55th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2011-Apr-30 to 2011-May-06

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"Being" and "Becoming" a scholarship student at a Pakistani university: Problematizing neocolonialist practices in education development projects
 Durrani, Mariam.

"Brain-based education" as a global ideology: Whither comparative studies?
 Turner, David.

"Doctor philosophiae": A German success story
 Schriewer, Juergen.

"Going to a place called home to which you’ve never been": Critical life stories from a New Orleans-based African diasporic organization
 Hamilton, Evelyn.

"Including the forgotten jewels": Improving the liberation of the orphan and vulnerable child through guardian involvement in education
 Kaunda, Zikani.

"New teachers for new times?" Exploring the concept of "communities of practice" in teacher education in rural South Africa
 Islam, Faisal.

"Solo or ensemble?" Bilingual education in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China
 Liu, Peng.

"The Ideal Citizen", globalization, and the Japanese response: Risk, gate-keeping, and moral education in Japan
 Roesgaard, Marie.

"Why were all of my schoolteachers white?" The role of teachers in the debate over multiculturalism
 Galczynski, Mariusz.

"Why" and "how" matter: Student engagement in China's context
 Shi, Jinghuan.

"Why" and "how" matter: Student engagement in China’s context
 Shi, Jinghuan.

"You'd better have a good story": Meaning structures and educational development
 Shiotani, Andrew.

(Re)Learning Ukrainian: Language politics and cultural corrections in the literacy primers of post-Soviet Ukraine
 Mead, Michael.

(Re)conceptualizing BRAC’s mentoring program from a human capabilities perspective
 Pagán, Luis.

(Re)examining the foundations: Conceding the empirical basis of world culture theory?
 Rappleye, Jeremy.

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A French view
 Malet, Regis. and Benatar, Rezan.

A capabilities approach for gender equality and education: Processes and measures for an NGO/Community project
 DeJaeghere, Joan.

A case study of a customized study abroad program: Education for a global citizen
 Song, Jiaying.

A comparative analysis of "teacher studies": Focus on international journals of education
 Wang Yang, Chiou Rong.

A comparative analysis of curriculum formulation in Botswana and South Africa
 Addy, Nii.

A comparative analysis of different national initiatives for building world-class universities
 Wang, Qi.

A comparative education textbook for undergraduate students providing an education which truly liberates
 Wolhute, Charl., Kubow, Patricia., Schneller, Peter. and Walker, Patricia.

A comparative national study of P-16 initiatives in the United States
 Durand, Francesca.

A comparative view of the development of the IT industry in India and Mexico
 Baca Pumarejo, José. and Burguette Vela, Yuria.

A comparative view on the constructions of the inclusive and special education in Canada, Finland and in the United States
 Jahnukainen, Markku. and Itkonen, Tiina.

A comparison of educational development in North and South Nigeria: Implications of gender disparity
 Scarantino, Josef.

A comparison of the social class based achievement gap across OECD countries
 Hinz, Serena.

A critical assessment of educational policy choices and reforms in French-speaking Africa since the 1960s
 Ndoye, Mamadou.

A critical history of citizen participation in aid to education in Haiti
 Pluim, Gary.

A critical review of teacher education reform
 Tatto, Maria.

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BRAC in Afghanistan: Building South-South partnerships in teacher training
 Anwar, Kazi. and Islam, Mir.

Back to school: The rise of adult higher education in the context lifelong learning in five European countries
 Hutchens, Mary.

Balancing CJK and English literacy objectives: A multi-method study of East Asian supplementary schools in the US
 Kim, Jadong., Langager, Mark. and Xu, Hui.

Balancing educational development between urban and rural areas: A case study of Chengdu, China
 Yuan, Shengjun.

Barriers for boys' education in southern Sudan
 Stanford, Necia.

Barriers to consider when bridging an international primary school partnership: South Africa and United States
 Anderson, Emily., Janis, Thomas. and Kuhlman, Leah.

Barriers to multicultural initiatives: The case of Mandarin and Arabic foreign language in an American high school
 Sun, Jinai. and Shouse, Roger.

Beating the odds in educational achievements
 Cisse, Boubacar.

Becoming "Indigenous Foreigners": An experiment in transnational teacher education in Tanzania
 Bartlett, Lesley. and Vavrus, Frances.

Behind the gold medals: Challenges to Chinese athletes' academic learning in a demanding economic and social environment
 Xiao, Jie.

Being a "good student": The translation of Mexican immigrant students' previous academic experiences to a central Texas high school
 Straubhaar, Rolf.

Benchmarks in higher education outputs: Comparing graduates’ levels and fields of education worldwide
 Chien, Chiao-Ling.

Best practices and opportunities for reform: Experiences from Central America
 Moreno, Roberto.

Between context and capability: Reflections on research on the capability approach and gender equality in education
 Unterhalter, Elaine.

