55th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2011-Apr-30 to 2011-May-06

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Camaraderie and self-governance in Japanese "educational Dormitories": An ethnographic case study of a university dorm construction project
 Walker, Casey., Albert, Guillaume. and Langager, Mark.

Can Ecuador put the genie of higher education back in the bottle? Equity and access in a deregulated system
 Post, David.

Can a “defectologist” support inclusive education? Results and new questions from a study on inclusive education in Macedonia
 Johnstone, Christopher.

Canadian teachers’ federation: Professional development and development cooperation
 Fraser, Calvin.

Capabilities approach: A framework to operationalize ECCD stakeholders' access to equitable opportunities
 Williams, Rhiannon.

Capacity building for sustainable development
 Ettling, Dorothy. and Gonzalez, Ada.

Capacity development through cross-border higher education program
 Jie, Yiyun.

Capitalizing on main stream initiatives such as inspiring education: A dialogue with Albertans to engage academia, government and community collaboration
 Peel, Robert. and Mitrayani, Dian.

Career aspirations in the transnational fields: The case of adolescent-immigrants from Asia
 Choi, Jung-ah.

Career paths of teacher training graduates in Oman
 Greene, Elizabeth., Chapman, David. and Al-Barwani, Thuwayba.

Carol Anne Spreen (School of Education, University of Virginia) applying the 4As in US schools: Contradictions and complementarity between domestic and international education rights
 Spreen, Carol Anne.

Case studies of two public schools in South Jakarta: In search of a citizenship education model for a multi-religious Indonesia
 Syafruddin, Didin.

Case study 1: School characteristics influencing to lower performance in grade 5 national assessment
 Hilukiluah, Imogene.

Case study 2: School characteristics influencing to higher performance in grade 5 national assessment
 Lyamine, Yolanda.

Caught by the streets of the city: Street children in Ghana
 Annor, Grace.

Centering student learning outcomes in global quality assurance of higher education: The OECD’s AHELO study
 Shahjahan, Riyad.

Challenges and opportunities for researchers and practitioners to collaborate within the education in emergencies field
 Chopra, Vidur.

Challenges facing teaching of comparative education in Kenyan universities
 Gakunga, Daniel.

Challenges to Vietnam’s higher education reform
 Le, Emily.

Challenging heteronormativity through comparative and global education
 Lew, Maria Sian.

Challenging inequality: Afro-Latin American and Indigenous contributions to interculturality and social justice
 Valdiviezo, Laura. and Valdiviezo Arista, Luis.

Challenging violence against girls in schools: Insights from a baseline study in schools in Kenya, Ghana and Mozambique
 Parkes, Jenny. and Heslop, Jo.

Changing marriage patterns among young adults in Cape Town, S.Africa: Implications for designing effective policy
 Tognatta, Namrata.

Changing patterns of access to education in Anglophone and Francophone countries in Sub Saharan Africa: Is education for all pro-poor?
 Lewin, Keith. and Sabates, Ricardo.

Changing trends in the flow of international human capital: From the perspective of foreign-trained PhD Chinese in America, Britain, and Australia
 Zhou, Tinghua. and Wang, Xuhong.

Character education in Ukrainian universities: Exploration of university leaders’ approach to moral and civic formation of undergraduate students
 Filiatreau, Svetlana.

Characteristics and patterns of Chinese teachers’ beliefs about minority student and their learning
 Wang, Jian. and Teng, Xing.

Characteristics of academic research output and dilemma of teaching and research at selected universities in the Chinese mainland
 Linlin, Li., Manhong, Lai. and Ping, Du.

Children’s rights and children’s lives: How working children make sense of schooling
 Thangaraj, Miriam.

Children’s voices in an NGO’s educational program: A community-based research in Ethiopia
 Piquemal, Nathalie.

China’s economic development, higher education policies and higher education access in a world setting
 Yang, Lijing.

Chinese graduate students’ attitudes toward persons with intellectual disabilities: An acculturation approach
 Bi, Hui.

Chinese perspectives on building world-class universities: Government policies, institutional responses, and challenges
 Li, Jun.

Chinese scholars in American academe: Mobility, knowledge, identity, and globalization
 Chen, Qiongqiong.

Citizenship attributes of Hong Kong students from the IEA international civic and citizenship studies
 Lee, Wing On.

Citizenship attributes of Korean students from the IEA International civic and citizenship studies
 Kim, Tae-Jun.

Citizenship education in Chile, between vindicta and vindication
 Lira, Robinson.

Civic health indices in the United States: Benchmarking indicators of citzenship
 Mawhinney, Hanne.

