Eighteenth International Conference of the Council for European Studies 2011-Jun-20 to 2011-Jun-22

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"AUSTRIA: Returning to Gridlock -- As Populism Grows, Mainstream Party Competition Declines.
 Heinsich, Reinhard.

"Breaking Through to Modernity? Rural Social Structure, Collectivization, and Discontinuity in Germany's Long Democratization, 1895-2010"
 Ziblatt, Daniel. and Kashin, Konstantin.

"Choosing to Matter": Legislative Activity, Voting Networks and Policy Influence in the European Parliament
 Ringe, Nils.

"I Too Wrote the Graffiti!": (Mis)representation, Accountability and Political Efficaciousness of Humor in Contemporary Bosnia-Herzegovina
 Kurtovic, Larisa.

"Taming Modernity: European Experiences in the Twentieth Century"
 Jarausch, Konrad.

"Thatcher, Thatcher, not a man to match her"
 Beckett, Clare.

"The Postmodern European Novel”? Cultural Identity and Memory as Hypertextual Discourses in the Berlin Republic
 Seelig, Arnim.

"The 'Inclusive Exclusion' of Turkish Immigrants from Bulgaria"
 Parla, Ayşe.

"We Had The Laughers On Our Side": Transformations of Laughter in Germany and Russia, 1918-1941
 Skradol, Natalia.

"Who is Affraid of Karlsruhe?": Explaining National Courts’ behaviour in the Processes of Ratification of European Union Treaties
 Castillo Ortiz, Pablo.

'Europe-as-Hegemony' and Discourses in Turkey after 1999: Discursive Encounters with the EU
 Alpan, Basak.

‘Europe from the Bottom up’: The Early Role of Business in the Integration Process
 Kipping, Matthias. and Rollings, Neil.

‘Opposing the ‘Bologna Process’ in Greece, Croatia and Turkey'
 Kouki, Hara., Triandafyllidou, Anna., Kaya, Ayhan. and Topic, Martina.

‘Sauve qui peut?’: Irish Social Partnership after the Crisis
 Hardiman, Niamh.

‘The Place of Religion in Education in Bulgaria, France and the UK’
 Bozec, Geraldine., Ichijo, Atsuko. and Hajdinjak, Marko.

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A Comparative Analysis of EU and CIS Regionalisms
 Igbayeva, Meruyert.

A Crisis Wasted: Explaining the Return to National Patterns of Socio-Economic Governance in Europe
 Boesenecker, Aaron.

A Media Perspective on Political Representation: Online Claims Making and Audience Formation in 2009 EP Election Campaigns
 Michailidou, Asimina. and Trenz, Hans-Joerg.

A Myth of a Regional Identity - Conflicting Ideologies and Language Attitudes in Istria, Croatia
 Sujoldzic, Anita.

A Tale of Two Presidencies: Mary Robinson and Mary MacAleese
 Galligan, Yvonne.

A United Kingdom? Efforts to create a spirit of unity through the Ministry of Information films during World War II.
 Erhardt, Erwin.

A conceptual analysis of inter-organizational theory perspective on EU-UN collaboration in DR Congo
 Sempijja, Norman.

A critical appraisal of multilateral institutional design on EU actor capacity
 Kissack, Robert.

A dual role for social partners? Instrument mixes and pension reforms in Bismarckian countries
 Marier, Patrik.

A revolution in the governance of political cartography?: borders in the weather maps shown in the main media of the US, Europe and Asian powers
 de Prado, Cesar.

A transnational European urban elite in the making? Modernization and Europeanization in the discourses of upper-middle classes in Paris, Lyon, Madrid and Milan.
 Andreotti, Alberta. and Moreno-Fuentes, Francisco.

Accession Anxiety: Transnationalism in the Croatian Context
 Winland, Daphne.

African Perceptions of the European Union as an Influential and Effective International Actor
 Van Criekinge, Tine.

After Corporatism? The Reorganisation of Coordinated Capitalism in Germany and Sweden
 Schnyder, Gerhard. and Jackson, Gregory.

Age and feminism: The feminist protest within the Catholic Church in Franco's Spain (1930s-1975)
 Valiente, Celia.

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Banal Europeanism
 van de Steeg, Marianne.

Beating the Heat? Exploring the implications of climate change for welfare state governance
 Stiller, Sabina.