Beyond access: Gender equality in higher education
 Sabry, Manar.

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Camaraderie and self-governance in Japanese "educational Dormitories": An ethnographic case study of a university dorm construction project
 Walker, Casey., Albert, Guillaume. and Langager, Mark.

Can Ecuador put the genie of higher education back in the bottle? Equity and access in a deregulated system
 Post, David.

Can a “defectologist” support inclusive education? Results and new questions from a study on inclusive education in Macedonia
 Johnstone, Christopher.

Canadian teachers’ federation: Professional development and development cooperation
 Fraser, Calvin.

Capabilities approach: A framework to operationalize ECCD stakeholders' access to equitable opportunities
 Williams, Rhiannon.

Capacity building for sustainable development
 Ettling, Dorothy. and Gonzalez, Ada.

Capacity development through cross-border higher education program
 Jie, Yiyun.

Capitalizing on main stream initiatives such as inspiring education: A dialogue with Albertans to engage academia, government and community collaboration
 Peel, Robert. and Mitrayani, Dian.

Career aspirations in the transnational fields: The case of adolescent-immigrants from Asia
 Choi, Jung-ah.

Career paths of teacher training graduates in Oman
 Greene, Elizabeth., Chapman, David. and Al-Barwani, Thuwayba.

Carol Anne Spreen (School of Education, University of Virginia) applying the 4As in US schools: Contradictions and complementarity between domestic and international education rights
 Spreen, Carol Anne.

Case studies of two public schools in South Jakarta: In search of a citizenship education model for a multi-religious Indonesia
 Syafruddin, Didin.

Case study 1: School characteristics influencing to lower performance in grade 5 national assessment
 Hilukiluah, Imogene.

Case study 2: School characteristics influencing to higher performance in grade 5 national assessment
 Lyamine, Yolanda.

Caught by the streets of the city: Street children in Ghana
 Annor, Grace.

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Dancing with the enemy: Confronting governance challenges in international corporate citizenship partnerships in education
 Bhanji, Zahra. and Oxley, Joanne.

Data: The missing link in the reform process in Pakistan
 Rashid, Abbas.

De-simplifying child labor in Vietnam: The effects of different forms of child labor on educational attainment
 Nguyen, DanThanh.

Decentralization and recentralization in Russian higher education: Implications for quality and control
 Kuhns, Katherine.

Decentralization and student achievement: A comparative analysis of the influence of governance structures on PISA outcomes
 Cullinane, Jenna. and Lincove, Jane.

Decentralizing school governance: A policy analysis of parent-school partnership in Morocco’s public middle schools.
 Elmeski, Mohammed.

Deciphering the recent trend of inter-provincial spending inequality in China's compulsory education: 1993-2008
 Gong, Xin.

Decision-making and accountability in decentralized school governance
 Gershberg, Alec.

Decolonising the education system in Bolivia: Ideology versus reality
 Lopes Cardozo, Mieke.

Decolonizing curriculum in St. Kitts and Nevis: A case study of reform efforts in response to socio-cultural colonial legacies
 Pemberton, Neva.

Deconstructing and reconstructing discourses of participation: Constructing theory from the ground-up
 Nguyen, Thi Xuan Thuy.

Deena Hurwitz (Human Rights Program, School of Law, University of Virginia): The power of a multidisciplinary approach to education rights
 Hurwitz, Deena.

Defending education funding in times of austerity
 Catlaks, Guntars.

Democracy in education: Critical pedagogy, citizenship, social justice, and transformational change
 Zyngier, David.

Democratic success in Scandinavian education? Perspectives of minority students
 Biseth, Heidi.

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ECCD promising program example from central Orissam India: “Making our children alert”
 Thangaraj, Miriam.

EDUCO Today: Two parallel education systems in El Salvador in need of reconciliation
 Florez, Ana., Gillies, John. and Crouch, Luis.

ERASMUS student mobility in the European community in 2008-2009
 Ishikawa, Wakako.

ERROR! The consequences of incorrectly analyzing multistage sample designs for education surveys
 Cummiskey, Christopher.

Early childhood development programs in Kazakhstan: Lessons learned
 Stansbery, Pablo.

Early childhood education as a space for liberation, participation, and social transformation in Tanzania: Possibilities and constraints
 Wilinski, Bethany.

Early childhood malaria prevention and children’s patterns of school leaving in the Gambia
 Zuilkowski, Stephanie. and Jukes, Matthew.

Early childhood teacher shortages in Kyrgyzstan
 Gowani, Saima.

Early grades reading in Asia: What are the needs and what have we learned?
 Mithani, Shahzad. and Ochoa, Cecilia.

East Asian integration of higher education: Empirical analysis of leading universities in South Korea
 Kang, Kyuwon.

Eclipsed histories: Holocaust education and teacher identity in contemporary Poland
 Gross, Magdalena.

