55th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2011-Apr-30 to 2011-May-06

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A French view
 Malet, Regis. and Benatar, Rezan.

A capabilities approach for gender equality and education: Processes and measures for an NGO/Community project
 DeJaeghere, Joan.

A case study of a customized study abroad program: Education for a global citizen
 Song, Jiaying.

A comparative analysis of "teacher studies": Focus on international journals of education
 Wang Yang, Chiou Rong.

A comparative analysis of curriculum formulation in Botswana and South Africa
 Addy, Nii.

A comparative analysis of different national initiatives for building world-class universities
 Wang, Qi.

A comparative education textbook for undergraduate students providing an education which truly liberates
 Wolhute, Charl., Kubow, Patricia., Schneller, Peter. and Walker, Patricia.

A comparative national study of P-16 initiatives in the United States
 Durand, Francesca.

A comparative view of the development of the IT industry in India and Mexico
 Baca Pumarejo, José. and Burguette Vela, Yuria.

A comparative view on the constructions of the inclusive and special education in Canada, Finland and in the United States
 Jahnukainen, Markku. and Itkonen, Tiina.

A comparison of educational development in North and South Nigeria: Implications of gender disparity
 Scarantino, Josef.

A comparison of the social class based achievement gap across OECD countries
 Hinz, Serena.

A critical assessment of educational policy choices and reforms in French-speaking Africa since the 1960s
 Ndoye, Mamadou.

A critical history of citizen participation in aid to education in Haiti
 Pluim, Gary.

A critical review of teacher education reform
 Tatto, Maria.

A demand-driven, technology-centered approach to professional development in Egypt
 Bosch, Andrea.

A fast track to competence? Preparing teachers in Mali and Senegal.
 Pryor, John., Mbaye, Mbarou. and Guindo, Yoby.

A first peek inside primary reading classes in Mali
 Maiga, Almougaritra.

A framework for intercultural educational leadership
 Frawley, Jack., Fasoli, Lyn. and Ober, Robyn.

A liberating quest for quality education through community-based education in remote rural Costa Rica
 Greer, Joanna.

A meta-analysis of the immigrant achievement gap: An analysis of PISA, TIMSS, and PIRLS
 Thompson, Christopher., Reta Sanchez, Anabelle., Becker, Betsy. and Lang, Laura.

A new day for kids: A promising ECCD program example from Cambodia
 Malkin, Jessica.

A new era of student diplomats: study abroad in the Cold War
 Koster, Karleigh.

A path to liberation or subjugation? The multifaceted role of Buddhism in civic education in contemporary Burma/Myanmar
 Treadwell, Brooke.

A peace education program violently imposed
 Cann, Colette.

A pedagogy of freedom: The educational philosophy of Malcolm X
 Benson II, Richard.

A point of connection through transnational history textbooks? An examination of a common history textbook initiative in East Asia
 Otsuki, Tomoe.

A portrait of practitioners’ understanding and the use of Freirean pedagogy in a summer camp for girls in Iran
 Abdi Dezfooli, Nassim.

A powerful public/private partnership to improve education in Equatorial Guinea
 Luff, Paula. and Siri, Carmen.

A retrospective overview of education progress in post-independence Africa since 1960
 Bruneforth, Michael., Motivans, Albert., Labé, Olivier. and Dembélé, Martial.

A review of teacher learning in Chinese context: From the perspective of social network and social capital
 Zeng, Yan.

A review on the research on schooling and school governance in main countries
 Shu, Yung-ming.

A social cartography of gender in education: Visualizing private and public spheres and interconnecting forces
 Stromquist, Nelly.

A social-ecological resilience-based approach to thinking about "life-skills" in Cambodian schools.
 Russell, Michael.

A statistical study of school enrollment in Iraq during the US-led invasion
 Shafiq, Najeeb.

A story of navigating worlds in the United States and Japan: "Inside-out" authoring and "outside-in" editing
 Damrow, Amy.

A study of applying Taiwan’s female principals’ decision making in professional development
 Li, Pei-Ling.

A study of cognitive and metacognitive behaviors during mathematics with children from Russia, Spain, Hungary and the US
 Cozza, Dr. Barbara. and Oreshkina, Maria.

A study of gender differences regarding cultural identification among indigenous senior high school students
 Chen, Shan-Hua. and Wu, Huan-Hung.

A study of the concept of mathematics textbooks comparative study of representation in Taiwan and Finland
 Chen, Yen-Ting. and Wang, Juei-Hsin.

A study on college graduates’ high employability
 Cheng, (Kent) Sheng Yao.

A study on impact of modern education on liberty trends in Third World countries
 Madani, Daryoush.