Belgium: The paradoxical strength of disunion
 Paternotte, David.

Belgium: looking for a new balance in dealing with migration
 Jacobs, Dirk.

Between Atlanticism and Anti-Americanism: The Image of the United States in Northern Europe
 Forsberg, Tuomas.

Between Puzzlement and Understanding: The Effect of Information on EU Support and Attitude Ambiguity
 Stoeckel, Florian.

Beyond the Pale: Diagnosing the State and the Stateless in Central Europe Between the Wars
 Siegelberg, Mira.

Beyond the old-new member states divide: compliance leaders and laggards within the EU-8
 Chodorowska, Daniela.

Big Babies and Baby Boomers: Childhood Obesity, Graying Populations, and Ageism in European Healthcare Systems
 Jakubow, Alexander.

Binational Marriages at the Hearth of Europe: the Case of Belgium
 De Valk, Helga., Koelet, Suzana. and Willaert, Didier.

Borderlands and Transnational Integration: The Ukrainian Region of Podkarpatska as a Microcosm of Europeanisation
 Scott, James.

Bridging or Bonding: Symbolic Boundaries of Deliberation about a European Political Identity in a Transnational Participatory Public
 Doerr, Nicole.

British and Irish MEPs and religion
 Steven, Martin.

Buffer Zone Materialities
 Navaro-Yashin, Yael.

Building Eurafrica: Reviving Colonialism through European Integration, 1920–1960
 Hansen, Peo. and Jonsson, Stefan.

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Career paths and mobility in the European Commission, 1973-2008
 Connolly, Sara. and Kassim, Hussein.

Carl Goerdeler and the Jewish Question
 Hoffmann, Peter.

Case Studies: Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden
 Andersen, Jørgen.

Case Studies: Germany
 Hassel, Anke. and Carlin, Wendy.

Case Studies: Italy and Spain
 Rhodes, Martin. and Perez, Sofia.

Case Studies: Netherlands and Switzerland
 Afonso, Alexandre.

Case Studies: United Kingdom
 Mayhew, Ken. and Wickham-Jones, Mark.

Catalan Pop Music, Reggaeton and Spanished Framenco-Like Music: Political and Social Dualization of Youth in Barcelona

Catalanism "plays" every Sunday
 Castro, Elga.

Challenges for Cooperation and Coordination before and after Lisbon: The EU's influence at the UN in New York, Geneva and Vienna
 Bouchard, Caroline. and Drieskens, Edith.

Changes in policy discourses at the EU level: from the ‘Lisbon strategy’ to ‘EU 2020’
 Barbier, Jean-Claude.

Changing Fortunes? Political Choices and the Evolving Composition of Inequality
 Beramendi, Pablo.

Changing the management culture of the European Commission: The grow or buy strategies.
 Ban, Carolyn.

China Shaping European Identity? The European Community's Opening to the People's Republic of China in the 1970s
 Chenard, Marie-Julie.

China´s reaction to Google: modalities of accomodation and censorship
 Lagerkvist, Johan.

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Decarbonising the British welfare state
 Gough, Ian.

Declining Power Europe?The marginalization of the EU in the international climate negotiations
 Fioramonti, Lorenzo.

Deindustrialization and the rise of non-contributory social programs in Latin America
 Mares, Isabela.

Descriptive and Substantive? On the Parliamentary Representation of Immigrant-origin MPs in Britain, France, Germany and Sweden
 Saalfeld, Thomas. and Wüst, Andreas.

Devolution, Health Care Reform and Inequalities in Health Care in the United Kingdom and Spain
 Font, Joan.

Diagnosing and Explaining the Crisis: The ECB and the Fed Compared
 Rosenhek, Zeev.

Diffusing Regional Integration: From Rome to Addis Ababa
 Haastrup, Toni.

Discourses of Europeanism, Modernity and National identity as seen in the Accommodation of Minorities in the Education System: the case of Hungary and Finland’
 Räisä, Tiina., Kovács, Andras., Horváth, Anikó. and Vidra, Zsuzsanna.

Disintegrating with Laughter: Performing Politics in the Wake of Yugoslav Dissolution
 Aleksic, Tatjana.

Disobeying Hitler: German Resistance after July 20, 1944
 Hansen, Randall.

Distribution, Macroeconomic Policy, and Fiscal Consolidation in the Nordic States
 Lindvall, Johannes.

