Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference 2014-Mar-10 to 2014-Mar-16

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Deepening pedagogical practice to develop 21st century competencies: From discourse to culture change
 Tan, Chen Kee. and Tang, Hsin Wei.

Defining globalization and assessing its implications, revisited
 Stromquist, Nelly. and Monkman, Karen.

Delivering an innovative tertiary education model in the Dadaab refugee camps
 Antze, Emily.

Democracy Education in the Context of the UNESCO - an explorative study at secondary schools in Kabul/ Afghanistan
 Khaki, Nahid.

Depictions of conflict, diversity, and nationalism in conflict-affected countries: a cross-national analysis of textbooks
 Lerch, Julia. and Russell, Susan.

Designing International Travel-Study: Reflections on Experience
 Hamann, Edmund., Catalano, Theresa. and Reeves, Jenelle.

Determinant of the persistence in Higher Education in Uruguay
 Fernandez, Tabare.

Determinants of success at the transition to academic track at the age of 11 in the Czech Republic
 Greger, David. and Strakova, Jana.

Developing Countries as Exporters of Higher Education
 Zhang, Li.

Developing Policy and a System for Inclusive Preschool and primary in Colombia: Achivements, challenges and lessons learned after Salamanca’s Declaration
 Angarita, Marisol.

Developing a Compassion and Creativity Index : Paradigm Shifts in Education
 Renold, Ursula. and Lin, Jing.

Developing a Research Framework for Assessing the Protection of Education from Attack
 Hardman, Frank. and Lewis, Alexandra.

Developing an in-service training program for teachers in English-medium schools in rural India
 Muffly, Sarah., Singh, R.K.., Padmanabhan, Jubilee., Iyengar, Radhika. and Singh, Jaivardhan.

Developing globally competent beginning teachers: The role of teacher induction and mentorship programs across Canada
 Kutsyuruba, Benjamin., Godden, Lorraine. and Tregunna, Leigha.

Developing teachers their own way: Paired observations for improving the quality of teachers’ literacy practice and professional development experience
 Hamilton, Mark.

Developing transformative study abroad programs in Botswana: A precarious partnership fraught with angst and hope between North and South.
 Biraimah, Karen. and Jotia, Agreement.

Development and Implementation of Classroom Observation Tools to Measure Current Literacy Practices & Perceptions
 Fesmire, Marion. and Ramos-Mattoussi, Flavia.

Development of Culturally Relevant Curriculum: A case study of Guangxi Zhuang indigenous culture in language learning in China
 Lin, Jing., Fuzhuo, Li., Qiang, Li. and Xiangling, Li.

Development of L3 English reading comprehension and critical thinking
 Dekker, Diane.

Development of youth capabilities, values and agency: Perspectives from South African academic and vocational secondary schools
 Balwanz, David.

Development-Oriented Learning and Research in Central America
 Svenson, Nanette.

Developments in private HE in North America (Canada, USA and Mexico)
 Álvarez-Mendiola, Germán. and Schuetze, Hans.

Diasporic Research: Toward Culturally-Appropriate Methodologies for African American Researchers in Africa
 Harris Garad, Brooke. and Shirdoon, Sirad.

Diasporic mothering and children's identity development
 Mosselson, Jacqueline. and Stempfelet, Yaelle.

Different contexts, same problems? Structural issues for religious education in transnational contexts: Scotland and Malawi as cases
 Matemba, Yonah.

Diffusing Mechanisms – (Nonprofit) Marketing and the Spread of Global Educational Agendas, Benchmarks, and Targets
 Ressler, Patrick. and Jules, Tavis.

Dimensions and Implications of Privatization of Education in Nepal “The Case of Primary and Secondary Schools”
 Shrestha, Madan. and Suvedi, Mukti.

Disconnect between Policy and Practice of Inclusive Education: Indonesian Context
 Ginanto, Dion.

Discovering the World: Comparative Perspectives on Study Abroad from the Digital Iconography of University Websites
 Friedman, Jonathan., Auerbach, Jennifer. and Miller-Idriss, Cynthia.

Discursive Shaping: The Desire for Private Schooling in India
 Chakraborty, Sarbani.

Disillusion of Ivory Tower and Chaos of Identity:A Case Study of the NEET Subgroup with Higher Degree in China
 Han, Qian.

Dismantling Citizenship and Opposing EFA: the case of Haitian Statelessness in the Dominican Republic
 Castillo, Patricia. and Valdes, Annmarie.

Dissecting the trade-off between access to education and quality of education: Unexpected findings in Zambian government primary school
 LEE, Jeongmin.

Dissertation workshop: From illegals to dreamers
 Tangalakis, Christina.

Diversity of Opinion in the Face of Prevailing Practices: Schooling and School Cultivation in Two Tanzanian Villages
 Roberts, Daniel.

Do Multiethnic Towns Raise or Lower Ethnic Saliency among High School Students in Bosnia and Herzegovina?
 Becker, Matthew.

Do Policy Instruments Make a Policy? Accountability in French Education Policy
 Dupuy, Claire. and Pons, Xavier.

Do different motivations to become a teacher lead to different results in their student achievement?: The case of South Korea
 Park, Hyowon., Jeon, Haram. and Byun, Soo-yong.

Do reading skills stem mostly from schooling or literacy practices?
 Rakotonarivo, Andonirina.

Do study connections matter for future career? Application of network analysis to university graduates.
 Cunska, Zane. and Paalzow, Anders.

Do the Girls’ Achievements on EFA Change their Status in Society? The Case of Indonesia
 Zubaidah, Ida.

Does Increasing Hours of Schooling lead to Improvements in Student Learning?
 Sandoval-Hernandez, Andres., Aghakasiri, Parisa., Wild, Justin. and Rutkowski, David.

Does Leadership Style Matter? A Multi-country Analysis of School Leadership & Teachers' Occupational Job Satisfaction
 Chandra, Madhur.

Does Participation in Community Afterschool Circles Improve the Academic Outcomes and School Engagement? Findings of Randomized Controlled Study in Bangladesh
 Diazgranados, Silvia.

Does Postgraduate Research Experience matter: evidence in China
 WANG, Chuanyi. and WEN, wen.

Does political socialization in the home boost adolescents' ambition for university education? Analysis 8th grade students in 35 countries
 Lauglo, Jon.

Does promoting learning beyond school walls support children’s learning? Lessons from Literacy Boost quasi experiments across the globe
 Brown, Christina. and Dowd, Amy Jo.

Does school autonomy matter? The influence of educational decentralization on teacher commitment and job satisfaction in China
 Dou, Diya., Devos, Geert., Valcke, Martin. and Zeng, Xiaodong.

Does school effectiveness vary between the United States and South Korea? To what extent?
 Kim, Suehye.

Dose school counseling matter?
 Zhou, Sen. and Wei, Yi.

Dropout In Rural Primary School In Cambodia: A Multilevel Analysis
 Ang, Bunchhay., No, Fata., Soeung, Sopha. and Hirakawa, Yukiko.

Dual Enrollment in American High Schools: A Case Study of Indiana Dual Enrollment Program
 LIAO, Fangping.

Dynamics and Impacts of Korean Elementary Teacher Education System Reform of 2011
 Park, Namgi.

Dynamics of Inequality in Educational Opportunity (IEO) in Selected Post-Soviet Countries
 Chakhaia, Lela.

Dynamics of School Choice by the Parents of Rural Bangladesh
 Tansen, Musharraf.
Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference 2014-Mar-10 to 2014-Mar-16
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