Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference 2014-Mar-10 to 2014-Mar-16

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(De)constructing images of childhood during conflict
 Lee, Jennifer. and Horvatek, Renata.

(Re)Design of higher education: Policy implications and rationales of new universities in Singapore and Finland
 Witt, M..

(Re)Imagining education and utopia in post-Socialist contexts: Mobilizing theory, methodology, and political rationalities
 Silova, Iveta. and Sobe, Noah.

(Re)conceptualizing the role of higher education in systems transformation: The case of Agricultural Education and Training in East Africa
 Bonnell, John., Hill, Lucas., Dirkx, John., Smith, Tom. and Roy, Pamela.

(Y)our policies, (Y)our directions: Contextualizing educational policy discontinuities in Trinidad & Tobago
 Streete, Denzil. and Williams, Hakim.

1964-2014: Re-imagining the Afri-Caribbean Diaspora: Conversations on the role of place in knowledge construction for Trinbagonian migrants to Brooklyn, New York
 Campbell, Kimeka.

21st Century learning design
 Shear, Linda. and Trinidad, Gucci.

'Not even on the radar': Exploring the state of global mindedness in public school
 Ortloff, Debora. and Shonia, Olga.

'We never work alone': Mapping the social practice of a Peruvian human rights education NGO
 Remstad, Margaret.

‘Girls don’t like cars!’ Saudi kindergarten children sharing their views of learning center activities.
 Khoja, Nazeeha.

‘South-South’ Borrowing and Education for All Goals: Lessons from the Caribbean and Implications for Post 2015 Agenda
 Lam, Elaine.

‘The New Orientalism’: Western Images of the Chinese Education System as a Source of Policy Borrowing
 You, Yun.

‘Violence is who we are’: Adolescents Constructing Human Rights Consciousness in ‘Postwar’ Guatemala
 Bellino, Michelle.

‘’Education for a New Era’’ Reform in Qatar: challenges of the implementation
 Alfadala, Asma.

“A spirit of service:” Conceptualizing service in learning through the Preparation for Social Action (PSA) program in Uganda
 Toukan, Elena.

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A Bourdieusian analysis of Singapore’s language policy: A story from the “field”
 BokhorstHeng, Wendy. and Silver, Rita.

A Freirean re-imagining of the transformational model of human rights education
 Aldawood, Danielle.

A Holistic Process Model for E-Learning Capacity Building in Tunisia through Partnership between UGA and the Tunisian Higher Education System
 Hamrita, Takoi.

A Landscape of Educational Capitalism: Portraits of ‘Neoliberal Subjects’ and their Social Relations in Cambodia
 Brehm, William.

A Look into the Growing Trend of International Volunteering: the Impacts of Cultural Globalization
 Cintron, Vanessa.

A case study approach: Leaning toward culturally relevant teaching
 Castillo, Bernadette.

A case study of exploring and assessing college experience on first-generation students in Taiwan
 Lin, Ching-Hui. and Shaw, Mahauganee.

A case study of teacher’s merit pay in compulsory education school of China
 Jiang, jinqiu.

A case study of transplanting secondary school entrepreneurship education programs from America to China
 Luo, Shujuan.

A case study of transplanting secondary school entrepreneurship programs from the US to China
 Luo, Shujuan.

A case study on the emerging featured curriculum of high schools in the Initiative of K-12 education policy in Taiwan
 Lin, Yung-feng.

A case study on the impact of iPads for deaf and hard of hearing population in Nepal
 McCluney, Kaitlyn. and Lee, Jeffrey.

A challenge for the internationalization of higher education: A case study of universities and Chinese international students in Japan
 Tsukada, Hanae.

A circle of trust: Indigenous women, education and empowerment in Oaxaca Mexico
 Murphy, Noemi.

A classroom ethnographic study of Chinese Heritage Language teaching, learning and maintenance in American Colleges
 Yu, Pei-Shan.

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Baghch-e-Simsim’s educational impact: Evidence from a pilot experimental study of a Sesame Street project in Afghanistan
 Lee, June.

Be a man, change the rules! - Lessons from a curriculum promoting healthy, nonviolent lifestyles among young men in the Balkans
 Namy, Sophie., Heilman, Brian., Edmeades, Jeff., Stich, Shawna. and Crownover, John.

Becoming a successful university student: A case study of selected undergraduate students from historically disadvantaged background
 Cross, Michael.

Becoming “more better”: A study of financial aid students at the University of Cape Town, South Africa
 Irving, Margaret.

Being a comparativist in the Soviet Union: Considering contexts, careers, and colleagues
 Merrill, Martha.

Being an academic woman: Factors that impact professional lives of academics in Ghana
 Mabokela, Reitumetse Obakeng. and Mlambo, Yeukai.

Between academic oligarchy and the free market: Hybrid visions of higher education governance in Poland
 Shaw, Marta.

Between bureaucrats: school supervision and crafting commitment to education in Ghana
 Friedson-Ridenour, Sophia.

Between extinction and hope: An oral history project for culturally relevant education in Indigenous languages
 Nyeu, Maung.

