55th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2011-Apr-30 to 2011-May-06

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NGO capacity building through data usage
 Hale, Jordene.

NGO-produced global education programming in Canada and the United Kingdom: Reconciling global education ideals with national and international interests
 Weber, Nadya.

NGOs as an avenue for liberation: The case of the Irish travellers
 McFaden, Kelly.

National youth policies: A critical feminist exploration of goals, empowerment, and the opportunities for girls
 Stacki, Sandra.

Nazarkhudo Dastambuev and Sarfaroz Niyozov: Teaching sociology of education in Central Asia, challenges and opportunities
 Dastambuev, Nazarkhudo. and Niyozov aka Niezov, Sarfaroz.

Negotiating race and gender identity in the knowledge age
 Mabokela, Reitumetse Obakeng.

Neo-racism in a non-western university?
 Dembereldorj, Zoljargal., Kwon, Soyeon. and Nam, Sojung.

Neoliberal discourses on equality in higher education: Comparative perspectives from India and Malaysia
 Srungarapu, Srinivasa.

Neoliberal globalization, higher education, and international student mobility: A policy study of international student flows from China to Canada
 Zheng, Jie.

Neoliberalism and citizenship education: A comparative study of public secondary schools in Wielkopolska/Poland and Ontario/ Canada
 Czech, Celina.

Neoliberalism, education policy and the right to the city in globalizing India
 Kamat, Sangeeta.

Neoliberalism: A new common sense in education, some iconoclastic thesis
 Torres, Carlos.

New developments in international university ranking systems
 Rust, Val.

New forms of knowledge for increasing accountability? The example of evaluation in the education sector in France
 Pons, Xavier. and van Zanten, Agnès.

New frontiers for Escuela Activa
 Siri, Carmen.

New media telling old stories: Youth film workshops in Nikolai, Alaska
 Acemah, Marie.

New strategic directions taken by ADEA: 2008-2012 Strategic Plan and beyond
 Byll-Cataria, Ahlin.

New strategies for civics-related teacher education in democratizing states: The case of Madagascar
 Antal, Carrie.

New strategies in historical perspective
 Heyneman, Stephen.

Newcomers entering the French community in Ontario
 Myers, Marie.

Nicaragua´s Reading Campaign: Todos a Leer
 Castro, Vanessa.

Niche adaptation of global philanthropic programming: A case study of Intel Learn in Chile
 Sauerteig, Denise.

Nine rays of light reach the star of the north: The Karen in Minnesota
 Stone, Barbara.

Non-dominant languages and language-in-education policy and practice in Afghanistan
 Bahry, Stephen.

Not as simple as ABC: Developing literacy materials for African languages
 Schroeder, Leila.
55th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2011-Apr-30 to 2011-May-06
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