55th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2011-Apr-30 to 2011-May-06

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ECCD promising program example from central Orissam India: “Making our children alert”
 Thangaraj, Miriam.

EDUCO Today: Two parallel education systems in El Salvador in need of reconciliation
 Florez, Ana., Gillies, John. and Crouch, Luis.

ERASMUS student mobility in the European community in 2008-2009
 Ishikawa, Wakako.

ERROR! The consequences of incorrectly analyzing multistage sample designs for education surveys
 Cummiskey, Christopher.

Early childhood development programs in Kazakhstan: Lessons learned
 Stansbery, Pablo.

Early childhood education as a space for liberation, participation, and social transformation in Tanzania: Possibilities and constraints
 Wilinski, Bethany.

Early childhood malaria prevention and children’s patterns of school leaving in the Gambia
 Zuilkowski, Stephanie. and Jukes, Matthew.

Early childhood teacher shortages in Kyrgyzstan
 Gowani, Saima.

Early grades reading in Asia: What are the needs and what have we learned?
 Mithani, Shahzad. and Ochoa, Cecilia.

East Asian integration of higher education: Empirical analysis of leading universities in South Korea
 Kang, Kyuwon.

Eclipsed histories: Holocaust education and teacher identity in contemporary Poland
 Gross, Magdalena.

Econometric analysis of internal employment advantage among vocational college graduates in China
 Chen, Liangkun. and Yang, Po.

Educating and empowering caregivers of very young children: A case from India
 Peterson, Laura.

Educating dropouts and adult learners in cultural communities: The alternative learning system secondary level accreditation and equivalency program in Ifugao
 Galima, Loreta Vivian.

Educating for global citizenship: Perspectives from three urban Canadian contexts
 Ingram, Leigh-Anne., Evans, Mark., MacDonald, Angela. and Weber, Nadya.

Educating the new leaders of Jordan's world class tourism industry
 Motes, Preston.

Educating young children during emergencies: A case study from Haiti
 Phillips, Alisa.

Education about nonviolence and social change
 Sethia, Tara.

Education and discipline for all: Is education that which liberates?
 Natsiopoulou, Eleni.

Education and global governance: Visualizing the discourses on gender equality and gender equity
 Holmarsdottir, Halla.

Education and integration of Iraqi refugees in Jordan and Syria
 Cohen, Elisheva. and Stitham, Katherine.

Education and political ideology
 Shin, Ga Young.

Education and poverty in Mexico: Indigenous peoples
 Patrinos, Harry.

Education and purchasing power parity: A search for new methods
 Ashford, Richard.

Education and women's empowerment: A case for critical care
 McIntosh, Megan.

Education as a signifier of social change in South African government documents, online newspapers, and readers’ comments
 Cappy, Christina.

Education for All (EFA) and African Indigenous Knowledge Systems (AIKS)
 Banda, Dennis.

Education for Rural Transformation (ERT): National, international and comparative perspectives
 Chinapah, Vinayagum.

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and media: Case study of the climate change coverage in Thailand’s newspapers and their facebook
 Salathong, Jessada.

Education for Transformation: Contribution to dialogue focused on a special issue of development
 Cortina, Regina., Heyneman, Stephen., Wolbring, Gregor. and Srivastava, Prachi.

Education for all policies, politics, and progress
 Little, Angela.

Education for all: A closer look at education for refugees living in Asia
 Malone, Melanie.

Education for all: Fast track initiative: Putting learning on the agenda
 Prouty, Robert.

Education for citizenship in the Singapore developmental state from 1965 – 2010: The post-secondary educational scene
 Chia, Yeow Tong.

Education for democratic citizenship program: Engaging students in democratic citizenship
 Estrada Zubía, Armando., Cárdenas Casanueva, Mariali. and Silveyra De la Garza, Marcela.

Education for domination: The restriction of Spanish language instruction in colonial Philippines
 Hardacker, Erin.

Education for future-oriented citizenship: A holistic approach in Singapore
 Lee, Wing On. and Sim, Jasmine.

Education for global and cosmopolitan citizenship: A district-wide initiative
 Villanueva, Alison., Choo, Suzanne. and Sawch, Deborah.

Education for global citizenship: Implications for academic advising in promoting student agency
 Galinova, Elena.

Education for global sustainability: A case study of a primary school in Uganda
 Hursh, David. and Yeneayhu, Demeke.

Education for rural transformation
 Pushpanadham, Karanam.

Education for transformation: A dialogue focused on a special issue of development
 Ginsburg, Mark. and Moseley, Steve.

Education in Israel: Paradoxes and challenges
 Wolff, Laurence.

Education in a strange land: Globalization, immigration and school practices
 Wiggan, Greg.

Education in disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration of child soldiers
 Cole, Savannah.

Education in greater China area in a global picture: A comparative analysis of PISA 2009 data
 Chen, Yao.

Education in the Middle East and Asia: Issues, challenges and ROTA’s interventions
 Amoo-Adare, Epifania.

