Nineteenth Annual Conference of the Council for European Studies 2012-Mar-22 to 2012-Mar-24

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"Constitutional Dialogue" in an Enlarged EU
 Febbrajo, Alberto Maria.

"I Have a German Child": Children and Cameroonian Immigrants' Complex Belonging
 Feldman-Savelsberg, Pamela.

"M12M", "M15M" and "M15O" - Differences and linkages between mobilization in Portugal and Spain
 Baumgarten, Britta.

"Securitizing” Immigration in Europe:Sending them the Same (Old) Message, Getting the Same (Old) Reply?
 Messina, Anthony.

"They Treat Us Like Other Indians": Europeans in the Native Borderlands of 16th-Century Florida
 DeCoster, Jonathan.

"When Will Citizens Make Long-Term Policy Tradeoffs? Evidence from a Survey Experiment"
 Jacobs, Alan.

(Re)Viewing linguistic diversity in Europe's urban centres
 McMonagle, Sarah.

(Re)Writing Fascism: Ex-Fascist Memoirs, the Popular Press and the Construction of the Dictatorial Past in Democratic Italy, 1945-1960
 Evangelista, Rhiannon.

(Un)burdened by Past: Uses of Yugoslav Socialism in Intergenerational Negotiations of the Present and the Future in the Former Yugoslavia
 Petrović, Tanja.

1. Law-making and Minority Coalition Governance in Denmark
 Pedersen, Helene. and Christiansen, Flemming Juul.

25 Years After Chernobyl: From Anti-Nuclear Nationalism Towards Nuclear “Renaissance” In Eastern Europe?

'The Twilight of Multiculturalism? An analysis of cross-national findings from across European states’
 taras, raymond.

'Why Europe is Lesbian and Gay Friendly
 Wilson, Angelia.

«Indignarsi non basta»: anti-austerity mobilisation in Italy, old and new actors, models and ideas
 Zamponi, Lorenzo.

‘Hijacked governments': Ministerial impact in minimum winning coalitions
 Huebscher, Evelyne.

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A Comparative Analysis of European Citizenship
 Jeffery, Charlie. and Wincott, Daniel.

A Cure for Society? Depiction and Justification of Social Insurances by Reformers’ Associations in Europe and the US 1870-1914
 May, Christina.

A Dynamic Analysis of Portuguese Corporatism: The Organization of Business Interests in Portugal, 1974-2009
 Branco, Rui., Evans, Ana. and Fernandes, Tiago.

A Europe of Religious Rights? Education and the European Approach to Religious Diversity
 Markoviti, Margarita.

A Gramscian outlook on Europe and the first great economic crisis of the XXI century
 Durand, Cédric. and Keucheyan, Razmig.

A Greek crisis wrapped inside a Eurozone crisis: The impossible political economy of futile adjustment
 Pagoulatos, George.

A Law Unto Themselves: Money, Regulation and the Development of Party Politics in the Czech Republic
 Haughton, Tim. and Novotna, Tereza.

A Missing Historical Variable? The Long-Run Effects of Landholding Inequality on German Elections, 1895-2009
 Ziblatt, Daniel. and Kashin, Konstantin.

A Model of Federal Concepts: British Devolution, European Integration and the Conceptual Validity of Federalism
 Imbrogno, Anthony.

A Movement of Movements: Monsanto and La Via Campesina (1990-2012)
 Giacomini, Terran.

A National Art of Names? The 1919 Name-Change Law and Identity Politics in 1919-1921 Fiume
 Reill, Dominique.

A Negative Case: Why the Belgian Constitutional Court is absent from Federal Reforms
 Erk, Jan.

A New Institutional Balance in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice?
 Rijpma, Jorrit.

A Public Choice Approach to Understanding the ECHR as a Self-Enforcing International Human Rights Regime
 Phelan, William.

A bridge too far? The Brussels sub-national offices between EU institutions and civil society
 Greenwood, Justin.

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B.U.G. Mafia and Other Parasites: The Nostalgic Aura of European Hip Hop
 Tres, Georgia.

Back to the Future of Democratization: What the Study of Historical Democratization Tells Us About Democracy Today
 Ahmed, Amel.

Balancing Competition and Cooperation: The State’s New Power in Crisis Management
 Hassel, Anke. and Lütz, Susanne.

Balancing Openness vs. Sovereignty: Paradoxes, Problems and State-Directed Development in East Central Europe
 Wheeler, Nicholas.

