55th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2011-Apr-30 to 2011-May-06

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TABLE 1. Asian international students' perceptions of professional counseling on campus
 Pham, Hoa.

TABLE 1. Causes and effects of high education fever in South Korea and its transferability to the USA
 Sohn, Heekwon.

TABLE 1. Liberating the mind: A follow-up study of returned cadres in Chinese government
 Su, Zhixin.

TABLE 2. Comparison of teacher preparation in Pakistan and the United States
 Rivers, Melissa. and Huma, Afshan.

TABLE 2. Inclusive education policies in the Southern Cone of Latin America, 2005-2009
 Mancebo, María.

TABLE 2. Teacher evaluation in Afghanistan: Challenges and the way forward
 Vahidi, Mohd Hossain.

TABLE 2. Zaigaishijyo in Michigan: A person-centered and ecocultural approach towards socio-emotional and academic adjustment
 Kato, Chiharu.

TABLE 3. India's economic growth: Unsustainable, given growing unemployability
 Ahmad, Seher.

TABLE 3. Minorities in study abroad: Spotlight on Asian Americans
 Le, Emily. and Gandhi, Miloni.

TABLE 4. Parentified children in the US: A study of Korean temporary migrant youths' cultural identities
 Park, Youngwoo.

TABLE 4. Theater as a site for critical pedagogy: The example of "dream community" in Taiwan
 Chang, Yin-Kun.

TABLE 4. Youth leading efforts to reduce corruption and promote transparency in education across Eurasia
 Payan, Gustavo.

TABLE 5. Possibilities of the "vertical case study": The dialectic of global and local in the lives of immigrant youth in Southern California
 Malsbary, Christine.

TABLE 5. Reforming Taiwanese high school history curriculum as a response to global times
 Mao, Chin-Ju.

Taiwan’s position and strengths concerning student mobility in higher education market within ASEAN plus Three regional cooperation
 Wang, Hsiou-Huai. and Chang, Chen-Wei.

Targeting first grade repetition through early grade classroom assessment
 Harris, Abigail.

Teach for India: Examining program goals and participant aspirations
 Tognatta, Namrata.

Teacher change in Bangladesh: A study of teachers adapting and implementing active learning into their practice
 Park, Jaddon.

Teacher characteristics and policies for teacher development in post-conflict Sierra Leone and Liberia
 Carrol, Bidemi.

Teacher continuing education, cultural diversity, and education for liberation: Reflecting about an experience in Brazil
 Canen, Ana.

Teacher education for socialism in Cuba
 Sanyal, Anita. and Lancaster, Illana.

Teacher education in Anglophone West Africa: Does policy match practice?
 Colley, Kabba.

Teacher incentives and future of merit-based pay in Georgia
 Kobakhidze, Magda Nutsa.

Teacher license renewal system: Local responses to teacher accountability policy in Japan
 Akiba, Motoko.

Teacher professional development in peace education as path towards pedagogy of liberation
 Cubbon, Stephanie. and Glogowski, Konrad.

Teacher profiles in Brazilian public schools: Which teacher attributes have the most impact on language and mathematics achievement?
 Costa da Fonseca, Izabel.

Teacher quality and self-efficacy in rural Honduras
 McEwan, Patrick.

Teacher quality and student achievement: The case of public high school in Chile
 Carrasco, Rafael.

Teacher training differences, teacher mathematics knowledge, and teaching quality in Botswana and South Africa: A comparative analysis
 Major, Thenjiwe. and Mokgosi, Lilian.

Teacher training in Cuba
 Snell, Ashley.

Teacher unions and educational policy implementation: The example of the "Teacher Evaluation for Professional Development" policy
 Wang, Juei-Hsin. and Ding, Jyh-Chyuan.

Teacher working conditions in post-conflict contexts: The case of Southern Sudan
 Bentley, Lydia.

Teacher-related policies, income inequality, and the distribution of teachers in eight countries: Evidence from TALIS
 Luschei, Thomas., Chudgar, Amita. and Rew, William.

Teachers as agents of eco-social transformation: A comparative case study of school gardens in Havana, Cuba, and Philadelphia, United States
 Bucher, Katie.

