Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference 2014-Mar-10 to 2014-Mar-16

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A Bourdieusian analysis of Singapore’s language policy: A story from the “field”
 BokhorstHeng, Wendy. and Silver, Rita.

A Freirean re-imagining of the transformational model of human rights education
 Aldawood, Danielle.

A Holistic Process Model for E-Learning Capacity Building in Tunisia through Partnership between UGA and the Tunisian Higher Education System
 Hamrita, Takoi.

A Landscape of Educational Capitalism: Portraits of ‘Neoliberal Subjects’ and their Social Relations in Cambodia
 Brehm, William.

A Look into the Growing Trend of International Volunteering: the Impacts of Cultural Globalization
 Cintron, Vanessa.

A case study approach: Leaning toward culturally relevant teaching
 Castillo, Bernadette.

A case study of exploring and assessing college experience on first-generation students in Taiwan
 Lin, Ching-Hui. and Shaw, Mahauganee.

A case study of teacher’s merit pay in compulsory education school of China
 Jiang, jinqiu.

A case study of transplanting secondary school entrepreneurship education programs from America to China
 Luo, Shujuan.

A case study of transplanting secondary school entrepreneurship programs from the US to China
 Luo, Shujuan.

A case study on the emerging featured curriculum of high schools in the Initiative of K-12 education policy in Taiwan
 Lin, Yung-feng.

A case study on the impact of iPads for deaf and hard of hearing population in Nepal
 McCluney, Kaitlyn. and Lee, Jeffrey.

A challenge for the internationalization of higher education: A case study of universities and Chinese international students in Japan
 Tsukada, Hanae.

A circle of trust: Indigenous women, education and empowerment in Oaxaca Mexico
 Murphy, Noemi.

A classroom ethnographic study of Chinese Heritage Language teaching, learning and maintenance in American Colleges
 Yu, Pei-Shan.

A closer look at how initial teacher education is playing a role in improving the quality of education in Malawi
 Gokee, Rebecca.

A cohort analysis of post-school learning trajectories and their effects on earnings in the United States
 Sun, Ruirui.

A comparative analysis of discourses about the educational reform in Mexico
 grinberg-panchuk, tania.

A comparative analysis of the effectiveness of teacher support approaches in Afghanistan
 Balwa, Haroon. and Noori, Nooralluh.

A comparative analysis of the implementation of Education for All (EFA) policies in two countries: Barbados and Republic of Ghana

A comparative case study: exploring community engagement in eight international IBO schools
 Lillo, Sarah.

A comparative perspective on stimulus plans of US and Korea invested in human capital after 2008
 Kim, Wangsik.

A comparative study of Teacher Education students perceptions of democracy in neo-liberal societies: Argentina and Australia.
 Zyngier, David. and Traverso, María.

A comparative study of curriculum policies: The Advanced Placement Programs in the U.S. and the Specialized High School Programs in Korea
 Kim, Wangsik. and Yun, Min Kyoung.

A comparative study of graduate teaching assistant development for future faculty in research universities in Japan and the U.S.
 Kira, Naoshi.

A comparison between socially advantaged and socially disadvantaged high achievers in TIMSS 2011. What works for whom?
 Sandoval-Hernandez, Andres. and Castejon-Company, Alba.

A comparison of the intended and enacted mathematics eighth grade curriculum in high and low performing TIMSS participating countries
 Romero, Treisy.

A contradictory linguistic space at an International College in South Korea
 Kim, Stephanie.

A counterfactual decomposition analysis of regional differences in learning achievement: The case of primary education in Uganda
 Sakaue, Katsuki.

A critical look at private sector influence in globalization of norms
 Draxler, Alexandra.

A critical question of academic quality: Investigating the development of critical thinking skills at Rwanda’s public universities
 Schendel, Rebecca.

A critical review of the research on early field experiences for pre-service teachers of ELLs
 Qin, Kongji.

A discrepancy analysis: Math learning disabilities in India
 Eichhorn, Mindy.

A discursive analysis of online exchanges among adult stakeholders in public education
 Ippolito, John.

