Seventeenth International Conference of the Council for European Studies 2010-Apr-15 to 2010-Apr-18

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Making Federalism Work: The Impact of Courts on Federalism in Spain
 Sala, Gemma.

Male Allies of Women's Movements: Women's Organizing within the Catholic Church in Franco's Spain
 Valiente, Celia.

Management from the Inside Out: Relevance of EU Migration Control to the non-EU World
 Okabe, Midori.

Marseille Mediterranée: Feeling Europe and the Med during Marseille’s Urban ‘Renewal’
 Quest, Nell.

Marxist Marks in the Sign & Meaning Theories in Russian Thought about Language in the 1920s and 1930s : V. Voloshinov’s “Marxism and the Philosophy of Language"
 Bondarenko, Maria.

Mediterranean, Becoming and Unbecoming: Fishing, Smuggling, and Cultural Politics between Sicily and Tunisia since WWII
 ben-yehoyada, naor.

Men and Women in French and British Jewish Philanthropy, 1860-1939
 Leglaive-Perani, Céline.

Microsegregation in Denmark and Sweden
 Valdez, Sarah.

Migrant Homophobia and Its Political (Mis)Uses in Europe
 Ireland, Patrick.

Migrants as Parliamentary Actors in Germany
 Wuest, Andreas.

Migration Policies and Public Attitudes in EU15. A Multilevel Analysis
 Martinez-Herrera, Enric.

Migration, Islam, and the Politics of Good Citizenship in Denmark
 Mouritsen, Per.

Minority Representation in Norway: Success at the Local Level; Failure at the National Level
 Bjorklund, Tor. and Bergh, Johannes.

Mobilizing against Citizenship: Voter and Party Responses to the Naturalization of Immigrants
 Dancygier, Rafaela.

More Knowledge, Better Government? Consequences of Knowledge-Based Decision-Making in Swedish Pharmaceutical Benefits
 Sjögren, Ebba. and Casula-Vifell, Åsa.

Mountain Science and the Technological Sublime
 Coen, Deborah.

Much Ado about Not Very Much? Assessing the 2000 Citizenship Reform in Germany
 Green, Simon.

Multi-Level Parliaments in Canada and Europe
 Benz, Arthur.

Multi-Level Regulation in the EU Financial Market
 Mak, Vanessa.

Multilingual Deliberation in the European Social Forums: A Bottom Up Perspective to Citizen Participation at the European Level
 Doerr, Nicole.

Seventeenth International Conference of the Council for European Studies 2010-Apr-15 to 2010-Apr-18
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