55th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2011-Apr-30 to 2011-May-06

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ICT and ODL in Malawi: A review of the situation and future directions for improving and expanding teacher training
 Pouezevara, Sarah.

ICT for educational assessment through digital data collection
 Pouezevara, Sarah.

ICT use in primary schools: Comparative analysis of 5 rural provinces
 Onodera, Junko. and Yamaguchi, Shinobu.

ICTs and African educational settings: Out of tune?
 Kamugisha, Yvonne.

IDP Rising Schools Program: Financial services to low income private schools. Liesel Pritzker, IDP Foundation, Inc.
 Pritzker, Liesel.

IEA’s, PIRLS and prePIRLS assessment system
 Mullis, Ina.

INEE reference guide on external financing
 Winthrop, Rebecca.

INGOs’ educational role in the employability and empowerment of vulnerable young women in Cambodia
 Cheng, I-Hsuan.

Imagining Japan’s "Relaxed Education" curriculum: Continuity or change?
 Bjork, Chris.

Immigrant Canadian new youth: Expressing and exploring youth identities in a multicultural context
 Wright, Handel. and Nabavi, Maryam.

Immigrant learners as problem posers and critical peace educators in the English literacy and civics education classroom
 Lopez, Dina.

Immigrant students’ mathematics and science achievement cross-nationally: An analysis of fourth graders
 Reta Sanchez, Anabelle., Luschei, Thomas. and Lang, Laura.

Immigrants in Italy: Social capital and academic achievements
 Mleczko, Agata. and Isanski, Jakub.

Impact analysis of children's development Khazana (treasury)
 Dutt, Shushmita.

Impact analysis of innovative reading program in rural schools
 Dayan-Ochir, Khishigbuyan.

Impact of Neo-liberal Restructuring of higher education on Afghan women’s agency in Afghanistan
 Akseer, Spogmai.

Impact of PISA on policy debates
 Figazzolo, Laura.

Impact of global economic crisis on EFA goals
 Acheampong, Philip., Asino, Tutaleni., Tsai, Hsin-Ling. and Zaballero, Aileen.

Impacts of gender disparity in general education on vocational education and training in Asia: A case of Nepal
 Neupane, Pramila.

Impacts of personal attachment on Chinese American educational giving
 Tsunoda, Kozue.

Implementing supplementary literacy instruction in Brazilian primary schools: The role of context, climate and commitment
 da Silva, Carol.

Implications of para teaching in India: A review
 Chandra, Madhur.

Imported teacher education curricula in the United Arab Emirates
 Aydarova, Olena.

Improving education in Colombia: The case of the Coffee Growers Committee of Caldas
 Jaramillo, Pablo. and Florez, Ana.

Improving health practices: The evolution of a locally sustained school health initiative to ensure that children are ready to learn
 Harry, Rebecca.

Improving information systems: The case of Punjab Education Support Program
 Raza, Syed.

Improving literacy and numeracy in early grades in Kenya and Uganda: Evidence from a randomized impact evaluation study
 Oketch, Moses. and Ngware, Moses.

Improving literacy in early grades through video-enhanced methods of teacher professional development in Egypt and Liberia
 Davidson, Marcia.

Improving science pedagogy: Moving towards inclusive and effective teaching of Hispanic ELLs
 Leier, Robert. and Fregeau, Laureen.

Incentives and rewards: Teacher recognition programs in the region
 Puryear, Jeffrey.

Including critical voices: Girls’ participation in defining capabilities and educational quality in the context of gender and education initiatives in Malawi
 Miske, Shirley. and Kaunda, Zikani.

Inclusion as a human right: The gap between the convention for the rights of persons with disabilities and national policies
 Schuelka, Matthew.

Inclusion of children with disabilities in Armenia
 Tadevosyan, Susanna.

Inclusive education as a vehicle to school desegregation: Challenges in implementation of a National Action Plan in the Czech Republic
 Rames, Filip.

