Seventeenth International Conference of the Council for European Studies 2010-Apr-15 to 2010-Apr-18

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Tackling Higher Politics: The Europeans and Iranian Nukes
 Aoun, Elena.

Taking Another Look at Marx: Re-Marxification of Scientific Revolutions in the Soviet Union, 1960s-1980s
 Aronova, Elena.

Taking Political Sides: Explaining the Political Alignments of the France Plurielle
 Tiberj, Vincent.

Tales of Albarado: The Materiality of the Albanian Pyramid Schemes
 Musaraj, Smoki.

The Academic Construction of a European Legal Order
 Bailleux, Julie.

The Armed Right in the Successor States after the First World War
 Tarnaala, Elisa.

The Basel Accords and the Rise of Securitization
 Quinn, Sarah.

The Behavioral Foundations of Social Politics: An Experimental Approach
 Beramendi, Pablo.

The Birth of Europe’s Identity out of the Spirit of World Society: On the Paradoxical Effects of Functional Differentiaton
 Kastner, Dr. Fatima.

The British Council and the Dante Alighieri Society in the 1930s: Empire, Cultural Diplomacy, and Classical Heritage
 van Kessel, Tamara.

The Brussels Challenge: New Directions for the European Union in the Middle East Conflict
 Pardo, Sharon.

The Business of Collective Action: The Effect of Ownership Networks on Joint Political Activity Among Firms
 Schoenman, Roger.

The Campaign and Its Dynamics during the 2009 German General Election
 Krewel, Mona., Schmitt-Beck, Ruediger. and Wolsing, Ansgar.

The Case of Italy
 Ballarino, Gabriele. and Perotti, Loris.

The Collapse of Finance but Still Weak Labor
 Boyer, Robert.

The Commission, Interest Groups, and the Failure of EU Antidumping Reform
 De Bièvre, Dirk. and Eckhardt, Jappe.

The Commodification of Air in Alpine Europe: High Altitude Sanatoria and Public Health
 Frank, Alison.

The Compatibility of Obamamania and Anti-Americanism in West European Discourse
 Hatlapa, Ruth. and Markovits, Andrei.

The Concept of Capacity to Reform
 Cox, Robert.

The Concept of World Society: A Luhmannian and Post-Luhmannian Analysis
 Clam, Jean.

The Content of 2009 European Parliament Election Campaigns
 Davidson-Schmich, Louise. and Vladescu, Eloise.

The Credit/Welfare State Tradeoff
 Prasad, Monica.

The Demise of Social Democracy: Rediscovering the Goals That Motivated the Movement in the First Place
 Berman, Sheri.

The Determinants of Education Policy Preferences
 Busemeyer, Marius. and Jensen, Carsten.

The Development of the Portuguese Composers Style during the Reign of Maria I (1777-1792)
 Bernardes, Ricardo.

The Diffusion of Democracy and the Market in 19th Century Europe
 Jabko, Nicolas.

The ESDP and the Bush Administration: Competing Realist Approaches
 Dominguez, Roberto.

The EU Commission: A Normalized Executive
 Wille, Anchrit.

The EU and the Dynamic of Regulatory Change: A Political Perspective
 thatcher, mark.

The EU as a Global Ecological Power
 Laurent, Eloi. and Le Cacheux, Jacques.

The EU’s Indirect Support for Sex Tourism and Sex Work
 MacRae, Heather.

The Effects of Bureaucratic Capacity on Social Policymaking
 Dahlström, Carl., Lindvall, Johannes. and Rothstein, Bo.

The Elusive Origins of a Colonial Scandal: Authority and Narrative in Eighteenth-Century French India
 Agmon, Danna.

The End of the Frozen Welfare State? Innovation in Work-Family Policies in Western Europe
 Morgan, Kimberly.

The Ethnic Question: Census Politics in Great Britain
 Thompson, Debra.

The EuroMayday Protests against Precarity
 Doerr, Nicole.

The European Central Bank: What Kind of Agent in EMU External Relations?
 Gnath, Katharina.

The European Commission and Public Opinion: Contours of the Public Sphere in the European Union
 Dan, Oana.

The European Commission: From Inexorable Rise to Decline
 Kassim, Hussein.

The European Court of Human Rights and Cultural Diversity: A History of Ambivalence
 Ringelheim, Julie.

The European Impact Assessment System from a Gender Perspective – Lessons for Canada’s Gender-based Analysis?
 Sauer, Arn.

The European Social Fund and Domestic Activation Policies: Europeanization Mechanisms
 Verschraegen, Gert.

The Europeanization of Cultural Sites: A Case Study of the Historical Museum of Crete
 Trusner, Adam.