A study on the research trends of the sociology of education in eight countries
 Houng, Shu-Ling.

A survey of US comparative and international graduate programs
 Drake, Timothy.

A tale of two countries: Comparing civic education policy in the Philippines and Singapore
 Sim, Jasmine., Paculdar, Agnes. and Baildon, Mark.

A theoretical framework for examining regional initiatives in the quality assurance of higher education
 Madden, Meggan.

A three-legged table: Exploring the relevance of higher education in Africa as a pre-condition for partnership
 Akuni, Job. and Thorley, Lisa.

A universal approach to teaching about difference? Sesame street international
 Moland, Naomi.

A well educated student is liberated from prejudice in a multicultural society
 Klemencic, Eva., Stremfel, Urska. and Rozman, Mojca.

A winning approach: Building leadership through problem-solving
 Mohr, Emet.

ADePT education the tool
 Macdonald, Kevin.

AED and education in contexts of fragility: Providing support to education over the long haul
 Alvarado, Felix.

Academic and social decision-making of 1.5 and 2nd generation South Asian-American college students
 Rahman, Zaynah. and Witenstein, Matthew.

Academic capitalism and brain circulation: Some evidence relating to the Canada research chair program
 Zha, Qiang. and Hayhoe, Ruth.

Academic identity and success: Exploring narratives of Indian South African Women STEM faculty in KwaZulu-Natal
 Roy, Pamela.

Academic research in OECD countries: Trends in public funding of university research
 Franklin, Shannon.

Academic resilience and achievement for college bound Khmer youth in Cambodia
 Jun, Alexander. and Gross, Jacob.

Accelerated experiential learning in the era of time annihilators
 Reynoso, Monica.

Accelerated learning For teachers in Afghanistan fast track to teacher quality
 du Plessis, Joy.

Access to information is that which liberates education from corruption: From private tutorship to doctoral level
 Orkodashvili, Mariam.

Accessing the intuitive
 Sadowski, Emily.

Accountability and education strategy
 Abadzi, Helen.

Achievements and limitations of ADEA
 Ndoye, Mamadou.

Achieving equitable access to higher education in Russia
 Gounko, Tatiana.

Acknowledging learning differences: The implications of ability tracking in Japan
 MacDonald, Lary.

Action research and the development of critical travel pedagogy
 Johnstone, Brian.

Action research as an innovative approach to education reform: What we can learn from the three cases
 Zhang, Ai. and Yang, Lan.

Action research for ‘liberation’? Reflections on a participatory action research project with Sudanese adult education teachers
 Fean, Paul.

Active citizens as young educators: Assessing the potential of youth-driven, citizenship education initiatives in Canada
 Aylward, Erin.

Adapting active learning in Ethiopia
 Casale, Carolyn.

Adjusting to change: Refugees in the United States educational system: A review of the literature and policy
 Podzimek, Kimberly.

Administrating language varieties: The construction of language attitudes among urban school administrator
 Razfar, Aria. and Rumenapp, Joseph.

Administrators’ perspectives on NGO-University partnership for education in emergencies
 Nyagah, Grace.

Adult learning in community-based ecotourism: A comparative study of projects in Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia
 Walter, Pierre., Tran, Linh. and Reimer, Kila.

Adversity and internalizing problems among adolescents in rural Gansu Province: The protective roles of parental warmth and teacher support
 Davidson, Shannon.

Afghanistan’s national program of in-service teacher training (NPITT): Building a system of continuing professional development
 du Plessis, Joy.

Africa-Asia relations since the end of “unipolar” globalization: Focus on education and research
 Lumumba-Kasongo, Tukumbi.

Africa-Asia university dialogue for educational development: Group A (Equity and gender group)
 Chege, Fatuma.

Africa-Asia university dialogue for educational development: Group B (Quality of education and educational policy)
 Nakabugo, Goretti. and Yoshida, Kazuhiro.

Africa-Asia university dialogue for educational development: Group C (Teacher professional development)
 Jamil, Hazri.

Africa-Asia university dialogue for educational development: Overall current results and future challenge
 Yoshida, Kazuhiro., Sakurai, Riho. and Matsunaga, Aya.

After apology: Public education as redress for Japanese, American, and Canadian internment
 Wood, Alexandra.

Aid, advocacy, and approaches to “Education as Exploitation” in West Africa: An analysis of the Talibés in Senegal
 Reddy, Michelle.

All is not lost! Information can improve localized decision making: Evidence from the use of school report cards in Indonesia
 Rodd, Alastair.

Alternative ways of measuring country performance and presentation in PISA
 Mortimore, Peter.