Incorporating Labor-Market Theory into World Culture Theory: Global perspectives on teacher work flows
 LeTendre, Gerald. and Wu, Yu-Wei.

Incorporating multiple regions for international or sub-national models
 Chaluda, Ania.

Increased enrollment or achievement? The impact of conditional cash transfers for education in Brazil, Mexico, and beyond
 Shafir, Lilach.

India’s New National Curriculum Framework for teacher education: A systemic functional linguistic analysis
 Setty, Rohit.

Indigenous Mexican immigrants and the politics of language shift
 Kelley, Prema. and Menchaca Bishop, Laura.

Indigenous Peoples in History: A Comparison of Japanese and US high school textbook narratives
 Matsumoto, Mami. and Langager, Mark.

Indigenous education in Guatemala and Mexico: Teachers as agents of change?
 Johnson, Janelle.

Indigenous higher education’s rise in Bolivia: A policy history
 Geertz Gonzalez, Roger.

Indigenous language in education in Canada: Risk and protective factors
 Ball, Jessica.

Indigenous peoples and development goals: A global snapshot
 Macdonald, Kevin.

Indigenous poverty: Conceptualizing and defining well-being from inside the Navajo nation
 Baum, Donald.

Indispensable force in national economic growth: An analysis of economic contribution of Chinese private higher education from the perspective of consumption
 Qu, Xiaoxiao.

Inefficiency and inequity in teacher deployment in Malawi
 DeStefano, Joseph.

Inequality in private resource of secondary education in Hong Kong: An ordered logit approach
 Liu, Yuen Ting (Vivian).

Inequity in migrant children's education in China
 Tan, Guangyu.

Information and communication technology as "Normative good"? Curricular reform in the Gulf Cooperative Council nations
 Anderson, Emily.

Informed consent in a confucian heritage culture: Complexities and dichotomies
 Katyal, Kokila.

Initiating interethnic understanding through an international videoconference discussion in Macedonia
 Clark, J. Spencer.

Initiatives, opportunities, and challenges in the field: An action research with MEd graduates
 Brown, Carolyn.

Innovation and the quest for sustainability
 Nicoleau, Guitele.

Innovations through action research at Georgian schools: One student’s experience
 Tephnadze, Mikheil.

Innovative funding mechanisms: The case of educational endowments in Iran
 Mellen, Jason.

Inquiry into school relocating in the rural China: A qualitative study
 Yu, Kai.

Inside the black box of learning to teach primary mathematics in Kenya and Ghana
 Akyeampong, Kwame., Bunyi, Grace. and Adu-Yeboah, Christine.

Insights from the Problem-Solving Process: A new theory for development work?
 Sims, Pearl.

Institutional change in American universities: The rise of human rights centers and degree programs
 Suarez, David.

Institutional continuity and change in higher education in Sub-Saharan Africa: An overview of trends and issues
 Sack, Richard.

Instructional strategies for developing intercultural competence in the language classroom
 Shyyan, Vitaliy.

Intangible, contingent, and transformational: The making of cosmopolitan teachers?
 Tarc, Paul.

Integrating eastern and western education traditions into Chinese language and cultural education
 Zhou, Yanyu.

Integrating global perspectives into curriculum
 Hsieh, Brenda. and Chieh, Yi-Tso.

Integrating research results in Montreal’s school principals’ professional development
 Gagné, Valérie.

Integration and diversity in education in Europe
 Bach, Benjamin.

Interactive radio instruction: A low-cost means of presenting teachers with new mental models of effective reading instruction
 Sarré, Abdoulaye.

Intercultural hermeneutics and narrative inquiry: Perfect partnership or folie à deux?
 Mitchell, Lisa.

Interculturalidad in Latin American classrooms: Colonial past, multicultural struggles, and liberatory hope
 Solano-Campos, Ana.

