Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference 2014-Mar-10 to 2014-Mar-16

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Baghch-e-Simsim’s educational impact: Evidence from a pilot experimental study of a Sesame Street project in Afghanistan
 Lee, June.

Be a man, change the rules! - Lessons from a curriculum promoting healthy, nonviolent lifestyles among young men in the Balkans
 Namy, Sophie., Heilman, Brian., Edmeades, Jeff., Stich, Shawna. and Crownover, John.

Becoming a successful university student: A case study of selected undergraduate students from historically disadvantaged background
 Cross, Michael.

Becoming “more better”: A study of financial aid students at the University of Cape Town, South Africa
 Irving, Margaret.

Being a comparativist in the Soviet Union: Considering contexts, careers, and colleagues
 Merrill, Martha.

Being an academic woman: Factors that impact professional lives of academics in Ghana
 Mabokela, Reitumetse Obakeng. and Mlambo, Yeukai.

Between academic oligarchy and the free market: Hybrid visions of higher education governance in Poland
 Shaw, Marta.

Between bureaucrats: school supervision and crafting commitment to education in Ghana
 Friedson-Ridenour, Sophia.

Between extinction and hope: An oral history project for culturally relevant education in Indigenous languages
 Nyeu, Maung.

Between law and country: Women’s strategies for negotiating the Indonesian migration system
 Pruskinski, Ellen.

Between public good and private interest: evaluating effects of parental choice of school in Taiwan
 Mao, Chin-Ju.

Beyond EFA : Student follow-up and retention program at Universidad Icesi
 Duenas, Ximena. and Escobar, Ana.

Beyond the bubble: The challenge of community engagement in an IBO International School in South Korea
 Lillo, Sarah.

Beyond the national: PISA’s influence at sub-national, national, and European scales
 Engel, Laura.

Beyond the test score: A mixed method analysis of a college-access intervention in Chile
 Treviño, Ernesto., Flores, Stella. and Scheele, Judith.

Beyond the walls: Can technology improve access to quality education for Syrian refugees?
 Hess, Juliana. and Bushman, Janae.

Bilateral research and innovation agenda: A case study between Mexico and the United States
 Gregorutti, Gustavo. and Barrett, Beverly.

Bonuses payment to teachers: comparing proposals in Brazilian states
 Bauer, Adriana. and Sousa, Sandra.

Book Reviews
 Mosselson, Jacqueline.

Books that children CAN read: Book leveling and decodable books for ALL children
 Davidson, Marcia.

Borrowing Buddhism? Mindfulness in American classrooms, ontology in comparative education
 Rappleye, Jeremy.

Borrowing and lending of educational movements: The case of "Teach For America" and "Teach For All"
 Chew, MeiYee. and Pizmony-Levy, Oren.

Bottom-UpIs the local context aligned to global education for All? Musings form the local actors in Eastern region Uganda
 Okurut-Ibore, Christine.

Bourdieu goes to Ylay Talaa: Examining social theory in a rural Kyrgyz educational context
 Zholdoshalieva, Rakhat.

Brain exchange and brain gain: Brazil's scientific mobility program
 Sutker, Nolan.

Breaking the educational monopoly: The emergence and growth of alternative teacher preparation programs
 Mungal, Angus.

Bridging the gap between input-based governance regimes and outcome-based approaches: The case of the first national qualification framework in Germany
 Goessling, Bernd.

Bridging the gap in African-Americans desire and opportunities to explore international study
 Cheeks, Makisha. and Daniels, Christopher.

Bridging the gaps: The role of educational process variables on mitigating achievement differences in Peru
 Leon Jara Almonte, Juan. and Miranda, Alejandra.

Bringing Costa Rican Pura Vida to U.S. classrooms: Global experiences and teachers’ pedagogies
 Aponte-Martinez, Gerardo.

Broadening educational outcomes: Social learning, skills development and employability for youth
 DeJaeghere, Joan., Pellowski Wiger, Nancy. and Willemsen, Laura.

Budgetary appropriations and educational outcomes: Evidence from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Province Pakistan
 Rahim, Bushra.

Building a culture of peace in Honduran Schools
 Cerney, Blain.

Building a literate environment and the demand side of EFA: Youth and adult dimensions
 Easton, Peter.

Building a teacher professional learning community in a struggling school: A case study in Shanghai, China
 Wang, Dan. and Zhou, Yisu.

Building bridges for students' success: Assessing the impacts of national curriculum standards on the students’ learning achievements
 Wang, Dennis Ping-Cheng.

Building language and literacy foundations for L2 learners in West Africa with oral vocabulary instruction through shared reading
 Smith, Kimberly.

Building scalable and cost-effective solutions to enhance early-grade literacy
 Leege, Rebecca.
Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference 2014-Mar-10 to 2014-Mar-16
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