Teachers' discources on teaching students with limited prior schooling: Education and the unschooled student
 Brubacher, Katherine.

Teachers' perspectives of citizenship education in American Islamic schools in Michigan
 Saada, Najwan.

Teachers’ and students’ beliefs about reading, and reading instruction, in the western Mindanao region of the Philippines
 Bell, Brenda. and Aquino, Lorina.

Teachers’ beliefs frameworks and instructional decision making: What research tells us
 Evans, Norma.

Teachers’ insights into classroom practices in developing countries: From a pilot study in Zambia
 Ono, Yumiko., Nakamura, Satoshi., Chikamori, Kensuke., Maeda, Mitsuko. and Frankel, Carol.

Teaching and learning: What Is missing in Chinese higher education reform and the pursuit of excellence
 Lin, Jing. and Yan, Fengqiao.

Teaching globalization: An overview of questions, practices, and methods
 Shirazi, Roozbeh.

Teaching practices in sixth grade mathematics classrooms in Botswana and South Africa
 Sapire, Ingrid. and Sorto, Alejandra.

Teaching religion to "all" in Danish schools: The interface of religious orthodoxy and pedagogical orthodoxy
 Anderson, Sally.

Teaching sustainability in schools of education
 Toutant, Ligia.

Teaching to fish: China’s educational assistance to Africa
 Han, Qingqing.

Teaching transnational students across contexts: Social studies teachers’ conceptions of citizenship in Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States
 Quaynor, Laura. and Hahn, Carole.

Teaching, learning and Ainu schooling: Colonization, globalization and self-determination
 Frey, Christopher.

Teen culture in the classroom: Doing what our fathers would never have done
 Bwire, David.

Ten R.E.A.D. ideas for improving assessment systems
 Kanjee, Anil.

Ten hypotheses about tolerance among Latin American adolescents
 Caro, Daniel. and Schulz, Wolfram.

Tendency, decision-making processes, and satisfaction of international students in Taiwan
 Chang, Chi.

Tensions in English language examinations: Testing for increased access, internationalization, and Western cultural knowledge
 Dunlop, Margaret.

Tensions in a Nepali telecenter: An ethnographic look at progress through activity theory
 Lee, Jeffrey. and Sparks, Paul.

 Rasnake, Roger.

Testing policy documents: New York State, U.S.A. vs Ontario, Canada
 Djong, Gordon.

Testing the Knowledge Bank: An examination of the World Bank’s knowledge mobilization efforts around public-private partnerships in education
 Read, Robyn.

Testing the two levels of Hoover-Demsey & Sadler (1995/1997)'s theory: Foreign mothers' involvement in children's schooling in South Korea
 Park, Heejin.

Textbooks on the mic: Spoken word/performance poetry as alternative education for social change
 Sattarzadeh, Sahar.

The ABCs of being Armenian: Ideals and ideologies in Soviet and post-Soviet early language textbooks in Armenia
 Palandjian, Garine.

The Asia Pacific Quality Network: Instrument of international norm setting or platform for regional protectionism?
 Madden, Meggan.

The Bologna Process: Implications for student affairs in American higher education
 Nur-Awaleh, Mohamed. and Fuller, Matt.

The Chinese food industry: Implications for health education
 Patrick Singer, Kerri.

The Chinese knowledge diaspora: Canadian research universities compared
 Welch, Anthony. and Yang, Rui.

The Chinese knowledge diaspora: Regional universities in Canada and Australia
 Zhang, Zhen.

The EQUIP3 approach to holistic youth livelihoods and work readiness programs
 Janke, Cornelia. and Bell, Brenda.

The Global Doing Democracy Research Project in Brazilian education
 Loures, Marcelo.

The Inter-American Journal of Education for Democracy: Concepts and trends
 Levinson, Bradley., Garcia, Leonardo. and Tapia Uribe, Medardo.

The MEd curriculum and approach: Inspiring leaders to be learners
 Morshed, Mohammad Mahboob.