Education in times of war: The quantitative impact of conflict on educational attainment in twenty-five countries
 Bell, Sheena. and Huebler, Friedrich.

Education inclusion in Southeast Europe
 Stojic, Tatjana.

Education is that which liberates: Perspectives from Confucianism
 Gui, Qin.

Education landscape in Southern Sudan: An overview
 Moses, Kurt. and Jang, Bosun.

Education management information systems and issues of data reliability: Examining save the children US program's M&E system
 Ashford, Richard.

Education policy as normative discourse and negotiated meanings: Engaging the Holocaust in Estonia
 Stevick, Doyle.

Education policy, race, and neoliberal restructuring: Excavating the complex politics of resistance, participation, and proactive alternatives in Chicago
 Lipman, Pauline.

Education refugees and the spatial politics of childhood vulnerability
 Epstein, Andrew.

Education should be concerned with students well-being
 Hu, Yongmei.

Education that liberates in Honduras: Examining the themes of trust, honesty, and social responsibility in an alternative secondary education program
 Murphy-Graham, Erin.

Education to be, to become, to belong: Sexual minorities challenging and changing the world
 Hill, Robert.

Educational conditions and student outcomes in Indonesia
 Murata, Isa. and Muta, Hiromitsu.

Educational debt relief: Critical race praxis as college access for African-American and Latino/a youth
 Stovall, David.

Educational interaction between sacred and secular: The experiences of undergraduates in developing nations
 Karram Stephenson, Grace.

Educational perspectives and voices from Asia: Who knows, who speaks, who listens?
 Gupta, Amita.

Educational planning in situations of instability: Standardization, transnational advocacy and knowledge production
 Karpinska, Zuki.

Educational policy and the goal of liberation in education: The case of Porto Alegre, Brazil
 Gandin, Luis.

Educational quality improvement in Ethiopia: The challenges of evaluating effectiveness
 McCormac, Meredith.

Educational responses to conflict and instability in Kyrgyzstan
 Giles, Terry.

Educational system studies: A framework for the study of national education systems
 Hawk, Soaring.

Educationally marginalized rural-urban migrant children in China
 Chen, Sisi.

Effective ecopedagogy defined by adult educators in North and South America: A case-based, comparative research study
 Misiaszek, Greg.

Effective literacy instruction in Malawi: Teachers’ understandings and consequences for reform
 Wiener, Karen.

Effectiveness of teaching life skills education in public secondary schools in Kajiado county, Kenya
 Mugambi, Mercy.

Effects of an early education programme in Pakistan: Opening up opportunities for the most marginalized
 Shallwani, Sadaf.

Effects of mothers’ vs. fathers’ tutoring on academic achievement and schooling outcomes of adolescents in Dalian, China
 Kim, Sung Won.

Effects of principals’ leadership on parents’ school engagement in US poor schools
 Han, Seunghee.

Elementary school teachers’ competence in internationalizing education in Taiwan
 Tzeng, Ding-Yu., Chan, Sheng-Ju., Chang, Yu-Liang. and Chen, Sheng-Mo.

Elementary school teacher’s job commitment and teaching effectiveness in Taiwan
 Huang, Chi-Wen., Chang, Yu-Liang. and Ho, Hsuan-fu.

Elementary teachers' confidence and competence in school mathematics: A comparison of the United States and Singapore
 Gilbert, Shelby. and O\'Bryan, Simone.

Eliminating gender disparity in South Africa’s primary schools: How do the experiences of poor girls and boys tally with the government’s account
 Karlsson, Jennifer.

Elites’ conceptualization of issues of social cohesion
 Figueroa, Chantal.

Emerging countries and new developmental perspectives in African higher education
 Ress, Susanne.

Employing the "uneducated" in Siem Reap Province, Cambodia
 Kilbride, Matthew.

Empowering female learners through blended learning in the UAE
 Tamim, Rana. and Senteni, Alain.

Empowering instruction and learning using decision support systems
 Harvey, Francis. and Clothey, Rebecca.

Empowerment and thinking skills: The role of assessment
 Rousseau, Michel.

Empowerment for all in Tajikistan
 Mamadfozilov, Zulobi.

Empowerment, education and livelihood: Women's Self-Help groups in India
 Chakravarti, Paromita. and Ghosh, Ratna.

Enabling farmers and communities to think globally and act locally
 Chavva, Konda.

Encounter and entanglement: Global models and educational exhibits at late-19th century international expositions
 Sobe, Noah.

English as a Foreign Language (EFL) standards in developing countries: A survey of twelve countries
 Deutsch, Katrina. and Freund, Sean.

English language policy in West Bengal, India (1981-2003): An analysis of specialized discourse of Commission reports.
 Bhattacharya, Banhi.

English medium instruction and examining ambition, pipe dreams, and realities: A Sub-Saharan case study
 Rea-Dickins, Pauline.

Enhancing education through community empowerment
 Brand, Kathryn. and Rahim, Hiba.

