55th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2011-Apr-30 to 2011-May-06

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HALI Project: Literacy intervention in Coastal Kenya
 Dubeck, Margaret., Jukes, Matthew., Inyega, Hellen. and Okello, George.

HIV instruction in Pre and In-service Teacher Training (PITT) programs in East Africa
 Jacob, James.

Half a century of received education in post-independence Africa: A time for renaissance
 Oviawe, Joan O\'sa.

Has multiculturalism failed in multinational companies? Implications for education and training
 Cohrs, Cornelia.

Have I made a difference? Reflections on a service-learning project in Egypt
 Ghazal, Rehab.

Have educational reforms worked in Latin America? A study of Argentina, Brazil, and Chile cases
 Perez Centeno, Cristian. and Leal, Mariana.

Healthy Start: A promising program example from the Philippines
 Malkin, Jessica.

Healthy urbanization
 Pridmore, Pat.

Hegemony through education and governance:Re-thinking gender education research and scholarship
 O\'Dowd, Mina.

Helping teachers in Africa access knowledge and methods online: What works?
 Draxler, Alexandra.

Heroes, enemies, and victims reimagined: Competing representations of WWII historical events in the Baltic States
 Beresniova, Christine.

Hewlett Foundation: Quality education in developing countries
 Murphy, Lynn.

High-quality scholarship as the most powerful tool for advocacy: Robert Arnove's 50 years in education
 Stevick, Doyle.

Higher education in Francophone Africa, with a focus on Côte d’Ivoire: From hope to disillusionment and proposals for a renewal to meet development challenges
 Touré, Saliou.

Higher education in Russia: Incentives for real change?
 Froumin, Isak.

Higher education in the period of economic crises: Comparative perspectives between the Unites States and the Russian federation
 Davis, Yekaterina (Katerina).

Higher education institutional role of liberation: A youth employment paradox
 El-Ghali, Hana. and Yeager, John.

Higher education quality project in China: Experiences, challenges, and future directions
 Liu, Baocun.

Higher education security as a new concept: Technology transfer and the hidden curriculum
 Denman, Brian.

Higher education transformation in South Africa: The slippery slope from racial ivory towers to market mills
 Spreen, Carol Anne. and Baatjes, Ivor.

Higher education with Haiti: Responsible service-learning responses to the rebuilding effort
 Doerr, Elizabeth.

Historical and critical comparison of research in philosophy of education in eight countries
 Yang, Shen-Keng.

Historical and critical examination of education research on "International and comparative education situation" in 8 countries
 Hung, Wen-Jou.

Historical and critical review of education research in Japan
 Chung-Ming, Liang. and Yang, Chou-Sung.

Historical and critical review of education research situation in the United States
 Cheng, (Kent) Sheng Yao. and Lin, Ming-Dih.

Historical context and factors that led to the establishment establishment of ADEA
 Sack, Richard.

History transformed? Gender in the World War II narrative in social studies textbooks (1956-2007)
 Schrader, Corbin. and Wotipka, Christine Min.

Holocaust education in Jewish schools in Israel: Goals,dilemmas and challanges
 Gross, Zehavit.

Holocaust educaton in Austria: A (hi)story of complexity and ambivalence
 Bastel, Heribert., Matzka, Christian. and Miklas, Helene.

Hong Kong’s new senior secondary curriculum and environmental campaign committee’s programs: A complementary agenda?
 Tsang, Eric., Gough, Annette. and Gough, Noel.

Household registration status-based segregation in urban schools in China and its impact on academic achievements of migrant children
 Cheng, Henan.

How Guanxi matters in heritage-language learning among second-generation Chinese American children
 Wu, Xiaohui.

How can social cartography help policy researchers?
 Yamamoto, Yukiko. and McClure, Maureen.

How can we keep girls in school? A research-informed and community-driven girls' education initiative
 Harry, Rebecca.

How do education stakeholders define a quality education and how would they balance concerns for increasing access with improving quality?
 Telli, Godfrey.

How do educational practices exacerbate or mitigate conflict and marginalization for the Roma of Eastern Central Europe?
 Moore, Brian.

How do multicultural education and desegregation enhance inclusion in education: Evaluation of education programs of OSF Slovakia
 Huttova, Jana.

How does school quality inputs impact families' decisions about after-school tutoring in Sri Lanka?
 Cole, Rachel.

How have I changed in college: Evidence from the field on Chinese college seniors’ engagement
 Cen, Yuhao.

How hegemonic and counter-hegemonic teacher education is played out locally in the global South
 Dahlstrom, Lars. and Nyambe, John.

How might we expect future teachers to teach and what is the relationship to cognitive abilities?
 Blömeke, Sigrid., Cogan, Leland., Kaiser, Gabriele., Paine, Lynne. and Schwille, John.

How to improve the quality of comparative and international education research: The case against standards and SIGs
 Lykins, Chad.

Human capabilities, social justice and the challenges of researching the quality of education in low income countries
 Tikly, Leon.

Human capital interpretation of education development in Africa: Gender perspective
 Omwami, Edith.

Hybrid conceptions of spirituality of Ismaili teachers of mountainous Tajikistan
 Punja, Zahra.
55th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2011-Apr-30 to 2011-May-06
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