53rd Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2009-Mar-21 to 2009-Mar-27

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"A would be shepherd boy": Andreas Kazamias, Cyprus, and the humanist tradition in comparative education
 New, William. and Petronicolos, Loucas.

"Fragility," education, and the state
 Williams, James.

"Qualified teacher status" indicating the teaching profession's standards: Lessons for California from Finland, Korea, and Ireland
 Snow, Margaret.

"So many children left behind": English as a foreign language in elementary schools in Asia
 Hayes, David.

"World class” university: Issues and challenges in Chinese and international higher education
 Lin, Jing.

(Re)constructing and (re)presenting heritage: Education and representation in a homeland preservation project
 Graybeal, Lesley.
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(Tele)-learning center based community colleges for small towns and rural development in China
 Li, Minghua.

“A teacher with the capital letter ‘T'” versus a “marketable teacher” in post-Perestroika Russia
 Ignatieva, Raisa.

“Blue Card” visa: Poaching African talent
 Banya, Kingsley.

“Doing” democracy: Deliberative democratic approaches in education policymaking
 Williams, Dierdre.

“Getting started” around the world: Localization and adaptation of a technology course for teachers
 Gorges, Torie. and Light, Daniel.


A Brazilian perspective on the quality of education: The case of Joinville, SC
 Castro, Marta.

A Latin American look at the right to development in infancy
 del Rio, Norma.

A case study on actor networks and the U.S. mathematics achievement in PISA
 Lee, Peilun.

A comparative analysis of elementary principals' career development in Taiwan and the United States
 Sun, Kuo-Hua. and Lin, Nai-Hui.

A comparative look at the misrepresentation of the Middle East in American school textbooks
 Morgan, Hani.

A comparative study of Taiwan and Australia's financing and access and equity in mass higher education
 Chiang, Ching-Hsiao.

A comparative study of refereed journal articles published by native and foreign born faculty
 Lin, Zeng.
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A comparative study of standards-based language instruction in the United States and China
 Zhou, Belinda.

A comparative study of the lived experiences of Canadian-born and foreign-born Chinese-Canadian students in northern Ontario
 Wang, Fei.
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A comparative study on the higher education accreditation of Japan, Korea, UK and USA
 Lee, Eun Kyung. and Weidman, John.

A critical policy analysis of promoting female teachers in Ghana's remote schools
 Hutchison, Katrina.

A cross-national analysis of female faculty: Trends and explanations
 Wotipka, Christine Min. and Paradis, Elise.

A cross-national analysis of school-business partnerships in Japan and the United States
 Takano, Kaori.
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A discourse on teacher development in Bangladesh: Insights into how teachers adapt and implement educational innovations into their practice
 Park, Jaddon.

A geography of education reform: Imports, exports and the "Jordan Model"
 Frey, Christopher.

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Backgrounds of private tutoring in the United States
 Mori, Izumi.

Balancing the pernicious tendencies of nationalism with aspirations of minority integration: Social cohesion in Germany
 Goff, Peter.

 Parvin, Ruxana.

Barriers to parental participation in school life: Parents’ views
 Kovacs-Cerovic, Tuende.

Becoming a “model minority”: Schooling and peer-relations in American identity formation of Korean immigrant students
 Park, Gilbert.

Becoming cosmopolitan in the US: How Japanese sojourners strategically navigate mainstream and supplementary education overseas
 Langager, Mark.

Behavioral problems and discipline across countries
 Bower, Corey.

Best of the West: Exporting the science of fathers’ involvement in early childhood education
 Ball, Jessica.

Best practices in community-based services for children with special education needs
 Deichman, Valentin.

Beyond borders: Multiracial identities in the shadow of blackness
 Palmer, Fileve.

Beyond primary school: Empowering adolescent girls and women as role models and future educators
 Legge, Grace. and Stanford, Necia.

Beyond student-centered: Improving student achievement in Ethiopia through unintended mechanisms
 Piper, Benjamin.

Beyond the school wall: Students' cynicism in a countryside school in northwestern China
 Lou, Jingjing.

Black North American homeschoolers: Breaking the mold in Canada and the United States
 Wells Kisura, Monica.

Black educational achievement in the United States and South Africa: Influences of the Black Consciousness Movement
 Clay, Chad.

