56th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2012-Apr-22 to 2012-Apr-27

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(Re)conceptualizing the assessment of educational quality from a human capability approach: A case study depicting education that BRAC mentors value
 Pagán, Luis. and Landorf, Hilary.

10 guiding principles for effective cross-national online learning design
 Porcaro, David. and Carrier, Carol.

10+1 indicators of teacher shortage
 Steiner-Khamsi, Gita. and Testot-Ferry, Philippe.

10:15-11:45am – Video Conference: Engaging a Broader Vision of Gender in Education
 Pollitzer, Elizabeth.

12:00-1:30pm - Luncheon Session: Critical directions in gender and education work
 Manion, Caroline (Carly).

1:45-3:15pm – Resolutions of workshops: Future directions and tasks
 Seeberg, Vilma.

60 to 2800 in one year: Scaling-up a reading program in Egypt
 Linan-Thompson, Sylvia. and Toye-Welsh, Barbara.

8:30-8:45am - Opening and welcome: From representation to transformation: From gender parity to dismantling deeply embedded social constructions of power relations
 Seeberg, Vilma. and Baily, Supriya.

8:45-10am - Pushing the envelope and charting a vision for gender perspectives in CIES
 Stromquist, Nelly., Biraimah, Karen., Ross, Heidi. and Seeberg, Vilma.

'Indigenous' teacher: Historical representations
 Lopez, Ligia (Licho).

‘Doing school’ and other challenges to implementing a critical pedagogy of place
 Lample, Joseph.

‘Virtual’ life on Facebook for youth in Taiwan: Cultural world of identity formation
 Lin, Liangwen.

“Addressing the obstacles to gender equity in schooling in Kenya”
 Kemunto, Everlyn.

“Critical humanist pedagogy”: A comparative discursive analysis: A modern symposium with Socrates, Paulo Freire Peter McClaren and Andreas Kazamias
 Kazamias, Andreas.

“Gender equity as an element of education quality: Issues beyond access”
 Halai, Anjum.

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A Comparative Study of Israeli and Greek Teachers' Educational Beliefs
 Gaziel, Haim.

A Muslim teacher's experiences in public and Islamic schools: A search for acceptance and understanding
 Brooks, Melanie.

A bridge over troubled waters: Exploring the implications of community-referenced pedagogy in urban schools
 Samaroo, Julia.

A capabilities approach as a framework for learning and livelihood education for youth
 DeJaeghere, Joan. and Baxter, Aryn.

A case study of Holocaust education in Germany
 Shenkar, Miriam. and Stessel-Szasz, Zahava.

A case study of a mothers’ association as a participatory group in the educational system in northern Burkina Faso
 Spear, Anne.

A case study of the impact of the education revolution on the brain drain
 Banya, Kingsley.

A cluster-randomized trial assessing the impact of a school WASH intervention on attendance and intestinal worm reinfection in Kenya
 Freeman, Matthew.

A comparative analysis of political and pedagogical dimensions in Holocaust education throughout the world
 Balodimas-Bartolomei, Angelyn.

A comparative case study of MBA students’ experience of how customer service orientation affects their experience of learning and development
 Chiang, Ching-Hsiao (Wes).

A comparative overview of the role of higher education in six armed conflicts during the twentieth century
 Pacheco, Ivan.

A comparative perspective on LGBT youth experiencing multiple youth-serving systems
 Poirier, Jeffrey M.. and Delaney, Mitchell.

A comparative study of Gulf region students’ socialization in their academic disciplines
 Almurshidi, Ghadah.

A comparative study of co-curricular activities and cooperation between public and private schools in Islamabad, Pakistan
 Khan, Salma.

A comparative study of international student mobility in higher education: Challenges and opportunities for the United States, Australia, and China
 Xiang, Yuanyuan.

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BREAKOUT WORKSHOP TABLE 1: Organizing Men to Prevent Violence Against Women
 Fontanesca, Vanessa. and Murphy-Graham, Erin.

BREAKOUT WORKSHOP TABLE 2: Gender Manifesto for GEC: Follow-up to Pollitzer presentation
 Manion, Caroline (Carly).

BREAKOUT WORKSHOP TABLE 3: Continuing to build critical dialogue around gender in education: Moving beyond the male/female gender perceptions
 Baily, Supriya.

BREAKOUT WORKSHOP TABLE 4: Fostering a greater partnership with womens’ voices world wide
 Seeberg, Vilma.

BREAKOUT WORKSHOP TABLE 5: Pushing the envelope within CIES, Constitutional & Bylaws amendment
 Seeberg, Vilma.

BRIGHT II: School retention in Burkina Faso through school infrastructure and parental engagement
 Begue, Alberto.

Banal globalism?: International encounters in the American university
 Friedman, Jonathan. and Miller-Idriss, Cynthia.

