57th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2013-Mar-10 to 2013-Mar-16

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"Change is inevitable, but not too much": Cultural and pedagogical aspects of orthography development among the Maasai of Kenya
 Trudell, Barbara.

"Chasing Two Rabbits at Once:" Education, Marginalization, and Human Rights for the Baka in Cameroon
 Tucker, Sarah. and Kono, Moise.

"We are global citizens with tribal souls": surveying global citizenship education in the U.K., Germany and The Republic of Korea
 Valdes, Annmarie.

"What is good for them may not be good for us": Contesting visions of quality in Russian educational modernization
 Aydarova, Olena.

(Re)imagining National Identities and Futures in Kazakhstan: A Case Study of Primary School Textbooks
 Mun, Olga.

(Re)telling: A narrative inquiry into pre-service TESOL teachers’ study abroad experiences
 Marquardt, Sheila.

(Trans)formación docente: A human rights approach to intercultural bilingual education in Peru
 Remstad, Margaret.

. Indonesia’s Decentralized Basic Education Program: Quality Education for Primary and Junior Secondary Schools
 Losert, Lynn.

1. Globalization, National Identity, and Citizenship Education: China's Search for Modernization and a Modern Chinese Citizenry
 Law, Wing-Wah.

1. Rationality and Openness: A New Subjectivity for Chinese Education
 Zhao, Guoping.

1. Revitilizing Kichwa: A Struggle, a Methodology, a Dream
 Carcelen Estrada, Antonia.

2. Education as Public Sphere: The Cultivation of a Rational and Publically Oriented Self
 Liu, Jing.

2. Practicality in Curriculum Building: A Historical Perspective on the Mission of Chinese Education
 Bai, Limin.

3. Cultivating Individuality in Contemporary Chinese Education: Lessons from Hu Shi and Liang Shuming
 Zhang, Huajun.

3. On Developing Chinese Didactics: A Perspective from the German Didaktik Tradition
 Deng, Zongyi.

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A Brighter Future: Evaluating a Girls' Secondary Education Program in Malawi
 White, Kerry., North, Lindsay. and Kabbani, Reem.

A Comparative Analysis of Kibbutzim and Madrassas in the 21st Century Context
 Feder, Michelle. and Khan, Maria.

A Comparative Analysis of the Official Development Assistance (ODA) in South Korea and Japan focusing on Basic Education Sector
 cho, hyeseung.

A Comparative Perspective of Institutional Quality in Top Private and Public Higher Education Institutions in Thailand: According to the National Indicators
 Praphamontripong, Prachayani.

A Comparative Study of the Comparative Education Research in China and the Western Countries
 LIAO, Fangping. and HUANG, Yating.

A Comparative study of global mindedness and global education at Tribal Colleges and Universities in the U.S.
 Sumida Huaman, Elizabeth. and Chiu, Belinda.

A Comparison of Gaokao and the SAT/ACT
 Tao, Yingyue.

A Content Analysis of Political Discourse on Educational Reform: The Case of NCLB
 bista, shikha.

A Critical Analysis of Community Engagement in Indonesian National Education Reform
 Felicia, Nisa.

A Cross-National Analysis of Female Faculty: Trends, Discourses and Explanations, 1970-2010
 Nakagawa, Mana.

A Global Imperative for 2015: Secondary Education
 Florez, Ana.

A Model of Teacher Education in a Challenging Context: Morocco’s Pedagogical University
 Ezzaki, Abdelkader.

A Multilevel Analysis on the Causes of Shadow Education in the Era of the Schooled Society
 Kim, Hyung-Kee.

A Multiple Case Study of Stakeholder Perceptions of the Education for All Campaign in India
 Vayaliparampil, Mary.

A Netnographic Study of Virtual K-12 U.S. Schools
 Toutant, Ligia.

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Background on Community Colleges study abroad programs and implementation for the CCC SOAR Project
 Raby, Rosalind.

Background on Research on the Impact of Study Abroad on Retention and Success and the CCC SOAR Project
 Rhodes, Gary.

Barriers to Quality Education: The School Experience of Bulgarian Roma
 Lambrev, Veselina.

Baseline Data on HIV-Related Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices of Primary and Post-Primary Learners in Uganda
 Hua, Haiyan.

Behind the facade of fee-free education: Private supplementary tutoring and its implications for social justice.
 Bray, Mark.

Being AFRICAN-American in Tanzania: The influence of identity construction on teaching for global understanding
 Lane-Myler, Jennifer.

Being The Change: Teachers Teaching Nonviolence
 Bracho, Christian.

Best Practices in Internationalization of Higher Education Institutions in the U.S.
 Ozturgut, Osman., Cantu, Maria., Pereira, Leo. and Ramon, Denise.

Best Practices in Recruiting and Retaining International Students in the U.S.
 Ozturgut, Osman.

Between Austerity and Security – Aid to Education in Times of Crisis
 Novelli, Mario.

