54th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2010-Feb-28 to 2010-Mar-06

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"Aprendamos"...una oportunidad para superarnos (let's learn... an opportunity to excel)
 Valdivieso, Miguel Angel.

"Global trends and local challenges in medical education: A policy analysis on Mongolia"
 Tsogbadrakh, Khishigbayar.

"International benchmarking" and the creation of common core standards: A skeptical view
 Drummond, Todd.

"New" literacy practices in the classroom
 Maddox, Mitchell.

1.1 Declining Productivity in the U.S.?
 Cummings, William.

1.1 Title: The Concept of Harmonious Society and Development and Problems in Chinese Education
 Lin, Jing.

2.1 Title: Harmonious Society and Migrants and Their Children
 Pan, Yali.

21st Century Challenges to Caribbean Education: The Impact of Migration on the Region’s Curricula
 Reis, Michele.

3.1. Title: Public Relations Education and the Building of a Harmonious Society
 Zhang, Ai.

4.1 Title: Building up the Harmonious Society through Helping At-Risk Students: A Case Study in Shanghai, China
 Zhou, Yanyu. and Liu, Jinghai.

5.1 Title: Building a National Spirit through Sports
 Xiao, Jie.

: ‘Asia and the Pacific Higher Education Area’?--Trends of international student mobility in the region
 Chien, Chiao-ling.

'Iron Sharpen Iron’: Creative arts as education in Barbados
 Lashley, Dionne.

'World Culture' with Chinese Characteristics: Continuities in Chinese Appropriations of Global Educational Models and Ideas
 Schulte, Barbara.

‘Global Regionalisation’ and higher education policy in (and about) Africa
 Stambach, Amy. and Benbow, Ross.

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A Chinese civil society in the making? Civic perceptions and civic participation of university students
 Tu, Yuxin.

A Cosmopolitanized University Education: Updating Humboldt
 McCarty, Luise.

A Critical Discourse Analysis of the National Kindergarten Curriculum of South Korea: Early Education Standards Governing Children, Families, and Teachers
 Jahng, Kyung Eun.

A New Conceptual Framework: Structural Transitions
 Kagan, Sharon Lynn.

A New Evidence on Teacher Moonlighting in Thailand
 Tongliemnak, Pumsaran.

A Peripheral Side of Compulsory Education: The Case of Marginalized Groups in Thailand
 Roungchai, Chaitut.

A Shift in Development Work: Both Sides of Gender
 Russell, Cambria.

A brighter future: Designing a career planning program for secondary school girls in Malawi
 McConnell, Christin. and Wolf, Anna.

A case of support: The Education Reform Project, Professional Academy for Teachers and the Teacher Cadre
 Youssif, Yasser.

A case of the global-local dialect: Decentralization and teacher training in Banten, Indonesia
 Young, Michael.

A clinical study of private tutorship: Trends, legality, tradeoffs, stakeholders and lost trust
 Orkodashvili, Mariam.

A comparative study of accreditation in the university evaluations in Taiwan and Japan
 Chen, Jolene.

A comparative study of college engagement between A University (China) and B University (Japan)
 Chen, Qiongqiong.

A comparison among student learners learning online in the national open universities of India and China
 Perris, Kirk.

A comparison of Inuit community perspectives in Nunavut, Canada and Yughur, Tibetan and Mongolian perspectives in Sunan Yughur Autonomous County, Gansu.
 Bahry, Stephen.

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Balancing social control and social cohesion: The case of three secondary school communities in Johannesburg
 Lancaster, Illana.

Balwadis/Anganwadis: Linking existing educational services with microfinance
 Lozano, Ricardo.

Barriers to accessing education in conflict-affected fragile states: Global context and local realities
 Dryden-Peterson, Sarah. and Koons, Cynthia.

Beginning Reading Instruction in Kenya
 dubeck, Peggy.

Benchmarking faculty evaluation of teaching in Chinese top-tier institutions with U.S. elite institutions
 Chen, Qianyi. and Yeager, John.

Benefits of early childhood interventions across the world: (Under)investing in the very young
 Nores, Milagros. and Barnett, W..

Betty Reardon’s cosmopolitan and transformational philosophy of peace education
 Snauwaert, Dale.

Between change and stability: Conceptualizing social movements in education
 Bucher, Katie., Cantrell, Dustin., Harger, Brent., Pizmony-Levy, Oren., Ross, Karen. and Treadwell, Brooke.

Between imposed policy and voluntary borrowing: Shanxi University 1902–1911
 Li, Aisi.