Basic literacy and numeracy skills in lower primary
 Crouch, Luis.

Becoming a university: A case study of VIU
 Field, Cynthia. and Gounko, Tatiana.

Becoming nomads: Teachers' journeys into smooth spaces
 Gorodetsky, Malka. and Barak, Judith.

Benchmarking teacher quality, improving teaching: Lessons from Mali and Uganda
 de Koning, Mireille.

Benchmarking the assessment systems of developing countries
 Clarke, Marguerite.

Beyond 3D: Mapping the landscapes of teaching presence in effective online education
 Hayden, Robert.

Beyond EGRA: An Ethiopia experience
 Ferdous, Abdullah.

Beyond PRONADE: NGOs and the public education sector in Guatemala
 Carter, Jacob.

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Cambodian students’ absenteeism, late school enrollment, and the roles of family resources and attitudes
 Morra, Harry. and Eng, Sothy.

Can Ukrainian teacher education foster democracy?
 Kovalchuk, Serhiy.

Can an institution of higher education gain the necessary capabilities to educate students for global citizenship?
 Landorf, Hilary. and Doscher, Stephanie.

Can percent plans be effective in different socio-cultural settings? An analysis of Chile´s college preparatory programs
 Treviño, Ernesto., Scheele, Judith., Flores, Stella. and Lee, Bommi.

Can the secular be religious? The resurgence of Islam in secular Turkey: Implications for education
 Awan, Ayesha. and Muzaffar, Irfan.

Can universities become world-class when research and community engagement are missing?
 Wilson, Elisabeth., Chapman, David., Austin, Ann., Farah, Samar. and Ridge, Natasha.

Can we learn to become active citizens?
 Sharma, Namrata.

Canadian high school students’ conceptions of democratic participation
 Peck, Carla. and Sears, Alan.

Capitalism, modernity, and the architecture of education
 Dale, Roger.

Capturing teacher practices in “Early Reading in National Languages” project in the Gambia: The effect of observational learning and coaching
 Zafeirakou, Aglaia. and Jammel, Burama L. J Jammeh.

Causes and consequences of the privatization of public schools in post-conflict societies: The case of Liberia and Sierra Leone
 Moriba, Samba. and Edwards, Michael.

Causes and un/intended consequences of educational reforms in Iran
 Borjian, Maryam.

Central challenges and prospects to teaching democratic citizenship in the emerging civil society
 Koshmanova, Tetyana.

Challenges teachers from China face in US public schools
 Goldstein, Beth. and Qi, Xiaoliang.

Challenging Swedish exceptionalism? Teaching while Black
 Habel, Ylva.

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Data quality: Current status, progress, and challenges
 Sylla, Benjamin.

Debating (im)migration: Transnational immigrant and U.S. born students’ views
 Kleyn, Tatyana.

Decade of data: school climate for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth in the United States from 1999 to 2009
 Kosciw, Joe. and Bartkiewicz, Mark.

Decentralization and student achievement: A comparative analysis of the influence of governance structures on PISA outcomes
 Cullinane, Jenna. and Lincove, Jane.

Decisions of effective instruction: Questions and choices about literacy development in Malawi
 Miksic, Emily.

Deconstructing aunties: Gossip, solidarity, and resistance in South Asian communities
 Subramanian, Mathangi.

Deep structures, long comparisons, sudden rapprochements: Crossing from path dependence to world culture and back.
 Meyer, Heinz-Dieter.

Defining and tackling the learning crisis in Mozambique
 Boaze, Americo. and Sueia, Amilcar.

Defining empathy education in U.S. primary school textbooks
 Paulson, Margaret.

Defining global citizenship
 Van Alst, Julia.

Defying the track and pursuing the journey: A comparison of vocational education policies in Chile and Colombia
 Cisterna, Dante. and Bautista Guerra, Juanita.

Democracy's rise or demise?: South African adolescent perspectives from schools in a Xhosa township
 Kubow, Patricia. and Berlin, Laura.

Democratizing community wisdom: A collaborative research project between Tz’tujil Maya health promoters and U.S. researchers
 Wilhelm, Ron. and Batchelor, Kim.

Designing a high-quality decentralized education system in Egypt
 Healey, F..

Designing and implementing an early numeracy project in Paraguay
 de Carter, Noemi.

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E(quity) f(or) a(ll): Postcolonial simulacrum in Trinidad and Tobago
 Williams, Hakim.

EFA and post-conflict: Paradoxes of education policy planning in Rwanda
 Ehrenberg, Steven.

EFA goals: Is there a trade-off between quantity and quality?
 Draxler, Alexandra.

ESD as a cross-curricula theme: A lesson from Estonia
 Kirss, Laura.

EU’s perspective on Central Asian higher education reforms
 Kollat, Tomasz.

Early childhood development and learning opportunities
 Vegas, Emiliana.