Between law and country: Women’s strategies for negotiating the Indonesian migration system
 Pruskinski, Ellen.

Between public good and private interest: evaluating effects of parental choice of school in Taiwan
 Mao, Chin-Ju.

Beyond EFA : Student follow-up and retention program at Universidad Icesi
 Duenas, Ximena. and Escobar, Ana.

Beyond the bubble: The challenge of community engagement in an IBO International School in South Korea
 Lillo, Sarah.

Beyond the national: PISA’s influence at sub-national, national, and European scales
 Engel, Laura.

Beyond the test score: A mixed method analysis of a college-access intervention in Chile
 Treviño, Ernesto., Flores, Stella. and Scheele, Judith.

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CONFUCIUS Institutes in Africa in the Era of the MDGs: Knowledge Transmission and the Chinese Cultural Influences in Africa
 Lumumba-Kasongo, Tukumbi.

Cambodian Teachers’ Perspectives and Instructional Strategies on Teaching Reading in Content-Areas in Upper Elementary Classes
 Ong, Bopha.

Can International Service Learning Contribute to International Development Initiatives and the Millennium Development Goals?
 Tranviet, Thúy.

Can We Have Education for All? Issues, Dynamics, and Tensions in Influential U.S. Media Coverage on Higher Education Access
 Lish, Rebecca.

Can a mobile application for parents close the learning gap?
 Srikantaiah, Deepa.

Can conditional preferential policy motivate Taiwan's aboriginal students to recognize their endangered ethnic languages?
 Lee, Che-Wei. and Champagne, Duane.

Can education convergence theory explain post-conflict educational reforms?
 Komatsu, Taro.

Can parental choice support the right to education? Evidence from low-fee private schools in Kenya
 Sivasubramaniam, Malini. and Menashy, Francine.

Can the Early Educational Experience be Pro-mobility? Early School Transition and Pro-Mobility Outcomes in Young Adulthood in China’s Poor Rural Communities
 Hannum, Emily. and Adams, Jennifer.

Can we have Education for All in the Brazilian Universities? Tensions Between Quality/Access in the Brazilian Media
 Sales, Sandra. and Fischman, Gustavo.

Can “lifelong learning” be a post-2015 agenda for the “Least Developed Countries (LDCs)”? A case from Nepal
 Regmi, Kapil.

Canadian Anti-Racism Measures in Education: From Critical Theory to Critical Practice.
 Gahayr, Safia.

Canadian Arab High School Students’ Perceptions of Their Schooling Experiences- A Narrative Analysis
 Elkord, Nesreen.

Capabilities, concientización, and the American community college
 Topper, Amelia.

Career Preparation in rural Cambodia: Implementation of a novel program
 Smith, Megan. and Szmodis, Whitney.

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Deepening pedagogical practice to develop 21st century competencies: From discourse to culture change
 Tan, Chen Kee. and Tang, Hsin Wei.

Defining globalization and assessing its implications, revisited
 Stromquist, Nelly. and Monkman, Karen.

Delivering an innovative tertiary education model in the Dadaab refugee camps
 Antze, Emily.

Democracy Education in the Context of the UNESCO - an explorative study at secondary schools in Kabul/ Afghanistan
 Khaki, Nahid.

Depictions of conflict, diversity, and nationalism in conflict-affected countries: a cross-national analysis of textbooks
 Lerch, Julia. and Russell, Susan.

Designing International Travel-Study: Reflections on Experience
 Hamann, Edmund., Catalano, Theresa. and Reeves, Jenelle.

Determinant of the persistence in Higher Education in Uruguay
 Fernandez, Tabare.

Determinants of success at the transition to academic track at the age of 11 in the Czech Republic
 Greger, David. and Strakova, Jana.

Developing Countries as Exporters of Higher Education
 Zhang, Li.

Developing Policy and a System for Inclusive Preschool and primary in Colombia: Achivements, challenges and lessons learned after Salamanca’s Declaration
 Angarita, Marisol.

Developing a Compassion and Creativity Index : Paradigm Shifts in Education
 Renold, Ursula. and Lin, Jing.

Developing a Research Framework for Assessing the Protection of Education from Attack
 Hardman, Frank. and Lewis, Alexandra.

Developing an in-service training program for teachers in English-medium schools in rural India
 Muffly, Sarah., Singh, R.K.., Padmanabhan, Jubilee., Iyengar, Radhika. and Singh, Jaivardhan.

Developing globally competent beginning teachers: The role of teacher induction and mentorship programs across Canada
 Kutsyuruba, Benjamin., Godden, Lorraine. and Tregunna, Leigha.

Developing teachers their own way: Paired observations for improving the quality of teachers’ literacy practice and professional development experience
 Hamilton, Mark.

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EFA - (Equity+Social Justice) = EFA-qua-neocolonialism
 Williams, Hakim.

EFA and governance by numbers: a local perspective
 Fichtner, Sarah.

EFA in English Language Policy and Practice in Latin America
 Mallett, Erica.

EFA, inclusive education, and community: Global ideologies and local interpretations
 rao, shridevi.