The Shaanxi Spring Bud Project, 2000-2010: The impact of scholarship support, schooling, and transnational collaboration on rural girls’ lives
 Ross, Heidi.

The Sino-African frontiers of aid and partnership in higher education
 Taferra, Damtew.

The Tanzania girl’s puberty book project: A model for promoting girl’s agency
 Sommer, Marni.

The Trokosis: Paradigms that liberate
 Hopkins, Ashley.

The Trokosis: The political milieu
 Ayittey, Kobina.

The UCLA - Ilia State University Master’s in Educational Leadership: Building tools for sustainability
 Chubinidze, Nino.

The UCLA - Ilia State University Partnership: Why is an academic graduate program important to support long term reform?
 Janashia, Simon.

The UNESCO Atlas of Education: A visual support for international comparisons
 Voffal, Said.

The United States as a global outlier: Correlations between mathematics achievement and income inequality in PISA and TIMSS
 Adamson, Frank.

The World Bank: Learning and the new education strategy
 King, Elizabeth.

The Writing Workshop and international students: Learning the expectations of a discourse community
 Bayraktar, Breana.

The 'cascade model’ as an ECCD sector-wide intervention: Promising example from Bangladesh
 Thangaraj, Miriam.

The academic and social experiences of international students in Korea
 Jang, Nayoung., Jon, Jae-Eun. and Byun, Kiyong.

The academy of the Elijah Interfaith Institute: A constructive example of how religious academic-practitioners can influence religious leadership and international policy
 Brodeur, Patrice.

The access program in Negev Bedouin high schools: Where are the boys?
 Tarrow, Norma., Tal, Rachel. and Akotonas, Rina.

The appropriation of government policy on information and communication technology in South African schools
 Vandeyar, Thirusellvan.

The association between teachers’ employment status and their professional environment in South Korea
 Youn, Minjong., Jeon, Haram. and Leon Jara Almonte, Juan.

The attitude of parents regarding the inclusive experience of their children with hearing impairments in Cairo, Egypt
 Kotb, Heba. and Abdel Hak, Hala.

The best of both worlds: Language and mixed-heritage/mixed-race identities
 Kamani Renedo, Rita.

The capital of female workers in Mexico
 Contrera-Cueva, Angélica., Rodriguez, Enrique. and Garcia, Sergio.

The career of doctorate holders: An international comparison
 Schaaper, Martin.

The challenge of designing a balanced early grade literacy instruction program that is closely aligned with existing textbooks: Pragmatic strategies from Room to Read's experience
 Jhingran, Dhir.

The challenge of establishing world-class universities
 Salmi, Jamil.

The challenges and opportunities of linguistically diverse classes: Lessons from Quebec and South Africa
 Cleghorn, Ailie., Breton-Carbonneau, Gabrielle. and Pesco, Diane.

The challenges of cross-border provision of higher education in Taiwan
 Su, Chen-Jui.

The challenges of providing education in conflict-affected states: A comparison of Afghanistan and Sudan
 Sprau, Abigail.

The changing spatial and temporal configurations of traveling educational ideas
 Dale, Roger.

The civic achievement gap: A study of the civic knowledge, skills, and attitudes of Hispanic students in Miami-Dade County Public Schools
 Farouk, Mohammed. and Nieves, Sergio.

The co-construction of knowledge based regulation tools by intermediate regulation agents in Belgium: Impacts and stakes for the efficacy and legitimacy of the policy
 Maroy, Christian. and Mangez, Catherine.

The communiversity way: Examining an educational vestige of the Black Power movement in Chicago, 1968 -1975
 Benson II, Richard.

The comparative and international education course archive project: Discerning world-wide trends in the teaching of comparative education
 Epstein, Erwin., Blosser, Allison., Stone, Kathy., Chen, Yao. and Valdes, Annmarie.

The comparison of portrayed nation in middle school textbooks in China and Taiwan
 Wang, Hsiang-ning.

The complexities of Opportunity to Learn (OTL) in Botswana and South African classrooms
 Reeves, Cheryl.

The concern with corruption of ethics in higher education
 Heyneman, Stephen.

