55th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2011-Apr-30 to 2011-May-06

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UN/UNESCO reform for education, gender equality, and Africa: Evaluating change
 Limage, Leslie.

US involvement in Africa: Higher education during the Cold War
 Sinclair, Lauren.

USAID's new education strategy: Opportunity through learning
 Barth, David.

USAID’s support to the process of education reform in Morocco
 Potter, Kristen.

Uncertainties, elite circles, and particularistic access to higher education: Corrupting and constraining academe
 Orkodashvili, Mariam.

Under what conditions do language and ethnicity reinforce exclusion of girls in developing countries?
 Xiang, Nan.

Underpinnings of the MEd program: Education with a difference, for a difference
 Gomes, M. Monica.

Understanding constructions of community in Honduras
 Vinall, Kimberly.

Understanding education's role in fragility: A four-country situational analysis
 Miller-Grandvaux, Yolande.

Understanding global processes in action: Educational challenges and opportunities in India
 Shankar, Arjun. and Dattatreyan, E. Gabriel.

Understanding how multiple factors impact college achievement in Chinese universities
 Zhu, Hong.

Understanding of language learning in foreign language settings: A case study of learning strategy choice and use
 Senoo, Yasuko. and Yonemoto, Kazuhiro.

Understanding the challenges facing scholarly communication in Latin America
 Alperin, Juan. and Fischman, Gustavo.

Understanding the expansion and quality of engineering Eeducation in India
 Tilak, Jandhyala.

Understanding the interplay between child labour and exclusion from schooling
 Rosati, Furio.

Understanding the role of the community college in an international context
 Park, Toby. and Ettema, Elizabeth.

Unequal schools, unequal chances: Comparing mechanisms and consequences of early tracking in five European countries
 Greger, David.

United States and Finnish science education: A comparative view of teacher education program
 Park, Do-Yong.

United States' response to the Bologna process: From ignoring to importing
 Kamibeppu, Takao.

Universalization of elementary education: Consequences for school teaching profession in India and Pakistan
 Sharma, Ajay. and Muzaffar, Irfan.

Universities, capability formation, and the public good: Researching a normative index for socially just professional education
 Walker, Melanie.

Unlikely agents of change in South Africa: NGOs at the intersection of reconciliation, higher education, and sustainable development
 Urbsaitis, Bryan.

Unofficial unacknowledged translation: Multilingualism and mother tongues in Moroccan classrooms
 Gund, Susannah.

Unpacking the inequality among Thai schools and students: Findings from PISA 2006
 Korwatanasakul, Upalat.

Unraveling the meritocratic education myth: Mapping the theoretical turbulence in the sociology of education
 Li, Miao.

Us and them: Constitutive poles of self and others government
 Damico, Jose. and Meyer, Dagmar.

Use of participatory visual methodologies to unveil women and girls’ viewpoint for social action: Lessons from a Rwandan case study
 Gervais, Myriam. and Rivard, Lysanne.

Using ICT to evaluate personal and the social impact of economic development
 Ettling, Dorothy.

Using curriculum policies to liberate citizens from ethno-religious tensions in developing countries: The role of teachers in policy implementation
 Holder, Heidi.

Using data to inform policy planning and implementation in education in Zambia: Challenges in locating this work on Paulston’s Maps
 Ginsburg, Mark.

Using data to manage development in the field
 Wiehe, Elsa.

Using performance indicators to promote informed public discourse on educational achievement in the Anglophone Caribbean
 Taylor, Marcellus.

Using social network analysis to study youth involvement in community issues
 Dierker, Beth.

Using student assessment results to design teacher training for improved math outcomes
 Lynd, Mark.

Using the EQUIP3 curriculum framework in Kenya and Rwanda
 Bell, Brenda. and Toe, Sebastian.

Using transformative learning as a model for human rights education: A case study of a case study of Equitas’ International Human Rights Training Program
 Nazzari, Vincenza.

Uwezo: Moving from information sharing to action for improved learning
 Ruto, Sara.
55th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2011-Apr-30 to 2011-May-06
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