Early decisions and its effects on future educational opportunities: A case from a stratified country
 Farias, Mauricio.

Early grade learning in northern Nigeria: Outcomes, implications, and the process of institutionalizing assessment
 Pflepsen, Alison.

Early literacy practices from an international perspective
 Reyes, Iliana.

Early warning systems for dropout mitigation
 Prouty, Diane.

Earnings and teacher characteristics: An analysis of teacher labor market in Brazilian public schools
 Cruz, Tassia.

East meets West? Past and prospective trajectories in Ukrainian higher education governance
 Shaw, Marta.

East-East transfer: A comparison of Japanese, South Korean, and Chinese bilateral aid to the education sector in Cambodia
 Dawson, Walter.

Ecologizing participatory and innovative learning: Integrating East and West, or creating a third space?
 Weng, Xuan., Zhang, Ai. and Ross, Heidi.

Economic policy, educational attainment, the reserve army of the (educated and) unemployed, and the brain-drain ghost: The case of Puerto Rico
 Liard-Muriente, Carlos.

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Factors affecting participation in cross-national assessments: Evidence from discrete-time hazard model
 Kijima, Rie.

Factors and conditions that promote academic resilience: A cross-country perspective
 Sandoval-Hernandez, Andres. and Cortes, Diego.

Factors influencing student achievement in eighth-grade algebra: A comparative study of Botswana, Singapore and the United States
 Ayieko, Rachel.

Factors influencing the choice of science and mathematics careers for female students in university of education Winneba, Ghana
 Adu, Obaapanin.

Factors influencing underrepresented, first-generation, and low-income students to study abroad: A case study of midwestern university
 Nur-Awaleh, Mohamed. and Minton, Micheal.

Faculty and student attitudes towards internationalization: A case study of a higher education institution
 Farouk, Mohammed. and Iuspa, Flavia.

Faculty development in Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Taiwan
 Wu, Yi-Chin.

Faculty success: Is it all about publishing?
 Shakespeare, Elizabeth. and Ziegler, Melisa.

Fairy tales, and other stories as spiritual guides for children of war: An auto-ethnographic perspective on the “education revolution”
 Feuerverger, Grace.

Field testing EGRA: Providing instant EGRA analysis at classroom level with a digital test in Central Asia and West Africa.
 Richmond, Simon. and Tvaruzkova, Mirka.

Finance reform in Chinese higher education: Changing role of stakeholders in a transitioning society
 Liu, Jian. and Wang, Xiaoyan.

Financial aid and fundraising in higher education in Pakistan: An analysis of successes, challenges, and sustainability
 Lackie, Mary.

Financial burden of university attendance for rural students in Georgia: Issues of equality and fairness
 Chankseliani, Maia.

Financing early childhood development in rural areas: How to provide the appropriate services to the targeted people
 Zeng, Xiaodong.

Findings from the Early Grade Math Assessment
 Ralaingita, Wendi.

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Gender and educational and career aspirations: First results of a longitudinal study of 6th grade Cambodian students
 Williams, James., Zimmermann, Thomas., Edwards Jr., D. Brent., Chhinh, Sitha. and Kitamura, Yuto.

Gender and school leadership: The perceptions of school leaders in China
 Law, Wing-Wah.

Gender considerations in global workforce development programs
 Venza, Angie.

Gender differences in 15-year-olds’ attitudes toward school: An international perspective
 Miller, David., Harner, Ariana. and Warren, Laura.

Gender differences in intrahousehold educational expenditures in Malaysia
 Kenayathulla, Husaina.

Gender equity policies in a Mexican graduate program
 Sanchez Cruz, Elida. and Cruz Cortes, Nareli.

Gender inequality and access to secondary education in Tanzania: An analysis of legislation, policy, and culture
 Ricketts, Emlyn. and Covington, Dominique.

Gender lessons from Bangladesh and India workforce training programs
 Chugani, Nalini.

Gender outcomes under EQUIP3 youth education programs
 Taggart, Nancy.

Gender relations and HIV/AIDS prevention education: Women activists' work in the Peruvian Amazon
 Lalani, Yasmin.

Gender representation in EFL textbooks in Turkey: A follow-up to the 2008 study
 Bag, Ebru.

Gender transformation through self-help female organization in Nepal : Focus on income generation program and adult education
 Sato, Nozomi.

Generational cohorts and their impact on learning style preferences: A comparison of U.S. and Chinese adult learners
 Zaballero, Aileen. and Stopper, Angela.

Genes, gender, geography, genealogy and generation: Insights in under-representation
 Reynolds, Barbara.

Georgian education policy environment: Framing the context of reform in Georgia
 Verulashvili, Natia.

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HALI project: Literacy intervention in coastal Kenya using text messages and a teacher manual to support teachers
 Dubeck, Margaret. and Jukes, Matthew.