Banned at Paris: The Latin Readers of al-Ghazali, 1200-1500
 Minnema, Anthony.

Being Listed? Gay life under state socialism in Budapest
 Takacs, Judit.

Being Neutral While Fighting Against the Burqa? French Secularism Under Pressure.
 Koussens, David.

Between Community and Scale: Governance in the International Arena
 Hooghe, Liesbet. and Marks, Gary.

Between Europe and Asia: Rethinking the Nature and Impact of External Factors in Russia
 Obydenkova, Anastasia. and Libman, Alexander.

Between Particularism and Universalism: Remembering the Holocaust in the Soviet Union
 Walke, Anika.

Between Prodigal Sons and National Heroes: Transnational Migrants and Their Impact on Democracy
 Paul, Ruxandra.

Between the Acts, After the War: Herberth and Marlys Herlitschka’s German Translation of Virginia Woolf's Final Novel
 Cersonsky, Emily.

Beyond Christian Democracy? Welfare State Politics and Policy in a Changing CDU
 Clemens, Clay.

Beyond Numbers: Ethnic Minority Parties and Electoral Strategies in Post-Communist Europe
 Spirova, Maria.

Beyond the Euro Crisis: European Models of Growth and the Changing Dynamics of Competition
 Zysman, John.

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CEPS Task Force concerning the Treatment of Exclusionary Abuses under Article 82
 Carpentier-Tanguy, xavier.

Can We Co-exist? The EU’s New Stance on Regulating GMO’s
 Dudek, Carolyn.

Can populist parties create their own electoral success? A comparative study of the Netherlands, Poland and the UK
 van Kessel, Stijn.

Capital City Cultures: Reconstructing Contemporary Europe in the local context - two cases of discursive politics from Vienna and Berlin
 De Frantz, Monika.

Carolingian Pastoral Care
 Hohman, Laura.

Cartel Parties and the Crisis: Political Change and Ideological Stasis in Advanced Democracies
 Hopkin, Jonathan.

Centering Diasporic Communities in the Inter-Regional Discourse:
 Grenade, Wendy.

Central identities in peripheral multilingual societies.
 Alvarez-Galvez, Javier., José Manuel, Echavarren. and coller, xavier.

Central identities in peripheral multilingual societies. The case of Valencia in Spain.
 Alvarez-Galvez, Javier., coller, xavier. and Echavarren, Jose.

Changes of Identity, Changes of Course: The Non-Crisis Kind of Foreign Policy Change in Eastern Europe
 Kirilova, Dessislava.

Changing French Capitalism: Political and Systemic Crises in France
 AMABLE, Bruno., Guillaud, Elvire. and Palombarini, Stefano.

Changing Patterns of Fiscal Governance in Times of Crisis
 Scheller, Henrik.

Changing healthcare system types
 Wendt, Claus.

Child and Family Policies and Services for Roma Living in Germany
 Castaneda, Heide.

Childcare Expansion in Conservative Welfare States: Policy Legacies and the Territorial Politics of Implementation in Germany and Italy
 Oliver, Rebecca. and Mätzke, Margitta.

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Daily Survival: Social History of Jews in Family Bunkers in Eastern Galicia
 Aleksiun, Natalia.

De-exoticizing the Hamam: Sofia’s Ottoman Baths in Western Travel Literature
 Peychev, Stefan.

Dealing with Over-determined Outcomes: Strategies for Identifying Actors’ Motivations in the Study of Institutional Origins
 Ahmed, Amel.

Debt and the Welfare State
 Tatlock, Anne.

Debt, decentralization, and distribution: Decentralized welfare states, health policy, and fiscal crisis in the European Union
 Greer, Scott.

Defence Offsets in the European Union: Towards a Competitive European Defence Industry?
 Lozano, Alma.

Defending the Organization, not the Members: Unions and the Reform of Job
 Davidsson, Johan Bo. and Emmenegger, Patrick.

Defining the German Nation: Competing Commemorations of VE Day in Berlin
 Crage, Suzanna.

Deliberation? Really? An experiment as to what degree deliberation leads to trust
 Nielsen, Julie. and Wind, Marlene.

Democracy Promotion in Kosovo: the EU’s intervention in comparative perspective
 Fagan, Adam.

Democracy in Translation: How Linguistically Diverse Civic Groups and Social Movements Cross Cultural Boundaries
 Doerr, Nicole.