EFL for all! The impact of cultural capital on students EFL learning: Case study of a Saudi university
 Alhawsawi, Sajjadllah.

ESD in states of resistance: Public schooling, social justice, and critical environmental education in Brazil twenty years after Rio ‘92
 Stahelin, Nicolas.

Early Childhood Care and Education Programs with focus on emergent literacy: Indicators of Quality in Low Income Countries
 Zafeirakou, Aglaia.

Early Childhood in Bolivia
 rojas, daniel.

Early Engagement, Parental Plans, and Educational Attainment in Rural Northwest China
 Hannum, Emily. and Cherng, Hua-Yu.

Early Grade Assessment and Action in Math
 Bobde, Savitri.

Early Grade Literacy Programs in Ghana: Language Policy and Language Traditions
 Adger, Carolyn. and Arkorful, Kingsley.

Early Grade Reading Instruction in Arabic: A Synthesis of the Research
 Boyle, Helen. and Al Ajjawi, Samah.

Early Home Literacy Activities and Immigration Background as Mediators between SES and Reading Achievement in Five Canadian Provinces
 Mirazchiyski, Plamen.

Early career, gender, and crisis in higher education: reflections on negotiating and navigating identity and on pedagogical experiences
 Misiaszek, Lauren.

Early exposure: increasing rates of minority student participation in study abroad
 Ramirez, Marjorie.

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Facilitating literacy acquisition in multilingual contexts
 Nakamura, Pooja.

Factors Influencing Information Communication Technology Integration in Teaching and Learning in Public Secondary Schools in Kitui County, Kenya
 Okoth, Ursulla.

Factors Shaping Access to Environmental and Sustainability Education: The Case of Green Schools in Israel
 Gan, Dafna.

Faculty attitudes on quality in the Horn of Africa: University of Djibouti
 Jones, Thomas.

Faculty-Driven Assessment in Global Learning Curriculum Initiatives
 Landorf, Hilary.

Falling through the cracks: Adolescent girls in emergencies
 Hendriks, Sarah.

Family, school and placement effects on Indigenous and non-Indigenous students’ performance in Guatemala and Peru
 Villalobos, Esteban., Treviño, Ernesto. and Alvarado Urbina, Andrea.

Fashioning a Space in Global Hip-Hop Networks: Negotiated Identities of Female Rappers
 Hudson, Audrey.

Female Access to Higher Education in Afghanistan
 Hedayet, Mujtaba.

Film Leaders: The Expression of Non-formal "Lingdao" in Chinese Cinema
 Ma, Chenwei. and Shouse, Roger.

Finding the ‘public’ in public education: Activist narratives from India
 Thapliyal, Nisha.

Findings from Smartest Investment: A Framework for Business Engagement in Education
 van Fleet, Justin.

Focus on Reading in a Multilingual Context: Technology for Learning and Assessment
 Castillo, Nathan.

Following the “Shadow”: Private Tutoring Research in Asia
 Duong, Hang.

Fostering Early Grade Math Understanding: Experimental Evidence from Belize
 Naslund-Hadley, Emma.

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Gains from the UN Decade for Education for Sustainable Development: the case of Environmental Education Centers’ network in Greece
 Yanniris, Constantinos.

Gains of capital in the study abroad experience: A comparative case study of US and Chinese university students
 Zhu, Hao.

Gambia’s “Early Learning in National Languages” program: Key components and Lessons for the Future
 Zafeirakou, Aglaia.

Gauging the influence of indigenous lives on education in the global south and Education For All (EFA) goals:Ghana, Nigeria, & Indonesia
 Idris, Abubakar., Ginanto, Dion. and Osafo, E.

Gender Differences in Outside-School Academic Activity: Homework vs. Work at Home
 LeTendre, Gerald., Ikoma, Sakiko., Guodong, Liang. and Akiba, Motoko.

Gender Equality and Student Learning in Mexico: Towards an Understanding of Policy Impacts
 Arnett, Stephanie.

Gender Equity in Undergraduate Programmes in Public Universities in Kenya: Gender Policy Interventions on Women Education

Gender Role Socialization among South Asian Female Students in Montreal
 Bakhshaei, Mahsa.

Gender Trap: Exploring the Classroom Interactions in Turkey
 Bag, Ebru. and Carrier, Nathalie.

Gender and education in the global polity
 Unterhalter, Elaine.

Gender equity as policy: Privileging the voices of women and girls through participatory visual methods
 Moletsane, Relebohile. and Mitchell, Claudia.

Gender inequality and violence in education: men and boys as part of the solution
 Hobbs, Jenny., Levtov, Ruti., Baric, Stephanie. and Phillips, Alisa.

Gender mainstreaming in education policy - A comparative analysis of the German federal states Berlin, Bremen and Hamburg
 Crcic, Jasmina.

Gender mainstreaming in education policy - A comparative analysis of the German federal states Berlin, Bremen and Hamburg
 Crcic, Jasmina.

Getting excited about reading: Reviving a Culture of Reading to Pre-school Children in Kyrgyzstan
 Mamytova, Jyldyz.