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CEIMA: Resource for teaching materials
 Kubow, Patricia., Collet, Bruce. and Burley, Meghan.

CIECAP: Comparing course content in comparative education
 Stone, Kathleen.

CIECAP: Prospect for analysis of programs
 Schmuhl, Jennifer.

Calderon's educational reforms in a globalized society
 Leon Garcia, Maria.

Cameroon: Rationalizing curricular structure in a multilingual education innovation
 Walter, Steve.

Campus internationalization from abroad at home: A Japanese outreach program on a US campus
 Wallitsch, Kristen. and Goldstein, Beth.

Can free primary education achieve universal primary education? Evidence from Kenya
 Obiero, Judith.

Canadian and International Education Review
 Majhanovich, Suzanne.

Capacity development through long-term technical assistance
 Aydagul, Batuhan.

Capturing pedagogical transformations in the classroom: A longitudinal study
 Abd-El-Khalick, Fouad. and Boyle, Helen.

Care USA: Nurturing girls’ leadership cross-culturally
 Trew, John. and Adolwa, Joyce.

Catalyzing educational development or institutionalizing external influence? Donors, civil society, and policy formation in Nepal
 Rappleye, Jeremy.

Challenges and opportunities for examination-led reform in Kyrgyzstan
 Shamatov, Duishon.

Challenges and opportunities of integrating donated books into an existing educational development program in the Philippines
 Tan, Yvette., Aquino, Lorina. and Pahm, Miriam.

Challenges and prospects for inclusive education in Eurasia
 Price-Rom, Alison.

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De-racialization of Korean immigrant students in the new millennium
 Choi, Jung-ah.

Decentralization policies: Differences and consequences for meso-level governance in Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Peru
 Gvirtz, Silvina.

Decentralized education finance in Egypt: Initial steps
 Healey, Frank.

Deconstructing theoretical perspectives and practice in education sector intervention in Africa
 Mukudi Omwami, Edith.

Defining and measuring empowerment in the Patsy Collins Trust Fund Initiative (PCTFI)
 Hegeman, Raya.

Democracies and civic educations in Liberia and Nigeria: Stable vision, shifting categories
 Chinagu, Humphrey.

Depoliticizing comparativism: From “Education for All” to “Universal Basic Education” in Nigeria
 Odugu, Desmond.

Depoliticizing history curriculum in Moldova and challenges to reform transference
 Anderson, Elizabeth.

Design and implementation of Chinese student loan program
 Wei, Jianguo.

Developing a comprehensive ECD program in Ethiopia: Lessons from three districts
 Elaheebocus, Nawsheen.

Developing and implementing a program-focused EGRA in local and national language in Guatemala
 Grajeda, Eva. and Adelman, Elizabeth.

Developing and implementing a program-focused EGRA where you do not speak the language of instruction
 Elaheebocus, Nawsheen. and Friedlander, Elliott.

Developing and implementing international learning experiences for the professions
 Benjamin, Scarlett.

Developing and integrating training in multi-grade contexts: Trainer and teacher capacity building
 Paulson, Rebecca.

Developing curriculum aligned test items to guide assessment of primary school students in Namibia
 Chen, Michelle.

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E-learning for development: a Moodle story
 Richards, Margaret.

E-learning to overcome the Japanese language barrier
 Edwards, Sarah.

EGRA Plus: Liberia, interventions to improve reading
 Korda, Medina.

Early childhood in Solomon Islands: An ethnographic exploration in Kahua
 Burton, Lindsay.
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Early risers and transnighters: High school students preparing for university entrance examination in Kenya
 Choti, Truphena.

East Asian regional higher education cooperation and integration: The role of regional organizations
 Anh, Nguyen.

East meets West: How teachers and students in Nepal develop cultural competency in seven schools
 Lee, Jeffrey.

Economics, governance, and culture: How they relate to secondary educational attainment
 Mela, Maham.

Educated unemployed: Story of mismatched resources, agendas and aspirations
 Mamedova, Saida.

Educating deaf students: Examining inclusion and segregation using models from Kenya and the United States
 Hayba, Erin.

Educating orphans in Zambia: A socio-political comparison of alternative institutional arrangements
 Kandiwa, Vongai.

