55th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2011-Apr-30 to 2011-May-06

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Madrasah legacy: Its boom and transformation in Pakistan.
 Khan, Abdul.

Making a real difference: Further education and beliefs in its transformative capacity to change lives
 Salisbury, Jane. and Jephcote, Martin.

Making sense of family background and policy influences on student learning in Mexico
 Arnett, Stephanie.

Malaysian students' multiple intelligences (MI) related to gender: How MI should impact teaching strategy in the classroom
 Raja Mohamed, Siti Fazriah.

Malian adult literacy teacher’s beliefs about reading and reading instruction
 Garner, Barbara. and Thera, Eli.

Malian teacher beliefs about reading and learning to read: Progress achieved and challenges remaining
 Rhodes, Rebecca.

Managing cultural conflicts in the online cooperative learning environment: A discussion of recent trends in pedagogy and practice
 Schoepp, Christian. and Martinez, EdD, Rafael.

Manufacturing partnership: Exploring discourses of collaboration and indigenous education development in Canada
 Dhillon, Jaskiran.

Mapping knowledge production on world regions: Lessons from the design phase of the SSRC Faculty Affiliations Database Project
 Miller-Idriss, Cynthia., Bracho, Christian. and Friedman, Jonathan.

Mapping the social constructions of child labor in Quito, Ecuador
 Dorn, Chad.

Mark my words! Measuring the potential efficacy of a project-based learning literacy intervention resulting in student publication
 Stutz, Franziska. and Chen, Jondou.

Market positioning for elementary schools in Taiwan
 Wu, Huan-Hung., Ho, Hsuan-fu., Chuang, Cheng-Tao. and Chang, Yu-Liang.

Marketing and promoting higher education in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates
 Hilal, Kholoud.

Mathematics teaching as a tool for building student independence: Notes from a refugee classroom
 Ilieva, Vessela.

Maximizing student engagement in large classrooms
 Linan-Thompson, Sylvia.

Means of unification between North Africa and Southwest Asia: The journey of education and curricula reforms in the Arab States
 Magahed, Nagwa.

Measures of students’ family background in large-scale education studies: Evaluation of current practices and recommendations for the future
 Brese, Falk. and Mirazchiyski, Plamen.

Measuring Holocaust knowledge and its impact: A Canadian case study
 Jedwab, Jack.

Measuring and improving the basic reading skills of early grade students in a protracted refugee setting in Ethiopia
 Anastacio, Anita.

Measuring challenges and achievements: Save the Children’s index of school performance in Oruro, Bolivia
 Olden, Kate.

Measuring educational equity in state delivery in Latin America
 Rivas, Alex.

Measuring educational initiatives: How and why?
 Derkowska, Alicja.

Measuring educational interventions: Multiple purposes and multiple perspectives
 Stankovic, Dejan. and Vujacic, Milja.

Measuring success of online universities: Alternative graduation rates and other considerations
 Gershberg, Alec. and Duart, Josep.

Measuring the density of the literate environment for adult populations
 Guadalupe, Cesar. and Prince, Maya.

Media discourses of liberation/repression in higher education: The "redemptive power" of the private sector
 Sales, Sandra. and Fischman, Gustavo.

Mexican migrant students with US school experience
 Navarro-Leal, Marco.

Mexico’s transition to democracy: Education contribution
 Levinson, Bradley.

Migrating across generations: Education choices amongst migrant families in India
 Pang-Ben Bella, Alexis.

Mind the gap: Holocaust education in Germany, between pedagogical intentions and classroom interactions
 Proske, Matthias.

Mobilizing across private and public spheres: Justice-oriented Muslim Canadian youth enacting identity and agency
 Eidoo, Sameena.

Modernity discourses of development in education: Why we need to move on
 Barron-Pastor, Juan Carlos. and Almanza Alcalde, Horacio.

Monitoring attacks on education in conflict-affected areas: Conceptual framework and methodological considerations
 Karpinska, Zuki.

Montana's "Indian Education for All" five years on
 Fossum, Paul.

Moonlighting: How empowerment leads to increased women's workloads in Uganda's secondary schools
 Molyneaux, Kristen.

More aid or less aid to education?
 Lee, Bommi.

More teachers needed: Issues and ideas of teacher recruitment in post-genocide Rwanda
 Asahina, Chizuru.

Mother tongue-based multilingual education (MTBMLE) in the Philippines: The effects of training on teacher attitudes towards mother tongue instruction
 Paulson, Rebecca.

Mother-scholar: (Re)imagining new narratives in the field of education
 Lapayese, Dr. Yvette.

Muddling-through my school life: Deviant student subculture in China
 Liu, Lucia.

Multi-level impacts on policy transfer in Turkey and its effect on the development of VET
 Petrick, Stefanie.

Multicultural Education in Contexts: Lessons from Korean multicultural education for their immigrants to American educators
 Park, Gilbert. and Watson, Sunnie.

Multiculturalism, secularism, and religious indifference: A comparison of strategies for managing religious diversity on campus
 Kishida, Yumi.

Multileveled citizenship education in Beijing: Liberation with limitation
 Su-Yan, Pan.

Multiple factors of students’ achievements in higher education
 Su, Yelin., Wang, Xiaoyan., Cheung, Wing Fung., Wong, Eva., Kwong, Theresa. and Tan, Alfred.

Municipal school curricula in Brazil’s Northeast: A multilevel web of contradictions
 Hales, Steven.

Museum education in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Constructing the public curriculum of civic pluralism and democratic transition
 Roberts, Patrick.

My body is a cage: Seeking liberation from the self towards a somatic education
 Carreiro, Jason.

Myth, rationality, and re-enchantment in world culture theory
 Carney, Stephen.
55th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2011-Apr-30 to 2011-May-06
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