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HBCUs, Brazil, and Colombia
 Freeman, Kassie. and Hughes, Jason.

HIV/AIDS Education in Ethiopia: Implementing Photovoice Projects in High School
 Sambe, Mariam.

Harnessing Corporate Social Responsibility to Further Child Rights in Bangladesh: Trends, Policies, and Practice
 Pearce, Elizabeth.

Has the Burton Clark’s Entrepreneurial University Model (EUM) stemmed out from Globalization-Driven Reforms (GDRs)?
 Wang, Xiaoyang. and Bukhari, Nasir.

Helping future teachers learn from short-term study abroad
 Paine, Lynne. and Glew, Margo.

Heterogeneous Gender Effects on Chinese High School Students’ Scientific Literacy: An Empirical Study Based on Unconditional Quantile Regression
 Hu, Yongmei. and Tang, Yipeng.

High-achieving and high-equity performers in the global education market place: The “In-Visibility” of Race and the Mediatization of OECD’s PISA
 Martino, Wayne. and Rezai-Rashti, Goli.

Higher Education Expansion, Earnings and Inequality in Vietnam
 Truong, Ha.

Higher Education, Employability and Inclusive Development: Concerns from Ghana
 daniel, ananga. and Adzahlie-Mensah, Vincent.

Higher education, employment, and women in the United Arab Emirates: An analysis of student perspectives and opportunities in the labor market
 Trepagnier, Kelly. and Chehab, Sara.

Historical evolution and current challenges of the United Nations and global education policy-making
 Menashy, Francine. and Manion, Caroline (Carly).

Holistic Education in Nepal: The Relationship of Cultural Ecology & Transformative Pedagogy
 Parker, Tracey.

Homeownership and Academic Performance: An International Examination
 Bower, Corey.

Honduras: Improving Education Access for Honduran At-Risk Youth through Decentralized Community-Based Approaches
 Alvarado, Fany.

Household Food Security, Child Nutrition and Schooling: A Longitudinal Analysis in Two Urban Informal Settlements in Kenya
 Mutisya, Maurice. and Ngware, Moses.

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I write, I recite: Rural educational leader writing for social justice
 Sharma, Rashmi.

ICT Value in Korean Education: Technology and Pedagogy
 Chun, Seyeoung.

ICT and teacher development: A new materialist interpretation
 Anwaruddin, Sardar.

ICT for Education for All: The Potential of Mobile Learning
 Kim, Hyemin. and Mckissack, Kathleen.

ICT for Learning- Transforming Children’ Future
 Parvin, Ruxana. and LeTendre, Gerald.

INGOs, the global ideology of childhood and educational policy in Nepal
 Henck, Adrienne.

Identifying the South African in our multicultural ed teaching: A duoethnography reflecting on the effects of travel study on teaching
 Flanagan, Andrea. and Sudbeck, Kristine.

Identities, Cultural Capital and Educational Choice of the Georgian Youth – an Ethnographic Study
 Chakhaia, Lela., andguladze, natia., Janelidze, Ana. and Pruidze, Nino.

Image of a post-2015 reality
 Macpherson, Ian.

Impact of Curriculum Standards and Materials for Mathematics Teaching in Canada and China
 Wang, Zhaoyun. and McDougall, Douglas.

Impact of Private Tutoring on 4th and 6th Grade Achievement in Cambodia
 Harris-Van Keuren, Christine.

Impact of early learning programs on development and school readiness- results from a quasi experimental study
 Meskhidze, Giorgi.

Impact of forced land evictions on women in Cambodia
 Richardson, Jayson. and Nash, John.

Impact of globalization on examination policy reform in Bangladesh
 Ahsan, Sumera.

Impact of schools’ facilities on students’ learning levels – evidences from Pakistan
 khizar, saheem. and Jabbar, Safyan.

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Japan as the gateway to Asia and beyond: Long-term impacts of American study abroad experiences
 Asada, Sarah.

Japanese Parents’ Approach to Educating their Children in a Globalization Era
 Clavel, Teru.

Japanese language school textbooks in California and São Paulo in the pre-war period compared: A cultural and linguistic analysis
 Morimoto, Toyotomi. and Asahi, Yoshiyuki.

Jazz solution for effective collaboration: a comparative study of Japanese and American teacher/school collaboration
 LeBeau, Naomi.

Joe Farrell, His Life and Work
 Connelly, Michael.

Justice and Learning in Context: How Police Perceptions of Context Inform Responses to Human Rights Education
 Wahl, Rachel.


Keeping in touch: Transglobal language and literacy practices objectives
 Compton-Lilly, Catherine.

Kenya PRIMR: Confronting the challenges of teacher change
 Kipsang\', Richard., Murage, Margaret. and Rhodes, Rebecca.

Knowledge Brokers, Naysayers, and the Quest for ‘What Works’: exploring the role of international comparisons in education policy
 Auld, Euan.

Knowledge Matters: The Service Mission of Chinese Higher Education Institutions in a Global Era
 Wang, Dongfang.