Educating recently resettled refugee students in the US: The role of student attitudes toward language
 Way, Winmar.

Educating vulnerable women with integrated HIV prevention and microcredit/livelihoods approaches: Lessons learned from pilot programs in Senegal and Ghana
 Jones, Leah. and Dahlman, Lauren.

Education after Auschwitz in a United Germany: A comparative analysis of the teaching of the history of national socialism in East and West Germany
 Meseth, Wolfgang.

Education and Society and World Studies in Education
 Zajda, Joseph.

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Facilitation for professional development
 Karunaratne, Sunethra., Parker, Joyce., Lundeberg, Mary., Koehler, Matthew. and Eberhardt, Jan.

Factors associated with low achievement among pupils from Nairobi’s urban informal neighbourhoods
 Epari, Charles., Mutisya, Maurice., Ezeh, Alex., Oketch, Moses. and Ngware, Moses.

Factors influencing international students’ choice of universities: A country-specific analysis
 Wang, Xiaoyan.

Fighting stigma and discrimination in Ugandan schools
 Kasule, Muhammad.

Financial aid subsidy and cost-sharing erosion in China
 Yang, Po.

Financial model for Nicaragua using Stella iThink
 Porta, Emilio.

Financing labor force training in lifelong learning context in China
 Sun, Ruirui. and Yang, Po.

Finding best practices in technology adoption: Measuring factors impacting adoption in Cambodia
 Richardson, Jayson.

Finding the outliers: Effects of White supremacy on Blacks in the United States and South Africa
 Jackson, Clarence.

For those who dare teach: Culturally responsive pedagogy in the United States and South Africa
 Archung, Kim.

Foreign language learning as a social right and responsibility in a global democracy
 Kovalchuk, Serhiy.

Fostering global mindedness in international schools in the United States
 Gal, Diane. and King-Calnek, Judith.

Fostering organizational change and individual learning through mutually beneficial inter-institutional collaboration
 Austin, Ann. and Foxcroft, Cheryl.

From "children of the looms" to "shipbreakers": Child labor and education in Bangladesh
 Page, Hannah.

From aspiration to reality: Experiences of Kenyan high school students in the university-going process
 Choti, Truphena.

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Gender backlash in Kenya and South Africa: What do we know about its influence on girls’ educational participation?
 Hervish, Alexandra.

Gender dynamics and education in emergencies: Considering the experiences of women teachers and girls
 Winthrop-Gonzalez, Rebecca.

Gender equality in Ugandan secondary schools
 Howard, Martha. and Lowe, Bethany.

Gender gap of Chinese college graduates' choices and employment
 Cao, Xing.

Gender gaps in Arabic countries: The role of teacher and school variables narrowing the gap
 Leon, Juan., Youn, Min-Jong. and Lee, Kristen.

Gender mainstreaming: Concepts and goals
 Stacki, Sandra.

Gender parity above and beyond in Bangladesh : A case study
 Sultana, Farzana.

Gender, development, and migration: The Philippines, Mexico, and North Carolina
 Lew, Maria.

Gender, empowerment, and Uganda’s Universal Secondary Education reform
 Molyneaux, Kristen.

General education reform in Chinese universities: The perspective of organizational culture
 Zhang, Donghui.

Generational changes in children’s education based on the impact of the Initial Education Program in indigenous and rural communities in the states of Veracruz and Queretaro
 Garcia, Maria Cecilia.

German education: From academic discipline to intersecting field
 Amos, S. Karin.

German universities in transition: On the social dimension and reaffirmation of higher education as a public good
 Kiuppis, Florian.

Getting lost in translation: Formative assessment in Central Asia
 Stasz, Bird.

Ghanaian primary school teachers’ motivation towards “jugyou kenkyu” (lesson study)
 Matsumoto, Tomoko.

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HIV education in conflict, post-conflict and emergency contexts
 Jacob, W. James. and Ouattara, Yafflo.

Harvard Educational Review
 Blair, Elisabeth.

High stake language testing in China: Issues and implications for teachers
 Huang, Xianhan., Lee, Chi-Kin. and Lee, Yuk-Chun.

High-level, interactive projections for education
 Kim, HyeJin.

