catholicism Comes to America: Waldemar Gurian and Totalitarianism Theory at Notre Dame
 Chappel, James.

Integrating Highly Skilled Migrants into the Economy: Transatlantic Perspectives
 Schittenhelm, Karin. and Schmidtke, Oliver.

Integration Models and the Integration of Models: A Comparative Study of France and the Netherlands
 Duyvendak, Jan Willem. and Bertossi, Christophe.

Integration Requirements for Third-Country Nationals in Europe: Possible Reasons and Consequences.
 Acosta, Diego.

Integration in France: A Model in Search of Its Tradition
 Escafré-Dublet, Angéline.

Integration into What? Conceptions of German Membership among Immigrants in Formerly East and West Berlin
 Silver, Hilary.

International Relations Theory and Security Policy in Europe
 Krotz, Ulrich. and Maher, Richard.

Interrogating Europe: “Europeanness” in Urban Modernity
 Prieto, Maria.

Invention of the Soviet Tradition, 1920s-1960s: Soviet Humanities Theorists of the 1960s in Search of “Their” Past
 Dmitriev, Alexander.

Is Economic Growth Becoming More Synchronized in the Euro Area?
 Crowley, Patrick. and Schultz, Aaron.

Is Multiculturalism Dead? A Comparison of Policy Making and Implementing in Germany and the Netherlands
 Korteweg, Anna. and Triadafilopoulos, Phil.

Is There a Need for a European Lender of Last Resort? Recent Crisis Response Efforts and Their Implications for the Future of European Financial Institutions
 Savic, Ivan.

Is a European Challenge to the United States Possible?
 Hall, John.

Israel, Europe, and the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process: From Divergence to Convergence
 Peters, Joel.

It takes Two to Tango! Labour Law and the Accommodation of Family Duties
 Reyniers, Philippe. and Vielle, Pascale.

It's Not (Just) the Economy Stupid: The Political Gradient and Regional Health Inequalities in Europe
 Lynch, Julia.

Italian Native Policies in Cyrenaica and the Threat of Pan-Islamic Rebellion in the 1920s
 Ryan, Eileen.

Italian “Pushback” Policy and the Island of Lampedusa in the Collective Imaginary
 Scannavini, Katia.
Seventeenth International Conference of the Council for European Studies 2010-Apr-15 to 2010-Apr-18
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