Between Secular Public Schools and Private Qur’anic Schools: The Medersas of Mali
 Boyle, Helen.

Between the State and the People: NGOs and Girls’ Education in China
 Ross, Heidi. and Wang, Yimin.

Beyond Numbers and Letters: Social Cohesion in South African Education
 Cappy, Christina.

Beyond intergenerational mobility to international mobility: Why do South Korean college students cross border?
 Kim, Suehye.

Beyond perceived barriers to Education for Sustainable Development among pre-service teachers: A study of curriculum for Teacher Education
 Aitken, Avril., Radford, Linda. and Young, Adam.

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Calibration of Comprehension and Calibration of Performance in American and Chinese Students
 Agler, Lin-Miao., Zabrucky, Karen., Zhao, Yali., Li, Hongli. and Commander, Nannette.

Calls for the new quality: results from longitudinal studies of implementation of new National Curriculum in Azerbaijan.
 Karimova, Yuliya. and Mikailova, Ulviya.

Can Children do Basic Arithmetic in India? New Evidence
 Mutum, Ashok.

Can high achievers become grown-up better citizens? Comparative perspectives on civic education
 Kim, Suehye.

Can increasing Career Exploration and Career and Technical Education (CTE) increase student’s interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)?
 Haas, James.

Can international law ensure locally-relevant education? Including local assessments of educational quality in the post-Millennium Development Goal agenda.
 Ulm, Jessica.

Can we Move Beyond Idealistically Narrow Discourses in Citizenship Education
 Fischman, Gustavo. and Haas, Eric.

Canadian Youth Volunteering Abroad: Rethinking Issues of Power and Privilege
 Ngo, Mai.

Care Theory: Conceptualizing the Role of ECD in Emergencies
 Deters, Lisa.

Career and Mobility Decisions of Female Indian International Graduate Students in the U.S.
 Witenstein, Matthew. and Chittuparamban, Biju.

Case Study on Emergency Evacuation Measures taken by Nursery Schools in Iwate at the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
 Kondo, Chiharu.

Case study: Education for employability through entrepreneurship training
 Bulayev, Boris.

Case study: Innovative financing through an output-based aid program
 Nguyen, Minh Chau.

Caste and schooling: Material and discursive (re)productions of caste
 Desai, Karishma.

Causes and Consequences of the Student Protests In Chile
 Espinoza, Oscar. and Gonzalez, Luis.

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DISSERTATION MENTORING WORKSHOP PROPOSAL: Exploring the internationalization of teacher professional development
 Kizilbash, Zainab.

Daring to Debate: Challenges and strategies for teaching controversial political issues in the classroom
 Fournier-Sylvester, Nicole.

Debt Conversion Development Bonds for Education
 Bond, Daniel.

Decolonial Literacy: A West African Alphabet as a Therapeutic Education
 Hellweg, Joseph.

Deconstructing Gatekeepers Discourses in the Establishment of Self-help Groups for Women in Rural India
 Baily, Supriya.

Deficit Perspectives as Critical Mediators of Mathematical Learning
 Shade, Chelsey.

Defining Quality Education in Africa
 Imoka, Chizoba.

Defining principles and practices of "quality peace education"
 Langlo, Tatzia.

Definitions of Quality in Early Childhood Education: Kindergarten Quality Assurance in Jordan
 Abbas, Muna. and Al Bow, Mohammad.

Delivering Quality Primary Education in Kenya: Improving the School Environment in Marginalized Communities
 Ulqini, Linda.

Democracy and Education: Two Worlds Apart in Botswana’s Education System: Lessons from the 2010 Examination Crisis
 Jotia, Agreement.

Democratic possibilities or knowledge imperialism: The role of international schools (K-12) in producing non-thinking elite in developing countries
 Arshad-Ayaz, Adeela.

Depicting Worldliness: The Digital Iconography of the Global University
 Miller-Idriss, Cynthia. and Powell, Jonathan.

Depictions of Political and Social Globalization in History, Civics, and Social Studies Textbooks, 1960–2008
 Bromley, Patricia.

Determinants of primary education quality in four regions of Senegal
 Dramani, Latif.

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ECCD in Emergencies initiatives of Plan International in the Philippines
 Bicaldo, Beverly.

EQAO results and students as agents of change: exploring the competing indicators of ‘quality education’ in Ontario.
 Samaroo, Julia.

Early Birds: Comparing Collegial Academic Success of American Dual Enrollment Students and International Chinese Students with Early Credits
 Hagedorn, Linda. and Hu, Jiayi.

Early Grade Reading Assessment of Level II Students in Selected ABEs of Amhara, Oromia, Somali and Tigray Regions, Ethiopia
 Sharew, Tesfaye.

Early childhood care and development: a case study across four countries
 Shah, Sweta.

Earnings and Savings among youth in East Africa: Implications for Non-traditional Education Development Programs
 Campbell, Anne. and Shaw, Marta.

East Timor: An Analysis of Early Grade Reading Acquisition
 Amorim, Erica.