A for-profit giant: Brazilian private higher education
 Salto, Dante.

A fresh look at adult skills in the U.S. and around the world: Key findings from PIAAC 2012
 Werwath, Tim. and Soroui, Jaleh.

A mapping of education privatisation in 15 Latin American countries
 Ortiz, Ilich. and Adrião, Theresa.

A multi-dimensional, multi-perspectival approach to framing sustainability inquiry: A case study of one Afghan-U.S. educational development partnership project
 Sparks, Jason. and Rutkowski, David.

A multicultural analysis of migrant religions and state schooling in 21 Western democracies
 Collet, Bruce. and Bang, Hyeyoung.

A narrative analysis of teacher attributions of English language ;earners’ successes and failures in mainstream secondary classrooms
 Zannou, Yetunde.

A part but apart: University faculty and staff encounters with violent, inter-ethnic conflict in Kenya
 Johnson, Ane. and Singleton, Dawn.

A participatory approach to Early Childhood Development provision: The experience of the Aga Khan Foundation in Zanzibar
 Manji, Sheila.

A partnership of unequal partners: Rebuilding education sector governance in post-conflict Liberia
 Roberts, James Emmanuel.

A pathway to break through the barrier of family background
 Lin, Zeng. and Liu, Fugang.

A portrait of the life and work of expatriate educators in Asia
 Cline, Curtis., Jun, Alexander., Fitt, Faith. and Hong, Rebecca.

A radical vision of citizenship education
 Thomas, Tieja.

A review of cell phone research in low-income countries: Educational implications and considerations for marginalized groups
 Brown, Alisha. and Morley, Alyssa.

A right worth fighting for? Understanding declines in public education quality following India’s Right to Education Act
 Keaveney, Erika.

A road-map for integrating human rights into development aid for own-development
 Geo-JaJa, Macleans. and Azaiki, Steve.

A school readiness battery to evaluate the impact of ECD and health and nutrition interventions
 Borisova, Ivelina., THERA, Nia-An. and Griffiths, Yvonne.

A sociocultural approach to “Asian effect” on students’ performance
 Kim, Suehye.

A spatial analysis of Almaty schools: The development of new inequities?
 Smagulova, Juldyz. and Ahn, Elise.

A special category of migrant mothers: How Taiwanese foreign brides with children assess the equitability and accessibility in social services
 Tsai, Shuchen.

A standards-based assessment approach for advancing education of English language learners: The case of Steps to English Proficiency (STEP)
 Wagner, Maryam., Jang, Eunice., Cummins, Jim. and Stille, Saskia.

A step towards education research innovation: Issues in translation process in a cross cultural study
 Sasaki, Akiko. and JO, HIE-MYUNG.

A stitch in time: Why culturally relevant mental health treatment should be the first step in post-conflict education agendas
 Jordan, Rachel.

A study of the development of international education relationships in French higher education institutions
 BIAN, Cui.

A study of the relationship between corruption and educational performance
 Ray, Anthony.

A tale of (at least) two cities: Reflections on 15 years of NGO-led advocacy in Education for All (EFA)
 Murphy, Lynn.

A tale of two cities: policy divergence on migrant children’s compulsory schooling access in Beijing and Shanghai
 yiu, lisa.

A validated survey tool to measure student conceptions of international experience
 Drane, Denise., Light, Gregory., Bryant, Fred. and Streitwieser, Bernhard.

AHELO and the OECD’s perceived hegemony in global education
 Smith, Scott.

AKFs’ experience in enlisting government support to innovations that improve learning outcomes in East Africa
 Ekwamu, John.

Academic adjustment of Chinese students at German universities
 Zhu, Jiani.

Academic integrity in the Kingdom of Cambodia
 Hong, Rebecca., Fitt, Faith., Cline, Curtis. and Jun, Alexander.

Access and learning in Early Childhood Education: Emerging trends and challenges from ASER Pakistan
 saeed, sehar., saeed, saba. and Zia, Huma.

Access not elitism: Scrutinizing media coverage of higher education in comparative context
 Perris, Kirk.