Divided Government in France and the United States
 Baumgartner, Frank., Brouard, Sylvain., Grossman, Emiliano., Lazardeux, Sebastien. and Moody, Jon.

Divorce and the Political Gender Gap in Europe
 Watson, Sara. and Arunachalam, Raj.

Do Small Caps communicate good Reasons for Deviations from the German Corporate Governance Code?
 v. Werder, Axel., Pissarczyk, Anja. and Böhme, Jenny.

Do UN Sanctions Strengthen the International Presence of the EU?
 Blavoukos, Spyros. and Bourantonis, Dimitris.

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ESDP and the European ‘peace project’
 Berenskoetter, Felix.

EU Assistance for the Western Balkans: Building the Democratic Governance Capacity of Civil Society?
 Fagan, Adam.

EU Intelligence Sharing & The Joint Situation Centre: A Glass Half-Full
 Cross, Mai’a.

EU Normative Power Revisited
 Henke, Marina.

EU Normative Power revisited
 Henke, Marina.

EU Post Lisbon Social Exclusion Policy: Burying the OMC in favour of hard targeting The case of Denmark
 de la Porte, Caroline.

EU Post-Lisbon Pension Policy in Times of Crisis - New Times, Old Trends
 Belfrage, Claes.

EU international climate change leadership challenged at the UNFCCC COP15 meeting negotiations
 Groen, Lisanne. and Niemann, Arne.

EU peer reviews in the fight against terrorism - A model for 'evidence-based' policy-making in internal security?
 Bossong, Raphael.

EU regulation and reform of national regulation: Britain and France- contrasts or similarities?
 Thatcher, Mark.

Eastern European Capitalism between Dependency and Statist Permeation: A Comparison of Russia and CEE
 Noelke, Andreas.

Eating the Starters: The Mainstreaming of Polish Populism, 2001 - 2007
 Stanley, Benjamin.

Economic Interests or Political Constraints: Why Did German Employers Accept Social Reforms?
 Paster, Thomas.

Economomic Voting and Globalisation: The Case of Southern Europe
 Costa Lobo, Marina., Lewis-Beck, Michael. and Bellucci, Paolo.

Electoral Reform in Early Democracies: The Right Wing
 Penades, Alberto.

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FC Barcelona: from Europeanization to re-nationalization.
 roy, joaquim.

Family and gender in Europe. Comparing South to North
 Torres, Analia.

Federalism and American History: Insights from the History of Capitalism
 Dunlavy, Colleen.

Federalism and Territorial Variation in German Health Policy
 Mätzke, Margitta.

Feeling national and European: exploring the variety of relationship between national and European identifications
 Duchesne, Sophie.

Fenced Out: Jewish Migrants and the Travails of Statelessness
 Brinkmann, Tobias.

Financial Globalization and Small States
 Grittersova, Jana.

Finding Bearings in a Tangled Web: Political Humor of Russian-Speaking Israelis
 Yelenevskaya, Maria.

Firm Strategies and Employer Coordination: Theory and Evidence from Industrial Conflict
 Kuo, Alexander.

Fiscal Consolidation and Structural Convergence Revisited: EU Policy Programs and the ‘Southern’ Model of Capitalism
 Blavoukos, Spyros. and Pagoulatos, George.

Fiscal Responses to the Credit Crisis
 Ansell, Ben.

Fixity and Fissures in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
 Kostakopoulou, Dora.

Fordist Remants, Italian Nostalgia
 Molé, Noelle.

Forging a European Memory: The Treaties of Rome as a Common Tradition in the Making?
 Hansen-Magnusson, Hannes. and Wustenberg, Jenny.

Forming Majorities: The Politicization of Minority Identities by Mainstream Parties in France
 Miller-Gonzalez, Jennifer.

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Geert Wilders, Sorcerer's Apprentice.
 Fennema, Meindert.

Gender Bias in Campaigns for State Level Executive Office in Germany and the United States: Does It (Still) Exist?
 Wiliarty, Sarah.

Gender Quotas in Corporate Boards – Innovative Gender Equality Policy
 Teigen, Mari.

Gender and EU Migration and Climate Change Policy: Intersections and Unintended Consequences
 Allwood, Gill.

Gender and European External Relations: Dominant Discourses and unintended consequences of gender mainstreaming
 Guerrina, Roberta.