East vs. West Transfer: A Comparison of Japanese, Korean and Chinese-funded Education Projects in Cambodia
 Dawson, Walter.

Ecopedagogy, Peace, and Citizenry: Reading and re-reading socio-environmental conflict within peace and social-justice education models toward transforming citizenship education
 Misiaszek, Greg.

Editors of University Refereed Journals in Latin America: Overburdened and Undervalued
 Delgado, Jorge.

Educating Adivasi children: Bhil Academy Higher Secondary Residential School in Madhya Pradesh
 Toegel, Fabian.

Educating Immigrants in OECD Countries
 Torre, Daniela.

Educating Intimate Strangers: South Korean Schooling for the North Korean migrant youth
 Ham, Sejung.

Educating Political Committed Teachers Working in Urban Multicultural Schools. A Critical Ethnography in Southern California and its Impact in Northern Italy
 Tarozzi, Massimiliano.

Educating for exile? An examination of the changing roles of Salvadoran schoolteachers
 Wegener, Meredith.

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Factors Affecting Community Participation in Education: Experiences from Rural and Peri-Urban Ghana
 Avotri, Ruby.

Factors Affecting Sustainability of School WASH Facilities in Bangladesh
 Lee, Seung.

Factors Associated with TIMSS results in Jordan
 Blankenbeckler, Corrie.

Factors Determining Educational Quality: Student Mathematics Achievement in Nepal
 Pangeni, Krishna.

Factors affecting students’ enrollment in primary sections of government high schools of district Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir(Pakistan)
 Khawaja, Muhammad.

Factors impacting education data quality in developing countries
 Sales, Greg. and Porcaro, David.

Factors impacting the student learning styles of undergraduate students: a case study of a community college and a private university
 Nfor, Solomon., Marquise, Maria., Santos, Abisola. and Marquise, Howard.

Factors influencing the success of EMISs in educational development
 Finholt-Daniel, Matt. and Porcaro, David.

Factors related to the diffusion of innovations in teaching and learning in the Chinese educational system
 Sargent, Tanja.

Factors shaping the success of youth entrepreneurship training programs: an empirical test of components of a model
 Krause, Brooke., Pellowski Wiger, Nancy. and Chapman, David.

Faith in Higher Education: Issues and trends in religious-oriented universities in Kenya
 Bonnell, John.

Family factors impinging on intergenerational educational mobility in the Anglophone Caribbean: The case of The Bahamas
 Taylor, Marcellus.

Federal early childhood interventions: A comparison of approaches
 Caruthers, Charity.

Feminist Movements in Arab-North African Countries: Female University Students’ Perceptions of Women’s Rights in the Revolutionary Egypt
 Megahed, Nagwa.

Fieldwork as incentive and opportunity
 Timiri, Himabindu.

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Gateways and Guest Homes: How Area Studies Centers Serve as Arbiters of Scholar Mobility
 Powell, Jonathan. and Miller-Idriss, Cynthia.

Gender Attitudes and Child Gender Preferences of Only Children in urban China
 Kim, Sungwon. and Fong, Vanessa.

Gender Disparity in Yemen: A Case Study on Girls' Secondary Education
 Hess, Juliana.

Gender and Ideal Personhood across Three Generations: A comparison of Chinese and Norwegian Youth
 Liu, Fengshu.

Gender and Professional Identity in Higher Education: Perspectives from Ghana
 Mabokela, Reitumetse Obakeng.

Gender and higher education pedagogies in a comparative perspective
 Jones Misiaszek, Lauren.

Gender differences in the program of English in Chinese universities
 Zhu, Yu.

Gender educational initiatives: The case of the Dominican Republic
 Rincon, Angye.

Gender empowerment in socially disadvantaged adult-women overcoming educational lag
 Lopez, Oresta., Fajardo, Horacia. and Barcena, Laura.

Gender gap in the National College Entrance Exam performance in China
 Zhang, Yu. and Tsang, Mun.

Gender messaging in post-conflict educational interventions in northern Uganda
 Rydberg, Nancy.

Gender parity in schooling: Equality, empowerment, or the feminization of casino capitalism?
 Kendall, Nancy.

Gender sensitive supportive interventions and their effect on the education of marginalized girls in Bangladesh
 Aziz Khan, Marufa.

Gender-based pay disparity and its impact on feminization of poverty in South Africa
 Madela, Mbhekiseni.

Girls' Empowerment & Community Transformation? Examining NGO/State
 Shah, Payal.

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HALI Project: children’s outcomes on word and text level skills in relation to instructional focus
 Dubeck, Margaret.

HALI Project: effects of baseline achievement, malaria treatment, and literacy teacher training on primary school dropout
 Zuilkowski, Stephanie., Jukes, Matthew. and Dubeck, Margaret.

HLM with Educational Large-Scale Assessment Data: Restrictions on Inferences due to Limited Sample Sizes
 Meinck, Sabine. and Vandenplas, Caroline.