Democracy under pressure: Portugal during the world economic and financial crisis
 De Sousa, Luis., Fernandes, Tiago. and Amaral, Luciano.

Democratic Crisis and Contentious Politics: a European Perspective
 Seferiades, Seraphim. and Kotronaki, Loukia.

Democratic experiments and the rise of charismatic domination
 Sintomer, Yves.

Democratization in "Liberal" Italy
 Art, David.

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E.U.’S Association Agreements & Central America: No Milk until the Cows Come Home
 Hussain, Imtiaz.

EU Institutional Architectures Compared: some questions and few dichotomies
 Piattoni, Simona.

EU Policies in a Global Perspective: Shaping or taking international regimes?
 Müller, Patrick. and Falkner, Gerda.

EU Subsidiarity Principle in Practice: When are the pulls successful?
 Neshkova, Milena.

EU as a taker or shaper of global policy regimes? Exporting the EU transport policy rules to the global arena
 Dabrowski, Marcin.

EU free movement as variable policy context: Comparing the indirect governance of third-country national labour migration in Germany, France and Britain
 Paul, Regine.

EU migration governance: co-producing inequalities, hierarchies and exclusion
 Carmel, Emma.

EU-oriented Think Tanks : bridges to nowhere ?
 Barani, Luca.

Economic Interests or Political Constraints: Why did German Employers Accept Social Reforms?
 Paster, Thomas.

Economic Voting and Party Novelty
 Litton, Krystyna.

Educated Spectators: The Social Role of Cinema in the French Republic, 1916-1930
 Ionita, Casiana.

Education Policy and Welfare Regimes in the European Union. Social Stratification and Equal Opportunity in Education
 Beblavy, Miroslav., Thum, Anna. and Veselkova, Marcela.

Education: The contours of a new cleavage?A pan-European comparison
 Wille, Anchrit. and Bovens, Mark.

Educational Achievements of Immigrant Students in European Societies
 Verwiebe, Roland.

Environmental Activism in East Germany: Isolation, Networking, and the Struggle for Resonance, 1980-1989
 Ault, Julia.

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Failure, crisis and the banality of belonging in Norway
 McIntosh, Laurie.

Failures of “Freedom”—Citizenship, Street Violence, and Neo-Liberalization in Post-Socialist Germany and Post-Apartheid South Africa
 Partridge, Damani.

Federalism and Democracy in Germany: Rethinking Multi-level Statehood in Germany
 Jeffery, Charlie.

Federalism, the State and the City: Explaining the Evolution of Urban Policy in the EU and in the US
 Tortola, Pier Domenico.

Flexibility Revisited: International Markets and the Small States of East-Central Europe
 Bohle, Dorothee. and Jacoby, Wade.

Following the Hunterian Trail
 Rispoli, Adair.

For the Love of God and Love of the Country. Disentangling the Relation between Religious and National Identities
 Reeskens, Tim.

For the Love of the (Host) Country: Immigrants’ Conception of National Identity
 Reeskens, Tim. and Wright, Matthew.

Forced Migration Flows and Regulations in Europe - The Impact of Policies
 Brekke, Jan-Paul.

Forging Imperial Cities: Seville and the Formation of Civic Order in the Spanish Empire
 Stillo, Stephanie.

Fostering Civil Society: The Portuguese welfare state and its development of a non-profit sector
 Glatzer, Miguel.

Framing immigration. Varieties of arguments, actors and opportunity structures
 Helbling, Marc.

France: the culturalization of color-blindness
 Bertossi, Christophe.

French Protest and Tradition: Mobilization against the New Minimum Retirement Age
 Vassallo, Francesca.

French capitalism under stress: how Nicolas Sarkozy rescued the banks?
 Massoc, Elsa.

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Game changer? The economic crisis, the EU and national welfare state reforms in the 21st century
 Kvist, Jon.

Gender as a Modernizing Force in the German CDU and the Austrian ÖVP
 Wiliarty, Sarah.

Generating Social Peace through Social Change: The Role of Law in Northern Ireland
 liviatan, ofrit.

Germany 1943: Turning Points, Setbacks, and First Doubts?
 Lohse, Alexandra.

Germany: A Flexible Labour Market plus Pension Reforms Makes Old-Age Poverty
 Hinrichs, Karl. and Brosig, Magnus.

Global Crisis, European Cooperation, and the Political Economy of Modern Greece
 Fioretos, Orfeo.