Gender, Intersectionality, and the Executive Branch: Case Studies from Western Europe
 Davidson-Schmich, Louise.

Gender, Presidencies, and Premierships in Europe: Are Women Gaining Ground?
 Jalalzai, Farida.

Gendered Perspectives on Integration Discourses and Measures
 Kofman, Eleonore., Vacchelli, Elena. and Saharso, Sawitri.

Gendering the Holocaust in French, German, and Yiddish: Perverted Motherhood as a Common “Mother” Tongue of Trauma?
 Segeral, Nathalie.

Geographical Reference Frames: The Network of Protected Areas in Europe and the Twists and Turns of Methodological (Inter-)Nationalism
 Bargheer, Stefan.

Global Crisis and EU Constraints: The Challenges to the State-Influenced Market Economies of Italy and France
 Gualmini, Elisabetta. and Schmidt, Vivien.

Global civil society on the march? Explaining the outcome of the negotiations at the 2010 Review Conference of the Rome Treaty of the International Criminal Court
 Mema, Medlir.

Globalization from a "22mm Diameter Cylinder Perspective": How Mittelstand (medium-sized firms) became 'Pocket Multinationals'
 Fear, Jeffrey.

Governance vs. Government: New Mechanisms for Participation in Italy
 Bussu, Sonia.

Governing borders depicted in Russian media: are virtual globes presenting a challenge to traditional television maps?
 Obydenkova, Anastassia.

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Has the economic crisis been a challenge or an opportunity in achieving more gender equality in social policy outcomes?
 Leschke, Janine. and Jepsen, Maria.

Heterosexuality in Postwar Borderlands
 Adler, Karen.

Hijacking Europe: national political discourse, public opinion and EU political integration, 1973-2008
 Dan, Oana.

Historical Market Formation and the Emergent Scandinavian Variety of Capitalism
 Iversen, Martin.

Historical Selection Bias and Theory Development in Comparative Politics: Documentary Evidence and the Challenge of Historical Tourism
 Kreuzer, Markus.

How Stereotypes can Go Unnoticed: Stereotyping Muslim Migrants with Visuals in German News Media
 Özcan, Esra.

How a Literature Book Becomes a Classic? The Case of 'One Hundred Years of Solitude'
 Santana-Acuña, Alvaro.

How do crises affect the development and sustainability of European governance sites? The case of voluntary policy coordination in education policy
 Gornitzka, Åse.

How weak is the ‘ever weaker’ Union? An assessment of the EU’s contribution to Mediterranean security in the framework of the United Nations
 Johansson-Nogués, Elisabeth.


Iberia and the Advanced Latin American Social Policy Regimes: Explaining the Different Trajectories
 Huber, Evelyne. and Stephens, John.

Illiberal Politics in Neoliberal Times: Culture, Security and Populism in the New Europe (Cambridge University Press, 2009)
 Berezin, Mabel.

Images of Power and Songs of Resistance: Social Contradiction and Technology of Power on the Shadow of Skopje 2014
 Mattioli, Fabio.

Immigrants as Candidates: Their Priorities and their Effects on Electoral Outcomes
 Street, Alex.

Immigration Policy and Politics in the US and Europe: Distribution or Regulation?
 Reich, Simon. and Schain, Martin.

Immigration and Social Solidarity in a Time of Crisis: Europe and the US in the New Century,
 Abraham, David.

Immigration and contested nation-building: explaining the political salience of immigration in multi-national societies.
 Barker, Fiona.

Immigration waves, public moods, and policy responses. A comparative analysis of seven European countries
 Morales, Laura., Ruedin, Didier., Cunningham, Kevin., Meyer, Sarah., Peintinger, Teresa., Ros, Virginia., Rosenberger, Sieglinde., Vangoidsenhoven, Guido. and Wunderlich, Daniel.

Imperial Footprints: Historical Legacies and Contemporary Voting in East Central Europe
 Darden, Keith.

Inbetween Change and Continuity. The Centre-Left and Labor in Low-Inflation Times
 Simoni, Marco.

Inequality and Electoral Participation: Explaining the Contrast between Developed and Developing Democracies
 Beramendi, Pablo. and Amat, Francesc.

Influence and income of Hungarian, Polish and German business leaders
 Lengyel, Gyorgy.

Influence from the sideline: Michel Gaudet and the early developments of European law
 Boerger de Smedt, Anne.