Econometric analysis of internal employment advantage among vocational college graduates in China
 Chen, Liangkun. and Yang, Po.

Educating and empowering caregivers of very young children: A case from India
 Peterson, Laura.

Educating dropouts and adult learners in cultural communities: The alternative learning system secondary level accreditation and equivalency program in Ifugao
 Galima, Loreta Vivian.

Educating for global citizenship: Perspectives from three urban Canadian contexts
 Ingram, Leigh-Anne., Evans, Mark., MacDonald, Angela. and Weber, Nadya.

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Factors affecting college access and stratification in college access: A cross-national comparison
 Lee, Jeongwoo.

Factors affecting provision of quality education for refugees: The case of Dadaab Refugee Camps, Kenya
 Gakunga, Daniel.

Factors associated with reading achievement in the developing world: A cross-national study
 Friedlander, Elliott.

Faculty barriers and enablers in establishing branch campuses abroad
 Ahmad, Seher.

Faculty members’ implementation of OBTL and its impact on students’ learning approach
 Wang, Xiaoyan., Su, Yelin., Cheung, Wing Fung., Wong, Eva., Kwong, Theresa. and Tan, Alfred.

Faculty perspectives on NGO-university partnership for education in emergencies
 Ndirangu, Caroline.

Faith groups in the first 10 years of DFID from 1997-2007
 Kwayu, Aikande.

Family factors related to school drop out in Chile: A case study
 Espinoza, Oscar., Castillo, Dante., Gonzalez, Luis. and Loyola, Javier.

Female bodies in transition: The influence of ideology and culture on the development of girls’ PE in Taiwan and China
 Huang, Hsiao-Ting.

Female educational experience in the Islamic Republic of IRAN
 Mehran, Golnar.

Female university students’ narrative in the Islamic Republic of IRAN: Their experience of empowerment
 Fereidouni, Somayeh.

Field training in the millennium villages: Building core competencies of sustainable development practice
 Murphy, Katie.

Financial effect in Ugandan education: Case study of Moyo, Wakiso and Kabare districts
 Matsuo, Hiroko.

Financial innovation: The Iowa community college case study
 Friedel, Janice.

Financing community Polytechnics in Uganda
 Cullinane, Jenna.

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GROUP 1. After apology: Public education as redress for Japanese American and Canadian internment
 Wood, Alexandra.

GROUP 1. Connecting citizenship, language, and literacy for refugee students: A comparative case study
 Quaynor, Laura.

GROUP 1. Growth as product and as process: Student learning outcomes (un)achieved through college experiences in China
 Cen, Yuhao.

GROUP 1. I want to have a good future: Schooling, development, and rural girls' aspirations in northwestern China
 Wang, Lei.

GROUP 1. Mixed-methods study of higher education access in Georgia: Equal treatment of unequal people
 Chankseliani, Maia.

GROUP 1. Pedagogues of Possibility? Primary educators and their role in curriculum reform in post-conflict Timor-Leste
 Shah, Ritesh.

GROUP 1. Rationalizing professional development, teacher beliefs, perceptions, and practice in the context of rural primary schools: Kenya
 Ngundi, James.

GROUP 1. School-going girls in Kono, Sierra Leone: What do they think about schooling?
 Hale, Jordene.

GROUP 1. The impact of gender equity policies in Mexican higher education: A case study
 Sanchez Cruz, Elida.

GROUP 1. The right to believe, the right to learn: The BIHE as a social movement concerning minority rights in Iran
 Sattarzadeh, Sahar.

GROUP 1. The role of capabilities in girls’ education in India: A multilevel modeling study
 Godbole, Pragati.

GROUP 1. Where does learning live? Comparing the effects of computer-based learning for individuals, classrooms, and communities
 DeBoer, Jennifer.

GROUP 2. Chinese rural migrant children’s experiences in urban public schools from a cultural capital framework
 Yiu, Lisa.

GROUP 2. Crossing borders and transforming expectations: The school experiences of recent immigrant children
 Bolt, Alicia.

GROUP 2. Cultural pluralism in Indonesian higher education
 Logli, Chiara.

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HALI Project: Literacy intervention in Coastal Kenya
 Dubeck, Margaret., Jukes, Matthew., Inyega, Hellen. and Okello, George.

HIV instruction in Pre and In-service Teacher Training (PITT) programs in East Africa
 Jacob, James.

Half a century of received education in post-independence Africa: A time for renaissance
 Oviawe, Joan O\'sa.

Has multiculturalism failed in multinational companies? Implications for education and training
 Cohrs, Cornelia.

Have I made a difference? Reflections on a service-learning project in Egypt
 Ghazal, Rehab.

Have educational reforms worked in Latin America? A study of Argentina, Brazil, and Chile cases
 Perez Centeno, Cristian. and Leal, Mariana.

