55th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2011-Apr-30 to 2011-May-06

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Dancing with the enemy: Confronting governance challenges in international corporate citizenship partnerships in education
 Bhanji, Zahra. and Oxley, Joanne.

Data: The missing link in the reform process in Pakistan
 Rashid, Abbas.

De-simplifying child labor in Vietnam: The effects of different forms of child labor on educational attainment
 Nguyen, DanThanh.

Decentralization and recentralization in Russian higher education: Implications for quality and control
 Kuhns, Katherine.

Decentralization and student achievement: A comparative analysis of the influence of governance structures on PISA outcomes
 Cullinane, Jenna. and Lincove, Jane.

Decentralizing school governance: A policy analysis of parent-school partnership in Morocco’s public middle schools.
 Elmeski, Mohammed.

Deciphering the recent trend of inter-provincial spending inequality in China's compulsory education: 1993-2008
 Gong, Xin.

Decision-making and accountability in decentralized school governance
 Gershberg, Alec.

Decolonising the education system in Bolivia: Ideology versus reality
 Lopes Cardozo, Mieke.

Decolonizing curriculum in St. Kitts and Nevis: A case study of reform efforts in response to socio-cultural colonial legacies
 Pemberton, Neva.

Deconstructing and reconstructing discourses of participation: Constructing theory from the ground-up
 Nguyen, Thi Xuan Thuy.

Deena Hurwitz (Human Rights Program, School of Law, University of Virginia): The power of a multidisciplinary approach to education rights
 Hurwitz, Deena.

Defending education funding in times of austerity
 Catlaks, Guntars.

Democracy in education: Critical pedagogy, citizenship, social justice, and transformational change
 Zyngier, David.

Democratic success in Scandinavian education? Perspectives of minority students
 Biseth, Heidi.

Deploying the knowledge diaspora: China's overseas talent recruitment schemes including the 111 Project
 Cai, Hongxing.

Designing a parent education program for early childhood development: The case of Bangladesh
 Tognatta, Namrata. and Borisova, Ivelina.

Designing an early grade reading assessment in Northern Nigeria: Language implications on test development and results
 Pflepsen, Alison.

Designing and developing relevant and effective ICT trainings for teachers from conflict-affected high poverty schools
 Oftana Jr., Pablo.

Designing, implementing, and evaluating programs focused on country-led reforms
 Gillies, John.

Designing, implementing, and evaluating programs focused on decentralization
 Bernbaum, Marcia.

Designing, implementing, and evaluating programs focused on educational management information systems
 Moses, Kurt. and Somerville, Sergio.

Designing, implementing, and evaluating programs focused on policy dialogue
 Alvarado, Felix.

Designing, implementing, and evaluating programs focused on professional development
 Ginsburg, Mark. and Adelman, Elizabeth.

Designing, implementing, and evaluating programs focused on secondary education
 Terway, Arushi.

Designing, implementing, and evaluating programs focused on student assessment
 Kuan, Li-Ann. and Erberber, Ebru.

Determinants of information gaps on college tuition and scholarship system
 Jie, Wang.

Determinants of supplementary tutoring in Japan, Korea, and the United States
 Mori, Izumi.

Developing a visual and user-interactive interface to make models more intuitive
 Kim, HyeJin.

Developing an indigenous analytic model for research on educational equality
 Liu, Jian.

Developing civic leaders through an experiential learning program for Holocaust education
 Clyde, Carol.

Developing curricula frameworks in post-conflict settings to establish standards of quality
 Acedo, Clementina.

Developing good habits: A case study of room to read’s efforts to promote reading in the primary grades in rural Nepal
 Cooper, Peter., Ehrlich, Ami. and Morgan, Jane.

Developing intercultural competence of primary school children: Review
 Takeuchi, Ai. and Maeda, Yukiko.

Developing knowledge about cradle-to-career, community engagement from five local private-public partnership councils in Ohio
 Lawson, Hal. and Anderson-Butcher, Dawn.

Developing standards-based teacher education in Morocco
 Ezzaki, Abdelkader.

Developing teachers for junior secondary education in Sierra Leone
 Fitzpatrick, Alicia.

Developing the assessment impulse in local culture: The role of African proverbs in program evaluation
 Easton, Peter.

Developing youth agency through global education
 Harris, Emily.

Development aid for education and liberation of child labour in India: A case study children's care international, (CCI) Canada
 Bhushan, Karanam.

Development and prospect of Chinese non-governmental intermediary organizations of higher education evaluation: From 1994 to present
 Fu, Lin.

Developmentally appropriate practices to promote emergent literacy and emergent numeracy
 O\'Donnell, Eleanor.

