55th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2011-Apr-30 to 2011-May-06

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Labor market analysis findings: Siem Reap, Cambodia
 Vance, Hillary.

Labor market conditions and higher education demand in OECD countries
 Lee, Jungmin.

Language and early grades literacy acquisition in Nepal
 Pinto, Christabel.

Language and liberation: Language of instruction in mathematics and science in the case of Zanzibar
 Brock-Utne, Birgit.

Language of university websites and college choice
 Orkodashvili, Mariam.

Language preservation policy: Implications for the politics of language education
 DeBoer, Jennifer.

Language vs Literacy: Are language of instruction choices zero-sum or win-win?
 Piper, Benjamin.

Languaging in a globalized world: Exploring the liberatory potential of translanguaging as pedagogy
 Crump, Alison.

Leading schools with borrowed practice?
 Magno, Cathryn.

Learner-centred pedagogy in international perspective
 Schweisfurth, Michele.

Learning and practicing citizenship: Postcolonial analyses in Africa with a special focus on Uganda
 Abdi, Ali.

Learning by doing: How Literacy boost uses assessments to design, test, and refine solutions to the early grades reading crisis
 Ochoa, Cecilia.

Learning for the community: A comparative analysis of two alternative educational programs in Uganda and Honduras
 Lample, Joseph.

Learning from assessment system reforms in other countries
 Ramirez, Maria-Jose.

Learning from hip-hop: Translanguaging pedagogies for multilingual Montreal classrooms
 Low, Bronwen.

Learning partnership program: Teachers helping teachers
 Borres, Isabelita.

Learning strategies of language minority learners and their reading performance on the program for international student assessment (PISA)
 Warren, Laura.

Learning to read and numerate in the developing world: Cross-national commonalities and differences in the intended reading and mathematics curriculum
 Benavot, Aaron.

Learning to teach through teacher collaboration: Lessons from Chinese, Cambodian, and Vietnamese experience
 Ogisu, Takayo.

Learning, experiencing, and constructing citizenship in the "success" oriented society: U.S. youths’ perspectives
 Josic, Jasmina.

Learning4Teaching: Phase two design and implementation
 Setty, Rohit. and Gomez Zaccarelli, Florencia.

Learning4Teaching: Preliminary report on phase one findings, methodological issues, and challenges of transnational research
 Freeman, Donald., Gomez Zaccarelli, Florencia. and Setty, Rohit.

Lecturers, academic practice, and student epistemic access in higher education in South Africa
 Cross, Michael.

Legitimacy of school rules and children’s human rights in Japan
 Niu, Zhikui.

Legitimacy of university rules in the eyes of Chinese college students
 Zhang, Ran.

Lessons and challenges from implementing standards and assessment in Egypt
 Vukmirovics, Zarko.

Lessons and challenges from implementing standards and assessment in Honduras
 Lansdale, Jeffery.

Lessons and challenges from implementing standards and assessment in Nicaragua
 Broer, Markus.

Lessons from Room to Read’s experience designing and implementing six new primary grades literacy programs in Asia
 Jhingran, Dhir.

Lessons from Room to Read’s experience designing and implementing two new primary grades literacy programs in Zambia and South Africa
 Warner, Stacey.

Lessons from abroad: Implications of curriculum and school environment for the integration and social mobility of Moroccan immigrant children in Spain
 Naidenova, Vesselina.

Liberal arts education in Russia
 Becker, Jonathan.

Liberal learning, social responsibility, and the higher education curriculum in South Africa
 Cross, Michael.

Liberating and meaningful: Program planning theory in a global service-learning context
 Larkin, Allyson.

Liberating communities around the world through voice technology
 Lynk, Brittany., Lee, Jeffrey., McCaleb, Christine. and Lambson, Sydney.

Liberating educational research in multilingual contexts: Methodology, social responsibility and learning from the South
 Benson, Carol.

Liberating voices: Teachers and HIV/AIDS
 Pontzer, Mary Michael.

Liberation and autocracy: The case of Russian higher education
 Howlett, Sophie.

Liberation and domination - Education, the two edged sword
 Reid, Mitzie.

Liberation and socialist Hungarian kindergarten education: Ideology, indoctrination, or emancipation?
 Millei, Zsuzsa. and Imre, Robert.

Liberation as moral imagination: A Comparison of American, British, and German philosophies of liberty in education
 Blosser, Joe.

Liberation for Whom? Securitization and politicization of education aid
 Nguyen, Nicole.

Liberation from ethnocentrism? Assessing global competence of study abroad students
 Wong, Mary. and Wu, Shuang.

Liberation or marginalization: An investigation of school climate, adolescent ethnic identity, and educational participation
 Booth, Margaret. and Gerard, Jean.

Liberation through Harmony or conflict?The handling of societal differences in Indian school textbooks
 Stoeber, Georg. and Banerjee, Basabi.

Liberation through education in the Favelas of Rio de Janeiro?
 Hafemeister, Bryn.

Liberian youth literacy teachers' beliefs about reading and reading instruction
 Anis, Katy., Toe, Sebastian. and Kwalula, Moses.

Life skills education assessments: Knowledge, attitudes, and skills
 Koons, Cynthia.

Lifelong learning in practice: Japanese community centers
 Clause, Stacy.

Linguistic and academic integration in secondary schools: Perceptions of immigrant students
 Steinbach, Marilyn.

Linguistic imperialism in Mexico
 Despagne, Colette.

Linking national education accounts to quality assurance and outcome measures
 Chawla, Deepika. and Forbes, Phyllis.

Linking reading components and prose tasks
 Tay-Lim, Brenda. and Cardoso, Manuel.

Linking the UCLA/ISU Master’s of Education to the needs of schools: The personal account of a school principal
 Jamagidze, Amiran.

Literacy and political empowerment: An analysis of REFLECT implemention, monitoring, and evaluation
 Stafford, Tara.

Live visual mapping: A participatory arts-based approach for transforming ideas and concepts into art in a group setting
 Teitelbaum, Pamela., Garrow, Stephanie., Mondrona, April. and Thompson, Jennifer.

Living in a foreign country: Experiences of Chinese international students
 Pan, Yali.

Local curriculum implementation in Mozambique primary schools: Realities and challenges
 Ruiz de Forsberg, Nuzzly. and Borges Månsson, Alicia.

Locating the School: Contests over the meaning and importance of "Place" in rural Kyrgyzstan in the 20th Century
 Joldoshalieva, Rahat. and Deyoung, Alan.

Looking a little closer: The narrative of primary reading classes in Mali
 Evans, Norma.

Looking for equity in systems of choice
 Mohr, Emet.

Looking into ECED spaces: Visual ethnography’s contribution to thinking about quality
 Prochner, Larry. and Cleghorn, Ailie.

Looking to the future: Strengths and limitations of the AGSP model
 Akpo, Michele.

Low-cost evaluation of the cognitive outcomes of school health programs: Randomized trials in Sri Lanka, Kenya, Bolivia, and the Philippines.
 Jukes, Matthew.

Low-cost non-formal schools in Kenya: Meeting needs or exploiting needs of the urban poor?
 Sivasubramaniam, Malini.

Low-fee private primary schools: The case of Kenya
 Stern, Jonathan. and Heyneman, Stephen.

Low-fee private schools: Is private better than public? Evidence from South Asia
 Herrera, Katia.
55th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2011-Apr-30 to 2011-May-06
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