Happiness is Freedom— An Exploration of the Educating for Gross National Happiness Movement in Bhutan
 Tshomo, Pema.

Harnessing the potential of a 'youth bulge': A comparative study of upper-secondary exclusion in four middle-income countries
 Strand, Erika. and Szekely, Miguel.

Health Transitions, Education, and National Development
 Smith, William., Anderson, Emily., Horvatek, Renata. and Baker, David.

Helping Scholars in Danger. The Institute of International Education’s Scholar Rescue Fund
 Willcox, Sarah.

Helping others to help themselves: Expanding student employment opportunities through civil society engagement
 Havekost Hocine, Sarah.

Heteroglossia and Multi-glossia: Reframing the Conversation Around Literacy for ELL and Indigenous Populations (US)
 Genova, Evelisa. and Ross, Lydia.

High literacy rates in the south Indian state of Kerala: an anomaly or an answer?
 Jerry, Mary Priya.

Higher Education Accreditation in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Case of Ghana and Kenya
 Tsevi, Linda.

Higher Education Finance and Quality of Education in Kyrgyzstan since independence
 Karimov, Myrza.

Higher Education Landscape in Africa: Evolving Patterns of Types, Quality and Long-term Strategic Development Planning
 Assie-Lumumba, N\'Dri.

Higher Education Reform in Mongolia: policy setting and implications
 Bat-Erdene, Regsuren.

Higher Education during Colombian Conflict and Post-Conflict
 Pacheco, Ivan.

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I Read: Adapting International Best Practices to Develop an Early Grade Reading Program with the Yemen Transitional Government’s Ministry of Education
 Al-Agri, Ali., Baidas, Rida. and du Plessis, Joy.

ICT Readiness in Three Upper Secondary Schools in Cambodia
 Richardson, Jayson., Nash, John. and Theam, Vibol.

ICT in Education Policies and National Development: Why the “Twain” Should Meet (But Could Not)
 del Rosario, Mercedes.

IDP Education in Azerbaijan: Overcoming isolation and stigma
 Kazimzade, Elmina.

INEE Minimum Standards advocacy for policy change in the Turkish Ministry of National Education
 Turkmen, Zeynep.

INEE Working Group on Education and Fragility
 Uribe Torres, Maria.

Identifying Problems of Quality on the Ground: Faculty and Student Voices from One Tajik University
 Deyoung, Alan.

Identifying and Responding to the At-Risk Child: Early Warning Systems for Dropout Mitigation
 Shrestha, Rajani. and Prouty, Diane.

Ideology in the post-Obamanomics era: Implications for gender access to education in Africa
 Mukudi Omwami, Edith.

Ideopolitical education and national identity in North Korea
 Hong, Hee Kyung.

Immigrant Youth Negotiating Processes of Inclusion and Exclusion in a Citizenship Education Classroom
 Rios, Anne.

Immigrant education access and outcomes: across five countries and six years – PISA 2003 & 2009
 Creed, Benjamin.

Impact Investing for Education: What about Equity?
 Peters, Liesbet.

Implementing Early Grade Mathematics Instructional Programs in Liberia
 Chard, David.

Implementing English-taught degree programs at Japanese universities
 Bradford, Annette.

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Japan as the gateway to Asia and beyond: American study abroad experiences
 Asada, Sarah.

Japanese Higher Education’s Internationalization Approach: A Case Study of Doshisha University
 Yamada, Aki.

Japanese Teacher Education: Insights on Diversity and Human Rights
 Parker, JD.

Job Satisfaction of Elementary School Teacher (A Comparative Case Study Between South Korea and China)
 Baek, Su Eun.

José Martí and the Pan American Imaginary: Relevance to Global Issues in Education Today
 Nelson, Nancy. and Barrera, IV, Estanislado.


K-12 Teacher Perceptions of Multiculturalism and Diversity in North Dakota
 Sorenson, Karmen Pfeiffer.

Ka Hikitia educational strategy to address educational inequalities among Maori students
 Summers, Katherine.

Kenya Primary Math and Reading Project: Developing bilingual early grade reading curriculum in Kiswahili and English
 Mejia, Jessica.

Key academic stakeholders' perceptions on the quality of Turkish public teacher education programs
 Gok, Enes.

Key research questions in fragile and conflict affected situations: The challenges of priority setting
 Pigozzi, Mary.

Knowing facts or applying knowledge: Science achievement in post-socialist countries
 Bodovski, Katerina. and Kotok, Stephen.

Knowledge Mobilization in Inclusive and Special Education in China: The Gift of Angel
 Johnson, Kathryn. and Zhao, Chunli.

Koranic Schools In Sahelian West Africa: Religious Education, Alternate Schooling and Political Socialization
 Brown, Stephanie., Moussa, Lawali. and Easton, Peter.

Korean college students, who plan to study abroad?
 Jon, Jae-Eun.


Labor Market Outcomes for College Graduates with Associate Degree
 Aktas, Fatih.