The Europeanization of the “Reconciliation between Paid Work and Private Life” Policies in France: Boasting… but Learning
 Jacquot, Sophie. and Palier, Bruno.

The Evolution of Transnational Social Networks of Corporate Responsibility across Europe: 1982-2007
 Kinderman, Daniel.

The Fall of New Labour : The Internal Dynamics
 Le Galès, Patrick.

The French Colonial State and the Creation of a New Religion : « l’islam algérien »
 Achi, Raberh.

The French Socialist Party, Germany, and the Construction of Europe (1944-1957)
 Shaev, Brian.

The Function of the Judiciary in Modern Legal Systems
 Valois, Martine.

The Fundamental Conflicts in the Welfare State: An Analysis of 13 Advanced Industrial Democracies between 1985 and 2006
 Goerres, Achim. and Weschle, Simon.

The Gendered Consequences of the European Union’s Pensions Policy
 Earles, Kimberly.

The German Party System after the Bundestag Elections: Back to the 1950s?
 Poguntke, Thomas.

The Global Financial Crisis and the Future of Labor Organizations
 Baccaro, Lucio.

The Grand Coalition and Pension and Health Care Reform
 Stiller, Sabina. and Haverland, Markus.

The Historical Origins (and Precursor) of Iceland’s Crisis
 Larson, Erik.

The Historical Turn in Democratization Studies: A New Research Program and Evidence from Europe
 Capoccia, Giovanni. and Ziblatt, Daniel.

The Icelandic Crash and its Consequences: A Small State without Economic and Political Shelter
 Thorhallsson, Baldur.
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The Immigrant Vote in the 2011 Spanish Local Elections: Strategies of Analysis.
 Pérez-Nievas, Santiago. and Méndez, Mónica.

The Impact of Party Competition: Why Unemployment Benefits in Italy and Germany Diverged after World War II
 Picot, Georg.

The Impact of the Economic Crisis on Gender Equality
 Jepsen, Maria. and Leschke, Janine.

The Influence of Politics on Turnout in Local Elections in Post-Communist Europe
 Gosselin, Tania. and Lafontaine, Thomas.

The Informal Road to Markets: Neoliberalism, Regulatory Change and the Informal Bases of Economic Growth
 Kus, Basak.

The Institutional Leadership of the European Commission: Challenge, Change, and Performance
 Maythorne, Louise. and Peterson, John.

The Interaction of National Officials in the European Defense Policy Domain
 Mérand, Frédéric.

The Irrelevance of War for State Formation
 Boucoyannis, Deborah.

The Issues of Cultural Europeanization
 Camille, Maze.

The Legal Foundations of Bureaucratic Autonomy: The Case of Nineteenth-Century British Factory Inspection in Comparative Perspective
 Fuchs, Frieda.

The Limit to the Republic: Repression and Citizenship in Martinique, 1959-1965
 Daily, Andrew.

The Long Holiday: The Community of Three Million French Captives in Germany 1940-1945
 Quinn, James.

The Meltdown of Finance Capitalism: The End of Financialization?
 Deeg, Richard.

The Missing Link? The Impact of New Regions in East Central Europe
 Yoder, Jennifer.

The Moral Perils of Mediterraneanism: Second Generation Immigrants Practicing Personhood between Sicily and Tunisia
 ben-yehoyada, naor.

The New Radical Right and the Determinants of the Politicization of European Integration
 Gomez-Reino, Margarita. and Llamazares, Iván.

The New Territorialism in Public Opinion: Citizen Perspectives on Political Particiaption and Social Solidarity in German Federalism
 Jeffery, Charlie.

The Next Ten Years of the Bologna Process after Leuven
 De Wit, Kurt.

The Ottoman Academia Scientarum
 Küçük, Bekir.

The Perfect Europeans? Identification with Europe among EU Elites
 Arzoglou, Eleni.

The Political Economy of Family Policies: Analyzing Family Policy Expansions in Britain and Germany
 Seeleib-Kaiser, Martin. and Fleckenstein, Timo.

The Political Economy of Pension Governance: Regulating the Privatization of Financial Risks
 Ebbinghaus, Bernhard.

The Political Economy of Progressive Taxation and Redistribution
 Barnes, Lucy.

The Political Economy of Trade Liberalisation of the European Union (EU): Between Freer Trade and Regulation
 Coppolaro, Lucia.

The Political Foundations of Redistribution and Equality in Postindustrial Capitalist Democracies
 Swank, Duane.

The Politics Within: Internal Dynamics of West European Political Parties in France, Austria, and Germany
 Williams, Michelle.