Handout learning systems in São Paulo (Brazil): The advance of private sector over local education policy
 Adrião, Theresa. and Iana, Inajara.

Has the expansion of higher education narrowed the gap in access? The case for China
 Wu, Shuang., Wu, Yaowu. and Song, Yingquan.

Have social projects contributed to educational reform in the Brazilian state of Bahia?
 Ribeiro, Gláucia. and Gupta, Arpit.

Head teachers’ role in providing appropriate learning conditions for environmental education in secondary schools, in Siaya district, Kenya
 Okoth, Ursulla.

Healing battle wounds: Elementary textbook representations and teacher attitudes on Japan’s victim and perpetrator roles during WWII
 Kodama, Marie.

Health resources and academic outcomes in rural Mozambique
 DeBoer, Jennifer.

Heroes and haters: Understanding challenges facing sexual-minority youth leading “gay rights” NGOs in the global South
 Mizzi, Robert.

Hidden privatization of public education in Cambodia: Equity implications of private tutoring
 Brehm, William.

High school as a compulsory level of schooling in Mexico: Benefits and challenges for schools in low income communities
 de la Cruz Orozco, Ivania.

High school dropout: A causal analysis
 Byrnes, JoEllen., Moussavi, Massoud. and McGinn, Noel.

Higher education in post-revolution Egypt
 Sabry, Manar.

Higher education policy in flux: From local equalization to global excellence
 Zhang, Yuting.

Higher education reforms and polytechnics: Solving youth unemployment
 Banya, Kingsley.

Higher education reforms in China: For better or for worse?
 Tan, Guangyu.

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I can send a text; I just don’t know how to write: Inspiring literacy through mobile phones in rural Bangladesh
 Anwar, Kazi.

I guess we need a plan: Contextual factors leading to Canada’s decision to create its first international education strategy
 Trilokekar, Roopa. and Jones, Glen.

Identifying student and program characteristics that predict student development in study abroad programs
 Burrow, Jeff.

Identity formation through visual art among Hispanic American adolescents
 Webb, Keelie.

Identity(ies), citizenship(s), and migration: A complex relationship
 Cortesão, Luiza.

Impact of acculturation on education and the parent-child relationship: Children of Chinese visiting scholars in the U.S
 Chen, Sisi.

Impact of month of birth on student´s probability of grade retention: Evidence from Spain
 Cordero Ferrera, Jose., Muñiz Perez, Manuel., Pedraja Chaparro, Francisco., Santin Gonzalez, Daniel. and Simancas Rodriguez, Rosa.

Impacts of school latrine construction on student outcomes in India
 Adukia, Anjali.

Implementation challenges during the adoption process of new curricula in elementary schools in Cyprus
 Tsangaridou, Georgina.

Implementation in a politically unstable environment: Using community participation to sustainably combat exploitative child labor, trafficking, and CSEC through education
 Diop, Seni. and Sun, Huai-ming.

Implementation of functional skills training through school-based income generating activities (IGA): A case study targeting vulnerable children in Zambian primary schools
 Carm, Ellen.

Implementing English-medium degree programs in Japanese universities: Looking abroad for best practices
 Bradford, Annette.

Implementing a continuous assessment approach to support learning and reduce 1st grade repetition: One reform through different perspectives
 Rodriguez, Juan Vicente., Nzo, Jesus., Ndong, Arcadio. and Harris, Abigail.

Implementing change through the ‘leadership for learning’ program in Ghana primary schools
 Malakolunthu, Suseela., Swaffield, Sue. and MacBeath, John.

Implementing the Child Friendly Schools Initiative in the Sultanate of Oman
 Al Habsi, Shununa. and Evans, Rose.

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Japanese language education in colonized Taiwan: Language and assimilation
 Parker, JD.

Jews and gypsies: Moral tales and stateless subjects in Slovak textbooks, 1918-1938
 Michaels, Deborah.

Job aids and workflows: Performance support tools for improved data quality in equatorial Guinea
 Arias, Sonia.

Joint-venture childhood: Child welfare, child quality, and the state in rural China, 1989-2009
 Adams, Jennifer.

Journal publication in Chile, Colombia, and Venezuela: university responses to global, regional, and national pressures and trends
 Delgado, Jorge.

Junior high school teachers' perceptions of principals' transformational leadership and schools as professional learning communities in Taiwan
 Chen, June. and Yu, Pei-Yu.


Kazakh-language education and the revival of Kazakh
 Smagulova, Juldyz.

Kazamias, Papanoutsos, and the Greek colonels on language and education
 New, William.

Knowledge, corruption and education
 O\'Dowd, Mina.

Kyrgyz initiatives of students’ learning measurements
 Iptarov, Sabyr.


L1-based multilingual education in the Philippines: Policy and practice
 Paulson Stone, Rebecca.

Language and the bologna process: The role of language in the internationalization of Kazakhstan’s higher education institutions
 Ahn, Elise.