Access policies for international students in Korea: Equity issue implications
 Cho, Joohee.

Access to education for marginalized and out of school children and youth in urban areas in northern Iraq
 Pierson, Kara.

Access to education – are we selecting the wrong indicator again for the MDGs?
 Hobbs, Jenny.

Access, progress and affordability from United Arab Emirates
 Al Murshidi, Ghadah., AlMaamari, Mariam Saeed. and Amiruldeen, Asia Mir.

Accountability in Quebec’s education : New skin for old routines or meaningful change?
 Maroy, Christian., Mathou, Cécile., Vaillancourt, Samuel. and Voisin, Annelise.

Accountability tools in education and the configuration of the school-board institutional space: a Quebec-Ontario comparative case study.
 Vaillancourt, Samuel.

Accounting for variations in student achievement at primary school in a rural area of Malawi
 Taniguchi, Kyoko.

Achieving social impact: Exploring the visions and experiences of international social entrepreneurs across sectors
 Carrier, Nathalie. and Bag, Ebru.

Action research as a window to understand educational quality of school practices in a rural Tanzanian village
 Roberts, Daniel.

Activist research for education and social movement mobilization
 Choudry, Aziz.

Activity-based learning as a means of child-friendly education
 Sakar, Urmila.

Actors in general education reform: A Chinese perspective
 Li, Huichun.

Addressing homophobic bullying - Socio-cultural factors influencing various intervention approaches
 Gray, Hunter.

Addressing root causes of conflict through the Peacebuilding, Education and Advocacy Programme: A ‘How to’ guide to conflict analysis
 Affolter, Friedrich.

Addressing the Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) Barriers for Schoolgirls in Low-Income Countries
 Sommer, Marni.

Adult learners in HE in North America (Canada, USA and Mexico)
 Pérez-Colunga, Brenda.

Adult literacy in South Sudan: Exploring new literacy approaches in developing literacy programs in fragile contexts
 Kahando, Sarah.

Affective similarities and active differences: An analysis of discourses of discipline and control in Sri Lankan academia
 Perera, Kaushalya.

Affirmative action in higher education: What the West can learn from the East and Global South
 Somers, Patricia., Cofer, James., Gururaj, Suchitra. and Drake, Anna.

Afghan girls bargaining with patriarchy through/for higher education in ‘post-conflict’ Afghanistan
 Akseer, Spogmai.

Agency and empowerment: A case study of Fabretto Children’s Foundation’s implementation of SAT in Nicaragua
 Ravitch, Sharon. and Tarditi, Matthew.

Agents of change? Understanding agency in education through FUNDAEC’s Preparation for Social Action (PSA) program in Colombia
 Correa, Bita.

Aid effectiveness, transparency and educational development
 Ashford, Richard.

Aid transaction costs in educational sector: A case of Mozambique
 Sumida, Sugata.

Alippe, Bukvar’ and gender: A comparative analysis of early literacy textbooks in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan
 Mun, Olga. and Zholdoshalieva, Rakhat.

Almost as good as a feast: An alternative narrative of the end of Apartheid
 Monaghan, Christine.

Alpha-Lab: Sharing know-how among adult learners
 Dahl, Audrey.

Alternative education for Syrian refugees in Jordan
 McAdams, Laura.

Alternative education in societal reconstruction: Meanings ascribed to youth participation in the international response to the Haitian earthquake
 Pluim, Gary.

Alternative way to support sustainable quality Education For All: A case of Colombia
 Suzuki, Takako.

An alternative vision of EFA: Why it’s needed and how to move forward
 Ndoye, Mamadou. and Sack, Richard.

An analysis of Ontario’s postsecondary tuition fee policies from 1995 until 2013 and its impact on accessibility among low-income students
 Milani, Michelle.

An analysis of change linked to an NGO project on violence against girls
 Heslop, Jo. and Parkes, Jenny.

An analysis of consciousness changes in girls through life skills education in Malawi
 Park, Jungmi.

An analysis of implications of China’s dramatic expanded higher education
 Yang, Qingling. and Yuan, Guofang.