Globalization and Macro-Economic Management: The Theory and Practice of Fiscal Conservatism
 Gamble, Andrew.

Globalization and the Emergence of Corporatist Regulation in Madeira's Wine Sector
 Câmara, Benedita.

Governance Transfer by Regional Organizations. Following a Global Script?
 Boerzel, Tanja. and van Huellen, Vera.

Governing international macroeconomic policies in Europe since the introduction of the euro: the missing link
 Gnath, Katharina.

Governing the future. Institutional responses to problems of long term development in the Netherlands and Sweden
 Andersson, Jenny. and Keizer, Anne-Greet.

Government proximity and the quality of democracy: the effects of regionalization and municipalization on popular aspects of democratic performance
 Mayne, Quinton.

Granada as Muslim Homeland: Moroccan Migrant Narratives of Return and the Politics of Spanish Multiculturalism
 Rogozen-Soltar, Mikaela.

Green Growth as Necessity and Liability in Europe: The Political Economy of a Low Carbon Energy Systems Transformation in the European Union
 Huberty, Mark.

Green Growth in Small States: Is the Age of Austerity Killing a Big, Bold Idea?
 Cox, Robert. and Mauldin, Scott.

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Heritage and Memory in the EU Arena: Instruments for the Promotion of a variegated European Identity
 Calligaro, Oriane.

Historical Legacies and Post-Communist Politics
 Wittenberg, Jason.

Historical Memory of Dynastic Marriages in the Age of Empires
 Torres, Sara.

Historical Preservation, Ethnic Belonging, and Symbolic Geographies in Sibiu/Hermannstadt, Transylvania
 Grama-Neamtu, Emanuela.

Hoops and Hurdles: Gender Equality and Diversity in the European Union
 Weiner, Elaine.

Horse power, environmental crisis and the First World War
 Tempest, Gene.

Hospitals as Sites of Cultural Confrontation and Immigrant Integration in France
 Sargent, Carolyn.

How Hazardous is Moral Hazard? Stratified Sickness Absence in European Welfare States, 1992-2006
 Noelke, Clemens. and Beckfield, Jason.

How Many Drops of Danish Blood? Ethnic Definition in Danish Immigration and Citizenship Policy
 Stone, Deborah.

How could Europe fare for the next two decades in a changing world ?
 Petit, Pascal.

How movements define themselves: culture, history and Europe
 Cox, Laurence.

How to Make it as a Marriage Migrant in France: Deception, Misconstrued Categories and Building Reciprocity
 Cole, Jennifer.

Human Rights Adjudication in Europe: The Varied Dimensions of Diversity
 von Staden, Andreas.

Human Rights protection in Member States: Role of the European Union
 Käsper, Kari.


Ideal type second-order elections: Regional elections in six Central and Eastern European countries
 Schakel, Arjan.

Identity and Political Behavior in a Multilayered State: Self-Identification,Preferences and Voting in the Spanish “State of Autonomies”
 Burg, Steven. and Chernyha, Lachen.

Identity, religion and claims for recognition in the European Parliament
 Gora, Magdalene. and Zielinska, Katarzyna.

Imagined Recovery: Justificatory Regimes Following the Crash of Icelandic Viking Capitalism
 Belfrage, Claes., Berry, David. and Bergmann, Eirikur.

Imagining movement space: a spatial approach to culture and collective identity
 Daphi, Priska.

Immigrant Mental Health Services in France: Discussing the Terms of Belonging
 Larchanche, Stephanie.

Immigration Attitudes in Europe and North America: Testing the Cultural and Economic Threat Arguments
 Harell, Allison., Iyengar, Shanto. and Soroka, Stuart.

Immigration Control Failure and the Right to Stay: The Moral Claims of Undocumented Migrants
 Ellermann, Antje.

Immigration as a new social risk? Policies for the integration of immigrants in Italian regions
 Campomori, Francesca. and Caponio, Tiziana.

Immigration into the Mainstream? Ideology, Changing Policy Positions and Electoral Strategies
 Odmalm, Pontus.

Immigration, Multiculturalism, and Political Trust: A Janus-faced Outcome?
 Citrin, Jack. and Wright, Matthew.

In God We Trust: The Effect of Islamic Religiosity on Western Muslim Political Identity and Behavior
 Gest, Justin.

In search of cheap labour in Europe
 Cremers, Jan.

Inequality and Mass Politics : what the UK can teach us about the US and vice versa.
 Trump, Kris-Stella. and Cavaille, Charlotte.