The consistency and controversy of gender: Egalitarian educational norms and practices in post-Soviet Muslim countries
 Papikyan, Hayarpi. and Wiseman, Alexander.

The context of the Learning4Teaching study
 Freeman, Donald., Yavuz, Handan. and Sanchez, Mary Jane.

The contribution of a collaborative project to meeting Education for All and Millennium Development Goals in Ghana
 Gahungu, Athanase., Freeman, Karen. and Jackson, Angelique.

The contribution of informal learning to transformative literacy practices
 Melville, Rebecca.

The creation of intellectual inequality through pedagogic discourse in geography classrooms
 Naidoo, Dev.

The cross-border mobility of the highly skilled
 Schaaper, Martin. and Chien, Chiao-Ling.

The culture of rights: Indian state authorities and human rights diffusion in India
 Wahl, Rachel.

The current issues in primary pre-service teacher training: A comparative study on teacher training colleges in Cambodia
 Hirayama, Takehiro.

The development of pedagogical content knowledge for reading at training college, school, and professional development level in Uganda and Tanzania
 Westbrook, Jo., Bhalalusesa, Eustella. and Kyeyune, Robinah.

The development of student affairs in Qatar higher education system
 Nur-Awaleh, Mohamed. and Bataineh, Adel.

The development of the early grades mathematical assessment
 Chard, David.

The development of transnational higher education in China: A comparative study between research universities and teaching universities
 Fang, Wenhong.

The dialectic between global gender goals and local empowerment: Girls' education in Sudan and South Africa
 Holmarsdottir, Halla. and Moller Ekne, Ingrid Birgitte.

The dichotomy of inclusion and exclusion: Voices of Russian speaking minority in Lithuania
 Z. Nausede, Natalija.

The doctorate in Italy: A late appearance in the path of tradition
 Cappa, Carlo.

The dynamics of teaching Canadian Muslims: The case of an Islamic school in the Greater Toronto Area
 Niyozov aka Niezov, Sarfaroz. and Khan, Ranya.

The early grade mathematics assessment: Some preliminary findings
 Ralaingita, Wendi.

The education of a 21st century Mexican family, in three acts
 McLaughlin, Harry.

The education rights project's popular education booklets
 Vally, Salim.

The effect of Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS)
 Blaise, Jean.

The effect of active teaching and subject content coverage on students’ achievement in Kenya
 Oketch, Moses. and Ngware, Moses.

The effect of integrated education in Northern Ireland on interpersonal relationships between Protestants and Catholics
 Ricketts, Emlyn.

The effect of school consolidation on student achievements in rural areas: Empirical analysis from Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in China
 Du, Yuhong., Wang, Shaoyi. and Lu, Ke.

The effect of social capital within a family and students' affective characteristics on academic achievement
 Yi, Kihye.

The effectiveness of policy and practice for "Universal primary education" within education for all: Case study of Pakistan
 Chang, Fida.

The effectiveness of schooling: Resource and time use in classrooms across five countries
 Schuh Moore, Audrey.

The effects of high school extracurricular activities on non-cognitive abilities: Focusing on motivation, self-esteem and social skills
 Lee, Jahyeong.

The effects of study abroad programs on pre-service teachers' knowledge base and perspectives: The case of bi-lingual schools in northern Spain
 Biraimah, Karen.

The equity of resources distribution of higher vocational education in the mainland of China
 Liu, Yunbo.

The essential package: An age and stage approach to programming for children affected by HIV and AIDS
 Richardson, Nicole.

The evolution of teacher training in Latin America: Focusing on Chile, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Dominican Republic
 Milanzi, Esther.

The evolving shadow: Supplementary private tutoring in Hong Kong
 Bray, Mark.

The expansion and quality of engineering education in China
 Wang, Rong. and Loyalka, Prashant.

The expensive dream: Financing higher vocational colleges in China
 Song, Yingquan.

The experiences of international racialized graduate students in higher education classrooms
 Gopal, Anita.

The fate of humanities in a globalized world: Examples from Canada
 Majhanovich, Suzanne.

The gap of liberation: One project, two Ideas, an educational project bridging Namibia and East Germany
 Timm, Susanne.