Beyond NSSE-China: Looking deep to link student engagement and learning outcomes in Chinese colleges
 Cen, Yuhao.

Beyond professional compliance: Embracing diversity and inclusion through the values dimension of teacher education
 Moran, Anne.

Beyond the Dichotomy of Exam-Oriented and Quality-Oriented Education: Rural Students’ Perspective on the New Curriculum
 Lou, Jingjing.

Beyond the Examination? Negotiating Reform Policies of College Entrance Examination in China
 Wang, Yimin.

Beyond the color zone: An international study of cultural identity in post
 Hsu, Ming-Chu.

Bilingual primary education in Guatemala: The reality of classroom instruction
 Greebon, Deborah.

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CARE, International’s gender indicators and instruments: A comparison of items
 Wiger, Nancy.

California’s Fault Line: How Immigrant and Migrant Students Still Lag Behind
 Sattarzadeh, Sahar.

Can TV save education? The promise and challenges of using mass media to promote education in Pakistan
 Rashid, Abbas., Awan, Ayesha., Zafar, Fareeha. and Salahuddin, Aliya.

Can We Learn to Live in Peace?
 Vambheim, Vidar.

Can free primary education achieve universal primary education? A study of the intersections of social exclusion, gender and education in Kenya.
 Obiero, Judith.

Can school incentives and accountability improve skills in the Middle East and North Africa? The cases of Jordan and Tunisia
 Shafiq, M. Najeeb.

Can “Chinese fever” exist in America? A question of habitat
 Sun, Jinai. and Shouse, Roger.

Carrot, Stick, or Fig(ment of imagination)? The role of EU membership aspirations in education policy reform and practice in Albania and Moldova
 and Meg Gardinier, Elizabeth Anderson Worden.

Case Studies of Exemplary Transition Initiatives
 Tarrant, Kate.

Challenges and Opportunities for M&E in Assessing Complex Social System Change
 Hartwell, Ash.

Challenges and confusions under education reform: How Cambodian teachers interpret and practice a student-centered curriculum
 Ogisu, Takayo.

Challenges for adoption of child-friendly approaches in classroom: Evidence from YMBEP 2009 baseline survey
 guo, jiao. and Zhang, Ying.

Challenges of adopting the use of technology in less developed countries: The case of Cambodia
 Richardson, Jayson.

Challenges of creating sustainable cross-border higher education program: A case of Japanese national university’s online graduate school
 Takeuchi, Ai.

Change in perspective: Policy borrowing and the fate of an early childhood initiative
 Krywko, Krystyann.

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De La Salle Lipa and the Book Mobile Reading Program (BMRP)
 Abansi, Corazon.

Decentralization and Market Mechanisms in Education - Examples from Six European Countries
 Daun, Holger.

Declining Productivity or Different Venues: The Russian Case
 Bain, Olga.

Declining rates of primary school completion in Zimbabwe
 Bach, Julia.

Decolonizing education in diverse societies: Developments in Bolivia and Brazil
 Lopes Cardozo, Mieke. and Soeterik, Inti.

Decolonizing educational and development platforms in Sub-Saharan Africa
 Abdi, Ali.

Deconstructing comparison: Towards a new comparative scholarship of Japanese education
 Takayama, Keita.

Deconstructing governance in ESL education: A comparative study in Canada and the United States
 Fu, Jing.

Degrees of Acceptability and University Access in Japan: Focus on International Students and Schools
 Swartz, Morgan.

Demand-side inputs for education quality: micro-level analysis of studying time at home and household expenditure on learning materials in rural Indonesia
 Yuki, Takako.

Determinants of academic achievements of migrant children in China: A multi-level analysis
 Cheng, Henan.

Developing Institutional Process Indicators: the validity of NSSE-China scalelets
 Luo, Yan.

Developing Multi-level Curricula for Education in Emergencies at the University of Nairobi
 Gichuhi, Loise.

Developing a meaningful educational research agenda: Challenges facing an east african university
 Biraimah, Karen.

Developing formula indicators based on AHP for financing Korean universities
 Kim, Byoungjoo.

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EGRA in Liberia – from Assessment to Intervention
 Korda, Medina., Davidson, Marcia. and Collins, Ollie.

Early Grade Reading Assessments: Evolution and implementation to date
 Gove, Amber.

Early Literacy and Math Education Reform in Macedonia: The Context
 Holdgreve-Resendez, Richard.

Early reading in Liberia: Challenges for implementation of a teacher professional development program
 Collins, Ollie.