Informality in Bulgaria - liberalism and collective action
 Marshall, Shelley.

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Jewish Memory of Polish Neighbors after the War: Israeli Case
 Rice, Monika.

Job polarisation and the routinisation hypothesis in Western Europe
 Maselli, Ilaria.

John Cotton Dana’s “New Museum” and the Deutsche Werkbund
 McCarthy, Megan.


Killing the rituals: animal welfare and the rise of identity politics in Spain and the Netherlands
 Lelieveldt, Herman.

Knowing Your Limits. Flexibility and Authority in the EU and Beyond
 Kleine, Mareike.


Labor Taxation in European Countries
 O Reilly, Pierce.

Labor market demand for low-skilled in Central and Eastern Europe: formal qualifications versus non-cognitive skills
 Beblavy, Miroslav., Kurekova, Lucia. and Haita, Corina.

Labor-Market Segmentation and Generalized Social Trust: Connecting Institutional Change and Individual Preferences
 Nguyen, Christoph.

Labour market insertion policies and the models of the Welfare State in Europe
 Veloso, Luísa.

Language and the Ethno-Nationalist Mobilization of the Political Elite of Països Catalans. A Puzzle for Theories of Nationalism
 Martinez-Herrera, Enric., Miley, Jeff. and coller, xavier.

Latvian Non-Citizenship Status in the Context of EU Citizenship
 Kochenov, Dimitry.

Leading or following? The dynamics between the political elites and public opinion in the emergence of the immigration issue in Spain.
 Morales, Laura.

Left Behind? Political Preferences and Party Choice in the Great Recession
 Hicks, Tim.

Left Party Agenda Power: Bringing Partisan Effects Back Into the Social Expenditure Debate
 Bergman, Matthew.

Lessons from the UK? When Multipillar Pension Systems Meet Flexible Labour Markets
 Natali, David.

Linking immigration policy and Multi-level governance: conceptual framework, theoretical tensions, and potential approaches
 Zapata-Barrero, Ricard.

Local Politics, Global Markets
 Watson, Bartholomew.

Local level policy making and the populist right wing parties in Scandinavia: the case of the Danish People’s Party
 Meret, Susi.

Lone-Parent Families and new social risks. Comparing France, Great Britain and Sweden
 Jenson, Jane. and Duyulmus, Cem.

Looking for a New Political Economy of the Welfare state
 Palier, Bruno.


Macro-economic changes and justice evaluations of earnings over time. A longitudinal analysis using German panel data.
 Liebig, Stefan. and Valet, Peter.

Making Sense of the Spanish Indignados
 Ancelovici, Marcos.

Making 'Black France'? Ethno-racial identities and boundaries among Antilleans, West Africans and their children in Paris
 Ivemark, Biorn.

Mapping Change in Sub-State Regionalist Support for European Integration
 Olsson, Anna.

Measuring the Influence of Formal and Informal Transnational Ties on Regime Change in the Former Soviet Union
 Jackson, Nicole.

Mediating cultural diversity: Insights from the EuroPolis Deliberative Polling Experiment
 Trenz, Hans-Joerg.

Memory in action: Mediatised Public Memory and the Symbolic Construction of Conflict in Student Movements
 Zamponi, Lorenzo.

Merger Madness: Have Business Institutions Become Anachronistic Icons?
 Nelson, Patricia.

Migration and Displacement in Contemporary British Fiction of World War II
 Pérez-Rodríguez, Eva M..

Migration and employment under crisis: A view from the South of Europe
 Maroukis, Thanos.

Migration, Security and Free Trade between Europe and the Maghreb: Mobile Borders in the Spanish City of Ceuta.
 bernes, laure-anne.

Military chaplain positions and religious rights. Cross-national differences in the accommodation of religious minorities.
 Michalowski, Ines.

Minority Government, Regional Parties and Multilevel Deals: Spain’s system of mutual back scratching
 Field, Bonnie.

Mobilization on “Women’s Interests” at the European Union: Femocrats and Feminist Political Practice.
 Cullen, Pauline.

Mobilizing Structures and Cultures: A Cross-National Comparison of Community Organizations
 Tapia, Maite.

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Narrative, Play, and Identity
 Homan, Catherine.

National Affect in the New Europe: Feeling German Online
 Kraemer, Jordan.