Inside out, upside down. Studying the ECJ with sociological lenses
 Vauchez, Antoine.

Inside the Radical Right: The Development of Anti-Immigrant Parties in Western Europe (Cambridge University Press, 2011)
 Art, David.

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Just One More Cash Machine or Building Block of a More Social EU? – The European Globalisation Adjustment Fund: How It Works and How It May Be Working Better
 Sacchi, Stefano.

Justice implications of climate change mitigation policies
 Buchs, Milena. and Bardsley, Nicholas.


Katzenstein’s corporatist model and its value in understanding small European states in the neo-liberal would of the 21st century: The case of Iceland
 Thorhallsson, Baldur.

Keeping Europe Out – Explaining conflict between the Commission and the Member States over the application of EU law
 Adam, Christian., Bauer, Michael. and Hartlapp, Miriam.

Knocking on State’s Democratizing Door – The unequal paths of women’s movements in the Spain and Portugal (1974-1985)
 Prata, Ana.


Labor Market Competitors or Welfare State Freeloaders? The Role of Welfare State Benefits in European Anti-Immigration Sentiment
 Zamora, Anna.

Labor Union Regeneration in Central and Eastern Europe: Overcoming Post-communist Weakness through External Pressures?
 Sznajder Lee, Aleksandra. and Trappmann, Vera.

Language Ideologies and the Debate over the Catalan Statute of Autonomy
 Miley, Jeff.

Language Ideologies, Politics and Policies in Spain and its Autonomous Communities, 1978-2010. A Comparative and Multidimensional Evaluation
 Barrera-González, Andrés.

Language Socialisation in Barcelona: the Emergence of New Repertoires
 Corona, Víctor., Masats, Dolors., Nussbaum, Luci. and Unamuno, Virginia.

Language, nation and identity in Catalan nationalism
 Clua i Fainé, Montserrat.

Late 19th Century Institutions and the Origins of CME.
 Hicks, Alexander.

Leaders, Partisanship, Performance Evaluations and Ideology: Linkages Between Parties and Voters and Voting Behavior in Comparative Perspective
 Toka, Gabor., Popescu, Marina. and Henjak, Andrija.

Learning New Roles and Changing Beliefs: Turkish Strategic Culture in Transition
 Renda, Kadri.

Learning from the EU´s inter-parliamentary assemblies:Is there a transnational parliamentary model?
 Stavridis, Stelios. and Delputte, Sarah.

Legislative Reforms on Gender Mainstreaming in Turkey between 1998 and 2005: A Three-legged Correspondence Model

Lesbian and Gay Mobilisation, Policy-making and the State in Spain
 Calvo, Kerman.

Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Movements in the United Kingdom: Changing Political Opportunity Structures, Policy Success and Continuing Challenges
 Kollman, Kelly. and Waites, Matthew.

Liberalisation or Dualization? Public and Private Pension Reforms in Germany since the 1990s
 Bridgen, Paul. and Meyer, Traute.

Liberalism Populism, Radical Right Populism and the Italian Right
 Fella, stefano. and Ruzza, Carlo.

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Making Sense of EU Compliance in Turkey and Romania: How Important is Credible Membership Conditionality?
 Saatcioglu, Beken.

Malapportionment, proportionality and the prospects of electoral reform: the case of Spain.
 Penades, Alberto.

Manipulative Electoral System Design as a Violation of Electoral Integrity: A Conceptual and Empirical Analysis
 Birch, Sarah.

Mapping Cultural Topography, Manufacturing Europe: Manifesta – The European Biennial of Contemporary Art
 Banai, Noit.

Mapping the Overlapping Spheres: Constitutionalism in the European Union After the Treaty of Lisbon
 Cooper, Ian.

Mechanisms of Continuity and Change in Official Narratives of Dark Pasts: Turkey in Comparative Perspective
 Dixon, Jennifer.

Ministerial appointments and policy efficacy in a global economy.
 Alexiadou, Despina.

Mistrusting states and affective labours: bonded Nigerian prostitution and humanitarianism in contemporary Italy
 Peano, Irene.

Mobility in the Bologna process
 Martínez-Dordella, Santiago.

Models of cooperation in Asian University and Research Systems: European, North American or Indigenous?
 de Prado, Cesar.