Educating across borders: How transnational Ghanaian migrants compare educational systems
 Coe, Cati.

Educating for Multicultural Citizenship: Tensions between Supranational and National Intentions and Educational Practice in Germany.
 Hinderliter Ortloff, Debora.

Educating newly arrived immigrant students: Teachers’ perceptions of purposes, rights, and pedagogy
 Richardson, Scott.

Educating the Educators – Past and Present
 Amos, S. Karin.

Educating the non-citizen child: The politics of compassion and belonging in the UK
 Pinson, Halleli., Arnot, Madeleine. and Candappa, Mano.

Education Financing: Challenging % GDP
 Guadalupe, Cesar.

Education For All–Fast Track initiative: Evidence of impact on education indicators
 Thiam, Mamadou.

Education Management for School Literacy Improvement
 Aheto-Tsegah, Charles. and Leherr, Kay.

Education Rights Advocacy: The Possibilities And Challenges For Research
 Vally, Salim.

Education and Muslims in France: Contradictions in social equality
 Leahy, Patrick.

Education and Peacebuilding: New Approaches to Education and Social Well-Being
 Helsing, Jeff.

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Factors behind the Emerging Stratification of China’s Private Institutions
 Guo, Li.

Factors for mathematics performance difference among the first, second and third generation Asian American students
 cheng, qiang., Wang, Jian., Lin, Emily., Liu, Siping., Shi, Qingmin. and GAO, SU.

Factors that enhance institutional participation in European university networks
 Tamtik, Merli.

Families or Schools? Which has a greater influence on children's education?: A case study in Lesotho
 Backman, Stephen.

Family educational expenditures and student’s academic achievements in Taiwan
 Lai, Shu-Ya., Ho, Hsuan-fu. and Tsai, Yi-Ching.

Family stories and memories of competitive education in Japan
 Yoshino, Makiko.

Fast-Track literacy for EFA: What Is your advice for improving learning outcomes in low-income countries by 2015?
 Abadzi, Helen.

Female Ph.D. completion in the United States: Social and academic interactions with faculty, research productivity, and field of study differences
 Yoshimura, Miki.

Female immigrants’ maternal involvement in their children’s education and education policy in South Korea
 Park, Heejin.

Female principals' leadership in elementary and junior high schools among Taiwan, Japan and South Korea
 Huang, Yueh-Chun., Wu, Huan-Hung., Lu, Su-Yu. and Chang, Wen-Chen.

Financial crisis to higher education in China: Predicament or opportunity?
 Rong, Liying.

Financing community polytechnics in Uganda: A social cost-benefit analysis
 Mugimu, Christopher. and Cullinane, Jenna.

Finding Transformational Opportunities for Advancing Peace Education among Alternative Institutional Structures
 Grayzel, John. and Oxford, Rebecca.

Finding culture in American and Russian teachers’ talk about standardized testing
 Ignatieva, Raisa.

Flourishing And Justice: Reimagining a More Humane Education
 Brighouse, Harry.

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Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN)
 Kosciw, Joseph.

Gender Equity in Science Education in China
 Mi, Guangchun.

Gender and racial disparities in college attendance plans: The mediating effect of institutional capital
 Reed, Katie. and Leon, Juan.

Gender in Anthropology and Comparative Education
 Hurtig, Janise.

Gender in the European Union’s development aid policy
 Cortina, Regina.

Gender mainstreaming in higher education in Uganda
 Blaise, Jean.

Gender, household work and care: A contribution to the Lebanese economy
 Naserdeen, Da`ad.

Gender, nation, and sexuality: Challenging heteronormativity through Philippine educational migration
 Lew, Maria.

General education in Confucian China: A comparative-historical examination
 Dong, Chengwu. and Zhang, Donghui.

Getting a Bilingual Mainstream Education Overseas: Japanese Sojourners’ Linguistic and Academic Balancing Act
 Langager, Mark.

Ghana’s National Literacy Acceleration Program
 Agyeman-Duah, Sarah. and Sam-Bossman, Emmanuel.

Girls to School in Southeastern Turkey: Gaining Ground for Daughters, Mothers & Leaders
 Anderson, Rachel.

Girls' Work in Tanzania: Results from a Multi-Method Study
 Lihwa, Flavian.

Girls' workload: A synthesis of contemporary research
 Yang, Li., Greene, Elizabeth. and Vu, Lisa.

Girls’ education among Pakistan’s Pashtun communities: The interplay of networks and agency amid social crisis
 Miric, Suzanne.