Knowledge and Skills Development for Vulnerable Youth
 Brennan, Paul.

Knowledge mobilization at the World Bank: A bibliometric analysis of World Bank publications on public-private partnerships in education
 Read, Robyn.

Korean Non-governmental organizations in education development and cooperation: Focusing on education projects cooperating with the government aid agency
 Park, Hwanbo., LEE, HANBYUL. and cho, hyeseung.


Landscapes of Early Education: Various Actors, Multiple Discourses
 Bilgi, Sabiha.

Language Behavior among Sudanese Refugees in Israel
 Blake, Charles.

Language Proficiency, Cultural Awareness and Identity of high school students of Spanish after a short-term travel experience
 Montgomery, Mary Lynn.

Language Revitalization Policies and Attitudes: Justifying Endangered Language Medium Education
 Moxley, Kimberly.

Language of instruction in rural Tanzanian primary and pre-primary schools: the reality, the challenges, and the opinions
 Thomas, Carrie.

Language policy and the Central Teacher Eligibility Exam in India: A critical discourse analysis
 Farrell, Anna.

Language policy in education in Kazakhstan: Trilingualism or language diversity?
 Iyldyz, Leila.

Language, education and the dilemma of state intervention
 Odugu, Desmond.

Language-education policies and international institutions: The World Bank’s vs. UNESCO’s global framework
 Borjian, Maryam.

Languages of “Access”: Critical Analyses of International and National Discourses on Minority and Indigenous Groups’ Rights to Higher Education
 Sattarzadeh, Sahar.

Laptops for Students’ Initiatives and Educational Outcomes: A Synthesis of Worldwide Evidence on Program Effectiveness
 Sohn, Jacqueline. and Malik, Sofya.

Large Scale Household based, Citizen-Led Learning Assessments - a forum for inclusion, social capital and social accountability
 Jamil, Baela., Zia, Huma. and Hevia, Felipe.

Latin American Private Universities in the Context of Competition and Productivity
 Delgado, Jorge.

Latino Immigrant Educational Attainment in the United States
 Gil, Elizabeth.

Laying the foundation: A preliminary analysis of cross-cohort shifts in civic attitudes from 1999-2009
 Barber, Carolyn.

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MEMORY, IMAGE AND OTHERNESS: audiovisual experiences of young people in southern Brazil
 Fischer, Rosa.

MOOCs and Revisioning Education for All: Improving Access or Impeding Equity in Rwanda
 Tonini, Donna.

Macro-level Political Inequality and the Impact of Family Socioeconomic Background on Adolescents’ Civic Outcomes: A Comparative Study of 31 Countries
 Kim, Hyungryeol.

Mainland Chinese students’ academic adjustments in a Taiwanese freshman English language classroom
 Tsai, Pei Ju.

Mainstreaming HIV Prevention to meet the EFA Goals
 Wordofa, Bertukan.

Mainstreaming of indigenous and local knowledge systems (IKS &LKS) into the education curricula at all levels in sub -Saharan Africa

Making international collaboration work: the first steps
 Hynes, James., Edgington, William. and Edmonson, Stacey.

Making sense of theory: A model of lesson study in Chinese mathematics education
 Ding, Daoyong.

Making the Right Choice in a Globalized Context: High School Choice of Chinese Students Who Choose to Go to US Colleges
 liu, shuning.

Making the Right To Education Real
 Sephton, Sarah.

Malala: Images, media and a movement
 Magno, Cathryn. and Razzaque, Ayesha.

Malawi Adolescent Girls’ Learning Partnership
 Samati, Madalo.

Many Ways of Saying No: Methodological Complexities in Cross-Cultural Research
 O\'Sullivan, Michael. and Smaller, Harry.

Mapping Education Reform in Taiwan from 1994 to 2013: A Social Cartography Critique
 Lee, Feng-Jihu. and Jacob, James.

Mapping private provision of short-cycle higher education across Europe
 Slantcheva-Durst, Snejana.

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NGOs contribution to promote basic education amongst the hard to reach communities: the case of Pact Ethiopia (1998-2013)
 G/MIchael, Zewdu.

National Education Accounts: A decade of implementation
 Chawla, Deepika.

National and international accreditation and quality management systems (QMS):
 Abd El Aziz, Noha.

National curriculum as institutional memory: through teacher’s narrative in South Korea
 Lee, Sun Young.

National history in a subnational state: Belgian teacher candidates’ interpretations of national history
 McGaha, Julie.

Navigating International Service Learning from Comparative Perspectives: Case Study of SUNY- Brockport Vietnam Program
 Tranviet, Thúy.

Negotiating Burkinis, Headscarfs, Prayerrooms:Muslim Integration into German State Schools
 Wolff-Jontofsohn, Ulrike.

Negotiating Social Justice (Pedagogy): Mission Girls’ School in Northern Uganda
 Kaburu, Gilbert.

Negotiations of teacher placement: Exploring the people, policies, and processes involved in allocating teachers to primary schools in Malawi
 Morley, Alyssa.