Labour Lost? Critically Analyzing the Neoliberal Discourse in a Quebec High School Global Citizenship Education Textbook
 Parker, Dan.

Land Norms and School Quality: Explorations of Legal-Institutional Context of Schooling in India
 Chakraborty, Sarbani.

Language Policy in Urban Settings: Preliminary Findings from Dakar, Senegal
 Speciale, Teresa.

Language and Performance in Mathematics: An Exploration of Data from the Early Grade Mathematics Assessment
 Ralaingita, Wendi. and Platas, Linda.

Language teaching practices in primary grades need a thorough overhaul: Research findings from India
 Jhingran, Dhir.

Language-in-education policy and practice in Madagascar: Contested visions
 Benson, Carol.

Large-scale and Citizen-led Learning Assessment in Asia and Africa: Attempting Cross-county Comparison
 Wadhwa, Wilima. and Jamil, Baela.

Leadership development through high-stakes experience
 Manske, Jill.

Leadership for Learning: A framework for basic school headteacher professional development in Ghana
 Ampah-Mensah, Alfred.

Learners’ Participation in Mathematics Classrooms: lessons from Tanzania
 Halai, Anjum.

Learning Norms or Changing Them?: State violence, state actors, and human rights education in India
 Wahl, Rachel.

Learning Through Adoption: The transracial education of Canadian and Dutch Adopters’ of U.S. Minority Children
 Naughton, Dana.

Learning as Cultivation of the Self to Reach Inner Peace
 Zhou, Yanyu.

Learning at scale: The case of Peru
 Gillies, John.

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Main objectives and guiding principles of the new USAID Policy on Youth in Development
 Ignatowski, Clare.

Majority measures for minority group rights: National responses to international law regarding equal and equitable access to higher education
 Sattarzadeh, Sahar.

Making School Fun: Enrichment and Recreation Programs
 Correia, Adam. and Rose, Jeannie.

Making fairer comparisons across education systems. A value-added approach to study trends in PIRLS
 Lenkeit, Jenny. and Sandoval-Hernandez, Andres.

Making teacher preparation more effective through Comparative Education
 Hynes, James. and Edgington, William.

Making the Grade: A Cross-National Analysis of Teacher Training on Student Achievement Across 52 Nations
 Bold, Natalie.

Malawi reading program development – what can be done in 7 days?
 Miksic, Emily.

Malawian Teacher’s perspectives on the factors that promote the establishment of an effective School-based Continuous Professional Development
 Kalulu, Master.

Malaysian Teachers’ Conceptions and Uses of Digital Technology in English Writing Instruction: Untangling a Web of Conundrums
 Razali, Abu Bakar.

Manufactured Consciousness and Social Domination: Identity, Ideology and the Reconstruction of Education
 Rosenfeld, Kimberly.

Many Titles, Many Languages: A New Approach to Developing Reading Books
 Bender, Penelope.

Mapping Literacy Programs in Conflict- and Crisis-Affected Contexts
 Zakharia, Zeena. and Bartlett, Lesley.

Marketisation of education in Georgia: equitable access to quality secondary education
 Chankseliani, Maia.

Master’s Thesis Based on Action Research at Ilia State University
 Rust, Val.

Maternal Literacy and Child Development Pilot: A Three Country Case Study
 Murphy, Katie.

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NGOs and the global ideology of childhood: Interpreting and reproducing world culture through an education policy in Nepal
 Henck, Adrienne.

NYSUNY 2020: Workforce impacts of a new higher education policy in New York State
 Gerace, Angela.

Narratives of Philippine higher education migration and diasporic identities: Pathways to transnational knowledge networks
 Chavan, Maria Sian.

National approaches to global citizenship: A four country comparison of education for global citizenship curricula
 Fogle-Donmoyer, Amanda. and Lin, Jing.

Negotiating Global North-South Partnership: Comparative Perspectives from Senegal & Kenya
 Grant, Candice.

New Actors, New Approaches
 Colenso, Peter.

No Child Left Behind, but where are Latinos?
 Castillo, Bernadette.

No Teacher Left Behind: Changing Instructional Attitudes and Beliefs toward Emerging Bilingual Students through Collaborative Strategic Reading
 Lasser, Cristin. and Davidson, Anne.

Non-dominant versus “minority” languages in education as a focus of research: A discussion of essential terms and concepts
 Kosonen, Kimmo.

Non-formal Education and Learning
 Oketch, Moses., Weisner, Tom. and Britto, Pia.

North-South and South-South research collaboration: Reflections on what it is and why we are doing it
 Holmarsdottir, Halla.

Numeracy for out of school and pre-school children
 Bucuvalas, Abigail.

narrative of teachers about peace education- how teachers in Japan perceive peace education.
 HIGUCHI, Sayaka.


OECD’s Assessment of Higher Education Learning Outcomes (AHELO) project and the ‘New Humanities’
 Lamers, Nicole.

Objectives and Conceptual Framework
 Chudgar, Amita. and Luschei, Thomas.