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HEd reforms in Kazakhstan: Developing a model of competences for university graduates
 Abdygapparova, Saule.

Health literacy in Timor-Leste (East Timor)
 Ishikawa, Wakako.

Hear my voice: A product of the educational system
 Wilson, Clancie.

High and Steady Productivity in Japan
 Arimoto, Akira.

Higher Education Competitiveness In Egypt: Achieving Better Quality and Better Equity
 Lewis, Andrew.

Higher Education and a New Regionalism in Latin America: the UNILA Project
 Motter, Paulino. and Gandin, Luis.

Higher Education in Latvia – Attractiveness of an Academic Career
 Dedze, Indra.

Higher education and employment in Mexico
 Vasquez, Claudio., Contreras, Angelica. and Cuevas, Enrique.

Higher education and languages in East Asia Region - Central focus on and international student policy and student mobility
 Shimauchi, Sae.

Higher education governance for quality enhancement: coercive, mimetic and manipulative forces in institutional isomorphism
 Orkodashvili, Mariam.

Higher education policy diffusion in Korea: impact of government support, school characteristics, and local government
 Chu, Huijung.

Higher education-job market collusion: Postsecondary access, study loans and corruption in post-soviet countries
 Orkodashvili, Mariam.

Historical research on national system of honors for excellent teachers: from 3000 B. C. to 1949
 ZHU, Xu Dong.

History Education Reform, Transitional Justice and Transformation of Identities
 Cole, Elizabeth.

History of the processes of feminization of teaching, challenges for analyzing the past and future of education.
 López, Oresta.

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I Want a Good Future: Post-compulsory Education, Girls’ Aspirations and Expectations, and Empowerment
 Wang, Lei.

ICT Application to Schools: From the Data Analysis of FTI-ICT Initiatives
 Yamaguchi, Shinobu. and Dondov, Binderiya.

ICT as a Catalyst for Improving Classroom Instruction
 Boyle, Helen.

ICT in education and eWaste: How can we act responsibly, starting now?
 Lucas Pouezevara, Sarah.

ICTs and life-long learning among rural women in Vietnam
 Tranviet, Thuy.

Identities other than outsiders: Asian students' identities formation in Canadian higher education
 Wang, Lijuan.

Identity and the English language in Malaysia: Implications for English language policies in Malaysia and beyond
 Sanchez, Amanda.

Identity on the move -- An exploration of Taiwanese adolescent cross-strait transmigration, education, and identification
 Wang, Hsiang-ning.

Ideological framework of higher education reform in South Korean
 Jeong, Moon Sook.

Ideology, politics and effectiveness of Critical pedagogy as the teaching of African history in Salvador de Bahia-Brazil
 Martinez Restrepo, Susana.

Imagining a transformed UNESCO with learning at its core
 Benavot, Aaron.

Imagining comparative education for a multicultural world that is ecologically sane
 Kobayashi, Victor.

Imagining comparative education in a post-foundational world
 Rust, Val.

Imagining the new Brazilian university. What the weeklies say about inequalities in Higher Education.
 Sales, Sandra. and Fischman, Gustavo.

Immigrant Students' Sense of Belonging at School in 41 Countries: Country, Family, School, and Student Factors
 Pong, Suet-Ling., Chiu, Ming Ming. and Mori, Izumi.

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Japanese Preschool Teachers’ Beliefs on Social Emotional Development
 Hayashi, Akiko.

Japanese arts education–Don’t cut the craft out of art education
 Morrone, Michelle. and Matsuyama, Yumi.

Japanese cultural representations: Cultural dichotomies in US classrooms
 Wallitsch, Kristen Nakamura.

Junior high school raising funds in Taiwan: Investigating in donation motive
 Yu, Kuo-Chen., Ding, Jyh-Chyuan., Ho, Hsuan-fu. and Wang, Hung-Pao.


Kanji acquisition among language minority students in Japan
 Butler, Yuko.

Kindergarten for Aboriginal children in Canada and the United States, 1880s to 1920s
 Prochner, Larry.

Knowing, Comparatively
 Vavrus, Frances. and Bartlett, Lesley.

Korean parents’ perceptions of education and success reflected in the shadow education phenomenon
 Lee, Soo Kyoung.


Labor market outcomes for student borrowers and non-borrowers after the graduation from the tertiary education in Latvia: Focus on gender, age, and ethnicity
 Ait Si Mhamed, Ali. and Kasa, Rita.