Healthy Start: A promising program example from the Philippines
 Malkin, Jessica.

Healthy urbanization
 Pridmore, Pat.

Hegemony through education and governance:Re-thinking gender education research and scholarship
 O\'Dowd, Mina.

Helping teachers in Africa access knowledge and methods online: What works?
 Draxler, Alexandra.

Heroes, enemies, and victims reimagined: Competing representations of WWII historical events in the Baltic States
 Beresniova, Christine.

Hewlett Foundation: Quality education in developing countries
 Murphy, Lynn.

High-quality scholarship as the most powerful tool for advocacy: Robert Arnove's 50 years in education
 Stevick, Doyle.

Higher education in Francophone Africa, with a focus on Côte d’Ivoire: From hope to disillusionment and proposals for a renewal to meet development challenges
 Touré, Saliou.

Higher education in Russia: Incentives for real change?
 Froumin, Isak.

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ICT and ODL in Malawi: A review of the situation and future directions for improving and expanding teacher training
 Pouezevara, Sarah.

ICT for educational assessment through digital data collection
 Pouezevara, Sarah.

ICT use in primary schools: Comparative analysis of 5 rural provinces
 Onodera, Junko. and Yamaguchi, Shinobu.

ICTs and African educational settings: Out of tune?
 Kamugisha, Yvonne.

IDP Rising Schools Program: Financial services to low income private schools. Liesel Pritzker, IDP Foundation, Inc.
 Pritzker, Liesel.

IEA’s, PIRLS and prePIRLS assessment system
 Mullis, Ina.

INEE reference guide on external financing
 Winthrop, Rebecca.

INGOs’ educational role in the employability and empowerment of vulnerable young women in Cambodia
 Cheng, I-Hsuan.

Imagining Japan’s "Relaxed Education" curriculum: Continuity or change?
 Bjork, Chris.

Immigrant Canadian new youth: Expressing and exploring youth identities in a multicultural context
 Wright, Handel. and Nabavi, Maryam.

Immigrant learners as problem posers and critical peace educators in the English literacy and civics education classroom
 Lopez, Dina.

Immigrant students’ mathematics and science achievement cross-nationally: An analysis of fourth graders
 Reta Sanchez, Anabelle., Luschei, Thomas. and Lang, Laura.

Immigrants in Italy: Social capital and academic achievements
 Mleczko, Agata. and Isanski, Jakub.

Impact analysis of children's development Khazana (treasury)
 Dutt, Shushmita.

Impact analysis of innovative reading program in rural schools
 Dayan-Ochir, Khishigbuyan.

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Jalan Sesama: Introducing math and literacy skills to young Indonesian children
 Zuhdi, Muhammad.

Japanese education: Liberating women for a culture that doesn’t
 Morrone, Michelle. and Matsuyama, Yumi.

Japanese higher education policies toward regional cooperation and competition in East Asia
 Hanada, Shingo.

Japan’s educational cooperation to Africa: A sharing approach
 Nagao, Masafumi.

Junior high school remedial education teachers' job-related stress, job satisfaction, and professional commitment in Taiwan
 Chen, June. and Chen, Shu-Chen.

Just so far and no more: Structural and institutional barriers to women’s empowerment in rural India
 Baily, Supriya.

Justice and peace education: A realization-focused, capabilities perspective
 Snauwaert, Dale.


Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya (KGBV) Gujarat: Facilitating spaces for empowerment?
 Shah, Payal.

Key constructs and research design in the Learning4Teaching study
 Freeman, Donald. and Setty, Rohit.

Key issues in engendering African education: Remaining challenges and promising responses
 Diaw, Codou.

Ki Hajar Dewantara: Education for liberation and rootedness
 Tirtowalujo, Isabella.

Knowing, comparatively: Vertical case studies as an approach to policy-as-practice
 Bartlett, Lesley. and Vavrus, Frances.

Knowledge exchange and World Bank policy
 Shafiq, Najeeb.

Knowledge management for education in situations experiencing acute crisis: Experience from the IASC education cluster”
 Moses, Kurt.

Knowledge, globalization, and the purpose of higher education
 Han, Lily.

Knowledge, power, and containment in global justice networks
 Choudry, Aziz.

Kuchota maji: Educational effects and community perceptions of girls’ workload in rural Tanzania
 Lihwa, Flavian., Johnstone, Christopher. and Thomas, Matthew.


Labor market analysis findings: Siem Reap, Cambodia
 Vance, Hillary.

Labor market conditions and higher education demand in OECD countries
 Lee, Jungmin.

Language and early grades literacy acquisition in Nepal
 Pinto, Christabel.

Language and liberation: Language of instruction in mathematics and science in the case of Zanzibar
 Brock-Utne, Birgit.

Language of university websites and college choice
 Orkodashvili, Mariam.