Language and the integration of newly arrived immigrant students in Quebec's classes d'Accueil
 Breton-Carbonneau, Gabrielle.

Language learning and institutional supports: Latino students in US Schools
 Gonzalez, Maritza.

Large-scale 1:1 implementations: An international scope
 Richardson, Jayson., Flora, Kevin., Sauers, Nick., McLeod, Scott., Kannan, Sathiamoorrthy. and Sincar, Mehmet.

Large-scale student assessments and learning taxonomies
 Klemencic, Eva.

Latin American best practices for distance education
 Jaimovich, Analia.

Latinas in America: To be or not to be, I am – “Entre ser y no ser, yo soy!” What are they saying?
 Capeles, Belkis.

Leadership roles and faculty influences in developing a new university in India
 Berzina-Pitcher, Inese.

Learn without fear: The global campaign to end violence in schools
 Bazan, Cesar.

Learners as teachers: Creating multicultural learning environments among international scholars and undergraduate students
 Sims, Pearl. and Dickson, Nancy.

Learning from Burundian children with refugee status: Developing a framework for multicultural education that is ecological and decolonial
 Sprecher, Katharine.

Learning how countries around the world effectively use assessment information to support student learning
 Ramirez, Maria-Jose.

Learning human rights: Law enforcement officers and human rights education in India
 Wahl, Rachel.

Learning in healing classrooms: Social emotional learning in conflict contexts
 Anastacio, Anita.

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Macedonian educational policy development
 Shipovikj, Divna.

Madrasa aliya: Encompassing religion and modernity in higher education.
 Abdullaeva, Mehribon.

Making citizens and nations out of values: Politics of civic and religious education in (Northern) Europe today
 Strandbrink, Peter.

Making rights realities: Research findings from sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia on education, equity, and development
 Lewin, Keith.

Making school fun: After school programs
 Aquino, Lorina. and Renault, Lotte.

Making school useful: Computer labs
 Chea, Kosal.

Making schools work: New evidence on accountability reforms
 Bruns, Barbara.

Making the case for HIV/AIDS in education: An overview of AIR’s review of research advocating for an HIV/AIDS response in the education sector
 Molotsky, Adria.

Malaysia compulsory education policy: Towards achieving universal primary education
 Syed Anuar, Sarifah Norazah.

Management information stream (MIS) - online
 Merseth, Katherine.

 Shen, Hong. and Jung, Jisun.

Many cultures, one family at The Newcomers School
 Wreden-Sadeq, Victoria. and Arnove, Robert.

Mapping resistance: The everyday work of education aid workers in a new era of securitization
 Nguyen, Nicole.

 Thangaraj, Miriam. and Kendall, Nancy.

Masculinity away from home: Doing and undoing gender in cross-cultural education programs
 McGivern, Martha.

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NGOs and the policy governance of educational reform in China
 He, Shanyun.

National dialogue and education: Teacher education and national reform in the kingdom of Bahrain
 Kirk, Daniel.

National identity formation of Palestinian-Israelis and the Israeli civics curriculum
 Hetzroni, Maya.

National youth policies: Participatory and empowering?
 Stacki, Sandra.

Negative ramifications of high-stakes testing policy implementation
 Bremer, Martin.

Negotiation of homeland visit and short-term schooling among Japanese immigrant mothers and their children
 Kobayashi, Minori.

Neo-institutionalisms: Their contributions to the understanding of the international achievement studies’ impact on education policy in Latin America.
 Astiz, M. Fernanda.

Neo-liberal discourse in Arab education in Israel
 Pinson, Halleli. and Agbaria, Ayman.

Neo-liberalism and neo-leisure: Sport, children, and the state in South Africa
 Epstein, Irving.

Neoliberal to neopopulist education politics: The decentralization and recentralization of primary and secondary schools in Nicaragua
 Bay, Kelly.

Neoliberalism in Mexico: A community of practice in the face of NAFTA
 Blum, Denise.

Neuroscience, reading, and global education policy
 Klees, Steven.

New era of Japanese education followed by the failure of educational reform
 Eriguchi, Kando., Kobayashi, Makoto., Cote, Travis., Ogasawara, Keita., kato, Yuichiro., Tanaka, Nagisa. and Nakamura, Yukari.

New learner subjects? Progressive ideals and social inequalities in rural India
 Sriprakash, Arathi.

No access and quality without social integration: Evidence from refugee education
 Dryden-Peterson, Sarah.

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OPEQ DRC: Developing a teacher training curriculum with the ministry of education: Processes, opportunities and challenges
 Frisoli, Paul.

OPEQ DRC: Teacher professional support system what to do when it’s broken
 Frazier, Julia.

OPEQ DRC: The theory of change and baseline results for reading, math and social and emotional learning
 Aber, John.