The gaze of others, the Gaze of the Self: Gendered identities of American Muslim undergraduate women
 Mir, Shabana.

The global and local influences in teacher education in Israel: A case of contention or compatibility?
 Ben-Peretz, Miriam. and Landler-Pardo, Gabriella.

The global/local dynamic in global undergraduate programs: Implications for cosmopolitanism
 Kentengian, Isabel.

The global/local marriage: An open marriage or an orgy of radical contingencies?
 Rodriguez, Sophia.

The governing board and its social monitoring function for public universities in China: A conceptual discussion
 Li, Sharon.

The hidden privatization of public education in Cambodia: Quality and equity implications of private tutoring
 Brehm, William. and Silova, Iveta.

The iSpaces teaching model: Integrating indigenous knowledge, entrepreneurship and western science across secondary school curriculum
 Semali, Ladislaus.

The idea of a Chinese university: A comparison with western models from epistemological and cultural perspectives
 Li, Jun. and Hayhoe, Ruth.

The impact of SAT on the attainment and achievement of Honduran adolescents
 McEwan, Patrick. and Murphy-Graham, Erin.

The impact of a study abroad to China over its participants knowledge of and attitudes towards China
 Yang, Li.

The impact of ability grouping on educational aspiration of middle school students in South Korea
 Hwang, Yeo-jung. and Hwang, Na Young.

The impact of conditional cash transfer and economic strengthening interventions on academic performance of adolescent girls
 Kassa, Bilen.

The impact of nonformal education for Liberian Youth
 Anis, Katy., Toe, Sebastian. and Kwalula, Moses.

The impact of school feeding programme on attendance: The case of Uganda
 Inoue, Keiko.

The impact of the field work experience on teachers’ pedagogical strategies in Egypt
 Kotb, Heba. and Kotb, Yosr.

The impact on the change in the teacher training course in Malawi: A core focus on introduction of in-service training
 Kawaguchi, Jun.

The impacts of educational discourse on ethnic minorities in China: From unity to harmony
 Wu, Xinyi.

The implications of the global economic crisis on primary schools: Framework and results from a comparative analysis of 12 developing countries
 Razquin, Paula.

The increasing segregation of public schooling in Argentina: Evidence from two locales
 Astiz, M. Fernanda.

The influence of Mandarin on language instruction in the Asian Region
 Kilbride, Matthew.

The influence of international educational assessment agents on local policies and discourses: The case of Turkey
 Tunc, Yasin. and Engin-Demir, Cennet.

The influence of mother's education on children's achievement in Kenya
 Abuya, Benta., Oketch, Moses., Mutisya, Maurice., Ngware, Moses. and Ciera, James.

The influence of school environments on the reading achievement of disadvantaged 15-year-old students: PISA 2009
 Pisani, Lauren.

The interaction of Japanese and deaf cultural pedagogical practices in a Japanese deaf kindergarten classroom
 Hayashi, Akiko. and Tobin, Joseph.

The international teacher leadership project: Liberating teachers, transforming schools
 Frost, David.

The international teacher leadership project: Liberating teachers, transforming schools in Bulgaria
 Georgieva, Marianna.

The internationalization of Chinese universities and its impact on citizenship education
 Conning, Andrew.

The internationalization of the MnSCU Universities: The perspective of international student mobility
 Liu, Xingcai. and Silvestre, Gabriela.

The intersectionality of poverty, gender inequality, spatiality, and its impact on quality education: Perspectives from Brazil and South Africa
 Moletsane, Relebohile., Karlsson, Jennifer., Mitchell, Claudia. and Gandin, Luis.

The issues and challenges of the language of learning and medium of instruction in higher education in Northeast Asia
 Shimauchi, Sae.

The knowledge economy and private universities in Sub-Saharan Africa
 Banya, Kingsley.

The legacy of clandestine teaching in Communist Czechoslovakia: Liberation through education in a totalitarian regime?
 Dvorak, Dominik.

The liberative power of education: Adult basic education as empowerment tool for rural women in Taung
 Quan-Baffour Kofi Poku, Kofi.