Morality Issues in the Spanish Media System
 Chaqués-Bonafont, Laura., Palau, Anna., Muñoz, Luz., Davesa, Ferran. and Julio, Mariel.

Multinational ownership networks creating Europe
 Rodríguez, José., Ramon, Anna. and Sierra, Mireia.


Narrating Europe: European Master-Narratives in Museums across Europe
 Kaiser, Wolfram.

Narrating and exhibiting the post-war myth of Europe
 Ifversen, Jan. and Kølvraa, Christoffer.

National policy frameworks on linkages between admission and integration policies
 Borkert, Maren.

National, European and global identities in French and British education: between new processes and path-dependency
 Bozec, Geraldine.

Navigating the Dimensions of Policy Agendas
 Breunig, Christian. and Workman, Samuel.

Navigating the European Commission
 Peterson, John.

Negotiating Borders: Representing Migration and Migrants in Museums in Europe
 Poehls, Kerstin.

Negotiating Muslim Identities in Europe: Cooperation and Conflict between Muslim Converts and Immigrants in Spain
 Rogozen-Soltar, Mikaela.

Negotiating the Accession: How the Czech Republic Joined the EU
 Novotna, Tereza.

Negotiating the Joint Africa-EU Strategy:Do Changing Images and Perceptions Make a Difference?;
 Kotsopoulos, John.

No matter if you're East or West: a transnational network of Central Europeans in the 1980s
 Harms, Victoria.

No representation without taxation: the inverted logic of the origins of constitutionalism
 Boucoyannis, Deborah.

Normative frameworks, electoral incentives, and the boundaries of legitimate participation in post-Fascist democracies. The case of Italy
 Capoccia, Giovanni.


Objects of Integration: Soviet Material Culture in the GDR as a Lens for Socialist Incorporation
 Honsberger, Laura.

On the (In)Famous Dutch (In)Tolerance: Anti-Immigrant Fringe Becomes Mainstream
 Erk, Jan.

Only Europeanising Eastern Europe? The patterns of EU migration cooperation between the EU and Russia and Eastern Partnership countries
 Hernández i Sagrera, Raül.

Opposing Europe in the European Parliament: an analysis of Eurosceptic MEPs
 Brack, Nathalie.

Overlapping Justice? Third Country Nationals and the Implementation of the Citizenship Directive in Denmark, Finland and the United Kingdom
 Wind, Marlene.


Panel and Audience Discussion
 Gal, Susan. and Urla, Jacqueline.

Partisan Bias and Globalization Preferences
 Balcells, Laia., Kuo, Alexander. and Fernández-Albertos, José.

Partners in Paradox: Irregular Migration and Civil Society Organizations in Greece, Spain and Turkey
 Ozcurumez, Saime. and Senses, Nazli.

Patrimonial Economic Voting in France
 Foucault, Martial.

Patterns of transnationalization and regulatory change beyond the EU
 Langbein, Julia.

Pension Reform in Southern Europe and Adminstrative Capacity: How the Real Capacity of the Southern European State Manifests Itself
 Biziouras, Nikolaos.

Pension finance and monetary shocks – the German pension system in 1923/24 and 1949
 Manow, Philip.

Pensions and the EU: Beyond the divide between economic and social Europe
 Natali, David. and Guardiancich, Igor.

Perceptions of the Stateless in Interwar Western Europe: Policies and Experiences of Belonging
 Kollmeier, Kathrin.

Policy Agendas and Interest Group Activity in Denmark, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom
 Rasmussen, Anne.

Policy Planning and Evaluation in EU Police and Criminal Judicial Cooperation: The Role of Multi-Annual Programmes
 Siegl, Julian.

Polish MEPs and Religion
 Gora, Magdalene. and Zielinska, Katarzyna.

Political Costs and Reform Likelihood:Reforming Employment Protection Legislation in Europe, 1990-2006
 Avdagic, Sabina.

Political Intimacy and Aesthetics of Power in Electoral Campaigns in Lithuania
 Klumbyte, Neringa.

Political Mobilisation of Trade Union Members: Southern Europe in Comparative Perspective
 Ortiz, Luis.

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Quality of Government, Corruption and the Economic Crisis
 Rothstein, Bo.


Raw Milk, Raw Power: The Politics of Europeanization in Post-Socialist Baltics
 Mincyte, Diana.

Re-thinking the European political space: for a constitutionalism without state
 Amendola, Adalgiso.

