55th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2011-Apr-30 to 2011-May-06

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PERI research strategy and focus
 Robertson, Susan. and Walford, Geoffrey.

PRONADE schools in Guatemala: The rise and fall of a community schools program and the implications for improving school quality
 Meade, Ben. and Gershberg, Alec.

Painting an education Profile of out-of-school youth in Morocco
 Muskin, Joshua.

Paradigm shift
 Tvaruzkova, Mirka.

Paradigm shift of education governance in China: Two compulsory education legislation episodes,1986 vs 2006
 Wang, Yan.

Parent empowerment through home-based early education programs
 Lapham, Katherine. and Whitsel, Christopher.

Parent engagement in school preparedness: Preschool education initiative in Cambodia
 Sachdev, Anu., Kuhlman, Leah., Barrow, Kester. and Schmidt, Kristian.

Parental involvement among transnational immigrant parents in the US: Japanese immigrant mothers’ perceptions of their children’s short-term schooling in Japan
 Kobayashi, Minori.

Parental involvement of Anglophone immigrant parents in elementary school education in Montreal, Quebec
 Lewis, Lerona.

Parental involvement: Immigrant Asian mothers and their children in American Schools
 Chen, Shujun. and Choi, Jung-ah.

Parents in motion, children in school: Investigating academic engagement, gender, and parental migration status in China
 Chen, Yo-Yo Shuang. and Adams, Jennifer.

Participation in development and education governance in low-income countries
 Klees, Steven. and Edwards, Brent.

Participation in leadership: A critical analysis of participation in a youth-based collage workshop on HIV and AIDS in rural South Africa
 MacEntee, Katie.

Participatory action research and and indigenous futures: Prospects and possibilities
 Jordan, Steven. and Kapoor, Dip.

Particular considerations for correlation analysis using data from the Teacher Education and Development Study in Mathematics (TEDS-M)
 Meinck, Sabine. and Rodriguez, Michael.

Partnership between government and academia: A timely effort to bring meaningful change in education
 Mamun, Md. Abdullah al.

Past, present, future: Institutional models of the research university in Germany, US, and China, and the future of scientific research
 Baker, David., Fleishman, Shannon., Lee, Kristen. and Luo, Yuan.

Pathways to higher education for refugee and undocumented populations in Jordan and the United States
 Washington, Brad. and Marar-Yacobian, Marianne.

Patricia Carini's educational work: Her relationship with the North Dakota Study Group
 Kittaka, Yoshie.

Patterns of teaching styles and active teaching: Do they differ across subjects in low and high performance schools?
 Ngware, Moses. and Mutisya, Maurice.

Paulston and paradigms
 Rust, Val.

Peace education and leadership: Leadership training in a high school in East Harlem (NYC)
 Bermeo, Maria Jose. and Vega, Laura.

Peace education in the present: Dismantling some fundamental theoretical premises
 Zembylas, Michalinos. and Bekerman, Zvi.

Pedagogues of possibility? The identities, struggles, and perceptions of primary teachers in Timor-Leste
 Shah, Ritesh.

Pen pal exchanges: Making learning more concrete by linking children to the world
 Kpoghomou, Mamounan.

People with pants: How WorldTeach teachers in the Marshall Islands view and present themselves
 Li, Richard.

Perception of ideal and reality among female university students in Iran
 Sakurai, Keiko.

Perceptions of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and International Baccalaureate students: A view from the northeastern United States
 Daly, Kimberley.

Performing resistance: Teachers, social movement, and memory in Oaxaca, Mexico
 Bracho, Christian.

Physical education for girls in Rwanda: A historical review and analysis of girls’ access to and experience of physical activity
 Rivard, Lysanne.

Placing teachers in global governance agendas for education in knowledge economies and societies
 Robertson, Susan.

Policies and practices of international student education in Chinese higher education
 Kuroda, Chiharu.

Policies, Performance and Panaceas: What international assessments are good for — and not—for developing countries
 Lockheed, Marlaine.

Policy and practice in a case study from Buffalo, New York: Is bilingual education effective day-to-day in classrooms?
 Du, Wei.

Policy and practice of student mobility in Asia: The cases of Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore
 Kamibeppu, Takao.

Policy trade-offs in the financing of education in Sub-Saharan Africa
 Bruneforth, Michael.

Policy transfer of VET practices from Germany to Brazil: Failure or success?
 Kauer, Marcelo.

Policy why(s): Policy rationalities and the changing logic of educational reform in post-communist Ukraine
 Fimyar, Olena.

Political and institutional challenges to sustainability of school based management reforms: Empowerment, accountability, institutionalization, and national politics
 Gillies, John.

Politicians, professionals, or social justice activists? Schoolteachers in an Indian State
 Majumdar, Manabi.

Politics and prose: Citizen engagement in improving learning outcomes in Burundi, Malawi, Senegal, and Uganda
 Marphatia, Akanksha. and Edge, Karen.

Politics of quality and governing of educational desire in Southwest China
 Wu, Jinting.