Language preservation policy: Implications for the politics of language education
 DeBoer, Jennifer.

Language vs Literacy: Are language of instruction choices zero-sum or win-win?
 Piper, Benjamin.

Languaging in a globalized world: Exploring the liberatory potential of translanguaging as pedagogy
 Crump, Alison.

Leading schools with borrowed practice?
 Magno, Cathryn.

Learner-centred pedagogy in international perspective
 Schweisfurth, Michele.

Learning and practicing citizenship: Postcolonial analyses in Africa with a special focus on Uganda
 Abdi, Ali.

Learning by doing: How Literacy boost uses assessments to design, test, and refine solutions to the early grades reading crisis
 Ochoa, Cecilia.

Learning for the community: A comparative analysis of two alternative educational programs in Uganda and Honduras
 Lample, Joseph.

Learning from assessment system reforms in other countries
 Ramirez, Maria-Jose.

Learning from hip-hop: Translanguaging pedagogies for multilingual Montreal classrooms
 Low, Bronwen.

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Madrasah legacy: Its boom and transformation in Pakistan.
 Khan, Abdul.

Making a real difference: Further education and beliefs in its transformative capacity to change lives
 Salisbury, Jane. and Jephcote, Martin.

Making sense of family background and policy influences on student learning in Mexico
 Arnett, Stephanie.

Malaysian students' multiple intelligences (MI) related to gender: How MI should impact teaching strategy in the classroom
 Raja Mohamed, Siti Fazriah.

Malian adult literacy teacher’s beliefs about reading and reading instruction
 Garner, Barbara. and Thera, Eli.

Malian teacher beliefs about reading and learning to read: Progress achieved and challenges remaining
 Rhodes, Rebecca.

Managing cultural conflicts in the online cooperative learning environment: A discussion of recent trends in pedagogy and practice
 Schoepp, Christian. and Martinez, EdD, Rafael.

Manufacturing partnership: Exploring discourses of collaboration and indigenous education development in Canada
 Dhillon, Jaskiran.

Mapping knowledge production on world regions: Lessons from the design phase of the SSRC Faculty Affiliations Database Project
 Miller-Idriss, Cynthia., Bracho, Christian. and Friedman, Jonathan.

Mapping the social constructions of child labor in Quito, Ecuador
 Dorn, Chad.

Mark my words! Measuring the potential efficacy of a project-based learning literacy intervention resulting in student publication
 Stutz, Franziska. and Chen, Jondou.

Market positioning for elementary schools in Taiwan
 Wu, Huan-Hung., Ho, Hsuan-fu., Chuang, Cheng-Tao. and Chang, Yu-Liang.

Marketing and promoting higher education in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates
 Hilal, Kholoud.

Mathematics teaching as a tool for building student independence: Notes from a refugee classroom
 Ilieva, Vessela.

Maximizing student engagement in large classrooms
 Linan-Thompson, Sylvia.

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NGO capacity building through data usage
 Hale, Jordene.

NGO-produced global education programming in Canada and the United Kingdom: Reconciling global education ideals with national and international interests
 Weber, Nadya.

NGOs as an avenue for liberation: The case of the Irish travellers
 McFaden, Kelly.

National youth policies: A critical feminist exploration of goals, empowerment, and the opportunities for girls
 Stacki, Sandra.

Nazarkhudo Dastambuev and Sarfaroz Niyozov: Teaching sociology of education in Central Asia, challenges and opportunities
 Dastambuev, Nazarkhudo. and Niyozov aka Niezov, Sarfaroz.

Negotiating race and gender identity in the knowledge age
 Mabokela, Reitumetse Obakeng.

Neo-racism in a non-western university?
 Dembereldorj, Zoljargal., Kwon, Soyeon. and Nam, Sojung.

Neoliberal discourses on equality in higher education: Comparative perspectives from India and Malaysia
 Srungarapu, Srinivasa.

Neoliberal globalization, higher education, and international student mobility: A policy study of international student flows from China to Canada
 Zheng, Jie.

Neoliberalism and citizenship education: A comparative study of public secondary schools in Wielkopolska/Poland and Ontario/ Canada
 Czech, Celina.

Neoliberalism, education policy and the right to the city in globalizing India
 Kamat, Sangeeta.

Neoliberalism: A new common sense in education, some iconoclastic thesis
 Torres, Carlos.

New developments in international university ranking systems
 Rust, Val.

New forms of knowledge for increasing accountability? The example of evaluation in the education sector in France
 Pons, Xavier. and van Zanten, Agnès.

New frontiers for Escuela Activa
 Siri, Carmen.

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On the shoulders of giants: Toward mainstreaming critical peace education in teacher education
 Brantmeier, Edward.

One idea, many directions? Lesson study and the intersection of global and local in teacher learning
 Fang, Yanping.