Dialogue and the role of the teacher in Quebec's ethics and religious culture program
 Amro, Suzanne. and Buchanan, Linda.

Dialogue between Asia and Europe: University mobility with the development of regional credit transfer systems
 Ninomiya, Akira.

Dialogue between villagers and officials on Tibetan language-in-education policy in Qinghai province: Where were the scholars?
 Luo, Jia.

Differences in academic outcomes between vocational and academic education in Chile
 Farias, Mauricio.

Differences in student engagement among demographic groups in Chinese college students: Evidence from Guangxi University
 Li, Lu.

Differentiated conceptualizations of violence, its causes and interventions in a secondary school in Trinidad & Tobago
 Williams, Hakim.

Diffusion of lifelong education: From global ideas to national policies
 Lee, Jungeun. and Bernhardt, Anna.

Digital ICTs, language shift, and mode shift: Results from a preliminary study among rural South African youth
 Babson, Andrew.

Digital transformation of international students in college in the U.S.
 Zhadko, Olena.

Disarmed: Education and reconciling difference(s) where post-coloniality and post-conflict meet
 Errante, Antoinette.

Disarming optimist
 Warren, Donald.

Discourse on Kana character education and preschool practice in Japan
 Sato, Shinji.

Distributions of achievement: A cross-national comparison
 Bower, Corey.

Divergence: English-language education in South Korea and Japan, and the implications for globalization
 Allen, Barry.

Diversity of actors and education governance challenges in Guinea
 Billo, Barry.

Diversity, rights, and civic education: Cross-national analyses of social science textbooks from 1970-2008
 Bromley, Patricia.

Do increases in girls’ educational attainment actually change their status in society? The case of Indonesia
 Zubaidah, Ida.

Do our children learn critical thinking skills at school? A participatory video study
 Yang, Kyung-hwa.

Do poverty dynamics explain the shift to informal private schooling system in the wake of free public primary education in Nairobi slums?
 Oketch, Moses., Jackline, Sagwe. and Ngware, Moses.

Do private schools perform better than public schools? Evidence from rural India
 Mukerji, Shobhini. and Wadhwa, Wilima.

Do school effectiveness correlates matter in school performance? A case of urban schools in Nairobi, Kenya
 Ngware, Moses. and Musyoka, Peter.

Do teachers make a difference? Comparing teacher skills, OTL, and student learning in Botswana and North West Province, South Africa
 Carnoy, Martin., Addy, Nii., Arends, Fabian. and Mpeta, Kolentino.

Do teachers make a difference? Comparing teacher skills, opportunity to learn, and student performance in Kenya, Botswana, and South Africa
 Oketch, Moses.

Do teachers make a difference? Comparing teacher skills, principal skills and student performance in two provinces in South Africa
 Wedekind, Volker.

Do teachers really matter? Teacher perceptions of identity and agency in current Chilean school and policy contexts
 De los Rios, Danae. and Avalos-Bevan, Beatrice.

Do you read me? Fostering a culture of peace across curriculum at a high school in Taiwan
 Rico, Braden.

Doctoral students’ academic literacy
 Mir, Shabana.

Does It all line up? The relationship between intended and enacted curriculum in an alternative elementary school
 Hegseth, Whitney.

Does academic major composition in higher education matter for economic growth?
 Lee, Eun Kyung.

Does an open learning environment result in higher achievement in mathematics? Estimating the effects of student-centered Instruction using TIMSS 2007 data
 Omoeva, Carina.

Does post-colonialism fit comparative education literature on Post-Soviet States? Looking for new ways to approach the Soviet and Post-Soviet analyses
 Weeks-Earp, Erin.

Does quality of teaching maths and student’s sitting position explain students’ achievement growth? Evidence from primary schools in Kenya
 Ngware, Moses., Ciera, James., Oketch, Moses., Musyoka, Peter. and Ezeh, Alex.

Does test-driven accountability work? A comparative study on testing and accountability in American and Chinese education
 Xiang, Yuanyuan.

Does where you live matter? Exploring socio-economic achievement gaps in Colombia
 Rodriguez, Jessica.

Domesticating global desires: Private schools in China
 Schulte, Barbara.

Down from the mountain: How Gansu girls get to university
 Boshier, Roger.

Dreams, plans, fears, and school fees: Low income mothers’ thoughts on their children’s education and adult future in Varanasi, India
 Antze, Emily.

Driving blindfolded: Just how good an approximation is “School Life Expectancy"?
 Barakat, Bilal.

Dropout prevention: Linking community engagement efforts to student learning
 Kuzimbu, Bijou.

Dynamics of education policy formation in El Salvador: The case of plan 2021
 Edwards, Brent.
55th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2011-Apr-30 to 2011-May-06
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