Land-grant extension as a global endeavor: Connecting knowledge and international development
 Collins, Christopher.

Language Learning in the Early Grades: Bilingual Education in Remote Cambodia
 Watt, Ron. and Noorlander, Jan.

Language learning and study abroad
 Kim, Hee Sun.

Language of Instruction for Reading – From Policy to Practice
 Miksic, Emily.

Language, culture, and power: The challenges of inquiry in global higher education
 Jun, Alexander.

Languages, scripts, and numeral systems in the cross-cultural assessment of basic reading competencies
 Cardoso, Manuel.

Learning and Cost Effectiveness of Expenditures on Education
 Wolff, Laurence.

Learning communities for later life: A developing phenomenon
 Neidy, Jon.

Learning from, with, and for communities: Transformational international education for the twenty-first century
 Silverman, Ph.D, Michael. and Mangis, Philip.

Learning qualitative research in doctoral education: Opportunities that enable different ways of thinking
 Gonzalez, Angela. and Skukauskaite, Audra.

Learning standards development in five Latin American countries
 Ferrer, Guillermo.

Learning to Read in Malian Primary Schools: Three different linguistic pathways for beginning readers
 Samaké, Bakari.

Learning to be Deaf in Kindergartens in Three Cultures
 Valente, Joseph.

Learning to read a second language: teaching assistants support ethnic minority children’s learning in Vietnam.
 Pearce, Elizabeth. and Thao, Dinh Phuong.

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Maintaining employability of aging workers
 Bohlinger, Sandra.

Making Ethnography Central to Comparison: The Vertical Case Study Approach
 Bartlett, Lesley.

Making compulsory education fairer in China: The role of education policy
 peng, caixia.

Malian perspectives on work and marginialization of girls
 Elmeski, Mohammed. and Cisse, Kadidia.

Malian teachers’ and students’ beliefs about reading and reading instruction: Challenges to reforming reading instruction
 Evans, Norma.

Managing the teacher labour market: The case of South Africa
 Irving, Margaret.

Mapping the terrain of the global competition phenomenon
 Portnoi, Laura., Bagley, Sylvia. and Rust, Val.

Marginalization of the Majority: Ethnic Minority Girls’ Education, Work and Contributions to Society in Northwestern China
 Maslak, Mary Ann.

Marketization principles in higher education institutions: Analysis of the dual track policy in Ghana
 Atuahene, Francis.

Masculinity Vs. Education: The Case of Rwandan Youth
 Sommers, Marc.

Masculinity in Pashtunwali: Religion versus tradition and the mediating role of education
 Khan, Jehanzaib.

Mass media as a consciousness-raising tool? A case study of media representations on the deportation of a Filipino family from Japan
 Bessho, Yuko.

Maternal education and child health: Is there a strong causal relationship?
 Smith, Emily Grace.

Math and science education in India, China and the US: A comparative study
 Ahmad, Seher. and Brooks, Lillian.

Measuring Time on Task: Tools for National Assessments of time Use in the Classroom
 Abadzi, Helen.

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NGOs in Haiti: Measures of Success
 Blatt, Alexandra.

National education strategic planning in Afghanistan: Achievements, challenges, lessons
 Javad, Mohammad.

National guidelines for sustainability education: China and Brazil in comparative perspective
 Abdenur, Adriana.

National identity and the politics of the Greek history textbook in the early modern Greek school.
 Zervas, Theodoros.

National policy implications of international test results in Latin America: the case of six countries participating in the OECD´s PISA and UNESCO´s SERCE
 Martínez Rizo, Felipe.

Needing culture: Overseas trained teachers & the architects of the J-1 exchange
 Brown, Kara.

Negotiating identities: school experiences of Latino immigrants in Buenos Aires and in Madrid
 Beech, Jason. and Bravo-Moreno, Ana.

New International Liberal Arts Education in Japan
 Matsuda, Ryohei.

New concepts of computer literacy for teachers in Taiwan
 Lin, Yu-Tzu. and Chang, Chia-Hu.

New directions in cross-border partnerships: An action-oriented discussion about a “knowledge hub” approach to higher education capacity development
 Glass, Chris., Sanford, Gretchen., Miller, Emily., Medendorp, John. and Austin, Ann.

New teachers for new times: a school-university partnership for educational change in rural South Africa
 Islam, Faisal.

Next steps for educational evaluation in Mexico: Seeing the future through the lessons of the past
 Zorrilla Fierro, Margarita.

Nicaragua after EGRA: Next steps
 Mejia, Jessica.