Networks, Research, and Databases: Providing Public Information to Support the Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities
 Johnstone, Christopher., Porcaro, David. and Al-Habsi, Shununa.

New Approaches to achieving Education for All: Experiences emerging out of Participatory School Governance in Uganda
 Kirabo, deborah.

New State, Old Challenges: Building Education and Peace in Post-War Kosovo
 Selenica, Ervjola.

New perspective on reaching the goal of Education For All:A case study of Zhongwu Elementary School, Beijing, China
 Wang, Yan.

Niche markets in India's education economy: A cultural political economic analysis
 Kamat, Sangeeta.

Non-deficit-model perspective on paraphrase and plagiarism
 Sivell, John.

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Objects to be protected, not subjects with rights: Examining the appropriation of the CRC and ACRWC in Ugandan policy
 Lefebvre, Elisabeth.

Obstacles Created by Non-Existence of a Coalition or Community
 Crouch, Luis.

Obstacles for Rural Uyghur Students to Higher Education in China
 Clothey, Rebecca.

Oh Canada! Construction and Experience of Citizenship
 Arraiz Matute, Alexandra., Nicholls, Rachael. and Tabi, Emmanuel.

One Size Does not Fit All – Post-2015 Development Agendas in Small and Micro States and Small Island Developing States
 Jules, Tavis. and Ressler, Patrick.

Ontario Parent Engagement Policy - Are there values in hearing the voices from immigrant students and parents?
 Wong, Kathleen.

Ontario second language writing pedagogy and dominant sociopolitical discourses in Canada
 Kalan, Amir.

Open educational resources (OER): Mapping and illustrating how to use OERs
 Toutant, Ligia.

Opening Up “Quality”: A Turn to the Social-Spatial
 Lancaster, Illana.

Opening spaces for dialogue about religious diversity in diverse public school classrooms
 Parker, Christina.

Opening up the Black Box- Corporal Punishment and Schooling in India- Narratives from the field.

Oral history of education as a course project: Communicating meanings across generations
 Faucher, Carole. and Davey, Colyn.

Organizational Benchmarking in School Districts: A cost benefit analysis of International Study Tours
 Read, Robyn., Huang, Xuefeng. and Flessa, Joseph.

Overcoming Social Inequality in Mali: The Challenges Facing Graduates of Madrasas
 Boncana, Mohomodou., Edwards, Michael. and Maiga, Assoumane.

Overview of REPs
 Schwartz, Anallice.


PARTICIPATION of women and men in the community market conservation programme in the luangwa valley region
 Muwamba, chisha.

Paideia of the Soul for All: The Educational Imperative in the Brave New Knowledge Cosmopolis
 Kazamias, Andreas.

Pakistan: A comparison of the intended curriculum for state and private schools
 Khan, Mohammad.

Paradoxical Inequalities: Adolescent Peer Relations in Indian and American Secondary Schools
 Milner Jr, Murray.

Parental Choices in the Educational Market in Tajikistan
 whitsel, christopher.

Parental Involvement and its Relationship to Family Conflict: A Comparison between East and South Asian American Students
 Rahman, Zaynah.

Parental Involvement in Primary School Tracking and Educational Inequality—A Case Study from China

Parental Involvement in School Life and Reading Literacy – Findings and Suggestions from PIRLS 2011 data
 Klemencic, Eva. and Mirazchiyski, Plamen.

Parental Priorities when Picking Schools: Role of Differing Socioeconomic Status in Prioritizing Characteristics of Schools in International Context
 Honey, Ngaire.

Parental support to improve children reading
 Mahula, Joseph.

Parents Committee on rural primary schools of China
 Qin, Guanying. and Liu, Qin.

Parents as First Teachers, First Caregivers: Best Practices from the Parenting Skills Programs in Laos and in Peru
 Hiebert, Linda. and Ord, Kerin.

Participation in Cross-National Assessments: Evidence from a Discrete-Time Hazard Model
 Kijima, Rie.

Partnership and advocacy for reducing SRGBV: Exploring the role of the UN Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI)
 Fyles, Nora.

Partnerships for Innovative, New Approaches in Education for Better Impact – Perspectives from Asia
 Sarvi, Jouko.

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Quality Education for All: Case Study of a New Delhi Government School
 Sarin, Meera.

Quality Education for Refugees in Kenya: Implications and Conclusions
 Dryden-Peterson, Sarah. and Bartlett, Lesley.

Quality of Early Childhood Education Services – Cross-Cultural Comparisons
 Elo, Janniina.

Quality of Learning: A Global Challenge
 Thakur, Dan.

Querying the Economics of Low Price for Profit Private Schools and Efficient Markets
 Lewin, Keith.

Questioning the metrics: International civic measures and youth political actions in Chile and Colombia
 Sausner, Erica. and Brezicha, Kristina.


Racial and Class Implications of Globalization and their Impact on Education
 Wiggan, Greg.

Re-Examining the Human Capital Theory: Return on Investment in Higher Education in OECD Countries
 Villarreal, Pedro. and Gaulee, Uttam.

