55th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2011-Apr-30 to 2011-May-06

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Wandering between "Liberalism" and "Conservatism": The discourse evolution of UNESCO's education policies
 Teng, Jun.

Waving the banner of simple and easy: Popular education and alternative visions of citizenship in late Qing China
 Smith, Zachary.

We lost our culture with civilization: Internalization of the development discourse in Senegal
 Sarr, Karla.

Web-based teacher training: Analysis from prototype development
 Morigen, Dalai. and Yamaguchi, Shinobu.

What a difference a year makes: Transformation in a gap year abroad
 Suhendra, Maureen.

What do school principals in disadvantaged areas say about social justice?
 Archambault, Jean. and Garon, Roseline.

What do students learn when we teach peace?
 Duckworth, Cheryl., Schoepp, Christian., Allen, Barb. and Williams, Teri.

What does it mean to be worldly? FSL student teachers’ practicum experiences in France
 Byrd Clark, Julie.

What education for what development in Africa in the era of globalization: A rethink?
 Geo-JaJa, Macleans.

What is a high-quality school? Views with different lenses on educational reform in China
 Cravens, Xiu. and Zhang, Xinping.

What is in the Name? Construction of educational change in the post-socialist world over two decades
 Bain, Olga.

What is liberating about education? An analysis of the impact of globalization on the education of women
 Fox, Christine.

What is the impact of ability grouping on student achievement?
 Omoeva, Carina. and Chaluda, Ania.

What language-in-education policy models are desired for quality education of language minority students? Evidence from local stakeholder perspectives in northwest China
 Duojie, Danzhi. and Bahry, Stephen.

What liberal ends might be achieved through teaching about minority religions in U.S. public schools?
 Collet, Bruce. and Pauken, Patrick.

What motivates top college graduates to enter teaching? Evidence from teach for Argentina
 Ganimian, Alejandro.

What opportunities are offered in and what do future teachers take in teacher education?
 Houang, Richard., Hsieh, Feng-Jui., Bankov, Kiril. and Cedillo, Tenoch.

What role does opportunity to learn play in teacher reparation?
 Schmidt, William., Tatto, Maria., Han, Shin-Il. and Santillan, Marcella.

What we’ve learned about the early primary reading environment in Mali
 Konandji, Youssouf.

What’s in a number? Approaches to measure efficiency of Mexican primary schools as a policy indicator
 Franco-Vivanco, Edgar.

What’s standing in the way: Barriers to implementing inclusion policy in South Africa
 Brown, Alisha.

When decentralization of authority equals abdication of responsibility: Tools and strategies to address resource inequities and strengthen district education management
 Rakusin, Mitchell.

When everyone goes to college: Effectively maintained inequality in South Korea
 Park, Hyunjoon. and Byun, Soo-yong.

Where’s the Learning? Measuring schooling efforts in developing countries
 Adams, Anda.

Which factors influence Chinese parents’ school choice behavior?
 Liu, Na. and Zeng, Xiaodong.

Who attends and completes virtual universities: The case of the Open University of Catalonia (UOC)
 Carnoy, Martin., Jarillo, Brenda., Castano-Munoz, Jonatan., Duart, Josep. and Sancho Vinuesa, Teresa.

Who is fit to teach and what do they need to know? Global and local constructions of teachers in contemporary Indonesian education policy
 Sutton, Margaret.

Who said what? Making sense of theory to inform research on knowledge production and flows in North-South NGO partnerships
 Sirett, Erin.

Whole school professional development programs: A Jordan case study
 Hourani, Mohammad.

Whose reinvented city? Education, space, and the racial imaginary in/against redemptive neoliberal urbanism
 Pedroni, Thomas.

Who’s ready for mobile learning?
 Asino, Tutaleni., deShield, Stacey. and Petrovich-Corn, Cynthia.

Why Education for Rural Transformation matters? Meta-theoretical review over concept of "development" in the era of globalization
 Cars, Mikiko.

Why Participate? Cross-national assessments and foreign aid to education
 Kijima, Rie.

Why countries participate in international educational testing?
 Pizmony-Levy, Oren.

Why did you do it that way? How teachers interpret and implement EL policy
 Phillips, Jennifer.

Why do pupils dropout when education is "free"? Explaining school dropout among the urban poor in Nairobi
 Abuya, Benta., Oketch, Moses. and Musyoka, Peter.

Widely recognized problems, controversial solutions: Recommendations of the ADB study of priorities for higher education development in Southeast Asia
 Chapman, David. and Sarvi, Jouko.

Widen participation, widen equity? Changing policies of higher education recruitment in Taiwan
 Lin, Yung-feng.

Wisdom and ego-identity development: Culture and age effects among Korean and American undergraduate students
 Bang, Hyeyoung.

Within and beyond traditions: Contextualizing Japan's school-based peace education in classical Japanese and Western trends
 Kodama, Marie.

Women in academic leadership: Experiences of mid-level women leaders in higher education in the Mekong Delta
 Dang, Ngoc Lan.

Women, education, and careers in Saudi Arabia: Past, present, and future
 Abu Mohammad, Jenan. and Anzar, Uzma.

Women, higher education and the labour force participation in Iran
 Rezai-Rashti, Goli.

Women, war, and education: The case of Pakistan
 Azhar, Talat.

Women’s empowerment through women’s organization and adult education: A case of Nepal
 Sato, Nozomo.

Women’s rights and discourse in social science textbooks: A cross-national analysis, 1970-2008
 Nakagawa, Mana.

Working against the odds: Female tertiary enrollment and labor market participation in Egypt,1888-2006
 Markos, Amanee.

Working inside schools and out to promote reading in Xai Xai, Mozambique
 Mandlante, Nélio. and da Silva, Carol.

Working inside schools and out to promote reading in Zomba, Malawi
 Kalamula, Godfrey., Mabeti, Francis. and Dowd, Amy Jo.

World Bank financing for education: Less or more for the poor in IDA16?
 Beardmore, Sarah.
55th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2011-Apr-30 to 2011-May-06
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