National Identity and Anti-Immigrant Attitudes
 Soroka, Stuart., Johnston, Richard., Banting, Keith. and Kymlicka, Will.

National and minority identification among non-whites in Britain: where is the tradeoff?
 Maxwell, Rahsaan.

National governments and parliamentary reserves in EU decision-making process
 Rozenberg, Olivier., Auel, Katrin. and Thomas, Anja.

National identity issues among 2nd and 3rd generation children of immigrants in Portugal
 Monteiro, Fatima.

Nations and Occupations: The Political Economy of Work Organization in Europe
 Pinto, Sanjay.

Negotiating and organizing religious diversity in German prisons
 Jahn, Sarah.

Negotiating the demarcation of the welfare state- an analysis of the understandings of irregularity and its importance for policy formulation
 Nielsen, Amanda.

Neither Conformist nor Resistant nor Independent: A Socialist Informer?
 Gökarıksel, Saygun.

Network Analysis of Trans-regional association’s Membership
 Donas, Tom.

Network Governance in the EU’s external Relations: Inter-organizational Networks in the Eastern Partnership and the Mediterranean
 Kourtikakis, Kostas. and Turkina, Ekaterina.

Networked Collective Action in the European Cyberspace: Features, Tools, and Risks
 Milan, Stefania.

Networks of conscientization: digital media social networking and comparative European protest movement, reflections on North Africa

New Directions in Education Governance in the U.S.: The Rise of Performance-Based Accountability
 Wong, Kenneth.

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Of glorious pasts and uncertain futures: memory, local development and intergenerational encounters in a central Bosnian town
 Kurtovic, Larisa.

Old and New guard of Social-democrats and Employment Policy
 Alexiadou, Despina.

On the Brink of Collapse? Comparing Crisis Adjustment Policies in Greece and Portugal
 Biziouras, Nikolaos.

One Europe under Christ? The conservative discourse on European identity
 Nowak, Mattias.

One Target, One Guideline and One Flagship Initiative: Social Policy in the Europe 2020 Strategy
 Daly, Mary. and Copeland, Paul.

Opening or Closing the Door? Media Portrayal of Immigration in Italy and the UK
 Caviedes, Alexander.

Organizational hierarchies in Bulgarian hospitals and perceptions of justice: implications for health professionals’ wellbeing
 Todorova, Irina., Panayotova, Yulia., Alexandrova-Karamanova, Anna. and Dimitrova, Elitsa.

Outside-In: How International Environmental Law Shapes the EU’s Constitutional Landscape
 Eckes, Christina.

Overturning the Vote: African Political Mobilization, the State, and Colonial Legality
 Fink, Elisabeth.


Pairing Up or Paring Down?: Exploring Regional Identity Combinations in the EU
 Brigevich, Anna.

Participatory Democracy on the Fringes of Europe: Socio-Linguistic Investigations into Local Council Meetings
 Chiper, Sorina.

Partisanship, decentralization and economic voting in the European Union
 Leon, Sandra.

Party Competition, Corruption and Electoral Behavior in the New EU Member States
 Zapryanova, Galina.

Party Regulation in Post-communist Bulgaria
 Spirova, Maria. and Rashkova, Ekaterina.

Party System Stability and Good Governance in Europe 1992-2011
 Bågenholm, Andreas.

Party competition and electoral externalities in decentralized democracies
 Leon, Sandra.

Party regulation and its effects on the Polish Party System (1991-2011)
 Walecki, Marcin. and Casal Bertoa, Fernando.

Party regulation in Romania: Engineering the party system between self-interest and state capture
 Popescu, Marina. and Soare, Sorina.

Pension Generosity and Political Parties in Times of Demographic Change
 Zohlnhöfer, Reimut., Wolf, Frieder. and Wenzelburger, Georg.

Perceptions and Responses to the Financial Crisis in Central and Eastern Europe: Poland and Hungary Compared
 Orenstein, Mitchell.

Perceptions of European Supranational Courts: The Legal Insiders' and Outsiders' Perspective
 Grødeland, Åse.

Performative Media Practices in the Trans-urban EuroMayDay Movement of the Precarious
 Hamm, Marion.

Planned Economies and the Debates on Colonial Manufacturing in Britain’s Empire, 1696-1740
 Caden, Mara.

Platforms, Productivity, and Politics: Comparative Retail Services in a Digital Age
 Watson, Bartholomew.

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Re-coloring the past: Cultural heritage and racialization in the Netherlands.
 Balkenhol, Markus.