The Politics and Discourse of Return: Investigating the Formulation of Migrant Return Policies in the UK and Germany
 Koch, Anne.

The Politics and Institutions of Child Wellbeing: Sweden in Comparative Perspective
 Stensota, Helena.

The Politics of Comprehensive Schooling
 Nelson, Moira.

The Politics of Differentiation: School Reform and Economic Adjustment in Postwar Britain and Germany
 Baldi, Gregory.

The Politics of Immigration in France, Great Britain, and the US
 Schain, Martin.

The Politics of the New Welfare State in Europe
 Bonoli, Giuliano. and Natali, David.

The Primacy of Politics in Region-Building after Communism
 Yoder, Jennifer.

The Recovery Model Comes to Welfare: Oblates, Advanced Marginalization, and Neoliberal Paternalism
 Schram, Sanford.

The Religious Roots of Civil Society: Western Europe in the Age of Mass Politics, 1870s-1970s
 Fernandes, Tiago.

The Revenge of the European Model? Not so Fast: EU Regulation, Business Mobilization, and Competitiveness
 Smith, Mitchell.

The Role of Personal Experience in Women’s Substantive Representation in the Bundestag
 Xydias, Christina.

The Social Investment Perspective: Development over Time, Differences across Space
 Jenson, Jane.

The Social Space of Vietnamese in France: Insecurities about Identity, Citizenship Practices, and History
 Reed-Danahay, Deborah.

The Spanish Governance of Diversity: A Practical Philosophy
 Zapata-Barrero, Ricard.

The Spas of the Eastern Carpathians under Habsburg Rule
 Dabrowski, Patrice.

The Substantial Representation of Subconstituency Interests in European Democracies
 Bernauer, Julian., Giger, Nathalie. and Rosset, Jan.

The Theological-Political Origins of Ecumenism in Postwar West Germany
 Chappel, James.

The Two Tiers of Ethnic Conflict: Implications for the Evolution of a European Identity and Polity
 Messina, Anthony.

The Two-Sided Pressure for Diversification of Political Parties in Western Europe
 Maxwell, Rahsaan.

The United Kingdom’s Ambiguous European Choice: British Higher Education Prepares for a European Higher Education Area
 Corbett, Anne.

The Unknown Effects of the Europe Agreements: EU Economic Migration Liberalisation through the Back Door?
 Mayer, Matthias.

The Use of the Europeanization Frame in Non-Heterosexual Intimacy Policies in Europe
 Kuhar, Roman.

The Vatican, Israel, and the American Catholic Church: A Case Study in Cold War Catholic Trans-Nationalism
 Ciani, Adrian.

The Welfare State as a Career Stopper: Why Liberal Markets Provide Better Opportunities for Women
 Knudsen, Jette.

Theoretical Perspectives on the Europeanisation of National Social Models
 Van Gehuchten, Pierre-Paul.

To Be “Legally Armenian” in Turkey: Religious Freedom in the Wake of Legal Reform
 Ozgul, Ceren.

To See or Not to See Vulnerability: Exclusion, Media, and Compassion in Calais (France)
 Corbet, Alice.

Toward a Bourdieusian Sociology of Contentious Politics
 Ancelovici, Marcos.

Toward a Strategic Model of Minority Participation and Representation
 Saalfeld, Thomas.

Toward a Theory on European Security Cooperation
 Henke, Marina.

Towards a European 'Best Practice' for High Skills Immigration Policy?
 Caviedes, Alexander.

Trade Unions, Immigrant Organizations, and Political Advocacy for the Undocumented in Contemporary Germany
 Lieb, Jennifer.

Transatlantic Relations and Support for CFSP
 Ray, Leonard.

Transitional Justice Meets Memory Politics
 Welsh, Helga.

Transnational Municipal Networks of American and Canadian Local Governments in the Context of Bilateral Environmental Relations: The Emergence of a European Phenomenon in the Great Lakes Basin
 Kusmierczyk, Ireneusz.

Trust, Betrayal, and the Strange Rollback of the Health Care State in Europe
 Lynch, Julia.

Turkey as a Transatlantic Neighbor
 Tocci, Natalie.

Turkish-Dutch Mosques and National Belonging in the Netherlands and Europe
 Es, Murat.

Two Birds of the Same Feather? Breakdown of Clientelist Political Networks in Italy and Japan
 Ito, Takeshi. and Suginohara, Masako.
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Two Stagings of Meistersinger and the Creation of a Soviet Audience
 Arjomand, Minou.
Seventeenth International Conference of the Council for European Studies 2010-Apr-15 to 2010-Apr-18
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