55th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2011-Apr-30 to 2011-May-06

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R. Freeman Butts and the historical imagination in educational research
 Kobayashi, Victor.

R. Freeman Butts: Mentor and comparative and international educational statesman
 Shields, James.

Radio and distance education: A temporal comparative analysis
 Sisk, Jules.

Rational for a systems approach to creating the ethical academy
 Heuser, Brian.

Re-Imagining brotherhood: Republican values and representations of nationhood in a diversifying France
 Nesbitt, Travis. and Rust, Val.

Re-discovering post-socialism in comparative education
 Silova, Iveta.

Re-thinking education for XXI Century socialism in Venezuela
 Griffiths, Tom.

Re-thinking liberation as "An answer without a question"
 Giles, Graham.

Reaching increased access, better quality, and relevance of higher education: Lessons learned from twenty years of transitional experience
 Regsuren, Bat-Erdene. and Javzan, Sukhbaatar.

Reading assessment and understanding "How the alphabet works": Insights for instructional models
 Kuyvenhoven, Jo.

Reading for social change: Using young adult literature to teach about racism
 Riley, Krista.

Reading in the Democratic Republic of Congo
 Miksic, Emily.

Reading instruction in Mali: Challenges and opportunities
 Samake, Bakary.

Reassembling inclusive education: A reconstruction of "translation" processes
 Kiuppis, Florian.

Rebooting African economies: Technology, markets, governance, and the role of education
 Juma, Calestous.

Rebuilding hope and sustainability: Research in a green school built by an international NGO in the post-earthquake area
 Wang, Yimin. and Ross, Heidi.

Reciprocal benefits: British school societies and the “uncivilized alien“ in the first half of the 19th century
 Ressler, Patrick.

Reconceptualising "state space" as a particular power-geometry in governing education policy
 Robertson, Susan.

Reconceptualizing the politics of Japanese education: Reimagining comparative studies of Japanese education
 Takayama, Keita.

Reconciling with the past: A content analysis of history and civics textbooks in Northern Ireland
 Terra, Luke.

Reconsidering the legacy of R. Freeman Butts: Who was he? Scholar, historian, internationalist, or diplomat?
 Allison, John.

Recovering and representing Indigenous heritage: Community education as liberation through teaching from marginalized positions
 Graybeal, Lesley.

Recycling schools for out of school children and youth
 Iskander, Laila.

Reduced stigma through education and work in Haiti
 Kratzig, Suzanne.

Refereed journal publication in Chile: Analysis of universities and publications
 Delgado, Jorge.

Reflecting and learning from teachers’ diaries: An experience from an Urban Community Support Programme in Lisbon
 Paulus, Pascal. and Almeida, Sandra.

Reflection on the Africanization process of educational development: Areas of neglect to our peril
 Habte, Aklilu.

Reflections on a mentor
 Stromquist, Nelly.

Reflections on the African principle: An exposition of the Chicago School of African-centered thought
 Rashid, Kamau.

Reflections on the evaluation of Teaching and Learning Materials Program (TLMP), Ghana
 Jalloh, Mohamed., Carson-Warner, Carol. and Gahungu, Athanase.

Reflexivity as a critical tool in community based approaches to work with girls
 Fraser, Tatiana., Garrow, Stephanie. and Moletsane, Relebohile.

Reform support: Demonstrating effective use of data
 Naseer, Muhammad.

Reframing controversy: A comparative study of Japanese and Korean history textbook accounts on the Second World War
 Yurita, Makito. and Suh, Yonghee.

Regional inequality in the opportunity for higher education in Japan: Estimating the causal effect using propensity scores
 Nakazawa, Wataru.

Regional nature
 Rasnake, Roger.

Reinforcing difference: Physical education for girls in India, with special reference to Bengal
 Mitra, Payoshni.

Relational databases and data
 Habana-Hafner, Andrew.

Relationship between school management and teacher attendance in primary schools in Uganda
 Suenaga, Akemi.

Relationship between school resources: Student socio-economic status and student achievement in science in Azerbaijan
 Ganiyeva, Lala.

Relationships and ways of being: The impact of the standardization movement on an indigenous community and school
 Nolan, Erin.

Relevant or not relevant? What role for human capital interpretation of educational development and economic development of Africa in the 21st century
 Oketch, Moses.

Religion and moral education in national curricula
 Benavot, Aaron.

Religion, culture, and evolutionary science: Paradoxes and promises in Muslim societies
 Asghar, Anila. and Alters, Brian.

Religion, education, and secularism in Quebec
 Ghosh, Ratna.

Reorienting Japanese higher education: Faculty perspectives of the 2004 reforms on research and teaching
 Weldon, Peter.

Reporting large scale assessment results at the school level: Requirements, possibilities, and limitations
 Mirazchiyski, Plamen.

Representations of actors in Burkina Faso on the relationship between international and national educational policies aimed at achieving EFA goals
 Sirois, Geneviève.

Research [un]restricted: Creativity and intelligence in Cuban education
 Olden, Kate.

Research on the construction strategy of the outdoor environmental learning centers in Mainland China
 Yao, Dongping. and Tian, Qing.

Research on the present situation of geographical and demographical higher education allocation in China
 Song, Yuchi.

Researching disability: Collaging as an alternative form of qualitative writing and presentation within social inquiry
 Daniels, Doria.

Resilience among unaccompanied refugee minors
 Itoh, Megumi. and Way, Winmar.

Resiliency, non-academic outcomes, and the virtue of one’s educational experience: A case study
 Shah, Mamta.

Resistance Learning, human rights, and peacebuilding during violent conflict: Insights from a school in Lebanon
 Zakharia, Zeena.

Results from the global evaluation of Save the Children’s "Rewrite the Future" campaign
 Naylor, Ruth. and Tolani-Brown, Nitika.

Rethinking madrasah reform in Pakistan
 Zaidi, Tayyab.

Return to technical vocational education and training under a transitional economy: The case of Vietnam
 Umeno, Tomoko.

Reviewing the literature on classroom climate in middle and secondary schools
 Rolland, Rebecca.

Revisiting gender differences in Taiwan's academe: The impact of SSCI and SCI
 Chou, Chuing.

Reward or award? Who gets the awards among Korean high school students?
 Yoo, BaekSan.

Rhetoric and reality: Uncovering the “truth” of international branch campuses
 Lane, Jason. and Kinser, Kevin.

Rich resistance: Class, ethnicity, language and school reform in Hamburg
 Bale, Jeff.

Right to, in, and through education: Implications for equality and education
 Melchiorre, Angela.

Robin Hood and the financial transaction tax: The future of education financing?
 Gray, Amy.

Rooting human rights through linguistically and culturally appropriate education in Peru
 Remstad, Margaret.

Rural higher education in China: Concepts, policies, and statuses
 Zhang, Jiaying.
55th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2011-Apr-30 to 2011-May-06
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