North-South-South research partnerships : A transformative modality for higher education development cooperation?
 Weinirb, Julian.

Notions of “sustainability” taught in ESD modules in Japan and South Africa: An interview study
 Langager, Mark.

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Observing action: Theorizing globalization and educational change
 Shiotani, Andrew.

Official discourses toward ‘multicultural coexistence’ in Japan: An analysis from a critical multicultural education perspective
 Nogimori, Miwako.

On the right track: Measuring early childhood development program quality internationally
 Limlingan, Cristina.

Open Content for Development (OC4D): Increasing access to localized content in Himalayan community technology centers
 Ivins, Tiffany., Lee, Jeffrey., Hall, Spencer. and Ashton, Kevin.

Opportunities and challenges for reform in school systems in fragile contexts: The case of Liberia
 Williams, James.

Opportunities to Learn: How OTL Indices can Assist Local Educators in Understanding and Improving Time use and Learning in Classrooms.
 DeStefano, Joseph.

Organic vs. processed democracy: Eastern Europe twenty years after the Fall
 Di Giacomo, Tony.

Outcomes based education: Widening the gap between South Africa's "haves" and "have nots"?
 Norman, Verity.

Overcoming marginalization: Gender, education and empowerment in Honduras
 Murphy Graham, Erin.

Overview of the book project and a discussion on bringing Indigenous Knowledges into the Development Studies classroom
 Langdon, Jonathan.


Panel Introduction
 Holland, Tracey.

Paradigm Shifts in Informal Sector Vocational Education and Training (VET): Exemplary Developments of the Market/Mechanic Village Schools in South-eastern Nigeria
 Ogwo, Benjamin.

Paradoxes in global ideas of democratic cosmopolitanism in the world economic forum’s rhetoric of an imagined future for entrepreneurship education
 Mawhinney, Hanne.

Paraguayan parents’ perspectives of the role of education in promoting democracy
 Carolan-Silva, Aliah.

Parental Participation of Turkish Muslim Immigrants in Early Childhood Education Settings in France and Germany
 Kurban, Fikriye.

Parental aspiration for their children education attainment in Kenya: Is there effect of parental education and residence location?
 Oketch, Moses.

Parental involvement in children's early schooling: Evidence from Japan
 Holloway, Susan., Yamamoto, Yoko. and Suzuki, Sawako.

Partners in education: How civic education travelled from the United States to Russia
 Glebova, Natalia.

Paths of alumnae from the scientific training program in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
 Cabral Félix de Sousa, Isabela.

Patriotic education in post-Soviet states: Comparative analysis
 Rapoport, Anatoli.

Peace Education in the Philippines
 Dimaano, Gina.

Peace education at risk: Measuring the effectiveness of peace education in Japan
 Yurita, Makito.

Peace education in non-formal settings: The Challenges and possibilities in street education
 Omar, Zohra.

Pedagogies and reality shows in Africa: Secondary school teachers’ new roles in an increasingly globalized world
 Thomas, Matthew.

Pedagogy of the Classroom
 Santiago-Cruz, Michelle. and Patel, Rushika.

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Quality and Competitiveness: the political economy of quality assurance in Thailand higher education reform
 Lao, Rattana.

Quality assurance and the rise of private higher education institutions in Mexico
 Merola, Rachael.

Quality of education for indigenous children in Mexico and Ecuador: Comparative analysis of teacher training
 Ennemoser, Rusty. and Reta, Anabelle.

Quality-oriented management of higher education in Argentina
 Gertel, Hector. and Jacobo, Alejandro.

Quantifying teaching quality in South Africa
 Sorto, M. Alejandra. and Sapire, Ingrid.

Queer-phobic and cultural aphasia: Theoretical discussions about heterosexual hegemony suturing in the textbook industry
 Chang, Yin-Kun.

Questioning Participation: Exploring Discourses and Practices of Community Participation in Education Reform in Tanzania
 Taylor, Aleesha.

Quick, dirty, plentiful: Creating quality, low cost reading materials
 Dowd, Amy Jo. and Friedlander, Elliott.


Racial labeling or structural change? Race and educational attainment in Brazil
 Marteleto, Leticia.

Re-Imagining the Past: How Teachers Mediate National Traumas through Classroom Practice, by Christian Bracho
 Bracho, Christian.

Re-defining education and labour as a means to national self-determination: Peronist Argentina and the Indian independence movement
 Holzwarth, Simone. and Oelsner, Verónica.

