Seventeenth International Conference of the Council for European Studies 2010-Apr-15 to 2010-Apr-18

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Paradoxes of Sovereignty, Territoriality, and Military State-Building: The Improbability of the European State Model
 Harste, Gorm.

Participation of People Experiencing Poverty in European Social Inclusion Policies
 Larocque, Florence.

Partisan Representation of the Poor: Electoral Geography, Strategic Mobilization, and Implications for Voter Turnout
 Jusko, Karen.

Party Competition, Coalition Formation, and the Economy: Partisan Cabinets versus Partisan Ministries in Industrialized Economies
 Alexiadou, Despina.

Party Inertia amid Political Change? Stability and Adaptation in German Parties
 Detterbeck, Klaus.

Party Positions and Issue Ownership
 Green-Pedersen, Christoffer.

Peace Movements and the Sacralisation of Social Identities in West Germany, 1945-1980
 Nehring, Holger.

Pierre Bourdieu and the Study of Social Movements
 Goldberg, Chad.

Pius XI's Failed Condemnation of Totalitarianism, 1934 - 1937: The Triumph of Diplomacy Over Doctrine
 Chamedes, Giuliana.

Playground Fight: The Contested Ideology of Boyhood in European Literature before World War I
 Küveler, Jan.

Please Love Europe: A New Cosmopolitical Identity for a New Europe
 Ingram, Susan.

Polanyi Meets Hayek: Why the EU’s Welfare Architecture Remains Ambiguous
 Jabko, Nicolas.

Polanyi in Brussels? “Integration through Law” and the Three Dimensions of European Economic and Social Integration
 Hoepner, Martin. and Schaefer, Armin.

Policing Transnational Religious Freedom: Turkish Political Islam in the Federal Republic of Germany, 1960s-1980s
 Miller, Jennifer.

Policy Frames and Institutional Capabilities: EU Employment Policy Coordination and the Central and Eastern European Member States
 de la Porte, Caroline. and Natali, David.

Political Origins of Firm Strategies
 Kuo, Alexander.

Political Origins of Repressive Employer Coordination: Evidence from Germany
 Kuo, Alexander.

Political Parties and Immigration Policy: A Case of Issue Ownership?
 Odmalm, Pontus.

Political Radicalization in the Making: The Civil Rights Movement in Northern Ireland, 1968-1974
 De Fazio, Gianluca.

Pratiques matrimoniales et parcours migratoires : Juifs nés au Maroc et mariés à la Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue de Montréal (1969-1981)
 Cohen, Yolande. and Guerry, Linda.

Preserving Difference: Rejecting the Application of Republican Anti-Clerical Laws in French West Africa, 1901-1907
 Foster, Elizabeth.

Private Involvement in Compulsory Education
 Johnston, Alison. and van Wijnbergen, Christa.

Private Regulation and EU Economic Law: Bridging the Public-Private Divide?
 Mataija, Mislav.

Producing Affordable Housing and Fostering Social Inclusion through the Planning System: Inclusionary Housing in Europe
 Calavita, Nico.

Production Regimes and Political Institutions: Coevolving Systems
 Iversen, Torben. and Soskice, David.

Profit vs. Philanthropy? Jacob Schiff, Albert Ballin, and Jewish Mass Migration from Eastern Europe, 1890-1914
 Brinkmann, Tobias.

Progressive Predicaments: Between the Lures of Culture and the Challenges of a Fairer Euro-Mediterranean Society
 Albahari, Maurizio.

Prophecies, Prophets, and Professions: Expert Authority and the Promise of the Market in an Age of Crisis
 Mudge, Stephanie.

Protection of Migrants in Irregular Situation and European Union Border Controls
 Fornale, Elisa.

Public Actors and Private Governance: The Role of the European Commission in European Standardization
 Meyer, Niclas.

Public Debates on Citizenship and Immigration in Six West European Nation-States: Between Citizenship Regimes and Transnationalism
 Helbling, Marc.

Public Opinion Support for ESDP: Lessons from a Longitudinal Approach
 Foucault, Martial., Bastien, Irondelle. and Mérand, Frédéric.

Public Opinion, the Environment, and the Economy: Europe versus America?
 Scruggs, Lyle.
Seventeenth International Conference of the Council for European Studies 2010-Apr-15 to 2010-Apr-18
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