Observations from Over the Pond: Comparative Analysis of Students and Faculty Involved with American and English STEM Graduate Programs
 Simeon, Eric.

On the Learning Barometer: methodology
 van Fleet, Justin.

On the Line of Fire: Teacher’s and Children during People’s War in Nepal
 Rai, Sanjeev.

On universities' feeder schools in Japan

One country or two? How Greek-Cypriot and Turkish-Cypriot youth learn their national identity
 Anagiotos, Christos.

Opening Access in a for-profit construct: Case study of the global influences of the University of Phoenix
 Shahzadi, Jacqueline.

Opening Up “Quality”: A Turn to the Social-Spatial
 Lancaster, Illana.

Opening Up “Quality”: Mining the Potential of Teacher Professional Learning Communities
 Sanyal, Anita.

Opening Up “Quality”: The ‘Small Story’ of Nepal’s Shikshak (‘Teacher’) Magazine
 Williams, Dierdre.

Opportunities and Challenges: Secondary Level Teacher Supply
 Schuh Moore, Audrey.

Opportunities for the development of competencies for Scientific literacy: A view from the initial education of science teachers
 Uribe, Malva.

Opportunity and Inequality: The Limits of Social Mobility in the Context of Secondary School Expansion in Tanzania
 Vavrus, Frances. and Ojwang, Tom.

Opportunity and change: The case of further education in the UK Perspective
 Jephcote, Martin.

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PISA and Beyond: What Can We Learn from Asian Education
 Ozturgut, Osman. and Tsai, Kuan.

Parent-school partnership in Morocco’s middle schools: National consensus and contested visions
 Elmeski, Mohammed.

Parent-school partnership in Morocco’s middle schools:A buzzword bogged by contested visions
 Elmeski, Mohammed.

Parental Perceptions with FPE: Evidence from Six Urban Sites in Kenya
 Abuya, Benta., Mutisya, Maurice., Ngware, Moses., Admassu, Kassahun. and Musyoka, Peter.

Parental demand for private informal schooling: the case of six towns in Kenya
 Mutisya, Maurice. and Abuya, Benta.

Parents Make the Difference: A Short Course for Parents of Preschoolers in Liberia
 Frazier, Julia.

Participation citoyenne aux évaluations à grande échelle: La construction d’un mouvement national d’apprentissage
 Dramani, Latif. and Traore, Brehima.

Partnerships for Educational Success
 Lewis, Andrew.

Paving the Path to Service-learning Success; a Consideration of Theory and Practice.
 Lillo, Sarah.

Peace Education and Storytelling in Post-Conflict States
 Stewart, Jan.

Pedagogical and technological innovations for Pre-service training in Morocco
 Ahbeddou, Miloud. and Darhmaoui, Hassane.

Pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) for teaching EFL reading: case studies in Mainland China
 Hu, Jing.

Perceived effectiveness of assessment and accreditation procedures in a Mexican private university
 Gregorutti, Gustavo. and Bon, Virginia.

Perception Gap in Inclusive Education and Special Education in Malawi
 Kawaguchi, Jun.

Perceptions of ‘the global’ by pre-service teachers: A comparative study for internationalization in Finland and Japan
 Uematsu, Kiyoko.

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Qualifications frameworks in EHEA, Australia and Canada: Policies and policy implementation
 Liu, Qin.

Quality Assessment as a Global Education Policy and the Case of Thailand.
 Lao, Rattana.

Quality Assurance in an Era of Massification of Higher Education
 Banya, Kingsley.

Quality Education for All but “Internat” Children in Ukraine
 Korzh, Alla.

Quality Framework
 Gottlieb, Esther.

Quality Teachers for Quality Education in Namibia
 Ellison, Sarah. and Jimerson, Beth.

Quality and Equity Education: A Case Study on the Ongoing Nutrition Improvement Program for Rural Compulsory Education in Yunnan, China
 Tian, Juan. and Yuan, Guofang.

Quality as critique: education promoting alternative perspectives among Jewish and Palestinian Israeli youth
 Ross, Karen.

Quality assurance and research funding public policies: their impact on private universities in Argentina
 García de Fanelli, Ana. and Corengia, Angela.

Quality assurance in Saudi universities: a comparative study
 Zaman, Husam. and Jalloun, Omar.

Quality by Design or Implementation: Comparative Analysis of In-Service Teacher Training Programs in El Salvador
 Flores, Irene.

Quality education for social and economic transformation in Cape Verde: A critical overview of the ongoing reform
 Borges Månsson, Alicia. and Pires Ferreira, Ana Cristina.

Quality education in the service of what? Re-defining our relationships to each other, the planet, and quality education
 Wilkinson, Moira.

Quality in global online education is a never ending story but what is the next wave?
 Kang, Haijun.

Quality in media education and policies of the gaze: notes from fifteen years of research in the South of Brazil
 Fischer, Rosa. and Marcello, Fabiana.

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ROTA’s evolving understanding of educational quality in programming
 Copeland, Esker. and Amoo-Adare, Epifania.