Higher education by distance: Opportunities and challenges at national and international levels
 Denman, Brian.

Higher education goes global: Internationalization of U.S. and Australian universities
 Oyler, Kaitlin.

Higher education in Uganda: The role of community colleges in educational deliver and reform
 Mugimu, Christopher.

Higher education in modern China: Storied experiences of students at the crossroads
 Anderson, Baaska. and Anderson, Stoerm.

Higher education under revision
 Fuguet, Antonio.

Higher education, gender and disciplinary clusters: Patterns in African distance learning and classical institutions
 Assie-Lumumba, N\'Dri.

Historical perspective on increasing educational requirements for nursing practice in the US and international application
 Goodwin, Sheilia.

History education and nation-building in Malaysia: The politics and practices in secondary school
 Lee-Lan, Wong.

History of Korean government policy response to shadow education
 Lee, Chong-Jae.

Holocaust lost: World War II historiography in Slovak textbooks pre- and post-1989
 Michaels, Deborah.

Home to school: A complex language encounter for young children in South Africa and Canada
 Cleghorn, Ailie. and Evans, Rinelle.

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IB IS: International baccalaureate or international business in China’s international schools
 Zhou, Zejun.

ICT in development education: Opportunities and limitations
 Sales, Greg.

ICT in secondary schools in Mukono, Uganda: A case study
 Hite, Steven. and Newby, Landon.

ICTs in the Education Support to Children in Underserved Populations (ESCUP) project in Cambodia
 Bredenberg, Kurt. and Sok Channa, Chhay.

Identifying cross-cultural commonalities for exceptional teaching: Finding the center
 Linden, Ileen.

Identity re-development: Impact of acceleration programs on students’ sense of accomplishment, belonging and engagement
 Finnan, Christine. and Kombe, Dennis.

Ideologies and technologies of literacy among youth in Limpopo Province, South Africa
 Babson, Andrew.

If they build it, we will come: Educational borrowing in the United Arab Emirates
 Kirk, Daniel.

Illusive ideologies: Model minority, transnationalism, and Korean-American working class students' broken dreams
 Lim, Jae Hoon.

Images of women in development: Raising awareness of global issues
 Wagner, Maryam. and Pike, Graham.

Imagined globalisation in Italian education: International horizons in initial teacher training
 Mincu, Monica.

Imagining Islam: Positioning, funding, and governance of Islam in Indonesia and Malaysia
 Welch, Anthony.

Impact evaluation studies of READ project and improvement on targeting mechanism for social assistance
 Dayan-Ochir, Khishigbuyan.

Impact of a systemic reform initiative on Egyptian teachers’ instructional practice: A longitudinal study
 Abd-El-Khalick, Fouad., Boyle, Helen. and Christina, Rachel.

Impact of investing on empowering adolescent girls: Evidence from the GEM Model of Pact Ethiopia
 Kassa, Bilen.

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Japanese language education policy toward increasing foreign students in Japanese societies with historical perspective
 Shimauchi, Sae.

Japanese preschool teachers’ perspectives on children’s fighting
 Hayashi, Akiko. and Mitsumura, Masatada.

Japanese technical cooperation to enhance teacher quality in developing countries: A multiple case study
 Ono, Yumiko.

Job satisfaction of vice-principals and its link to their desire for the principalship
 Kwan, Paula.

John Dewey and his effect in the making of Singapore curriculum
 Chen, Yang-Tien. and Kumarassamy, Jayanthy.


Kazakhstan: What is the cost of free education?
 Kalikova, Saule.

Kenyan women medical professionals and education on the “other side”: Program implementation for capacity building
 Daniels, Joseph.

Key practices that contribute to improved literacy outcomes in Egypt: Lessons for decentralizing adult literacy
 Yanulis, John.

Kindergarten teachers’ perceptions of the child-centred education in Mongolia
 Myagmar, Ariuntuya.

Kinship networks in immigrant communities: Increasing college access
 Ochoa, Amanda.

Kyrgyzstan: Effective models of early childhood education
 Gowani, Saima. and Aitikulova, Burulai.

Kyrgyzstan: Out of reach, or education access for children in remote areas
 Ivanov, Alexander.


