Seventeenth International Conference of the Council for European Studies 2010-Apr-15 to 2010-Apr-18

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Racial Diversity and Welfare: The Interaction and Institutionalization of Race and National Identity
 Onasch, Elizabeth.

Rating Agencies as Enforcers: Do Sovereign Ratings Respond to European Fiscal Surveillance under SGP?
 Barta, Zsófia. and Shum, Robert.

Reading History Forward: European Democratization and the Origin of Electoral Systems
 Ahmed, Amel.

Reasons for Introduction and Effects of Citizenship Tests in the Netherlands, Germany and the UK
 Van Oers, Ricky.

Reconstituting Territory in the EU Multi-Level System: Migration and Cohesion in Croatia, Macedonia, and Slovenia.
 Geddes, Andrew. and Taylor, Andrew.

Recruitment Processes and Effects on Gender Representation in the Boardroom
 Heidenreich, Vibeke.

Reflexive Governance in the European Union? A Few Prospects from Economic Governance
 Broquet, Julien.

Reforming Czech Tertiary Education: When the National and the International Interact
 Sebkova, Helena.

Reforming Global Financial Rules Following the Crisis: Still a Transatlantic Affair
 Leblond, Patrick.

Reforming the Central Government Offices in Sweden: Politicization as a Coordinating Strategy
 Dahlström, Carl.

Regional Interest Representation in Brussels and the Link to Citizen Attitudes towards European Integration
 Olsson, Anna.

Regional Reform and Territorialization of Party Systems
 Schakel, Arjan.

Regionalist Parties and the Mobilisation of Territorial Difference in Postwar Germany
 Hepburn, Eve. and Hough, Daniel.

Regulation Released: The Institutional Foundations of Diffuse Interest Representation in Europe
 Trumbull, Gunnar.

Regulation of Competition Both Sides of the Atlantic
 Rioux, Michèle., Morin, Marie-Christine. and Fournier, Valérie.

Regulatory Compliance by Informal Means: The EU Commission's SOLVIT Centers and Their Role as Inner Market Watch Dogs - The Swedish Case
 Casula-Vifell, Åsa. and Sjögren, Ebba.

Regulatory Mercantilism and the European Response to the Global Financial Crisis
 Pagliari, Stefano.

Relative Income and Redistribution Preferences in Western Europe
 Rueda, David.

Renewed Salience in British Immigration Policy?
 Caviedes, Alexander.

Reorganizing Interests in Latin America in the Age of Neoliberal Reform
 Hagopian, Frances.

Reorganizing Interests: The Process of Political Representation in the Global Age
 Meunier, Sophie., Hall, Peter., Levy, Jonah. and Jacoby, Wade.

Resilience of National Policy Agendas to EU Policy: The Common Agricultural Policy
 Werkman, Renate. and Breeman, Gerard.

Retail's Long Revolution: Power Resources, Regulation, and Market Diversity in Comparative Perspective
 Watson, Bartholomew.

Rethinking Party Politics and the Welfare State: Recent Advances in the Literature
 Picot, Georg. and Geering, Dominik.

Risk, Uncertainty, and Profit in the USA and the European Union 1999-2009 : Frank Knight's Come-Back ?
 Kitous-Orsini, Bernhard.

Romancing the Nation: French Jews, Israel, and the Rehabilitation of Christian France
 Arkin, Kimberly.
Seventeenth International Conference of the Council for European Studies 2010-Apr-15 to 2010-Apr-18
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