55th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2011-Apr-30 to 2011-May-06

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Factors affecting college access and stratification in college access: A cross-national comparison
 Lee, Jeongwoo.

Factors affecting provision of quality education for refugees: The case of Dadaab Refugee Camps, Kenya
 Gakunga, Daniel.

Factors associated with reading achievement in the developing world: A cross-national study
 Friedlander, Elliott.

Faculty barriers and enablers in establishing branch campuses abroad
 Ahmad, Seher.

Faculty members’ implementation of OBTL and its impact on students’ learning approach
 Wang, Xiaoyan., Su, Yelin., Cheung, Wing Fung., Wong, Eva., Kwong, Theresa. and Tan, Alfred.

Faculty perspectives on NGO-university partnership for education in emergencies
 Ndirangu, Caroline.

Faith groups in the first 10 years of DFID from 1997-2007
 Kwayu, Aikande.

Family factors related to school drop out in Chile: A case study
 Espinoza, Oscar., Castillo, Dante., Gonzalez, Luis. and Loyola, Javier.

Female bodies in transition: The influence of ideology and culture on the development of girls’ PE in Taiwan and China
 Huang, Hsiao-Ting.

Female educational experience in the Islamic Republic of IRAN
 Mehran, Golnar.

Female university students’ narrative in the Islamic Republic of IRAN: Their experience of empowerment
 Fereidouni, Somayeh.

Field training in the millennium villages: Building core competencies of sustainable development practice
 Murphy, Katie.

Financial effect in Ugandan education: Case study of Moyo, Wakiso and Kabare districts
 Matsuo, Hiroko.

Financial innovation: The Iowa community college case study
 Friedel, Janice.

Financing community Polytechnics in Uganda
 Cullinane, Jenna.

Finding a common ground between Western and Indigenous ways of thought in science: A case study from Karnataka, India
 Srikantaiah, Deepa.

Finding a direction for training teachers in Sub-Saharan Africa
 Westbrook, Jo., Pryor, John., Lussier, Kattie. and Akyeampong, Kwame.

Finland’s educational policy environment: The role of strategic ambiguity in policy communication
 Thayer, Tryggvi.

Firefighting versus fire-prevention in school discipline in Germany and the United States
 Burns, Michael.

Fluency or comprehension? How language skills impact reading outcomes in multilingual Kenya
 Piper, Benjamin., Trudell, Barbara. and Schroeder, Leila.

Fluency, accuracy and comprehension across the globe: Unpacking the utility of 60 words per minute
 Dowd, Amy Jo.

For whom the bell tolls: Religion and citizenship education in Russia’s public schools
 Rapoport, Anatoli.

Foreign language education: An effective approach to involving community for a liberty education for diversity, differences, and globalization
 Yuan, Guofang. and Yang, Qingling.

Foreign schools in China: Legal and political issues
 Schuetze, Hans.

Fostering active community engagement for relevant support of out-of-school children and youth
 Mokamad, Maria Theresa.

Fostering lasting impact through capacity building for African NGO partners and community engagement
 Katzin, Eugene.

Foucault, Freire, freedom: How will education be liberated?
 Anderson, Kenneth.

Fragile states, fragile concepts: A critical reflection on the terminology of fragility in the field of education in emergencies
 Bengtsson, Stephanie.

Framing issues for decision-making: Adapting the OECD model to develop local solutions
 Udzilauri, Nino.

Framing the issues: Empowerment, gender, and education
 Monkman, Karen.

Free primary education policy and quality of education in Malawi
 Ogawa, Keiichi.

Freedom of the mind and building community: Alternative aims and values in the words and experiences of Kumauni young women
 Groff, Cynthia.

From Education For All to Education for Sustainable Development: The public vis-à-vis private education debate in India
 Mukherjee, Mousumi.

From catechism to citizenry: Two centuries of educational debates in independent Mexico
 Ornelas, Carlos.

From collaboration to liberation? Opportunities and challenges for participatory action research partnerships to engage with indigenous knowledge
 Jordan, Steven. and Harvey, Blane.

From college students to professionals: A phenomenological investigation of "work context" among entry-level youth workers in South Korea
 Kim, Young In. and Joo, K.P..

From impact assessment to advocacy: Developing a progressive approach to assessing and sharing programme outcomes
 Edge, Karen.

From myths to models: De-constructing world culture theory in comparative education
 Silova, Iveta. and Brehm, William.

From oppression to liberation: Some notes on Paulo Freire's philosophy of education
 Nogueira, Jaana.

From passivity to agency: A pilot project for quality education through particpation in Kenya
 Baird, Kelly. and Nardella, James.

From policy to practice: A case study of educational development in Bangladesh at the primary level
 Sharif, Andleeb.

From recognition to redistribution: The place of economic literacy in human rights education
 Thapliyal, Nisha.

From social justice to peace: Reconciliation and peacemaking in international student exchange
 Wang, Chenyu.

Fund flows and utilization of school grants: Evidence from rural India
 Mukherjee, Anit.

Funding system erosion and policy changes to support school autonomy
 Verulashvili, Natia.
55th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2011-Apr-30 to 2011-May-06
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