Popular education and new understandings of Nepali (trans)nationalism
 Koirala-Azad, Shabnam.

Positioning critical literacy as instrumental in creating active citizens of change
 Pollard, Barb.

Power in international negotiations and its implications to educational policy: Envisioning a healthy Africa-China relationship
 Cossa, Jose.

Power to the children: Learning and life skills
 Sachdeva, Suman.

Power within: Supporting academic success and leadership skills development for young adolescent girls through mentoring
 Baric, Stephanie.

Praat or speak but don't thetha: Language rights and social justice in multilingual South Africa
 Desai, Zubeida.

Pre-service teachers grapple with their role in promoting a sustainable future
 Aitken, Avril.

Pre-service teachers' perception and use of technology and English in the 21st century
 Chien, Yung-Hui.

Preparing for work: Resources for international youth livelihood education
 Toe, Sebastian. and Bell, Brenda.

Preparing refugee students for citizenship in the United States: Education for liberation or peripheralization?
 Quaynor, Laura.

Preparing teacher-educators in Indonesia to sustain a culture of continuous educational improvement using action research
 Ramos-Mattoussi, Flavia.

Preschools as "community": The role of parents in care centers
 Poole, Gregory.

Presentation on PERI media strategy to animate a public debate
 Macpherson, Ian.

Preventing attacks against education: Organizational responses to violence against students, educational personnel, and educational institutions
 Kapit-Spitalny, Amy.

Primary school differences in Bangkok, Thailand, 1980-present
 Junmookda, Kimberly.

Primary teacher sense-making of educational and reading reform within the Republic of Macedonia
 Holdgreve-Resendez, Richard.

Principal’s technological leadership and the effectiveness of teacher’s class website management in Taiwan
 Wang, Li-Ling., Hung, Fang-Ming., Chang, Yu-Liang. and Ho, Hsuan-fu.

Principles for success in first grade and primary school
 Hays, Frances.

Private higher education in China: Governance, market, and quality assurance
 Cao, Yingxia., Guo, Jianru. and Sun, Ruirui.

Private schools for the poor in India: Choice, networks, and policy
 Nambissan, Geetha.

Private sector involvement in the financing of education
 Voffal, Said. and Peano, Serge.

Private-sector innovation in primary and secondary education in Japan
 Dierkes, Julian.

Privatization as unfortunately necessary or inherently desirable: A discursive analysis of World Bank education policy
 Menashy, Francine.

Privatization of education: The nickel and dime route to ruin?
 Muzaffar, Irfan. and Sharma, Ajay.

Professional development: Implementation
 Amin, Amin.

Professional development: Policy
 Abu Al-Ragheb, Nour.

Professional development: Practice
 Alomari, Hilda.

Profiles of children out of school: Findings from an analysis of household survey data in 21 countries
 Bell, Sheena. and Huebler, Friedrich.

Progress-based versus trend-based projections
 Wils, Annababette., Kim, HyeJin., Chaluda, Ania. and Omoeva, Carina.

Progressive teacher union and school and teacher accountability policies in the new Korean conservative government
 Sohn, Heekwon.

Progressivism, UNESCO, and compulsory education
 Watras, Joseph.

Promote educational equality by affirmative compensation: A comparative study between U.S. and China
 Fu, Tian.

Promoting a sense of identity and pluralism through children’s books in Kyrgyzstan
 Aitikulova, Burulai.

Promoting citizenship in a post-colonial state: Secondary teachers' perceptions and practices in Jamaica
 Williams, Dierdre.

Promoting girls' secondary school success in Morocco via a "quality" dormitories model
 Muskin, Joshua.

Promoting interethnic dialogue in the Balkans through human rights and civic education
 Benitez, Arlene.

Promoting leadership and ensuring a successful transition from school for AGSP scholars
 Lombardo, Bridget.

Promoting lifelong learning in the university classroom using engaged pedagogies
 Iaeger, Paula. and Insley, Robert.

Promoting multicultural education and school desegregation in Slovakia
 Kahatova, Barbora. and Rafael, Vladimir.

Promoting mutual understanding in a divided society: A cluster randomized controlled trial evaluating the effects of Sesame Tree
 Larkin, Emma., Connolly, Paul. and Kehoe, Susan.

Proposals to regulate homeschooling in Brazil: For freedom or segregation?
 Barbosa, Luciane.

Prospects of the emerging developmental university in Brazil
 McCowan, Tristan.

Psychometric strategies for reducing student attrition in program evaluation: Evidence from a Honduran quasi-experiment
 Torres Irribarra, David. and McEwan, Patrick.

Public opinion of female higher education in the Arab world
 Crandall, Jennifer.

Public policy on access and quality of higher education: Private-public reality in Colombia
 Uribe, Lina.

Public schools of excellence: Opportunity for meritocracy or cream skimming of the elite?
 Valenzuela, Juan.

Publicizing nationalism: Legitimizing the Turkmen state in Niyazov’s Rukhnama
 Dolive, Caroline.
55th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2011-Apr-30 to 2011-May-06
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