Online learning and instructional design in Egypt
 Richardson, Jayson., Finholt-Daniel, Matt. and Sales, Greg.

Online professional development communities in Afghanistan: Building an ICT4E model
 Beuoy, Melissa.

Open a school, close a prison: Identity construction in the autobiographical narratives of incarcerated undergraduates
 McDowell, Lila.

Open and flexible learning as a vehicle for liberation
 Pridmore, Pat.

Operationalizing social justice to study principals' practice in their contexts
 Garon, Roseline. and Archambault, Jean.

Opportunities and risks of transnational schooling: A case study of binational students in Acatlán, Mexico
 Alcantara, Alicia.

Opportunity to learn and language instruction in Mozambique
 Manji, Sheila.

Oppressed to organized: The informal learning of racialized female youth within community organizing spaces
 Nazemi, Mahtab.

Oral History: An educational research methodology that liberates the past to accentuate the present and anticipate the future
 Allen-Brown, Vanessa., Alawadhi, Fawzeyah., Moncree-Moffett, Kareem., Brooks, Benjamin., Jorgenson, Simon., Kirkpatrick,, Stephanie. and McGinnis, Kimberly.

Organizational inertia: Demystifying the false dichotomy of serving either the local or global community
 Agnew_, Melanie.

Oscillating patterns in early childhood education: A policy analysis of the development of ECE in the United States, Japan, and India
 Hill, Robin.

Out of many we are one: Ideological premise of basic education curriculum reforms in English speaking West Africa
 Mfum-Mensah, Obed.

Out-of-field teaching in an international context: Cross-national comparisons from TALIS
 Zhou, Yisu.

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PERI research strategy and focus
 Robertson, Susan. and Walford, Geoffrey.

PRONADE schools in Guatemala: The rise and fall of a community schools program and the implications for improving school quality
 Meade, Ben. and Gershberg, Alec.

Painting an education Profile of out-of-school youth in Morocco
 Muskin, Joshua.

Paradigm shift
 Tvaruzkova, Mirka.

Paradigm shift of education governance in China: Two compulsory education legislation episodes,1986 vs 2006
 Wang, Yan.

Parent empowerment through home-based early education programs
 Lapham, Katherine. and Whitsel, Christopher.

Parent engagement in school preparedness: Preschool education initiative in Cambodia
 Sachdev, Anu., Kuhlman, Leah., Barrow, Kester. and Schmidt, Kristian.

Parental involvement among transnational immigrant parents in the US: Japanese immigrant mothers’ perceptions of their children’s short-term schooling in Japan
 Kobayashi, Minori.

Parental involvement of Anglophone immigrant parents in elementary school education in Montreal, Quebec
 Lewis, Lerona.

Parental involvement: Immigrant Asian mothers and their children in American Schools
 Chen, Shujun. and Choi, Jung-ah.

Parents in motion, children in school: Investigating academic engagement, gender, and parental migration status in China
 Chen, Yo-Yo Shuang. and Adams, Jennifer.

Participation in development and education governance in low-income countries
 Klees, Steven. and Edwards, Brent.

Participation in leadership: A critical analysis of participation in a youth-based collage workshop on HIV and AIDS in rural South Africa
 MacEntee, Katie.

Participatory action research and and indigenous futures: Prospects and possibilities
 Jordan, Steven. and Kapoor, Dip.

Particular considerations for correlation analysis using data from the Teacher Education and Development Study in Mathematics (TEDS-M)
 Meinck, Sabine. and Rodriguez, Michael.

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Qualitative comparative review of literacy development programs in Canada and the USSR
 Sokolovskaya, Anna. and Borokhovski, Eugene.

Quality and effectiveness in instructional practice: Teachers’ work in non-academic arenas
 LeTendre, Gerald. and Osif, Mary.

Quality and inequality in Arab education: A comparative study of educational disparities in ten Arab countries
 Halabi, Saamira.

Quality assessment of PhD dissertations in China: Cross-national evaluations
 Chen, Hongjie.

Quality education in African countries: Teacher and school effects on student achievement in mathematics
 Leon Jara Almonte, Juan. and Youn, Minjong.

Quality educators for all
 Sinyolo, Dennis.

Quality of education: Estimating the human capital output of formal schooling
 Omoeva, Carina. and Wils, Annababette.

Quality of teaching in rural and indigenous schools: The case of Chiapas, Mexico
 Santibanez, Lucrecia.

Quo Vadiis? Public into private in Asian higher education
 Welch, Anthony.

Qur'anic pre-primary education as a political proxy? The role of educational services in reinforcing domestic support for the Somali Jihad
 Palmer, Matthew.


R. Freeman Butts and the historical imagination in educational research
 Kobayashi, Victor.

R. Freeman Butts: Mentor and comparative and international educational statesman
 Shields, James.

Radio and distance education: A temporal comparative analysis
 Sisk, Jules.