Observing teaching and learning in Ethiopia
 Little, Angela. and Frost, Melanie.

On the promotion of grassroots NGOs for China's rural education
 Yao, Haogen.

Open regionalism and education in micro-states: The Caribbean community revisited
 Jules, Tavis.

Opportunity to learn and learning outcomes in early grades: International experiences applied to Ghana
 Adelman, Elizabeth.

Out-of-field teaching: A cross-national survey of teacher labor market and teacher quality
 Zhou, Yisu.

Outcomes of an alternative technology pilot for teacher development in Malawi, Africa
 Carrier, Carol. and Finholt-Daniel, Matt.

Over-emphasized and overlooked aspects in policy to ensure teacher quality: A comparative analysis of policies of the U.S. and Pakistan
 Chang, Fida.

Overcoming the education gap: Education reforms and training for under-qualified primary teachers in India and Indonesia
 de Koning, Mireille.

Overseas mainland Chinese students' engagement with democratic discourses and practices in Canada and the United States
 Li, Gang.

Overview of SABER: Student assessment
 Horn, Robin.


PLAR in vet: Prior learning assessment and recognition in vocational education and training. A comparative study of four countries.
 Bohlinger, Sandra.

PRAESA early literacy unit
 Bloch, Carole.

Paradigm shift: Bringing education to the doorsteps of nomadic populations in northeastern Kenya.
 Godwyll, Francis., Gure, Abdifarhan. and Mwangi, Peter.

Paradoxes of institutional entrepreneurship in the discursive terrain of ranking “world-class” universities
 Mawhinney, Hanne.

Parent perspectives on developing well-rounded youth in China
 Kong, Peggy.

Parental involvement and school experiences
 Crespo-Jimenez, Mellie.

Parental motivation, perceptions, and involvement in a Mandarin Immersion Program
 Xu, Zhengli.

Parental strategies: an international comparison of Chinese immigrant parents in America and Chinese parents in China
 Ye, Xilin.

Participation and peace promotion: Government, communities, and youth working together to end violence in El Salvador
 Berrios, Sara.

Partnering with governments to eradicate school violence
 Portillo, Belinda.

Partnership for integrated policy development for the 0-3 age group
 Mahrous, Eman.

Patterns of relationships between school factors and teaching behaviours of mathematics teachers at basic education level in Kenya
 Ekuri, Emmanuel., Oketch, Moses. and Ngware, Moses.

Patterns of shadow education in the Asian region: Learning from diversity and commonality
 Bray, Mark.

Payoffs to private tutoring in the United Arab Emirates: A gendered affair
 Farah, Samar. and Ridge, Natasha.

Peace: Finding a vision in global education
 Tanaka, Aki.

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Quality and equity of education in Latin America: Exploratory analysis in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Peru
 Leon Jara Almonte, Juan., Andrade, Fernando., Cueto, Santiago. and Youn, Minjong.

Quality assurance in China's higher education: An empirical research of vocational guidance on the efficiency of job search of college graduates
 Wang, Jiaying. and Li, Wei.

Quality information for quality education: Lessons from the field for a next-generation EMIS
 Tuwangyee, Edreda. and Muyingo, Peter.

Quality measurement according to international standards
 Sainazarov, Keneshbek.

Quality teachers in Cambodia: A philosophical ethnography
 Stanfill, E. Matthew.

Quality, costs, ethics, credentials…What next: Could students occupy world-class university?
 Orkodashvili, Mariam.


RTI: Lessons from EGRA across Africa
 Piper, Benjamin.

Race and racisms in selected history and social studies textbooks in Colombia and South Africa
 Rodriguez, Diana.

Race, nation and schooling in Esmeraldas, Ecuador
 Johnson, Ethan.

Race, power, and privilege in dual immersion programs
 Fuentes, Emma.

Raising achievement standards through Reading to Learn interventions: Results of a randomized control trial impact evaluation in East Africa
 Oketch, Moses., Ngware, Moses., Musyoka, Peter. and Abuya, Benta.

Raising kids without complexes: Successes and shortcomings in implementing inclusive education in northern Kyrgyzstan
 Hartblay, Cassandra.

Re-mapping Africa: Independent school students’ shifting perceptions of physically distant social issues
 Schwarz, Kaylan.

Re/making the ground on which they stand: Film as method in explorations of immigrant children’s experience
 Stille, Saskia.

Reading alliances project Puerto Rico-Guatemala
 Sáez, Ruth.

Reading and math development: Developing programs for sustainability and scale up
 Mejia, Jessica.

Reading first, libraries last: A historical perspective on libraries and reading education
 Sensenig, Victor.

Reading regimes of (Post)Socialist childhood: Socialist legacies and neoliberal absences in early literacy textbooks
 Silova, Iveta.

Ready for study in the U.S.? Case study of Chinese undergraduate students' experiences in an American host university
 Fan, Jingjing.