Re-image our country: How moral, citizenship and history education in Malaysia play their roles in constructing the national identity
 Lee Lan, Wong.

Re-imagining Language Education: Can the Common European Framework of Reference solve Canada's Expectations for Bi-lingualism?
 Majhanovich, Suzanne.

Re-imagining a high-school science education programme for sustainability and global citizenship in the twenty-first century
 Bhattacharya, Jasodhara (Josh).

Re-imagining an ECCD community: One that engages and mobilizes human agency
 Williams, Rhiannon.

Re-imagining education in comparative education:  The view from anthropology
 Hoffman, Diane.

Re-imagining education quality in low income countries: Towards a social justice and capabilities approach
 Tikly, Leon.

Re-imagining graduate education for collaborative actions in response to global challenges: A case-study of the University of Hong Kong
 Oleksiyenko, Anatoly.

Re-imagining internationalization in a US liberal arts university: A case study
 Wong, Mary.

Re-imagining teacher professional development and citizenship education: Lessons for import from Colombia
 Noonan, James.

Re-imagining the School Leadership Paradigm in a Post-Socialist Context
 Magno, Cathryn.

Re-imagining the model minority: Factors influencing educational and career attainment in immigrant Chinese students
 Cozart, Deanna.

Re-imagining the role of higher education in Syrian society
 Buckner, Elizabeth.

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Safety and trust in the classroom: A case study of migrant learners on the Thailand-Burma border
 MacKenzie, Brooke.

Same But Different: The Comparison of Reading Textbooks (Mandarin) Across China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan
 Wu, Yi-jung. and Benavot, Aaron.

Satisfaction levels among international students in Korea; A case study of students at K University
 Kim, Min-jung.

Scholarly networks for religious liberty in Southeast Asia
 Kraince, Richard.

Scholarship in Latin America: Obstacles and trends in journal publication
 Delgado, Jorge.

School Choice in Senior High School in People’s Republic of China
 Zhang, Hui.

School Education and Community Development: A Case Study on a Boarding Primary School in Tibet
 Zhu, Zhiyong.

School administrators' needs for professional development and factors affecting their professional development
 Chen, June. and Tsai, Ming-Kuei.

School choice and restructuring public school system
 Ukai, Miyuko.

School choice in Chile from 1980-2008: the role of selection, peer effects, competition, and school reform
 Long, Daniel.

School climate and psychological well-being among Indian adolescents
 Wahl, Rachel., Protzko, John., Gupta, Taveeshi. and Singh, Sukhmani.

School leadership developments in Kazakhstan: challenges and perspectives
 Saule, Kalikova.

School leadership developments: South African case
 Stiles, James.

School management committee and community participation in Uganda
 Kitagawa, Chikako.

School principals roles in creating culturally responsive and inclusive schools for Somali immigrant students in U.S schools
 Nur-Awaleh, Mohamed. and Nur, Shukri.

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TVET in Uganda: The contribution of UGAPRIVI towards skills development
 Umeno, Tomoko.

Tailoring Digital Learning Materials to the Yemeni Context: Issues and Challenges
 Smyth, Gerard. and Harty, John.

Taking montessori global with social technologies
 Richards, Kari. and Fritz, Chris.

Tattoos, T-shirts, Shoelaces, and Sneakers: The performance of right-wing extremism in Germany
 and Christian Bracho, Cynthia Miller-Idriss.

Teacher Capacity Standards for Multicultural and Inclusive Teaching in India
 Holtzman, Bharati.

Teacher Leadership in the global classroom: a comparative study of teacher leadership
 Kochan, Anna.

Teacher Qualities for Multicultural Education in Brazil
 Sera, Anna.

Teacher attitudes and their relationship to equal educational opportunity for Romani children in Slovakia
 White, Julia.

Teacher education as a driver for educational development through Open Learning Resources (OLRs): A case of Uganda, Africa
 Mugimu, Christopher.

Teacher education in Finland: A comparison with inquiry-oriented teacher education in the United States
 Hayase, Yuri.

Teacher education vis-a-vis national goals in a postcolony: A study on India
 Bhattacharya, Banhi.

Teacher education worldwide: state, issues and challenges: Insights from International Handbook on Teacher Education
 Wolhuter, C.. and Karras, KG.

Teacher empowerment in high need schools: Building a community of learners
 Mungai, Anne.

Teacher learning across generations in the context of the European lifelong learning programme
 Skukauskaite, Audra. and Gonzalez, Angela.

Teacher performance assessment for promotion in Egypt
 Levy, Jack.