Realist-Normative Power Europe? Explaining EU policies in the Middle East from an IR perspective
 Ruffa, Chiara.

Reassembling Europe: Borders and Migrants as Actors of European history
 Lindenberger, Thomas.

Recent Reforms in Childcare Policies in France and Germany: Rationales and Outcomes
 Fagnani, Jeanne.

Reciprocated influences: the impact of a neighbouring country on European migration policy.
 El Qadim, Nora.

Reconciling Work and Family: Historical Perspectives on European Policies
 frader, Laura.

Reconstructing the Past. Historical Studies during Transitions to Democracy in Poland and Spain
 Alvarez, Cristina.

Regulating funded pensions in times of crisis: A western European comparison
 Ebbinghaus, Bernhard. and Wiss, Tobias.

Reinventing and Spatializing History: Nostalgia and Regeneration in the Heritage Sites of Istanbul
 Ünsal, Özlem.

Religion and Politics: Revisiting Political Regimes in Western Europe, 1918-1939
 Fernandes, Tiago.

Religious Transnational Networks in the European Economic Community, 1950-1986
 Leustean, Lucian.

Religious and territorial identifications in Europe
 Berg, Linda.

Representation as authorization: a basis for EU democracy?
 Piattoni, Simona.

Representational Roles in a Historical Perspective: Simone Veil as Member of the European Parliament, 1979–1993
 Gfeller, Aurélie Elisa.

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Schooling and Migration in Portugal: Lusophone migration and institutional capacity building in Portuguese schools
 Marques, Margarida. and Lopes Martins, Joana.

Searching for a model of integration. Immigrant policy frames in the centre-right Veneto and centre-left Emila Romagna regions
 Campomori, Francesca. and Caponio, Tiziana.

Secular power EU? Parliamentary cooperation as an arena for the diffusion of (non-)religious ideas
 Sprungk, Carina.

Seeing like a state 2.0: Information, irregular migrants and control
 Broeders, Dennis.

Setting the Rules of Entry to the European Political Field. Selection processes and gatekeeping to the European Parliament, 1952-1979
 Knudsen, Ann Christina.

Should Foreigners Vote?: Lessons from a Deliberation Experiment
 Baccaro, Lucio.

Slowing down Social Europe? The role of coalitions and decision-making arenas
 Mailand, Mikkel., Larsen, Trine. and Hansen, Jens.

Social capital and migrants’ labour market integration: re-conceptualizing the role of social networks in a transatlantic perspective
 Schittenhelm, Karin. and Schmidtke, Oliver.

Social investment policies in continental Europe: what role for the social partners?
 Häusermann, Silja.

Social model evolution, economic performance, and distributive justice
 Dølvik, Jon Erik.

Sociologists, Empire, and Scientific Autonomy: Germany, France, Britain, and the United States, 19th century-1960s
 Steinmetz, George.

Sounding Peruvian in Latino Spain: Musical Practice and the Polyphonic Production of Cultural Identity
 Tucker, Joshua.

Southern Welfare in transition: Eppur si muove?
 Moreno, Luis.

Sovereignty and Sexuality: The Polish Lesbian and Gay Movement and a Post-Socialist State
 Chetaille, Agnès.

Speaking of the Crisis of Capitalism: Content Analysis of Partisan Responses to the Financial Meltdown in Post-Socialist Europe
 Schoenman, Roger.

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Taking the Brussels Route. The Europeanisation of Environmental Interest Groups since the 1970s
 Meyer, Jan-Henrik.

Ten years after: Hungarian big entrepreneurs in the European Union
 Laki, Mihaly.

Tendencies of Europeanization in national and regional Parliaments: political representation in the subsidiarity check on EU draft legislation
 Griglio, Elena. and Piccirilli, Giovanni.

Testing for Citizenship: Civilizing Immigrants in the Netherlands
 Romeyn, Esther.

The Adoption of the Euro in New Member States – A Domestic Politics Approach
 Verdun, Amy. and Dandashly, Assem.

The Advocate General: Cause Lawyer, Networked Actor or Go-between?
 Solanke, Iyiola.

The Age of Dualization: How European Societies Adapt to Deindustrialization
 Emmenegger, Patrick., Häusermann, Silja., Palier, Bruno. and Seeleib-Kaiser, Martin.