The limits and difficulties Taiwanese face in doing comparative education research: The peripheral perspective
 Shen, San San.

The local and the global in teacher education curriculum: Is there a world-wide core curriculum of teacher education?
 Blömeke, Sigrid., Hsieh, Feng-Jui. and Kaiser, Gabriele.

The mathematics intended curriculum in elementary school textbooks: A comparative study of four Latin American countries
 Romero-Celis, Treisy.

The meaning of part-time job experience for vocational high school students in South Korea
 Hwang, Na Young.

The mobilization of historical consciousness in the narratives about the last Argentine dictatorship
 Friedrich, Daniel.

The need for multicultural education in South Korea
 Kim, Stephanie. and Kim, Lupita.

The nexus between social justice and educational leadership
 Bahrambeigi, Aryan.

The non-linear process of borrowing: The fate of an early childhood initiative
 Krywko, Krystyann.

The online university as a firm: The business and academic model of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
 Gershberg, Alec. and Duart, Josep.

The open and the closed in comparative education: Using "scapes" and "systems" to theorize interconnectedness
 Sobe, Noah.

The operation of global regional organizations and the challenge for Taiwan education
 Chen, Robin.

The owl of Athena: Reflective encounters with the Greeks on the paideia of the soul, a heretical comparative-historical paradigm
 Kazamias, Andreas.

The owl of minerva on a baobab tree: A post colonial tree of educational awakening
 Mazrui, Ali.

The paradox of local participation in international education: A review of the literature
 Lample, Joseph.

The patriarch as an enabler in the completion of higher education: The case of women in Jordan
 Allaf, Carine.

The pedagogy of youth participation: Insights from a case study in Senegal
 Maclure, Richard.

The perils and promise of partnerships: Lessons learned from partnerships large and small
 Cutright, Marc. and Nkata, James.

The policies of inclusive education in the United States and in Taiwan: Theories, practices, and challenges
 Kuo, Nai-Cheng.

The policy environment for teacher quality and learning outcomes in South Africa and Botswana
 Chilisa, Bagele. and Chisholm, Linda.

The politics and policies of school finance: The Israeli case
 Ben David-Hadar, Iris.

The politics of Kurdish children: Societal representation and subjective narratives
 Darici, Haydar.

The portrayal of the “world” in the Greek ninth grade history textbook
 Tsagkaraki, Vilelmini.

The potential of quantile regression for comparative analysis of heterogeneity and achievement in schools across countries
 Gertel, Héctor., Vera, María., Giuliodori, Roberto. and Gigena, Manuel.

The power of HIV/AIDS education programs: Student perceptions in high schools in rural Kisii District, Kenya
 Ongaga, Kennedy. and Ombonga, Mary.

The power of evidence: Randomized controlled trials in Liberia’s EGRA Plus Project
 Korda, Medina.

The private university sector in Argentina: A limited and selective expansion
 Rabossi, Marcelo.

The problem of aesthetic education and national identity formation in Grenada
 Benoit, Oliver.

The problem of culture: How civil servants in Kenya and South Africa talk about culture, gender equality and education
 North, Amy. and Unterhalter, Elaine.

The promise and problems of higher education in fragile regions
 Berger, Joseph. and Hudson, Kate.

The public education sector’s response to privatization and decentralization of education and changing parental expectations: The case of Nepal
 Joshi, Priyadarshani.

The public missions and global aspirations of research universities: An international comparison
 Kretz, Andrew.

The quality of secondary education in the Middle East and North Africa: What can we learn from TIMSS’ results?
 Smaali Bouhlila, Donia.

The quest for quality and fairness: A conceptual framework for measuring and monitoring the quality of early childhood education services
 Zafeirakou, Aglaia.

The rationales behind education hubs in Southeast Asia: Regionally or internationally driven?
 Lee, Jack.

The realities of the rainbow nation: How South African high school students perceive discrimination
 Yisak, Melissa.

The relation between first-order policy change, policy cycles, and policyscapes
 Steiner-Khamsi, Gita.

