55th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2011-Apr-30 to 2011-May-06

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BRAC in Afghanistan: Building South-South partnerships in teacher training
 Anwar, Kazi. and Islam, Mir.

Back to school: The rise of adult higher education in the context lifelong learning in five European countries
 Hutchens, Mary.

Balancing CJK and English literacy objectives: A multi-method study of East Asian supplementary schools in the US
 Kim, Jadong., Langager, Mark. and Xu, Hui.

Balancing educational development between urban and rural areas: A case study of Chengdu, China
 Yuan, Shengjun.

Barriers for boys' education in southern Sudan
 Stanford, Necia.

Barriers to consider when bridging an international primary school partnership: South Africa and United States
 Anderson, Emily., Janis, Thomas. and Kuhlman, Leah.

Barriers to multicultural initiatives: The case of Mandarin and Arabic foreign language in an American high school
 Sun, Jinai. and Shouse, Roger.

Beating the odds in educational achievements
 Cisse, Boubacar.

Becoming "Indigenous Foreigners": An experiment in transnational teacher education in Tanzania
 Bartlett, Lesley. and Vavrus, Frances.

Behind the gold medals: Challenges to Chinese athletes' academic learning in a demanding economic and social environment
 Xiao, Jie.

Being a "good student": The translation of Mexican immigrant students' previous academic experiences to a central Texas high school
 Straubhaar, Rolf.

Benchmarks in higher education outputs: Comparing graduates’ levels and fields of education worldwide
 Chien, Chiao-Ling.

Best practices and opportunities for reform: Experiences from Central America
 Moreno, Roberto.

Between context and capability: Reflections on research on the capability approach and gender equality in education
 Unterhalter, Elaine.

Beyond access: Gender equality in higher education
 Sabry, Manar.

Beyond apprenticeship: The institution of doctoral advising
 Wang, Dongfang. and McCarty, Luise.

Beyond debates about old/new academic ability and failing achievement
 Ando, Satoru.

Beyond the "Academic Factor" of internationalism in higher education
 Khorsandi Taskoh, Ali. and Macmillan, Robert.

Beyond the Millennium Development Goals? Comparing education for all and health for all movements
 Chan, Jennifer.

Beyond the definition of M-Learning: The case of learning through mobile phone devices in Ghana
 Aryee, Kinful.

Beyond the green agenda: The changing ecology of rural schooling and the double tasks of building green schools in China
 Lou, Jingjing.

Bhutan's growing higher education system
 Gandhi, Miloni.

Bilateral agencies and capacity building: The role of English
 Lopez-Navarrete, Enery., Kim, Sharon., Wolde-Yohannes, Theresa. and Marron, Michiko.

Bilingual education for Mayas in Guatemala: Hegemonic or counter-hegemonic?
 Knowlton, Autumn.

Birth order, gender, and educational attainment in rural China
 Louie, Michelle.

Birthplace or meeting place? The role that Western universities play in creating jihadists
 LaRue, Brandon.

Blogosphere as civic-educational space: National self-regeneration in Pakistan’s blogosphere
 Naseem, Muhammad.

Body / masculine stratification in gay students' groups: Discussion from the concept of hegemonic masculinity and body capital
 Chang, Yin-Kun.

Bologna process and its implications on the Turkish higher education
 Gok, Fatma.

Boys doing gender: Perceptions of gender equality in Kenyan primary school curriculum
 Foulds, Kim.

Brazil's Bolsa Familia Program: Looking backward to move forward
 Bruner, Justin.

Breaking down the myths: Private primary education in Jamaica
 Stern, Jonathan. and Heyneman, Stephen.

Breaking out of the silence: Young hostesses as street children in Kabukichyo-Japan
 Tanaka, Aki.

Breaking the glass ceiling: a comparative study of women in high-level educational leadership
 Roach, Virginia.

Bringing Improved English teaching to scale: The USAID TELL Program, logistical support for countrywide teacher professional development
 Koch, Jeremy.

Bringing school inputs and student outcomes data sets together: Challenges and opportunities
 Awan, Ayesha.

Building "college knowledge" among ethnic minority students in China through yuke: Opportunities and obstacles
 Clothey, Rebecca.

Building a strong theoretical framework for Inclusive Education (IE) in Bangladesh: Addressing IE through Tagore and the capability approach
 Mahbub, Tahiya.

Building bridges for research collaboration: A case study of a global conclave
 Mukherjee, Mousumi.

Building high momentum international school partnerships: Considerations for teachers and leaders from a 2 year study in UK, Africa, and Asia.
 Lam, Elaine. and Edge, Karen.

Building peace through teacher training? Empirical findings from post-genocide Rwanda
 Scheunpflug, Annette.

Building the titanic and other unfortunate events: Exploring historical significance with young people in Northern Ireland
 Terra, Luke.

Bureaucratic mystique vs academic caciques: Higher education reform in Thailand
 Lao, Rattana.

Business education as a mechanism for empowerment: An assessment of the LEADER Project
 Holman, Kristen.

Business education in Cuba
 Louderback, Margaret.
55th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2011-Apr-30 to 2011-May-06
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