Reacting to an Ideological Other: Why Secessionism in Scotland is Left-Wing and in Flanders, Right-Wing
 Sotiriu, Sabrina.

Recommending Nationhood: Government Commissions and Religious Accommodation in France and Québec
 Laxer, Emily.

Reform, Reformation, or Exorcism?: Interpreting Montalembert’s La merveilleuse hystoire
 Glunt, Erin.

Reforming old age care across Europe: comparing processes and strategies
 Rostgaard, Tine.

Reforms in long-term care policies in EU countries: an interpretation
 Pavolini, Emmanuele.

Regimes of Ethnicity in Europe: Comparing EU members, Post-Communist states, and others
 Akturk, Sener.

Regional Authority and the Case of Regional Policy Priorities
 Kleider, Hanna.

Regional empowerment through EU policy control? The role of regional parliaments in the Early Warning System
 Borońska, Karolina.

Regional policies do not challenge national boundaries. Education and territorial restructuring in Western Europe
 Dupuy, Claire.

Regulation of conflicts, governance of Islam, and electoral results – The Great Mosque in Créteil (France)
 Fourot, Aude Claire.

Regulation of conflicts, governance of Islam, and electoral results – The Great Mosque in Créteil (France)
 Fourot, Aude Claire.

Relations between regional integration processes: the legal aspects of the Association Agreements between the European Union and South America
 Levi, Michel.

Religion, alienation and exclusion: is there a relationship leading to Islamic radicalisation?
 Sobolewska, Maria., Fisher, Stephen., Heath, Anthony. and Sanders, David.

Religious Euroscepticism before accession in the post-communist region
 Guerra, Simona.

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Same game but more players? Sub-national lobbying in an enlarged Union
 Tatham, Michael.

Same-Sex marriage in Canada: A contagion effect from Europe?
 Tremblay, Manon.

Sarkozy and Merkel: the undeniable relevance of the Franco-German relationship?
 Vassallo, Francesca.

Saving the Banks: Comparing Bailout Strategies during the Financial Crisis
 Woll, Cornelia.

Security and the Border in Europe
 Schain, Martin.

See you in court… : Why national governments take the European Commission to court
 Bauer, Michael., Adam, Christian. and Hartlapp, Miriam.

Seeds of Trust. Alternative food networks in Italy
 Grasseni, Cristina.

Selective solidarity: welfare chauvinism and the politicization of immigrants’ welfare use
 Koning, Edward.

Services and Transfers: The distributive coalitions behind social programs
 Gingrich, Jane.

Setting the Agenda in Coalition Governments
 Moury, Catherine.

Shaky Ground, Shakier Voices? Economic Risks, Political Participation, and Policy Responsiveness in Advanced Democracies
 Hertel-Fernandez, Alexander. and Kashin, Konstantin.

Shifts in Nordic welfare governance: comparing reforms of elderly care
 Burau, Viola. and Vabo, Signy.

Silvio Berlusconi’s Personal Parties: From Forza Italia to the Popolo della Libertà
 McDonnell, Duncan.

Small EU States: Has membership in the eurozone strengthened or weakened the capacity to address the global crisis?
 Anderson, Karen. and Kurzer, Paulette.

Social Cohesion and Host Country Nationality among Immigrants in Western Europe
 Kesler, Christel. and Demireva, Neli.

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Targeting spending strategically: Institutions, democracy and the effectiveness of European Union regional development funds
 Dellmuth, Lisa.

Tax Competition and the Decline of Corporatist Social Protection
 Zemmour, Michael.

Telling your Homosexuality: France and the Cultural Limits of ‘Coming Out’
 Stambolis-Ruhstorfer, Michael. and Saguy, Abigail.

The African Peer Review Mechanism a tool monitor compliance with internationally accepted governance standards
 Olivier, Michèle.

The Agenda Setting Power of the Mass Media: A Study of How the Media Affect the Political Agenda on European Affairs in Spain
 Palau, Anna.

The Amorous Migrant: Circuits of Intimacy Between Poland and the United Kingdom
 Boston, Nicholas.

The Antipolitics of women’s Salafist Islamic revival in France
 Parvez, Fareen.

The Battle in the Trenches: The Politics and Consequences of Labor Retrenchment
 Dubin, Kenneth.

The Celtic Tiger and Beyond Rethinking Social Partnership in Ireland
 Wolinetz, Steven.