Language Education for All? Probing into the public–private continuum of secondary schools in Guinea–Conakry
 Yerende, Eva.

Language as a tool in shaping the competitiveness of higher education: Cases from the Baltic States
 Kasa, Rita.

Language attitudes and instruction
 Mohd Sidek, Harison.

Language issues in educational policy relating to cultural and ethnic minority students in South Korea
 Park, Heejin.

Language-based dual track tuition policy in Egypt: Equity and quality implications
 Sabry, Manar.

Language-in-education policy in a globalizing world: US perspectives
 Mason, Leah.

Leaders converge: School principal preparation in the United States and Azerbaijan
 Magno, Cathryn.

Learning at the internationalized campus: Interaction between local and international students
 Chu, Huijung., Kim, Soohong., Shin, Hyun-Seok. and Reyes, Pedro.

Learning environments across cultures: The case of Japan's Kanto region
 Chemsak, Stephen.

Learning from a unique case: Cultural identity in post-democratic Taiwanese elementary schools
 Hsu, Ming-Chu.

Learning from others: Pre-service teacher education programs in Singapore and Finland
 Scheib, Kurt.

Learning from video enabled ethnography: Research and teaching
 Skukauskaite, Audra.

Learning to teach in American universities: Struggles of Chinese graduate assistants
 Fu, Jing.

Legitimizing peace education in Israel: Measuring success in institutional terms
 Ross, Karen.

Lenses on learning: Challenges and promises for new school leadership in Jordan
 Coupe, Jeffrey.

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Madrasas and Pakistan's education objectives: Western media misrepresentations and recommendations for reform
 McClure, Kevin.

Mainstreaming at the margins: Institutionalizing experts and expertise in the context of development
 Kelly, Kristy.

Making secondary education in Haiti relevant for the globalization era
 Payen, Valerie.

Managing curriculum reform across languages
 Byamugisha, Albert. and Opolot, Martin.

Managing organizational change during institutional upheaval: Bosnia-Herzegovina’s higher education in transition
 Tiplic, Dijana.

Mapping human capitals in firm creation process: Job creation, an alternative approach to youth unemployment
 Yamamoto, Yukiko.

Materials development for rural schools in Senegal and Gambia
 Kahando, Sarah.

Maximizing the first year experience for international undergraduate students in the U.S.
 Jang, Ji-Yeung.

Measuring attainment, quality, equality and empowerment through CARE's PCTFI Common Indicator Framework
 Meagher, Margaret. and Miske, Shirley.

Measuring the research performance of Chinese higher education institutions: An application of data envelopment analysis
 Yu, Li.

Media, Brazilian youth, and cultural memory
 Fischer, Rosa.

Merit pay for teachers: A comparative study between mainland China and the United States
 Liang, Guodong.

Migration for education: Case studies from Shaanxi, China and Ladakh, India
 Shah, Payal. and Lou, Jingjing.

Migration nation: Intercultural education and anti-racism as symbolic violence in Celtic tiger Ireland
 Bryan, Audrey.

Min(d)ing the orphans: African crises, rescue institutions, and the economy of orphanhood
 Rehman, Anila.

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Nalanda University: Challenging the origins of comparative and international education
 Schuckmman, Hugh.

Nation-state building by travelling reforms and experts: Reception of German teacher and military training-models during 19th century in Chile
 Alarcón López, Cristina.
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National and Global: The history of research and international collaboration at University of Dar es Salaam
 Jamison, Amy.
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National development, higher education and knowledge transfer: The contrasting cases of Argentina, Mexico and South Korea
 Hanson, E Mark.

National identity represented in high school history textbooks from Taiwan and mainland China
 Lin, Lin. and Chang, Hsueh-chun.

National security ideologies and language education policy: Developing a framework for comparative analysis
 Bale, Jeffrey.

Negotiating AIM missionary discourses: A counter-narrative of mission-school history in northwestern Tanzania
 Maganda, Fabian.

Negotiating identity between multiple worlds: The stories of Iraqi immigrant adolescent girls
 Naserdeen, Daad. and Seay, Nancy.

New challenges to Malawi teacher training: An analysis of Malawi Integrated In-service Teacher Education Program (MIITEP)
 Kawaguchi, Jun.