Re-conceptualizing the intergenerational transfer of education: The extended family and children’s educational outcome in Indonesia
 Nakajima, Nozomi.

Re-envisioning grand narratives: Rationales for the “Rethinking the Region” curricular project
 Hantzopoulos, Maria.

Re-framing, Re-imagining, and Re-tooling Curricula from the Grassroots
 Pulido, Isaura., Cortez, Gabriel., Aviles de Bradley, Ann., Miglietta, Anton. and Stovall, David.

Re-imagining citizenship(s) for ‘Bread, Freedom, and Social Justice’ in Egypt: Exploring theories and tensions of Arab youth citizenship
 Dorio, Jason.

Re-visioning the place of culture in early childhood teacher education
 Prochner, Larry., Cleghorn, Ailie., Kirova, Anna. and Dachyshyn, Darcey.

Re-visioning the standards process: Negotiating issues of international standards, national expectations and the state of literacy learning in the DRC
 Simard, Suzanne.

Reaching the Unreached: Makira Early Childhood Education Program (MECEP) in the Solomon Islands
 Catford, Andrew. and Unity, Gwen.

Reaching the last ninety percent: Research to promote learning in context
 Jukes, Matthew.

ReadRightNow: Designing Comprehensive Reading Programming
 Christina, Rachel.

Reading Comprehension Redux: What Literacy Boost Endline Data Reveals about Students’ Progress in Reading Comprehension Skills Across Languages
 Guajardo, Jarret.

Reading Comprehension in and via L2: Do we know what we are measuring?
 Walter, Steve.

Reading Model Meta-Analysis
 Gove, Amber.

Ready for school? Assessing school readiness skills to inform interventions and evaluate program impact
 Borisova, Ivelina. and Brown, Christina.

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SEA in Nigeria: Impact of SEA institutionalization of SEA on policy in two states in Nigeria, Bauchi and Sokoto
 Odumosu, Olakunle.

SEA in Nigeria: Impact of SEA institutionalization of SEA on policy in two states in Nigeria, Bauchi and Sokoto
 Forbes, Phyllis.

STEM education in CFC schools: A study on curriculum, resource availability, and interests in STEM fields among students and teachers
 Pritt, Amanda., Ozturk, Busra. and Buccella, Alyssa.

Safe School Policies in Ontario, Canada and New York State, U.S.A.
 Djong, Gordon.

Safe water and Sanitation facilities a vital in the promotion of Basic Education in the hinterland of Ethiopia
 Belete, Fekerte.

Sake, Stationery and Schools: Aid and Minority Education in 19th Century Japan
 Frey, Christopher.

Same Script, Same Cast: Intersection of Race, Ethnicity and Socioeconomic status in Racial/Ethnic Minority Students’ Access to International Higher Education
 Gathogo, Mary.

Saudi Arabia students in the US
 Sabry, Manar.

Save the Children’s Quality Learning Environments (QLE) Framework: Contributions for the Education for All (EFA) Debate
 Romero, Tatiana.

Scale-Up within Reach? A Case Study of the Akazi Kanoze Youth Livelihood Development Program in Rwanda.
 Janke, Cornelia. and Sany, Melanie.

Scaling up: A Rights – Based Approach to Education from Early Childhood through Secondary School
 Wilkinson, Moira. and Al-Habsi, Shununa.

School Choice, Education Privatization, & Local Level Education Reform in China: Using Education Voucher in Changxing County as Example
 Wu, Hantian.

School Transformation under Educational Reform - A Case Study of Chinese High School
 Liu, Yan.

School access and mother-tongue policy: Challenges and solutions of Ethiopia’s educational reform
 Summers, Katherine.

School autonomy and accountability policy intent in Kazakhstan
 Demas, Angela.

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 Song, Jiaying.

Tackling early literacy inequalities in Africa through quality reading materials: the Vula Bula graded reading series
 Katz, Jenny., DIKOTLA, Masenya. and Shiohira, Kelly.

Taking it With You: The Baggage of Transnational Collaboration and Cultural Dialogue
 Frkovich, Ann.

Teacher Attrition in Fragile Contexts: Why Secondary School Teachers Leave the Profession in Afghanistan
 Aslami, Hassan.

Teacher Change: The Key Element in Improving Literacy Outcomes
 Piper, Benjamin. and Jepkemei, Evelyn.

Teacher Development Program for Saudi Interns at an International School: Revisioning Teacher Preparation
 Phillips, Jacqueline.

Teacher Education for Social Change
 Ritchie, Scott., Cone, Neporcha., An, Sohyun. and Bullock, Patricia.

Teacher Empowerment and School Reform
 Mungai, Anne.

Teacher Evaluation Design Considerations and Trade-offs: Lessons from India
 Goodnight, Melissa. and Bobde, Savitri.

Teacher Initial Education in Latin America and the Caribbean
 Louzano, Paula. and Moriconi, Gabriela.

Teacher Preparation and Continuing Professional Education in Primary Teacher Colleges in Uganda - Capacity Gap Analysis
 Wokadala, James.

Teacher Support Approaches in Afghanistan: A Comparative Analysis
 Noori, Nooralluh.