An analysis on grade repetition in Ugandan primary schools

An assessment of the Aga Khan Foundation’s community-based education initiative in Afghanistan
 Bardai, Farzana.

An autoethnographic account of the journey to the culture of peace
 Naseem, Muhammad.

An autoethnographic study on English education in China: From the past to the future
 Gao, Yang.

An ecological approach to understanding highly able students' experiences of their academic talent development in a Singapore school
 Thor, Theresa. and Heng, Mary Anne.

An examination of the progressive orientation in textbooks using a cross-national study from 1950-2010
 Fan, Peggy.

An exploratory study of institutional factors contributing to international student mobility: A case study
 Liu, Xingcai. and Silvestre, Gabriela.

An investigation of Chinese American mathematics scholars’ view of K-12 mathematics teaching and learning between China and North America
 Zhang, Jingshun. and Wang, Zhaoyun.

An ironic redirection of the coloniser’s tool: The use of Christianity to resist the hegemonic influence of Western modern science
 Burke, Lydia.

An uneven portrait of achievement: Illustrating variation in private/public school literacy development in Chile
 Arnal, Martina., Helman, Lori. and Delbridge, Annie.

Analysis of how minority male students’ involvement in college contributes to their learning in science, general education, and intellectual skills
 Atuahene, Francis.

Analysis of legal requirements for student-and-parent participation in electing of school principals in Brazil
 Tamura, Noriko.

Analysis of reform in assessment policies and practices within standard-based curricula reform in Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan
 Alvi, Unaeza., Alkhoz, Duishon. and Huma, Farah.

Analyzing possibilities and limits of the active in school practices of Global Citizenship Education
 Tarc, Paul.

Analyzing the discourse around education strategy in conflict-affected settings
 cho, hyeseung.

Angelina Jolie primary school

Anthropology of student mobility: International students as educational migrants in the U.S.
 Visconti, Lauren.

Applying Freire to immigrant education: critical consciousness and multiculturality in U.S. and German immigration policy
 Schreiber, Constantin.

Applying Paulo Freire’s concept of critical consciousness (conscientização) to international education opportunity
 DeSousa, Nayara.

Approaches to gender parity under the framework of EFA: A comparative study of India and China
 Iftekhar, Syed.

Appropriate participation
 Thangaraj, Miriam.

Apps for ECD: Phone-based Early Childhood Development screenings and parenting applications in Western Kenya
 Murphy, Katie.

Are Korean students happy?: The effects of neo-liberal and human capital theories on Korean education
 Calleja, Maria.

Are Massively Open Online Courses a way for developing countries to realising EFA goals or another ICT tool for the privileged
 Stager, Sarah., Eric Obeysekare, Eric. and Asino, Tutaleni.

Are all items in international tests comparable across countries?
 Tay-Lim, Brenda. and Li, Yonghe.

Are they ready to teach ‘global’ issues? A comparative study of students in Finland and Japan
 Uematsu, Kiyoko.

Articulating citizenship through media production: A case study of Pacos
 Vargas, Lorenzo.

Arts apart: Educational policy, participatory arts-based methodologies and the devaluation of the arts
 Mandrona, April.

Asian universities’ research excellence by area of study
 Hassan, Saeed Ul., Lee, Inn Beng. and Haddawy, Peter.

Assessing learning to learn in Finland and the Czech Republic
 Strakova, Jana. and Chval, Martin.

Assessing mathematical literacy through image cards and standard school-like items: A baseline study
 Binde, Andrew., Glanfield, Florence., Simmt, Elaine. and Mgombelo, Joyce.

Assessing the quality of higher education in Egypt from students’ perspective: A case study of Alexandria University- Matrouh Branch
 Taraman, Sara.

Assessment for what? Linking assessment, community participation, and school accountability in rural Kenya
 Nishimura, Mikiko. and Sifuna, Daniel.

Assessment of policy intent and policy implementation of school autonomy and accountability in Thailand
 Patrinos, Harry. and Arcia, Gustavo.
Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference 2014-Mar-10 to 2014-Mar-16
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