Clark's triangle model in understanding the development of higher education programs: Case studies of the U.S., Germany, China, and Japan
 Lee, Heeyoung., Byun, Kiyong. and Jon, Jae-Eun.

Closing the gap between education and society through outdoor-oriented education: Comparing education in the United States and India
 Kimonen, Eija. and Nevalainen, Raimo.

Clowning around: Embodiment, philosophy and "clown logic"
 Lane, Julia.

Collaborative knowledge building in an Omani teacher-training class: Lessons learned
 Porcaro, David. and Al-Musawi, Ali.

Collective remittances and education: An exploration of Vietnamese Americans’ educational nonprofit work in Viet Nam
 Vu, Lisa.

Colonial education displays and the construction of "Good" Filipinos at two international expositions (1887 & 1904)
 Hardacker, Erin.

Combating systemic corruption through quality assurance
 Drake, Timothy.

Communicating reading results, mobilizing community action: Literacy boost experiences in Asia and Africa
 Hanson, Jessica.

Community colleges in India: Liberating the undereducated
 Chase-Mayoral, Audree. and Sachdev, Anu.

Community engagement and partnership as a mission of higher education
 Schuetze, Hans.

Community identified barriers to girls’ education in rural Malawi: What girls and boys say about absenteeism, repetition and drop out
 Kavazanjian, Laura.

Community leadership: an important factor for the engagement of communities in education
 Sanou Ariste, Clemence.

Community participation and school-based management under the UPE policy: Case of Masaka District in Uganda
 Kitagawa, Chikako.

Community service learning: Understanding international contexts of inequity and Marginality from a local context
 Kurka, Valerie.

Community transformational engagement as a gateway for sustainable school development
 da Conceicao, Eliane.

Community, schooling and social networks for refugee youth
 Mosselson, Jacqueline.

Comparative and international education research: Liberating or confining?
 Benatar, Rezan.

Comparative cases of curriculum policy-practice gaps in Botswana and South Africa
 Addy, Nii. and Mokgosi, Lillian.

Comparative education statistics and the changing landscape of education systems
 Truong, Nhung.

Comparative espeedreading productivity deficiencies at the graduate level: A 20/20 foresight /hindsight report for the future 2020 CIES conference.
 Amoriggi, Helen.

Comparative gaze: Toward a critical theory of comparison
 Furukawa, Norihide.

Comparative research on the history of education in eight countries
 Li, Huang.

Comparative studies on teacher education, students, and democracy in the USA and Canada: Experiences and perspectives
 Carr, Paul.

Comparative study of the Bologna process in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Italy: Values and dilemmas of transformations
 Hotta, Taiji.

Comparing eighth-grade students' civic attitudes and civic engagement in Shanghai and Hong Kong
 Zhang, Yongling.

Comparing teachers´ autonomy in Finland and Norway: Discussing conditions for critical education
 Haugen, Cecilie.

Comparing the impact of private tutoring in South Korea and the United States
 Park, Eun. and Armor, David.

Comparing the structural reform to the managerial reform through a Weberian perspective: The case of Israel
 Resnik, Julia.

Comparison between indigenous students’ academic performances in Taiwan and New Zealand
 Liu, Wei-Lun.

Competing for every student in Taiwan
 Hou, Chinghsin., Ho, Hsuan-fu. and Huang, Yueh Chun.

Complex messages communication and international data visualization in education
 Montjourides, Patrick.

Comprehensive internationalization: From rhetoric to reality
 Landorf, Hilary. and Pineda, Fernanda.

Conceptions of global citizenship: A comparative study of American and European university students
 Streitwieser, Bernhard. and Light, Gregory.

Conceptions of social justice
 Arnstein, Tammy., Vega, Laura. and Omar, Zohra.

Conceptual anaylsis of proposed policy document for an intercultural education system in Ecuador, 2010
 Manresa, Maria.

Conceptual framework and tools for developing effective assessment systems
 Clarke, Marguerite.

Conceptualizing 21st century multiculturalism: Proposal for a new framework for multicultural education in the age of globalization
 Arshad-Ayaz, Adeela.

Conceptualizing a comparative view of immigrant education
 Witenstein, Matthew. and Luschei, Thomas.

Conditional cash transfer programs, challenges for a second generation to increase human development?
 Grajeda Chavez, Eva., Alvarado, Felix. and Somerville, Sergio.

Conditional cash transfers and effects on education
 Eberle-Sudre, Kimberlee.

Conflict and education: new pathways
 Reimers, Fernando. and Chung, Connie.