The relationship between pupils’ learning and "school library" from the perspective of ethnicity in Laos
 Taketani, Mariko.

The relationship between teachers’ union and their professional responsibility in South Korea
 Youn, Minjong. and Leon Jara Almonte, Juan.

The right to change their mind: The complexity of community-based participation research in a Zapatista community of México
 Berumen, Juan.

The rise of globalization and global citizenship in textbooks: A cross-national analysis
 Buckner, Elizabeth. and Russell, Susan.

The road is made by walking: Next steps for Freirian frameworks for community empowerment
 Straubhaar, Rolf.

The role of after school program in reducing the expenditure in shadow education
 Jeon, Haram.

The role of donor assistance in transformational change
 Kakachia, Medea.

The role of education in Afghanistan in liberating remote rural communities
 Blinkhorn, Jennifer.

The role of higher education in promoting stability in Afghanistan.
 Berger, Joseph.

The role of language ideologies in mediating English language shift among recent high school graduates in Mankweng, Limpopo Province, South Africa
 Babson, Andrew.

The role of language in the migrant contexts
 Quiroz-Lima, Maria-Elena.

The role of native language in school attendance among the Orang Asli (indigenous) in Malaysia
 Bidin, Zainin.

The role of public expenditures on primary education in income distribution and inequality in Kenya
 Omwami, Edith. and Omwami, Raymond.

The role of schools in encouraging adolescents’ civic engagement in Latin America
 Sandoval-Hernandez, Andres.

The role of self concept in the decision to attend college among American high school students
 Blake, Charles. and Thompson, Jymil.

The role of sports in building peace in ethnically divided, war-torn societies
 Blagojevic, Bojana.

The role of study abroad for international learning in California community colleges
 Rhodes, Gary., Raby, Rosalind., Gandhi, Miloni. and Siedzik, Alexandra.

The role of teacher characteristics on student learning in CONAFE's Community Schools in rural Mexico
 Uribe, Claudia.

The role of teachers and textbooks in human rights education in the global South: Evidence from India
 Bajaj, Monisha.

The role of the background of intentionality in peace theory and action
 Lum, Jeannie.

The sand diaries: (re)defining critical pedagogy in a Saudi Arabian women's university
 Kamanos, Anastasia.

The scientization of science teacher preparation and professional development in post-apartheid South Africa
 Wiseman, Alexander.

The shifting shape of nationalism and identity in education: A note
 Klerides, Eleftherios.

The social responsibilities of Australian universities concerning occupational health and safety
 McCurdy, Daphne.

The socioeconomic context of the Trokosi practice
 Godwyll, Francis.

The sorting hat: Processes of setting, streaming, tracking, and ability grouping in the United States and England
 Schmidt, Rebecca.

The story of the nation in wartime: U.S. and Canadian history teachers teach World War II
 Faden, Lisa.

The strategic fund for establishing international headquarters in universities: Accomplishments and challenges
 Ota, Hiroshi.

The strategies adopted by the government of Taiwan to improve the equity in higher education
 Liu, Sophie.

The study of Buddhism meditation in Thai education: A case study in youth meditation program
 Napadol, Jaturong.

The study of relationships between knowledge leadership and the interaction of teachers' professional learning communities
 Wang, Juei-Hsin.

The system as a transformational leader: A case study of HR management in “Asemaan Group”, an Iranian education provider
 Shahmansouri, Babak. and Kishani Farahani, Najme.

The trend for inequalities in access to higher education in China
 Rong, Liying.

The unintended consequences of funding policies on student achievement at colleges of further education in Wales and England
 Jephcote, Martin.

The use of Engeströms` Cultural and Historical Activity Theory(CHAT) and expansive learning for sustainable development
 Carm, Ellen.

The voice of Vanuatu, in whose hands? Non-formal education's role in advancing the status of women in rural communities
 Valent, Andrew. and LaRosa, Sarah.

The word on the street about HIV/AIDS: An examination of what upper primary students know about HIV/AIDS
 Glover, Ryan., Ledger, Gregory., Mabika, Goma. and Anderson, Gregory.

The zone of tolerance for government education expenditure
 Yao, Haogen.