The Agenda-setting Power of “Le Monde”: Issue Dynamics and Typology in France
 Grossman, Emiliano.

The Autonomization of the European Parliament. Legal Capital and Multiple Memberships in Supranational Parliamentary Assemblies (1950s-1970s)
 Cohen, Antonin.

The Best of Times, the Worst of Times: Angela Merkel, the Grand Coalition and "Majority Rule" in Germany
 Mushaben, Joyce.

The Bifurcation of Citizenship Policy in Europe: Implications for a Strengthened European Social Space
 Lansbergen, Anja.

The Catalan-for-Adults Classroom: Looking Beyond the Catalan/Castilian Binary
 Frekko, Susan.

The Changing Geometry of Policy Concertation in Spain and Portugal
 Molina Romo, Oscar.

The Civic Foundations of Fascism in Europe Italy, Spain, and Romania, 1870–1945 (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010)
 Riley, Dylan.

The Cultural Origins of Organizational Resilience: A Comparative Study of Two French Labor Organizations
 Ancelovici, Marcos.

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Uncertainly and the Choice of Electoral System in Eastern Europe
 Andrews, Josephine.

Under Siege. Europe, Austria and the national Security Myth
 Schwell, Alexandra.

Understanding Electoral System Change
 Ruiz-Rufino, Rubén.

Understanding Female Leadership and Governance through Intersectionality
 Von Wahl, Angelika.

Understanding competition policy in Finland in the postwar period: Paradigm shifts, institutional complementarities and key actors
 Fellman, Susanna.

Understanding the European Commission from the inside using mixed methods.
 thompson, Andrew.

Understanding the Starting Point: Pre-democratic Electoral Configurations and the Politics of Electoral System Choice
 Ahmed, Amel.

Undocumentedness, Legality, Precarity: Mapping the Migrant Domestic Workers Market in Turkey
 Akalın, Ayşe.

Unequal democratic representation?
 Pollak, Johannes.

Unexpected Institutional Stimuli: Persistence and Multiplication of Group Identities in a Transnational Context
 Dembinska, Magdalena.

Union Citizenship: Based on Values Unique to Europeans?
 Føllesdal, Andreas.

Union Organization in Europe: A Multidimensional Perspective
 Pinto, Sanjay.

Urban Transformation’ as State-Led Property Transfer: The Contradictions of Redefining Property in Istanbul’s Informal Housing Areas
 Kuyucu, Tuna.

Usages of the family metaphor in EU rhetoric.
 Hellström, Anders.


Vilifying the Other: Attitudes about Immigrants’ Effect on Crime Rates among European Publics
 Ceobanu, Alin.


Wannabes and citizens: negotiating belonging in postsocialist Bulgaria
 Stoilkova, Maria.

We, The Court... The Social Recruitment of the Court of Justice: Long-Term Trends and Short-Term Shifts
 Cohen, Antonin.

Welfare Regimes, Migration and Markets for Domestic/Care Services in Spain and Sweden
 Hellgren, Zenia. and Hobson, Barbara.

Welfare state financing and coordinated market economies: Lessons from the trajectories in the transformation of the German political economy
 Hassel, Anke.

Well-being in Spain, United States, and China
 de Miguel, Jesus. and Liao, Ching.

What do voters want? Changing patterns of individual-level preferences on social and economic policies
 Häusermann, Silja. and Kriesi, Hanspeter.

What is Islamophobia, and How Much Is There? Theorizing and Measuring an Emerging Comparative Concept
 Bleich, Erik.

What is a French philosopher?
 Fabiani, Jean-Louis.

When Limited Liability Was (Still) An Issue -- Conflicting Mobilizations in Nineteenth Century England
 Djelic, Marie-Laure.

When we were Europe: Memories of industrial labor in the former Yugoslavia
 Petrović, Tanja.

Where Angels and Euro Signs Fly: Graduation Poems in Padua
 Molé, Noelle.

Where in Europe's 20th Century is European Integration?
 Patel, Kiran.

Where is home? On the racial gates of a regimented city
 Yildirim, Umut.

Whither Capitalist Diversity? Small States in East-Central Europe in Crisis
 Bohle, Dorothee.

Who Belongs? National Identification among Minorities in France.
 Maxwell, Rahsaan.

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Eighteenth International Conference of the Council for European Studies 2011-Jun-20 to 2011-Jun-22
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