The Challenges of Combating Intersectional Discrimination in EU Anti-Discrimination and Equality Legal Framework
 Masselot, Annick.

The Changing Relationship between Private and Public Regulation of Global Business Activities
 Knudsen, Jette.

The Collapse of the Brussels-Frankfurt Consensus and the Future of the Euro
 Jones, Erik.

The Comparative Political Economy of Education Systems
 Hicks, Tim.

The Conditions for Wage Moderation in the Public Sector:The Experiences of 11 EMU Countries in the Recent Economic Crisis, 2008-2010
 Park, Sung Ho. and Young, Kevin.

The Construction of Europe: Community Identity and the Politics of EU Enlargement
 Thomas, Daniel.

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Uncovering EU Regulatory Diversity’s Hidden Foe: the Doctrine of Union Preemption
 Arena, Amedeo.

Under Pressure: Trade Unions and the Demography of Job Insecurity in Western Europe
 Noelke, Clemens.

Unemployment, the Welfare State and Inequality in Times of Crisis
 Rueda, David.

Union Membership and Anti-Immigrant Sentiment in Europe
 Newsome, Akasemi.

Unions and Migrant Workers in Western Europe
 Richards, Andrew.

Unions, Voter Mobilization and Redistribution
 Becher, Michael. and Pontusson, Jonas.

Unravelling sub-national mobilisation
 Callanan, Mark. and Tatham, Michael.

Utopia lost? Representations of European Union
 Horn, Laura.


Values on social and health policy in Europe and North America
 Marmor, Theodore. and Okma, Kieke.

Varieties of Collective Identification in the European Union
 Bonikowski, Bart.

Varieties of Cooperation: How Conceptualizing Cooperation Shapes Causal Inference in Comparative Political Economy
 Ornston, Darius. and Schulze-Cleven, Tobias.

Varieties of Feminism: The Language of Gender Politics in Global Perspective
 Marx Ferree, Myra.

Varieties of Liberalism: Keynesianism and Economic Crisis in Contemporary France and Germany
 Vail, Mark.

Vicarious Evaluation: how European integration tranforms national identities
 Giurlando, Philip.

Visions of economic development and the evolution of the skill regime: pulling together or against each other? Case of the Czech Republic and Estonia.
 Svickova, Katerina.

Voice without vote? Comparing the influence of consultative committees in European Union negotiations
 Panke, Diana. and Hoennige, Christoph.

Volatility in multilevel party systems: Uniform responses across the territory for regional and national elections in 18 countries
 Schakel, Arjan.


Waging a Crisis : Working in Greece
 Boersen, Tyler.

We Want More, We Want More.... Trickle Down Politics and Xenophobic Mobilization
 Braun, Robert. and Koopmans, Ruud.

Weathering the Storm: How Citizens Try to Mitigate Downward Mobility in Greece and Ireland
 Arzoglou, Eleni.

Weight of History, Burden of Youth: How Young Adults in Serbia and Kosovo Understand and Experience Nationalism
 Mandic, Danilo.

Welfare Capitalism in Portugal
 Glatzer, Miguel.

Welfare chauvinism in spite or because of benefit generosity? Attitudes toward immigrant deservingness and integration regimes in European countries
 Ceobanu, Alin.

Welfare state support from below
 Ebbinghaus, Bernhard., Wendt, Claus., Julia, Klitzke. and Naumann, Elias.

Welfare states and Immigration: Electoral and Policy Trade-Offs for Left Parties
 Perez, Sofia. and Fernández-Albertos, José.

What shapes education-dependent inequalities of political participation in Europe? Political behavior, educational systems and Varieties of Capitalism
 Goerres, Achim. and Busemeyer, Marius.

When Can a French Composer Also Be Italian? Jules Massenet in Italy, 1894–1903.
 Franke, Matthew.

When Do Workers Want Labor? Unions as a Source of Insurance for Workers
 Hertel-Fernandez, Alexander.

When EU Citizens become Foreigners
 Kostakopoulou, Dora.

When EU discourse on defence hits national security cultures: The limits of constructive ambiguity
 Rayroux, Antoine.

Where is the EU heading after the enlargements? Central and Eastern European elites views on the future of European integration
 Sojka, Aleksandra. and Vázquez-García, Rafael.

Who Counts: Immigration, Integration and Risk Assessment in Catalonia
 Lenkner, Johanna.

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Youth and the Politics of Disappointment
 Greenberg, Jessica.
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