Rebuilding education in post-conflict northern Uganda
 Papadopoulos, Nina.

Rebuilding hope and sustainability: Constructing the meaning of “green” in a post-earthquake rural school in China
 Wang, Yimin.

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SABER-Teachers: A tool for understanding and assessing progress in teacher policies
 Jaimovich, Analia.

SIL and multilingual education (MLE)
 Trudell, Barbara.

Safe spaces in schools: The impact of a book club on identity development and personal growth of African American adolescent girls
 Generett, Gretchen.

Same scores, different outcomes: Chinese students' dilemma with university enrollment system
 Tan, Siduo.

Sarajevo, Brussels, and beyond: Depictions of nationalism and internationalism in Bosnia and Herzegovina textbooks
 Barry, Tom.

Save the Children’s literacy boost
 Dowd, Amy Jo.

Scaling-up a successful reading intervention in Liberia: Who will print 400,000 books and manuals and how will they get to rural counties during rainy season?
 Davidson, Marcia. and Korda, Medina.

School Improvement Under No Child Left Behind and Its Impact on Professional Learning Communities
 Moreano, Giovanna.

School attendance measurement in household surveys: A two-country study of data reliability
 Thiam, Mamadou. and Srikantaiah, Deepa.

School costs and the need for labor: Patterns and factors of pupil dropout in India and Ethiopia
 Nordstrum, Lee.

School discipline policies in post-apartheid South Africa: The evolution of behavior management practices in the context of human rights
 Cleary, Colleen.

School fee abolition in South Africa: A ‘progressive’ poverty trap?
 Nordstrum, Lee.

School principals’ perceptions on performance pay: An application of principal–agent theory
 Ben David-Hadar, Iris.

School readiness in Pakistan: School environment factors and children's outcomes in early primary
 Shallwani, Sadaf. and Corter, Carl.

School to career
 Al- Mughrabi, Fatima. and Al-Ajam, Eman.

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TALIS 2009 review implications for the success of strategy 2020 in Russia
 Elena, Lenskaya.

TVET and Rwanda: USAID’s strategy for promoting quality education in Rwanda
 Antal, Carrie.

Targeting the youngest and most vulnerable to achieve higher gains in Jordan
 Abbas, Muna.

Teach for America/teach future China: Exporting neoliberal educational reform
 Crowley, Christopher. and Yu, Min.

Teach for… (fill in the blank): Teacher education in the age of technical reproduction
 Friedrich, Daniel.

Teacher certification examination in Georgia: Results from A two-year experience
 Kobakhidze, Magda Nutsa.

Teacher collaboration in times of uncertainty and societal change: The case of post-Soviet Ukraine
 Kutsyuruba, Benjamin.

Teacher development, reciprocal accountability, and context: A teacher union study in South Africa
 Metcalfe, Mary. and Makole, Kaizer.

Teacher leadership in the United States and mainland China
 Wang, Feiye. and Zepeda, Sally.

Teacher license renewal system: A teacher accountability policy in Japan
 Akiba, Motoko.

Teacher mentoring program: Challenges and successes in growing confidence as a secondary biology teacher in Korea
 Park, Do-Yong.

Teacher merit pay in China: A case study in Beijing
 Niu, Zhikui. and Liu, Meiling.

Teacher practices and learning improvement in Chilean preschool classrooms
 Treviño, Ernesto., Yoshikawa, Hirokazu., Leyva, Diana., Snow, Catherine., Barata, Maria Clara., Weiland, Christina., Arbour, Mary Catherine., Rolla, Andrea. and Toledo, Gabriela.

Teacher preparation and learner-centered pedagogy in Chennai, Tamil Nadu
 Pathmarajah, Meera.

Teacher professional development for stabilization and security: A continuum of approaches from Haiti, Pakistan, and Ethiopia
 McKinney, Rachel.

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U.S. linguistic minority students’ opportunities to learn high school mathematics
 Mosqueda, Eduardo.

UBC: Place of mind in the rain forest: Global citizenship on the vast landscape of Canada
 Boshier, Roger.

UNESCO’s global readiness survey (GRS): Process and purpose
 Strickland, Bradford.

UNESCO’s global strategy for HIV/AIDS in education: Guidance for HIV/AIDS program design in ministries of education
 Castle, Chris.

UNESCO’s initiative on addressing homophobic bullying in educational institutions
 Castle, Chris.

Uganda’s universal secondary education policy: How a “pro-poor, gender-positive” policy became an “anti-teacher” movement
 Molyneaux, Kristen.

Under what conditions do open doors policy affect internationalization of higher education in China?
 Xiang, Nan.

Undergraduate retention in Chile
 Berger, Joseph., Campos-Martinez, Javier. and Remaly, Alicia.

Underrepresentation of girls in math and science: The role of the NGOs
 Ahmad, Seher. and Ahmad, Maryam.