Conflict dialogue for intercultural citizenship education: Teacher development and curriculum
 Bickmore, Kathy., Parker, Christina. and Larsen, Shannon.

Conformity or creativity: The strategic responses of Canadian social science faculties to research planning
 Tamtik, Merli. and Sa, Creso.

Confronting the exploitation of Talibés in Senegal: Implementing a national framework
 Sonnenberg, Krystyna.

Connecting voucher financing to EMIS
 Camp, Kathryn.

Considerations in developing a multi-ethnic research team to conduct multicultural educational research
 Kumar, Revathy., Seay, Nancy. and Warnke, Jeff.

Considering a new SIG on teaching comparative education
 Epstein, Erwin., Kubow, Patricia., Collet, Bruce., Stone, Kathy. and Blosser, Allison.

Consolidation, institutionalization and innovation for the Moroccan education system – Project ITQANE
 Casewit, Jane.

Constructing national identity in a context of intercultural and human rights education: The case of British Columbia, Canada
 Bromley, Patricia.

Content analysis of cultural values represented in Japanese early moral education textbooks
 Anzai, Shinobu.

Continuity and change in the Greek history textbook: Comparing Greek history textbooks from 1834-1880
 Zervas, Theodore.

Corporate philanthropy trends: The volume, focus and motivations behind contributions to education
 van Fleet, Justin.

Corporatizing higher education in Taiwan: Problem faced
 Lee, Feng-Jihu.

Cosmopolitization as liberation education
 Mawhinney, Hanne.

Creating "successful" overseas-trained teachers: A comparative analysis of the J-1 teacher exchange in the U.S. Southeast
 Brown, Kara.

Creating a model for international graduate school decision-making: Perceptions from India, Australia and the United States
 Berends, Louis.

Creating curriculum aligned textbooks and teaching materials in local languages to improve quality of learning in Guatemala
 Maldonado Bode, Sophia., Rubio, Fernando. and Cortés Sic, Enrique.

Creating student learning guides to improve the quality of learning in primary schools in Equatorial Guinea
 Galisson, Kirsten.

Creative practices in the language classroom
 Briand, André. and Elizondo, Gabriela.

Critical policy analysis: Examining enshrouded meanings in the institutionalization of distance higher education in South Korea
 Joo, K.P..

Critical policy studies in the European Union: An ethnographic account of models, methods and diversity in policy transfer
 Jones, Peter.

Critical social theory and comparative education’s imagined interlocutors
 Levinson, Bradley.

Critical study abroad: The transformative effects of study abroad through a peace education lens
 Cordova, Trixie.

Critical thinking is hijacked by whom?
 Lam, Ka-ka.

Cross-border collaborative degree programs in East Asia region: Impact and challenges
 Yuki, Takako., Hong, Yeeyoung. and Kuroda, Kazuo.

Cross-border higher education for regional integration: Analysis of the JICA-RI survey for leading universities in East Asia
 Kuroda, Kazuo., Yuki, Takako. and Kang, Kyuwon.

Cross-cultural professional development for mid-career education leaders: What makes for high quality exchange programs and how do we know?
 Dickson, Nancy. and Cravens, Xiu.

Crossing the "one-log bridge": How English language education facilitates and hinders the development of student identity in China
 Gosnell, Ashley.

Cultivating schools: Contributing to educational quality and food security in rural Tanzania
 Roberts, Daniel.

Cultural constructions of difference in Puerto Rican education
 Nieves, Bethsaida.

Culturally based, collaborative textbook and teacher guide development and effective teacher training
 Spor, Mary. and Altshul, Judith.

Culturally responsive education through arts integration: How do students see it?
 Stokes, Helga., Hopson, Rodney K.., Generett, Gretchen., Bantum, Kaleigh. and Good, Tyra.

Culture as a vehicle, not a bridge: Community-based education in autonomous Nicaragua and the Navajo Nation
 White, Kerry.

Current thinking concerning liberal arts education in China
 Jiang, You Guo.

Curricular, co-curricular, and campus contexts that promote global learning and development for international students attending American colleges and universities
 Glass, Chris.

Curriculum for strengthening both local identity and global competitiveness: A case study of curriculum reform in Zanzibar
 Babaci-Wilhite, Zehlia.

Cyber-bullying, cyber-libel or cyber-jokes: Girls and social media
 Shariff, Shaheen.

Cyberspace as carceral space: Re-examining Foucault's work for the online realm
 Shaikh, Kamran. and Zuberi, Amna.
55th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2011-Apr-30 to 2011-May-06
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