New curriculum towards effective HIV prevention for adolescents in Lesotho
 Watanuki, Maika.

New policy approaches toward forming indigenous education teachers in Latin America
 Tanner, Paul.

 Bradaschia, Leila.

No Child Left Behind: Public schools and private companies appropriate Supplemental Educational Services in NYC
 Koyama, Jill.

No more cutting class? Reducing teacher absence and improving performance
 Rogers, F. Halsey. and Vegas, Emiliana.

No peace without equity in Palestine/Israel: The role of education
 Bruhn, Christa.

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Obstacles to understanding and implementing student-centered methods: The case of Madagascar.
 Antal, Carrie.

Of Borders, Benevolence and Bombs: Towards a Post-Imperial International Comparative Education
 Kamat, Sangeeta.

Old wine in a new bottle? A study of students’ rights to appeal in China
 Zhang, Ran.

On being a white African woman
 Berkhout, Susara J..

On the importance of piloting
 Gudmundsdottir, Greta Bjork. and Brock-Utne, Birgit.

One SNIPP at a time: Learning conflict transformation from the “other” in Northern Ireland
 Scott, Dominic.

One size does not fit all: A case study of the spread of OpenCourseWare to India, China and Japan.
 Håklev, Stian.

One world, one dream: Olympic education in China
 Xiao, Jie.

Online learning in the open universities of India and China: A comparison of responses to globalization
 Perris, Kirk.

Opportunities and constraints in civic actions: The tensions between reform ideals and teacher lived discourses
 Skukauskaite, Audra.

Opportunity knocking on the door of life: Consequences on meeting the goal of EFA in a remote Mpoti village
 Prouty Harris, Diane.

Opportunity to Learn: Beyond money matters and assessment in Guatemala
 Ortiz, Julio.

Overcoming inequality: Why governance matters
 Benavot, Aaron.

Overseas Japanese middle school students' perspectives on dealing with bullying in the classroom
 Mitsumura, Masatada.

Oxford Review of Education
 Walford, Geoffrey.


PISA: Explaining the test score increase in math over time In Indonesia
 Porta, Emilio.

 Jehan, Mehnaz.

Pakistan: A collaborative and localized model of early child development programme development and implementation
 Shallwani, Sadaf., Rizvi, Zahra. and Amin, Arif.

Panacea or straitjacket: A qualitative researcher reflects on a randomized trial in Afghanistan
 Burde, Dana.

Parental Preparedness in Observing Young Children: Cultural Variations Between African American and Black Canadian Parents
 Wilson, Clancie.

Parental involvement in the development of literacy skills. What can Latin America learn from other countries?
 Pulgar, Siury.

Parental participation in school life: The case of Kosovo
 Pupovci, Dukagjin.

Parental participation under free primary education (FPE) policy and educational decentralization: Policy and practice in Malawi
 Shojo, Mari.

Part 1 Policy and practice in mother tongue-based education: Comparing Ethiopia with Southeast Asia
 Benson, Carolyn.

Participatory Research
 Rawley, Christina.

Paths toward framing and establishing multicultural and intercultural education
 Sutton, Margaret. and Pizmony-Levy, Oren.

Peace Corps volunteers: Educators and public diplomats in Latin America
 McGivern, Martha.

Peace Education in the context of intractable conflict: Implications for peace education in Afghanistan
 Nanda, Mangala. and Kidwai, Huma.

Peace education and culturally responsive evaluation: Emerging theory and practice
 Stokes, Helga.

Pedagogical approach towards socially and economically disadvantaged children: An analysis of education-based non-governmental organizations
 Wu, Ke.

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Quality education in emergencies: Lessons from Afghanistan
 Howell, Holly.

Questioning constructivist pedagogies in Uganda
 Craig, Marie.

Questioning participation: Exploring discourses and practices of community participation in education reform in Tanzania
 Taylor, Aleesha.


RWCT: Contributions to in-service teacher training in over thirty countries
 Kovacs, Maria.

Radomized experimental research
 Thornton, Rebecca.

Rates of return to investments in education at different educational levels in countries at different levels of development
 Lozano, Ricardo.

Re-thinking comparison: Situating Comparative and International Education (CIE) as a discursive field
 Chakraborty, Sarbani.