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U.S. Federal Policies on Immigration and Education
 Thuranira, Simon.

U.S. students studying and U.S. public diplomacy efforts: A historical review
 Comp, David.

UNDRIP and Japan’s language policy for the Ainu
 Tanabe, Yoko.

UNESCO, Political or technical? Reflections on recent experience
 Burnett, Nicholas.

UPE Policy and Educational Quality in Malawi
 Chimombo, Joseph.

UPE Policy and Quality Challenge in Ghana
 Ampiah, Joseph. and Yamada, Shoko.

UPE Policy and Quality of Education in Kenya
 Sifuna, Daniel.

UPE Policy and Quality of Education in Uganda
 Byamugisha, Albert. and Ogawa, Keiichi.

US teacher recruitment from the Philippines--Another neoliberal attack on education
 Gutierrez, Rhoda Rae.

Ulrich Beck, risk management, and educational attainment
 Geariety, Bradd.

Understanding How People Draw from Religious Teachings to form Judgments about Justice
 Wahl, Rachel.

Understanding Men and Boys’ Perceptions of Gender Dynamics
 Cronin, Peter.

Understanding national ideologies, power, and history textbook: A case study of North Koran history textbook
 Choi, Yoonjung.

Understanding new governance in China: The political-legal context and institutional dynamics of the revision of compulsory education law of the PRC
 Deng, Hui-wen.

Understanding of kindergarten’s readiness for young children in Korea
 Kim, Juhu., Kim, Kyungran. and Yu, Jungeun.

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Value placed on education and its effect on academic achievement in South Africa
 Young, Kelly.

Values, Culture and Context Matter: Early Learning Outcomes and Language in Mali and Senegal
 Lucas Pouezevara, Sarah.

Vietnam, Malaysia, and the global knowledge system
 Welch, A.

Visions and Divisions: a Comparative Perspective on Equity Discourses and Social Diversity
 Hovdenak, Sindre Stenersen.

Vocational Evaluation and Community Placements with Rural Youth in El Salvador
 Heinzen, Archer.

Volume and Quality of Global Education Assistance
 van der Gaag, Jacques. and Winthrop, Rebecca.


Walking before Crawling: Teacher Professional Development in the Three Areas of Sudan
 Mekuria, Tassew., Badrinath, Sandhya. and Michael, Pia.

Walkout!: Immigrant youth and socio-political pedagogy in an era of neoliberalism
 Malsbary, Christine.

Web 2.0 expeditions: The role of social networking applications in comparative and international higher education
 Ramos, Flavia.

Web-based mentoring in professional training of pre-school teachers in Zambia
 Ettling, Dorothy. and Uribe-Kozlovsky, Lisa.

What Teachers and their Unions Think about Incentives? A Case Study of El Salvador
 Arrieta, Wendy.

What curriculum do parents want? A comparative study between Kingmen (Taiwan) and Xiamen (China)
 Ho, Hsuan-fu., Ding, Jyh-Chyuan., Chen, Shan-Hua. and Huang, Wei-Chieh.

What happened to literacy?
 Wagner, Daniel.

What interests international and comparative education researchers?
 Foster, Jesse., Addy, Nii. and Samoff, Joel.

What it takes to Internationalize Higher Education in Korea and Japan: English-Language Classrooms and International Students
 Jon, Jae-Eun. and Kim, Eun Young.

What matters for marginalized girls and boys: A capabilities approach to exploring marginalization and empowerment in Bangladesh
 DeJaeghere, Joan.

What we don’t know: The role of universities in post conflict societies
 Pacheco, Ivan.

What’s the difference between the faculty system in U.S. and Taiwan?
 Pei-Yi, Lin.

When soft power meets hard measures: Large-scale assessment, citizenship and the EU
 Engel, Laura. and Rutkowski, David.

Who chooses to be a teacher?
 Kiziltepe, Zeynep.

Who will lead education reforms: Azerbaijan case
 Kazimzade, Elmina.

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Young, educated and coloured: Construction and negotiation of colouredness among university students in post-apartheid South Africa/Case of University of Western Cape
 Nikolaeva, Sardana.

Youth and cinema: Questions about ethical and aesthetic education
 Bueno Fischer, Rosa.

Youth education, employment and livelihood development in rural and semi-urban environments:Getting it right!
 O\'Laughlin, Carol.


Zambian street children and the moral geography of education: Contributions to condemnation of such youngsters
 Chart, Hilary.
54th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2010-Feb-28 to 2010-Mar-06
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