Understanding Islamic business ethics: Advancing management education by examining Middle Eastern cultural norms
 Sekerka, Leslie. and Marar, Marianne.

Understanding language, literacy, culture and identity in the Cuban diaspora
 Perez, Natasha.

Understanding the role of the community college in an international context
 Park, Toby.

Unintended outcomes of a Fulbright-Hays group project abroad in Botswana: Perspectives on democratic classrooms from U.S. teachers in underserved schools
 Jenkins, Tamra. and Ferreira, Liza.

Unity and diversity: Multicultural citizenship in an international school in the United States
 Solano-Campos, Ana.

Universities and global diversity in a geopolitical era
 Lindsay, Beverly.

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Validating the diagnostic tools for SABER-standards
 Erberber, Ebru.

Values of democracy: A cross-national study of textbooks 1950-2010
 Fan, Peggy.

Variation in access to and use of ICT resources at Rwandan pre-service teacher education institutions
 Terway, Arushi. and Ehrenberg, Steven.

Vernacular globalization and the mediation of the discourse on global competition in higher education
 Portnoi, Laura. and Bagley, Sylvia.

Via education’s education for democratic citizenship: A program evaluation
 Estrada Zubía, Armando. and Colter, Melissa.

Village feminism as a tool in the assessment of community agency and impact
 Intolubbe-Chmil, Loren. and Berinyuy, Caroline.

Village girls' schooling in China matters: Anticipating empowerment, capabilities, and attainment
 Seeberg, Vilma. and Luo, Shujuan.

Violence against children in schools: Closing the gap between policy and practice in Tanzania
 Reich, Naomi.

Violence, corruption and school climate in post-revolution Kyrgyzstan
 Oliver, Daniel. and Scott, Christie.

Vocabulary development using readers with second language learners
 Smith, Kimberly.


Waiting too long to read? Low reading expectations in the developing world based on the misapplication of reading research on middle-class English speaking students
 Hollingsworth, Sandra.

What are the current issues in assessing early grade reading?
 Piper, Benjamin.

What are we educating our youth for? How the orphanage youth navigate vocational schools for dummies and diploma mill universities
 Korzh, Alla.

What do curriculum-based tests tell us about student learning? Lessons from northern Nigeria
 Lynd, Mark.

What do students and teachers know: The status of early grade reading and writing in Ethiopia
 Kassa, Solomon.

What is active learning?
 Wiener, Karen.

What is the developmental assets profile, and what does it measure?
 Johnstad, Kristin.

What is to count as evidence in neoliberal times of educational accountability? The global education policy field of failing boys and achievement gaps
 Martino, Wayne. and Rezai-Rashti, Goli.

What it takes to internationalize a school of education: 25 years of an infusion-integration approach at MSU
 Schwille, John.

What makes effective schools in Indonesia?
 Murata, Isa.

What makes the academic achievement gains? Comparing structural relationship between Finland and South Korea
 Kim, Suehye. and Jeon, Haram.

What motivates teachers to grow? A cross-national analysis of teachers’ perception toward professional development using TALIS 2008
 Taguchi, Shimpei.

What we’ve learned about ethics: It’s the little things that count
 Rossman, Gretchen. and Rallis, Sharon.

What’s national about Muslim nationalism?
 Muzaffar, Irfan.

When agency is disempowering: Examining school dropout and early marriage in Honduras
 Murphy-Graham, Erin. and Leal, Graciela.

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Young Women’s Schooling and the Ideological Architecture of Aid in Kenya’s Dadaab Camps
 Silver, Rachel. and Buck, Patricia.

Young voices from the kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Bridging the gap between old stereotypes and new realities
 Albakr, Fawziah., Schlaffer, Edit. and Kropiunigg, Ulrich.

Young women’s leadership program for peaceful communication and education: Changing attitudes through connective approaches and practical engagement
 Lin, Jing. and Khamis, Sahar.

Youth and fragility in Hait: Impacts of the IDEJEN youth development project
 Hershkowitz, Ann.

Youth as a target of transnational governance
 Sobe, Noah.

Youth as organizers and peer educators through service learning
 Nogueira Sanca, Sarah.

Youth disillusionment and education reform reversal: A slippery slope of sustained Ukrainian democracy
 Bruce, Lauren.

Youth enhancing livelihoods
 Babcock, Lee. and Kumar, Krishna.

Youth skills development in the informal sector in West Africa: An analysis of Senegal and Ghana
 Sonnenberg, Krystyna.

Youth, gender and education from a cultural perspective: A comparison of Chinese and Norwegian higher school students
 Liu, Fengshu.

Youth’s math self-concept, achievement, and educational expectations in Eastern Europe
 Bodovski, Katerina., Henck, Adrienne. and Kotok, Stephen.
56th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2012-Apr-22 to 2012-Apr-27
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