Rational for a systems approach to creating the ethical academy
 Heuser, Brian.

Re-Imagining brotherhood: Republican values and representations of nationhood in a diversifying France
 Nesbitt, Travis. and Rust, Val.

Re-discovering post-socialism in comparative education
 Silova, Iveta.

Re-thinking education for XXI Century socialism in Venezuela
 Griffiths, Tom.

Re-thinking liberation as "An answer without a question"
 Giles, Graham.

Reaching increased access, better quality, and relevance of higher education: Lessons learned from twenty years of transitional experience
 Regsuren, Bat-Erdene. and Javzan, Sukhbaatar.

Reading assessment and understanding "How the alphabet works": Insights for instructional models
 Kuyvenhoven, Jo.

Reading for social change: Using young adult literature to teach about racism
 Riley, Krista.

Reading in the Democratic Republic of Congo
 Miksic, Emily.

Reading instruction in Mali: Challenges and opportunities
 Samake, Bakary.

Reassembling inclusive education: A reconstruction of "translation" processes
 Kiuppis, Florian.

Rebooting African economies: Technology, markets, governance, and the role of education
 Juma, Calestous.

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Samoa e-curriculum: Changing classroom practice in Samoa
 Strigel, Carmen., Wong, Gauna. and Kappus, Werner.

School leadership challenges in post Apartheid South Africa
 Anderson, Emily.

School and community: A comparative analysis of community-based educational experiences improving children’s lives in five countries in Latin America
 Guerrero, Alba. and Herrera, Jose.

School choice and institutional legitimacy: Understanding the demand for public and private schools in Chile’s voucher system
 Salinas, Daniel.

School choice in China, Japan, and Korea
 Min, Yunkyung.

School curriculum in India: An important means of value transmission
 Sindhi, Swaleha.

School desegregation measures in the Netherlands and in the Baltic States: A cross-European comparison of education policy discourses
 Golubeva, Maria.

School divide in primary education in Kenya: Focusing on motivation for schooling
 Shimada, Kentaro.

School evaluation policies: The case of Portugal
 Afonso, Natercio. and Costa, Estela.

School fees in South Africa: Implications for educational equity
 Raab, Erin.

School food policies in Latin American countries: Responsibility of social agents
 Bittencourt, Jaqueline Marcela. and Farenzena, Nalú.

School guidance in Japanese Schools: Balancing the old and new in the midst of social change
 Fukuzawa, Rebecca.

School mathematics reform and teaching in Peru: An analysis from mathematics teachers’ practices, beliefs and knowledge
 Moreano, Giovanna.

School or Madrassa: Parents' choice and the failure of state-run education in Pakistan
 Khan, Jehanzaib.

School principals and accountability policies: A Quebec-Ontario comparison
 Desjardins, Pierre-David. and Lessard, Claude.

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TABLE 1. Asian international students' perceptions of professional counseling on campus
 Pham, Hoa.

TABLE 1. Causes and effects of high education fever in South Korea and its transferability to the USA
 Sohn, Heekwon.

TABLE 1. Liberating the mind: A follow-up study of returned cadres in Chinese government
 Su, Zhixin.

TABLE 2. Comparison of teacher preparation in Pakistan and the United States
 Rivers, Melissa. and Huma, Afshan.

TABLE 2. Inclusive education policies in the Southern Cone of Latin America, 2005-2009
 Mancebo, María.

TABLE 2. Teacher evaluation in Afghanistan: Challenges and the way forward
 Vahidi, Mohd Hossain.

TABLE 2. Zaigaishijyo in Michigan: A person-centered and ecocultural approach towards socio-emotional and academic adjustment
 Kato, Chiharu.

TABLE 3. India's economic growth: Unsustainable, given growing unemployability
 Ahmad, Seher.

TABLE 3. Minorities in study abroad: Spotlight on Asian Americans
 Le, Emily. and Gandhi, Miloni.

TABLE 4. Parentified children in the US: A study of Korean temporary migrant youths' cultural identities
 Park, Youngwoo.

TABLE 4. Theater as a site for critical pedagogy: The example of "dream community" in Taiwan
 Chang, Yin-Kun.

TABLE 4. Youth leading efforts to reduce corruption and promote transparency in education across Eurasia
 Payan, Gustavo.

TABLE 5. Possibilities of the "vertical case study": The dialectic of global and local in the lives of immigrant youth in Southern California
 Malsbary, Christine.

TABLE 5. Reforming Taiwanese high school history curriculum as a response to global times
 Mao, Chin-Ju.

Taiwan’s position and strengths concerning student mobility in higher education market within ASEAN plus Three regional cooperation
 Wang, Hsiou-Huai. and Chang, Chen-Wei.

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UN/UNESCO reform for education, gender equality, and Africa: Evaluating change
 Limage, Leslie.