Race to the bottom: lessons on sustainability, experience, and technology in education from polar expeditions
 Hunter, Joshua.

Raising Children’s Achievement via Non-Formal Education: An Evaluation of Save the Children’s SHIKHON Program
 Gee, Kevin., Pearce, Elizabeth., Mahmud, Talat. and Ahmed, Kazi Saleh.

Raising Even More Clean Hands: Advancing learning, health and participation through WASH in Schools
 Sahin, Murat.

Rate of return to Education Analysis in Uganda: Rural-Urban and Sectoral Disparities
 Matsuo, Hiroko.

Rates of Returns for different racial populations: A Case Study of California’s Funding Source and Allocation
 Tsai, Tiffany.

Rationales for Internationalisation of Higher Education: The Case of Korea
 Cho, Joohee.

Rationales for promoting girls’ education: making the case for alternative approaches in Egypt
 Sallam, Mohamed.

Reading Assessment vs. System Development for Happy Readers
 Westrick, Jan.

Reading Conformity, Resistance, and Hybridity in Jamaica’s Educational Policy Reform Approaches
 Brissett, Nigel.

Reading of track animal prints by some San communities in Botswana
 Ketsitlile, Lone., Pansiri, Nkobi. and Tabulawa, Richard.

Reading on the frontlines: The case of Nicaragua
 Gove, Amber.

Reading organizational identity between the lines: How legitimacy and organizational identity shape textbook content decisions
 Syeed, Esa.

Reading organizational legitimacy between the lines: how organizational legitimacy and identity shape textbook content decisions
 Syeed, Esa.

Real-time Access and Utilization of Children’s Learning Data: Case study from the Millennium Villages Project
 Iyengar, Radhika.

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Sacrifice, Struggle, and Solidarity: U.S. Recruitment of Teachers from the Philippines
 Gutierrez, Rhoda.

Save the Children’s Operationalization of Quality Learning Environments (QLE): A Global Framework and Monitoring Methodology
 Tolani-Brown, Nitika.

Scaling-Up International Education Programs: Best Practices for Sustainable Interventions
 Slifer-Mbacke, Lisa. and North, Lindsay.

School Community Partnerships Serving OVCs (SCOPSO) in Ethiopia
 McCormac, Meredith.

School Effectiveness in Primary Schools: A Comparison between Malawi and Uganda
 Taniguchi, Kyoko., Ohashi, Koji. and Hirakawa, Yukiko.

School Fees and Local Control - Is There a Link? Evidence from Case of Turkey
 Sasmaz, Muharrem., Köse, Ayşen. and Şirin, Çağdaş.

School Guidance in Japanese Schools
 Bjork, Chris.

School Leadership and Citizenship Education: The experiences of School Party Secretaries in China
 Xu, Shuqin. and Law, Wing-Wah.

School Principals in Southern Thailand: Exploring Trust with Community Leaders During Conflict
 Brooks, Melanie.

School Violence Prevention Programs in South Korea
 Chung, Jae Young., Han, You-Kyung. and Lee, Heesook.

School and Directorate Development Plan Study [SDDP Study]
 Altwaitsat, Ahmad.

School inputs and achievement in East Africa: a re-examination of UWEZO data for Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda
 Omoeva, Carina.

School mathematics reform and teacher education programs in Peru. An analysis of mathematics future teachers’ beliefs and opportunities to learn
 Villena, Giovanna.

School principal
 Manga, Pierre Ives.

School reform and organizational learning: The case of Taiwan
 Shouse, Roger.

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TEACH-Alternative Basic Education Program and the Quality Issue
 Cravens, Cassandra.

Tackling Early Literacy Inequalities in Africa through Quality Reading Materials: The Vula Bula Graded Reading Series
 Katz, Jenny.

Tackling Education Quality Through A School Health Program in Swaziland
 Baartjies, Zodwa.

Tajikistan Education Reforms since Independence: An Analysis of National Education Quality Assurance Policies
 Kataeva, Zumrad.

Taking Civic Education beyond Classroom Walls (Citizen Building and Civic engagement Project)
 Tellorea, Yared.

Taking Civic Education beyond Classroom Walls (Citizen Building and Civic engagement Project)
 Tellorea, Yared.

Taking Targets to Task Again: Known Unknowns and Unknown Knowns Professor Keith M Lewin
 lewin, keith.

Taking a Look at the Evidence: The Developmental Impact of Early Exposure to Language
 Anis, Katy. and Chua, Peck Gee.

Tangerine: Class – Modular, Multilingual Mobile Technologies to Support Reading Instruction
 Strigel, Carmen.

Tanzania and Education Quality: Policies and Practice
 Andresen, Laura. and Brown, Alisha.

Tapping the transformative potential of sports to change youth trajectories: The case of the A Ganar Program
 Teeple, Paul.

Target practice?: A framework for establishing learning goals
 Gove, Amber.

Targeting the poor: Policies, mechanisms, and programs
 Steiner-Khamsi, Gita.