Enrollment in nearby schools and school choice: Conflict or coordination?
 Fu, Tian.

Ensuring students’ right to quality education in higher education institutions in Georgia
 Kopaleishvili, Nino.

Epistemology of live and let live: Celebrating plant Africa in an African garden
 Komakech, Daniel.

Escuela Nueva: Increased efficiency and quality of education?
 Candel, Sandra.

Ethics-aesthetics formation of young people in the south of Brazil: A Foucauldian perspective
 Fischer, Rosa. and Schwertner, Suzana.

Ethnic identity of parents and children in China
 Cherng, Sebastian. and Hannum, Emily.

Ethnic schools and multicultural education in Japan
 Okano, Kaori.

European policies in higher education: Doctoral studies as an idea of a university
 Palomba, Donatella.

Evaluating efficient textbooks for lower-income countries
 Praphamontripong, Prachayani.

Evaluating internationally standardized school policy implementation in Indonesia: A case study of three teachers
 Yuliantoro, Dwi.

Evaluating the Michigan Merit Curriculum and the Michigan Promise Scholarship: The inaugural effort of the Michigan Consortium for Education Research
 House, Emily.

Evaluating the provision of flexible learning for children at risk of primary school drop out in areas of high HIV prevalence
 Jukes, Matthew., Jere, Catherine. and Pridmore, Pat.

Evaluation of programs to strengthen parent's educational competencies
 Treptow, Rainer.

Evaluation of an induction/mentoring program in Egypt
 Levy, Jack., Youssif, Yasser. and Dous, Nevein.

Evaluation-based higher education reform in South Korea: Issues and alternatives
 Yeom, Minho.

Examining Xhosa teachers' psychological sense of community
 Collins-Warfield, Amy.

Examining a global dialogue from a local perspective: EFA in Pakistan
 Andresen, Laura.

Examining school dropout in rural Honduras: A mixed-methods perspective
 Murphy-Graham, Erin. and McEwan, Patrick.

Examining the effects of school environmental factors on pupils's learning achievement in Ugandan primary schools
 Byamugisha, Albert.

Examining the prevalence and characteristics of teacher moonlighting: Cross-national evidence from TALIS
 Rew, William., Reta Sanchez, Anabelle., Luschei, Thomas. and Lang, Laura.

Examples from the field: Kyrgyzstan and Palestine
 Becker, Jonathan.

Examples from the field: Nepal and Haiti
 Loerke, Martha.

Expanded access but unmet equity expectations: Higher education in contemporary Africa
 Kwesiga, Joy.

Expectation imagery in the U.S. Federal government’s “i3-Investing in Innovation Fund”
 Mawhinney, Hanne.

Experiences in assessing early learning achievement in international contexts: Adapting an "international "tool or "locally" developing a new one?
 Jindani, Farah. and Shallwani, Sadaf.

Experiencing human rights in the university classroom in Turkey
 Mandry, Antonia.

Experimental evaluations of two strategies to improve reading achievement: Improving literacy instruction and treatment of malaria
 Jukes, Matthew., Dubeck, Margaret., Inyega, Hellen. and Okello, George.

Experiments in education as liberation: Emergent citizens and state partnerships in South Asia
 Jamil, Baela.

Explaining the education effect on health: Comparing unschooled and schooled people in urban and rural areas in Peru
 Benavides, Martin., Leon Jara Almonte, Juan. and Baker, David.

Exploring NGO whole school approaches to human rights education: A case study of Amnesty International’s Human Rights Friendly Schools Project
 Mejias, Sam.

Exploring and teaching about issues of diversity in Japan from a feminist perspective
 Fujimura-Fanselow, Kumiko.

Exploring evidence-based educational practices of CSOs': Case study of Republic of Macedonia
 Mojanchevska, Katerina.

Exploring science education through performance-arts lens
 Osafo, De-Graft.

Exploring the challenges of doing respectful research: The seen and unforeseen methodological factors within urban school research
 Samaroo, Julia., Dahya, Negin. and Alidina, Shahnaaz.

Exploring the cost of teacher education
 Carnoy, Martin.

Exploring the emergence of reading skills in minority languages
 Walter, Steve.

Exploring the impact of community-managed schools in Guatemala
 Carter, Jacob.

Exploring the incidence and characteristics of student dropout in the Russian higher education sector
 Hawley, Joshua., Dobryakova, Maria. and Kolotova, Elena.

Exploring the potential of arts-based education for adolescents with learning disabilities: A case study of engagement in learning through the arts
 Abedin, Golnar.

Exploring the relationship between student engagement and educational attainment in the United States
 Lawson, Michael.

Exploring the relevance of Holocaust education for human rights education
 Eckmann, Monique.

Expressivisim and sociocognitivisim: Examining written errors of Taiwanese EFL learners
 Chang, Chia-Lin. and Su, Yelin.

Extrinsic and intrinsic values among Jewish and Arab adolescents in Israel
 Gross, Zehavit.
55th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2011-Apr-30 to 2011-May-06
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