US involvement in Africa: Higher education during the Cold War
 Sinclair, Lauren.

USAID's new education strategy: Opportunity through learning
 Barth, David.

USAID’s support to the process of education reform in Morocco
 Potter, Kristen.

Uncertainties, elite circles, and particularistic access to higher education: Corrupting and constraining academe
 Orkodashvili, Mariam.

Under what conditions do language and ethnicity reinforce exclusion of girls in developing countries?
 Xiang, Nan.

Underpinnings of the MEd program: Education with a difference, for a difference
 Gomes, M. Monica.

Understanding constructions of community in Honduras
 Vinall, Kimberly.

Understanding education's role in fragility: A four-country situational analysis
 Miller-Grandvaux, Yolande.

Understanding global processes in action: Educational challenges and opportunities in India
 Shankar, Arjun. and Dattatreyan, E. Gabriel.

Understanding how multiple factors impact college achievement in Chinese universities
 Zhu, Hong.

Understanding of language learning in foreign language settings: A case study of learning strategy choice and use
 Senoo, Yasuko. and Yonemoto, Kazuhiro.

Understanding the challenges facing scholarly communication in Latin America
 Alperin, Juan. and Fischman, Gustavo.

Understanding the expansion and quality of engineering Eeducation in India
 Tilak, Jandhyala.

Understanding the interplay between child labour and exclusion from schooling
 Rosati, Furio.

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VET policy development in South Africa and transfer processes
 Wedekind, Volker.

VET versus general education in Vietnam: Demand based perspective
 Zhao, Haoyi.

Values allocation, ideological framing, and construction of citizenship: Tracking the flow of character education
 Stepien, Magdalena.

Variation in district learning outcomes overtime: Which district covariates matter?
 Chudgar, Amita. and Miller, Karyn.

Videotechnologies in elementary science methods courses: Expanding teaching and learning environments
 Plonczak, Irene. and Jurasaite-Harbison, Elena.

Views of researchers and alumni regarding academic work in a health research institution in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
 Cabral Félix de Sousa, Isabela.

Village education report cards are tracking in-school and out-of-school education improvements in the Philippines
 Pahm, Miriam.

Virtual band-aids for actual scars? The impact of ICTs on victims of violence
 Sattarzadeh, Sahar.

Visions of reform in post-socialist Romania: Decentralization (through hybridization) and teacher autonomy
 Mincu, Monica.

Voices from the field: A study of teacher experiences with universal secondary education in Uganda
 Werner, Jessica.

Voices of four generations of African intellectuals and universities from the 1960s to the present: A cross-national comparison
 Assie-Lumumba, N\'Dri.

Vulnerability, gender, and agency: Schooling as liberation, desperation, and justification in Malawi
 Kendall, Nancy.


Wandering between "Liberalism" and "Conservatism": The discourse evolution of UNESCO's education policies
 Teng, Jun.

Waving the banner of simple and easy: Popular education and alternative visions of citizenship in late Qing China
 Smith, Zachary.

We lost our culture with civilization: Internalization of the development discourse in Senegal
 Sarr, Karla.

Web-based teacher training: Analysis from prototype development
 Morigen, Dalai. and Yamaguchi, Shinobu.

What a difference a year makes: Transformation in a gap year abroad
 Suhendra, Maureen.

What do school principals in disadvantaged areas say about social justice?
 Archambault, Jean. and Garon, Roseline.

What do students learn when we teach peace?
 Duckworth, Cheryl., Schoepp, Christian., Allen, Barb. and Williams, Teri.

What does it mean to be worldly? FSL student teachers’ practicum experiences in France
 Byrd Clark, Julie.

What education for what development in Africa in the era of globalization: A rethink?
 Geo-JaJa, Macleans.

What is a high-quality school? Views with different lenses on educational reform in China
 Cravens, Xiu. and Zhang, Xinping.

What is in the Name? Construction of educational change in the post-socialist world over two decades
 Bain, Olga.

What is liberating about education? An analysis of the impact of globalization on the education of women
 Fox, Christine.

What is the impact of ability grouping on student achievement?
 Omoeva, Carina. and Chaluda, Ania.

What language-in-education policy models are desired for quality education of language minority students? Evidence from local stakeholder perspectives in northwest China
 Duojie, Danzhi. and Bahry, Stephen.

What liberal ends might be achieved through teaching about minority religions in U.S. public schools?
 Collet, Bruce. and Pauken, Patrick.

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Youth and livelihoods programming in fragile and conflict-affected environments
 Janke, Cornelia.

Youth workforce readiness training: Creating the connection for communities and schools in conflict-affected Sri Lanka
 Henneberg, Sabina.

Youthscapes: The politics of belonging for "Makwerekwere" (Black immigrant) youth in South African schools
 Vandeyar, Saloshna.
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