Theology as a tool of action and reflection: Women Popular Educators in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Bolivia, and Argentina
 Jones, Lauren.

Theories and practices in agency, participatory, and Innovative Learning: Opening doors for possibilities and integrating east and west
 Weng, Xuan. and Lin, Jing.

Think global, act local: How early reading assessments can improve learning for all
 Gove, Amber.

Thinking creatively and critically about space in comparative education
 Larsen, Marianne. and Beech, Jason.

Thinking in generations: The production and critical interpretation of long-term projections of educational attainment
 Barakat, Bilal.

Tomorrow can’t wait: How to improve learning in the near term through rapid curriculum consolidation
 Sarr, Joseph.

Toward a common understanding of gendered experiences in Indian schools: Issues and challenges
 Arur, Aditi., Verma, Geeta. and Sharma, Parul.

Toward improving professional development in high need schools
 Mungai, Anne.

Towards civic renewal in Poland’s higher education: Revitalizing liberal arts education in Polish universities
 Kowalski, Ewa.

Towards post-globalisation? On the hegemony of western education and development discourses
 Nordtveit, Bjoern Harald.

Tracing continued efforts towards educational equality in South Korea
 Kim, Kyung-keun., Hwang, Yeo-jung. and Byun, Soo-yong.

Trade-offs in teacher remuneration
 Husson, Guillaume. and Foko, Borel.

Tradition, transition, and language: The struggle for the Moroccan curriculum in the Twentieth century
 Brown, James.

Training and evaluating teachers on social and emotional learning through healing classrooms in the Democratic Republic of Congo
 Sklar, Jennifer.

Training for youth as an inside-out process
 Toe, Sebastian.

Trans national academic mobility and cultural dissonance in novice academics
 Walker, Patricia.

Transformation and transdisciplinarity as pedagogical frameworks for teaching, learning, and research in international education settings
 Intolubbe-Chmil, Loren.

Transformation of teacher knowledge into classroom teaching: A case of Mongolia
 Purevdorj, Oyunaa.

Transformations in education policy and governance in relation to ECD: A case study from Pakistan
 Jatoi, Haroona.

Transformative eco-education for human and planetary survival
 Oxford, Rebecca. and Lin, Jing.

Transformative leaders, conscienciation, deep democracy and teaching liberty
 Shields, Carolyn.

Transforming Secondary School Curricula, the Israeli case, 1948-2008: Pedagogy curricular theory ideology and politics
 Iram, Yaacov.

Transforming a poorer performing school into an excellent school in Taiwan
 Cheng, Kuang-You., Chen, Sheng-Mo., Chang, Yu-Liang., Ho, Hsuan-fu. and Cheng, Shu-Wen.

Transforming racialized legacies through student leadership
 Bell, David. and Buys, Rudi.

Transforming teacher education: The impact of international experience on pre-service teachers
 Bell, Beverley., Reilly Carlisle, Lenore. and Madeloni, Barbara.

Translating anthropologies of education: Global and local in academic disciplines
 Anderson-Levitt, Kathryn.

Transnational academic mobility and knowledge creation: A comparative critique on Mode 1 and Mode 2 Knowledge
 Kim, Terri.

Transnational knowledge production: The role of international intellectuals
 Knauer, Liz.

Transnational lives: The new questions transnational migration theories raise for education of migrant children
 McCabe, Marta.

Transnationalizing the Norwegian field of policy-making in education
 Hovdenak, Sindre.

Trap of conflicting demands: The academic workplace in Ukraine since Bologna
 Shaw, Marta., Chapman, David. and Rumyantseva, Natasha.

Trends in international funder support to African higher education
 Grant Lewis, Suzanne.

Tuition syndrome: Determinants of private tutoring in Malaysia
 Kenayathulla, Husaina.

Twinning partnerships in international higher education development: How third party funding impacts their success
 Wilson, Elisabeth. and Jarvin, Linda.

Two steps forward, one step back: Towards increased use of learners’ first languages in education in Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam
 Kosonen, Kimmo.
55th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2011-Apr-30 to 2011-May-06
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