Intergenerational earnings mobility for a more recent cohort in the US
 Yu, Li., Guo, Fei. and Gong, Xin.

Internal review boards and protecting human subjects in Latin America
 Locke, Steven., Ovando, Carlos. and Montecinos, Carmen.

International comparision of the relationship between school organization and parent involvement
 Kwon, Dohee. and Lee, Hyemi.

International policy transfer in VET: Conceptual approaches and theoretical foundations applied to the study of transfer activities from Germany to Egypt, Malaysia, and Korea
 Barabasch, Antje.

International research partnerships: Comparing strategies of flagship universities in Canada, China, and Russia
 Oleksiyenko, Anatoly.

International schools and cosmopolitan desires in South Korea
 Blosser, Allison.

International student voices in the classroom: An exploration of international graduate students’ classroom experience in U.S. higher education
 Berzina-Pitcher, Inese., Bonnell, John. and Heinrich, William.

International trends in grade repetition policies and practices
 Neergaard, Laura.

Internationalization of higher education in Japan: Student perspectives on foreign language learning and study abroad
 Lassegard, James.

Internationalization: Comparative case studies of campus experiences
 Ruddy, Anne.

Internationalizing school curriculum: A university-charter school partnership
 Kubow, Patricia., Bartimole, Jennifer. and Kellough, Zeb.

Internationally standardized schools: The case of Indonesia
 Yuliantoro, Dwi.

Interrogating the "South" in South-South-North development modalities: A case study of one trilateral research network
 Weinrib, Julian.

Intervention in education through textbook development and teacher training: Its link to other USAID activities
 Gebretsadik, Befekdau.

Inverting minority rule? Neoliberal governmentality, schooling, and the city
 Fataar, Aslam. and Gulson, Kalervo.

Investigating Korean gifted education teachers’ conception of creativity in the overseas professional development program
 Park, Do-Yong. and Lee, Myon.

Investigating the cooperative mode of new technology curriculum development integrating senior high school and higher education
 Houng, Shu-Ling., Hou, Shih-Chang., Lin, Jyh-Jong. and Wang, Chun-Ping.

Investing in the Girl Effect:  An analysis of transnational corporate investment in girls’ education
 Moeller, Kathryn.

Iron deficiency and essential learning behavior among rural school children
 Adams, Jennifer. and Davidson, Shannon.

Is college and career readiness for all students? A timely reflective discourse through the lenses of science education and school counseling
 Ukasoanya, Grace. and Gwekwerere, Yovita.

Is cultural capital theory still relevant? Cultural capital and the educational issues of bi-racial families in South Korea
 Park, Heejin.

Is education now a social vaccine against HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa? The effect of Sschooling across age cohorts
 Baker, David., Leon Jara Almonte, Juan., Salinas, Daniel., Jeon, Haram. and Henck, Adrienne.

Is there a chance for democracy? Teachers, schooling, and citizenry in Ukraine
 Kovalchuk, Serhiy.

Is there an economic payoff to online adult higher education? The case of the open University of Catalonia (UOC)
 Carnoy, Martin., Jarillo, Brenda., Castano-Munoz, Jonatan., Duart, Josep. and Sancho Vinuesa, Teresa.

Is transformation of schools in South Africa close to the dream of reality? Equity in schools
 Ndlalane, Thembi.

Islam, Secularism, and Turkish collective identity: A case study of culture in higher education
 Auerbach, Jennifer.

Islamic education in Bangladesh: Liberates or hinders female participation for development?
 Hussain, Faheem. and Naumi, Fabiha.

Islamic education: A burgeoning field within educational studies
 Memon, Nadeem.

Issues in global literacy: The use of mother tongue instruction in Guatemala and Ethiopia
 Adelman, Elizabeth.

Issues surrounding empowerment of the teaching profession in Latin America
 Avalos-Bevan, Beatrice.
55th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2011-Apr-30 to 2011-May-06
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