Teacher Activism and Networking in Russia
 Lapham, Kate. and Lindemann-Komarova, Sarah.

Teacher Certification in Indonesia
 Syahril, Iwan.

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U.S. Cultural Diplomacy Across Three Eras: The Fulbright Commissions in The Middle East & North Africa
 Westmont-Campbell, Christina. and Glass, Chris.

UNESCO vs. World Bank: The struggle over leadership in education
 Klees, Steven.

UNESCO without US budgetary support?: Some implications for educational development worldwide
 Vargas-Baron, Emily.

UNICEF Peacebuilding, Education and Advocacy Programme
 Affolter, Friedrich.

USAID Checklist on conflict-sensitive education programming
 Miller-Grandvaux, Yolande.

USAID Youth in Development Policy: Implications and Opportunities for Education
 Ignatowski, Clare., Guerra, Nancy., Wolfe, Rebecca. and Abu Al-Ragheb, Nour.

USAID's New Youth Development Policy and National Youth Policies:Looking Critrically at Girls and the Disadvantaged
 Stacki, Sandra.

Ukrainian higher education reforms: Who is in Charge?
 Oleksiyenko, Anatoly.

Un-Sectoring the Child: Challenges to Integrating ECD Policies and Services in Tanzania
 Phillips, Kristin. and Andresen, Laura.

Undergraduates’ Perceptions of Sexual Self-Actualization, Self-Determination, and University Programming Needs
 Richardson, Scott., Didier, Dominique., Hensel, Sabrina. and Ly, Khoan.

Underlying phenomenon of drop out and Pedagogy Challenges of Deaf, Blind and Intellectually Disabled Children of Nepal
 Aryal, Prem.

Underserved High Ability Students: An Examination of Resilience and the Development of Excellence in Marginalized Populations.
 Eriksson, Gillian.

Understanding Comprehension: Assessing a Variety of Children’s Reading Comprehension Skills and Linking Comprehension Questions to Amount of Text Read
 Dowd, Amy Jo. and Guajardo, Jarret.

Understanding Context and Best Practices through Country Case Studies
 Luschei, Thomas. and Navarro, Giselle.

Understanding adolescent HIV experiences in Kisumu, Kenya: participatory action research with young people living with HIV
 Marinkovich, Zoe.

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Valuing a multi-voiced perspective on comparative urban Bangladesh physics learning experiences
 Ali, Tanzeem.

Variability in University Admissions Standards in Public Universities in Brazil in the Implementation of Affirmative Action
 Childs, Porsha. and Stromquist, Nelly.

Venezuela’s Organic Education Law: Will it Transfer Education Problems from the Former Soviet Union?
 Arce-Trigatti, Andrea.

Virtual Jirga: Education Policy and the Instruction Debate: Who is Participating and What are the Implications for Baluchistan?
 Ashraf, Muhammad.


Weaving history,culture, and peace education theory in a picture book: Bintu's Dance
 Hinton, Samuel.

Weighing the impact of intercultural experiences in higher education
 Molinare, Stephanie. and Swartz, John.

Western Education, Eastern Values: The Making of an International College in South Korea
 Kim, Stephanie.

What Do We Know About Early-Grade Reading and Writing?
 Benbow, Jane.

What Do We Know About Teacher Training for Literacy Development?
 Paulson Stone, Rebecca.

What Is High Quality Undergraduate Teaching? Similarities and differences between teachers with different titles at different universities and departments
 Huang, Shan.

What Is the Value of Democracy in Schools? A Comparison of Civic Skills’ Expectations in the United States, Sweden, and India
 Mitra, Dana., Bergmark, Ulrika., Kostenius, Catrine. and Serriere, Stephanie.

What Is “National Culture”—Not to Mention “World Culture”—If Cultural Meaning Is Locally Produced?
 Anderson-Levitt, Kathryn.

What Knowledge and Education for Homo Humanus in the New Cosmopolis? Comparative - Historical Reflections
 Kazamias, Andreas.

What Reading Practitioners Need to Know about Neurology & Human Development: The Developmental Impact of Early Experience
 Anis, Katy. and Chua, Peck Gee.

What are the options of a National Economically Fragile Higher Education System?
 Okhidoi, Otgonjargal.

What determines children’s success in Grade 1? Perspectives from children, parents, and teachers in Pakistan
 Shallwani, Sadaf.

What do teacher incentives do? Evidence from the Krygyz Republic
 Lockheed, Marlaine.

What explains differences in learning achievement among pupils attending government and non-government schools in urban informal settlements in Kenya
 Admassu, Kassahun., Mutisya, Maurice., Ngware, Moses., Abuya, Benta. and Musyoka, Peter.

What happens after the trip? Using teacher inquiry groups to extend a cross-border experience in Mexico into U.S. school contexts
 Kleker, Dorea.

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Youth in Sierra Leone: A descriptive analysis
57th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society 2013-Mar-10 to 2013-Mar-16
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