Read Alouds in Calca, Peru: Culturally congruent literacy practices
 Neugebauer, Sabina.

Reading intervention in Afghanistan
 Danish, Shoaib.

Realizing the power within: The CARE girls’ leadership model
 Baric, Stephanie.

Rebuilding the memory of the Peruvian curriculum reform between 1997 and 2005: The case of secondary education
 Neira, Paul. and Rodrich, Heidi.

Recipes for active citizenship: A comparison of service learning programs and community service requirements
 Horner, Kaylan.

Recognizing the three poisonous minds of greed, ignorance and hatred for peace education: A Tibetan perspective
 Luo, Jia.

Reconceptualizing sport for development and peace
 Kwauk, Christina.

Reflections on the impact that CONAFE’s Home Schooling Initial Education Program in two northeastern states in Mexico
 Lopez, Oresta.

Reform and Reconstruction: Post-Conflict Education in South Africa, Northern Ireland and Sierra Leone
 Fogle-Donmoyer, Amanda.

Reform and professional identities in Mexico: The case of the Mexican public secondary school
 Parga, Lucila.

Reform and resistance: United States professional development in Russian classrooms
 Pearson, Donna.

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SMCs: A proxy for mobilizing communities for education?
 Rashid, Abbas., Zafar, Fareeha. and Muzaffar, Irfan.

Salamanca Statement, IDEA 2004, and social justice: A critical comparison
 Hunt, Paula.

Sampling and analysis issues when testing across languages: The case of the UNITY Project in Uganda
 Bertrand, Richard.

Scaling up early childhood development? A review and analysis of education sector plans in Africa
 Neuman, Michelle. and Zafeirakou, Aigly.

School behavior and yardstick competition: Evidence from Chile´s national voucher program
 Elacqua, Gregory.

School choice policies in Korea
 Kim, Wang Jun. and Kim, Sungki.

School dropout in basic education in the Philippines: Accountability and partnership
 Abuso, Julian.

School infrastructure and teaching and learning experiences in South Africa
 Amsterdam, Christina.

School leaders' perceptions of Emotional Intelligence and how it affects their professional practice
 Krugliak Lahat, Yaffa.

School leadership and mathematics achievement in sub-Saharan Africa: A comparison of direct and indirect effects
 Rew, William. and Luschei, Thomas.

School management committees benefits and costs: Results of studies and psychological research
 Abadzi, Helen.

School principals’ perceptions on parental participation in school life
 Pop, Daniel.

School quality, school characteristics, and mathematics achievement in South Korea and Hong Kong
 Han, Seunghee.

School quality, so what? Educating for the workforce in Morocco
 Muskin, Joshua.

School resources, home background, and mathematics achievement in Southern and Eastern Africa
 Smith, Thomas. and DeBoer, Jennifer.

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Taking undergraduates to developing countries: Princeton University experience
 Lockheed, Marlaine.

Teacher and student resistance in Argentine universities and its consequences: A new social agenda
 Llomovatte, Silvia.

Teacher commitment and motivation in the context of the Mexican Quality Schools initiative
 Garcia-Horta, Jose.

Teacher mathematics knowledge and its representation: A case study of four Romanian elementary teachers and their instruction on place value
 Tanase, Madalina.

Teacher pensions: A cross-national comparison
 Smith, Elizabeth.

Teacher policy: A framework for comparative study and analysis
 Tatto, Maria Teresa.

Teacher professionalism and education reform in Romania
 Popa, Simona.

Teacher responsibilities and compensation schemes in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
 Gill, Algerlynn.

Teacher salary reform in the Russian Federation: 2003-2008
 Weeks-Earp, Erin.

Teacher-teacher interaction and math achievement of 8th graders: A study of TIMSS 2003 data
 Peng, Art.

Teachers and students in India’s government middle schools: Policy, practice, and gender
 Stacki, Sandra.

Teachers at my college: Who are they and how do we interact?
 Cen, Yuhao.

Teachers in contexts of emergency and state fragility
 Winthrop-Gonzalez, Rebecca.

Teachers unions and education coalitions research the quality of education using REFLECT (adult education) methodology
 Bbaale, Pedison.