Alumni engagement and the African university: An examination of Makerere university’s strategies and processes.
 Niwagaba, Lillian.

Ambivalence as optimal outcome: Encouraging uncertainty among English language voluntourism program participants
 Jakubiak, Cori.

An Anglo-American view
 Pitman, Allan. and Majhanovich, Suzanne.

An analysis of in-service teacher training practices in Tanzania
 Durodoye Jr., Raifu. and Kafanabo, Eugenia.

An analysis of incentives for the trajectory of cradle-to-career learning: Benefits, costs, and subsidies as “implicit” policy
 Wagner, Alan. and Sun, Ruirui.

An analysis of out-of-school children in Ghana: Demographic and health surveys 2003-2008
 Hattori, Hiroyuki.

An analysis of research findings on study abroad outcomes in US higher education
 Rhodes, Gary., Raby, Rosalind., Gandhi, Miloni. and Siedzik, Alexandra.

An evaluation of Save the Children's pivotal schools project in Egypt: A cascade model of teacher professional development
 Buckner, Elizabeth.

An evaluation of Thailand’s 15 years of free education program
 Tongliemnak, Pumsaran.

An evaluation of the impact of Kilimani Sesame on Tanzanian children's health knowledge
 Lee, June.

An examination of engagement and engagement outcomes of talented undergraduates in Chinese research universities
 Guo, Fangfang.

An exploratory study of the educational experiences of Tibetans living in exile in India and their educational outcomes
 Palkyi, Tenzin.

An integrated approach to early childhood development: A case from Nepal
 Lauricella, Regina. and Thapa, Narmaya.

An intersectionality approach to headscarves in the German educational system
 Sandford-Gaebel, Katie.

An introduction to PERI
 Pop, Daniel. and Bari, Faisal.

An overseas professional development of inservice secondary biology teachers using a cognitive apprenticeship learning model
 Park, Do-Yong.

Analysis of factors associated with partnership experience at two African universities
 Chiteng, Felly.

Analysis of planned teaching/learning activities in a Kenyan primary-school mathematics textbook with a focus on representation types
 Matsunaga, Aya.

Analyzing PIRLS, PISA, and TIMSS data online: Demonstration of the international data explorer
 Sen, Anindita.

Analyzing the role of privately-operated central management structures in school-based management models: The case of Fey, Alegria
 Jaimovich, Analia.

Andre Keet (Universities of Fort Hare and Pretoria): The perfect crime: Education research in an ‘age of rights’
 Keet, Andre.

Anti-poor or empowering? The case of low fee private schools in India
 Chakraborty, Sarbani.

Appealing against examination results in Germany, Sweden, and England: A look at the context
 Waldow, Florian.

Application of computerised classroom assessment system to improve language skills
 Kanjee, Anil.

Applying the “simple view” model to adult readers of Arabic
 Prince, Maya. and Cardoso, Manuel.

Applying the “simple view” model to adult readers of Spanish
 Cardoso, Manuel. and Prince, Maya.

Are all World-class universities international universities?
 Gottlieb, Esther.

Are they confident in learning mathematics? A comparative study of fifth graders’ self-efficacy
 Chang, Yu-Liang. and Wu, Su-Chiao.

Are we alone? Training and development programs for university staff in Taiwan
 Kung, Yuan-Fang., Wang, Juei-Hsin., Chang, Yu-Liang. and Ho, Hsuan-fu.

Are you teaching me or am I teaching you? Tensions around participation in a photovoice project in rural Sierra Leone
 Thompson, Jennifer.

Art teachers as artists: A case study on art teachers training for rural areas of China
 Wang, Yiying.

Arts, agency, and activism: Engaging students in learning and in research
 Quigley, Brenna.

Asia-Africa collaborations: post Cold War developments and their implications for education
 Sehoole, Chika. and Pillay, Venitha.

Asia’s responses to the Bologna Process: Growing interests in regional cooperation and its dilemma
 Akiba, Hiroko.

Assessing key competences in Europe: Why would we? How could we?
 Psifidou, Irene.

Assessing mathematics in context: The development of an approach to adapting and implementing EGMA across country contexts
 Platas, Linda.

Assessing teacher policy in Latin America
 Ganimian, Alejandro.

Assessing the World Bank’s accelerating catch up
 Banya, Kingsley.

Assessing the assessment: Early grade mathematics assessment reliability and validity
 Piper, Benjamin.

Assessing the gender differences in maths teaching and learning across low and high performing primary schools in Kenya
 Ngware, Moses. and Ciera, James.

Assessment choice in developing countries: How much does comparability matter?
 Wagner, Dan.
55th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2011-Apr-30 to 2011-May-06
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