Teacher absenteeism and community participation: findings from SACMEQ III
 Nogami, Ikuru.

Teacher education policies and Indigenous student achievement in Latin America
 Cortina, Regina.

Teacher instruction of Indigenous populations and the quality of intercultural bilingual education in Mexico
 Schmelkes, Sylvia.

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U.S. foreign aid
 Williams, James.

UNICEF’s Role in the Development and Implementation of the Liberian Education Pooled Fund
 Kaabwe, E. Stella.

USAID Developed: Guide for Promoting Gender Equality and Inclusiveness in Teaching and Learning Materials
 Powell Miles, Catherine. and Bulat, Jennae.

USAID lead National Interchange on Teacher Education Reforms and their Implications in Pakistan: A Critical Reflection
 Rind, Irfan.

Uncovering the Cross-National Differences in Shadow Education
 Chung, Hee Jin.

Understanding EFA within a political economy perspective
 Akukwe, Grace.

Understanding ODA for Education in MENA and South Asia: Exploring aid allocation patterns of two major agencies in light of EFA
 Khan, Maria.

Understanding Self-regulation of Asian Doctoral Students: A Pilot Study
 Wu, Yi-Chin.

Understanding improvement in rural South African schools
 Paxton, Craig.

Understanding improvement in rural South African schools (NSDMW)
 Paxton, Craig.

Understanding race in Chilean classrooms
 Lira, Andrea. and Amenabar, Catalina.

Understanding teachers’ use of corporal punishment in Tanzanian schools
 Tao, Sharon.

Understanding the Determinants of Student Cognitive Ability in Rural China
 Zhang, Yuan.

Understanding the Politics, Economics and Culture of Borrowing: The Case of Thailand's Higher Education Reform
 Lao, Rattana.

Understanding the process creating of teacher education policy: Does state policy influence federal design?
 Ronan, Katherine.

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Varying Education Gradient on Immigrants' Obesity in the United States: Concerns of Sending Countries' Nutrition Transition and Immigrants' Arrival Time
 Jeon, Haram.

Videogames for Social Change: What do girls think?
 Jackson, Renee.

Vive l’anglais? English-language Instruction in Public Educational Institutions in France
 Barbaric, Diane.

Vocational Education and Training in India: A Study of Choice and Returns
 Tognatta, Namrata.

Vocational Training for Liushou Women in Rural China from the Perspectives of Gender and Development
 Shan, Hongxia. and Liu, zhiwen.


WCCES AS A LEARNING ECOSYSTEM: Reflections from the Chair of the Finance Standing Committee
 Biseth, Heidi.

WCCES AS A LEARNING ECOSYSTEM: Reflections from the Interim Director of Communications
 Misiaszek, Greg.

WCCES AS A LEARNING ECOSYSTEM: Reflections from the President
 Torres, Carlos.

WCCES AS A LEARNING ECOSYSTEM: Reflections from the Secretary-General
 Brook Napier, Diane.

WCCES AS A LEARNING ECOSYSTEM: Reflections from the Vice-President
 Wang, Yingjie.

Wastage and inefficiency: the effects of repetition and dropout
 Chaluda, Ania. and Omoeva, Carina.

We Are in This Together: Cuba’s Approaches and Challenges to Fostering Solidarity
 Dawley-Carr, Jenny.

We believe in our minds we are poor; Perceptions of parents in a poor urban context in Nairobi, Kenya
 Nyariro, Milka., Abuya, Benta. and Mutisya, Maurice.

We don’t need to create another problem to solve one: Re-envisioning pathways to civic agency among Congolese refugees
 Chopra, Vidur.

We need to talk: a case study of student teacher relationship quality in the Philippines
 Jorge, Jeffrey.

Welcome to Globalization: South Korea's need for Multicultural Education
 Palmer, John. and Kim, Hyein.

Western-centric conflicts in multicultural education program implementation
 Wesner, Elizabeth.

What Is Quality Teaching In Egypt? Case Study Of Teachers Working In Three Different Types Of Schools In Cairo
 Abulnour, Raghda.

What Matters Most for Student Assessment Systems?
 Clarke, Marguerite.

What Matters Most for Teachers Policies? A Framework for Building a Better Teaching Profession
 Breeding, Mary. and Trembley, Andrew.

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XTXS: A Comprehensive Database of Country-Level, Education-Related Data for Comparative and International Research
 Miller, David.

Xenophobia and religious pluralistic attitudes among adolescents Arabs and Jews in Israel
 Gross, Zehavit.


Yemen Case Study for Panel on Instructional Design
 El-Ashry, Fathi.

Youth Protests Against Privatization of Public Education in Post-Soviet Latvia, Ukraine, and Russia
 Brezheniuk, Viktoriia., Artemev, Nikolai., Kudasova, Marina., Mun, Olga. and Silova, Iveta.

Youth in transition
 Holmarsdottir, Halla.

Youth to Youth: The potential of cellphilmmaking for youth to create policy on their behavior
 Yang, Kyung-Hwa.
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