Teachers, schools, and academic achievement in 25 countries: Evidence from the 2003 TIMSS
 Chudgar, Amita. and Luschei, Thomas.

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U.S.-Korean youths in the era of globalization and transnational migration
 Ahn, So Hyun.

UNESCO and higher education: Opportunity or impasse?
 Mundy, Karen. and Madden, Meggan.

USEful Exams? A qualitative case study of implementation of the Unified State Examination in Russia.
 Shonia, Olga.
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Undefined boundaries: The state-university relationship in academic governance in China
 Wang, Xin.

Understanding engineering education in regional economic context: Comparative case study of Soochow University (China) and San Jose State University (US)
 Hu, Chunling.

University admission versus governmental policy: Reviewing the human rights of international students abroad
 Washington, Brad.

University and media discourse in Brazil
 Sales, Sandra.

University governance: Questions for Vietnam
 Pham, Ly.

University policies and strategies to promote the publication of scientific academic journals in Colombia and Venezuela
 Delgado, Jorge.
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 [009] [010] [011]

Urban agriculture and schools in Cuba: State policies and local impacts
 Bucher, Katie.

Use of participatory action research to study indigenous social networks
 Semali, Ladislaus.


Values discourse in Jordan: Constructions of citizenship in the knowledge economy education reform era
 Kubow, Patricia.

Variations of Chinese elementary teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge and its influence on their teaching
 Wang, Jian.

Vietnamese Montagnard refugee high school students’ perspectives on culture, education, and opportunity
 Thorstensson, Liv.

Village movement and township school policy change in Tibet
 Olson, Paul. and Luo, Jia.

Village voices, modern choices: Village girls go to school in Turkey, Tanzania, and Turkmenistan
 Anderson, Rachel.

Violence and education: A look at Colombia's reintegration process
 Guzman, Catalina.

Visual anthropology and education research
 Heider, Karl.

Vulnerable children in northern Thailand: Human rights and access to quality education
 Vachatimanont, Vimonmas.

Vying for voice: The mobilization dynamics of education-based language activism in France
 Heidemann, Kai.


WKRT in Conakry: Leapfrogging democratic governance through post-bureaucratic education?
 Swift-Morgan, Jennifer.

Walking the talk: The multi-year, mixed methods design
 Miller-Idriss, Cynthia.

We are facing a lack of adequate in-service support: Teacher training in Zambia
 Thomas, Carolyn.

Western academia and Eastern learners: The influence of culture on learning styles of university students in a Middle Eastern university
 Thomas, Janet.

Western education in the Arabian Gulf: The benefits and cost of reform
 Gaipo-Mrabet, Juliana.

What Polish school textbooks teach about the United States
 Jakubielski, Lorraine.

What are the natives doing? A postcolonial performative analysis of Canadian elementary textbooks
 Zambon, Michael.

What can a girl (in Rwanda or South Africa) do with a camera? Girl-method within girlhood studies
 Mitchell, Claudia.

What could we teach each other? Comparing espoused values of schools in USA and Uganda
 Walugembe, Frederick.

What does Russia know about its teachers and what can it learn from TALIS?
 Lenskaya, Elena.

What fuels the rapid growth of internationally mobile students? A trend analysis of enrollment, field of study and level of study
 Chien, Chiao-ling.

What government policies for what private tutoring? Learning from cross-national comparisons
 Bray, Mark.

What quality of primary education are children in urban schools receiving? Evidence from Nairobi
 Ngware, Moses., Oketch, Moses. and Ezeh, Alex.
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 [025] [026] [027]

What’s so promising? The challenges of learning from “best practices” in child labor projects
 Miller, Vachel.

When global 'best practices’ meet local constructions of knowledge: Lessons from the Bolivian Chaco
 Heaton, Lisa.

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Youth and visual culture: Approaches to understand the contemporary visual subject
 Feldens Schwertner, Suzana.

Youth education and occupations: Today and projected to 2025
 Wils, Annababette.


Zambian teachers' perceptions of expert teaching: Resourcefulness, punctuality, and sobriety
 Thomas, Matthew.

Zooming in or out? The value of regional studies to inform national ICT for education policy
 Lucas Pouezevara, Sarah. and Strigel, Carmen.
53rd Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2009-Mar-21 to 2009-Mar-27
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