Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference 2014-Mar-10 to 2014-Mar-16

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EFA - (Equity+Social Justice) = EFA-qua-neocolonialism
 Williams, Hakim.

EFA and governance by numbers: a local perspective
 Fichtner, Sarah.

EFA in English Language Policy and Practice in Latin America
 Mallett, Erica.

EFA, inclusive education, and community: Global ideologies and local interpretations
 rao, shridevi.

EFL for all! The impact of cultural capital on students EFL learning: Case study of a Saudi university
 Alhawsawi, Sajjadllah.

ESD in states of resistance: Public schooling, social justice, and critical environmental education in Brazil twenty years after Rio ‘92
 Stahelin, Nicolas.

Early Childhood Care and Education Programs with focus on emergent literacy: Indicators of Quality in Low Income Countries
 Zafeirakou, Aglaia.

Early Childhood in Bolivia
 rojas, daniel.

Early Engagement, Parental Plans, and Educational Attainment in Rural Northwest China
 Hannum, Emily. and Cherng, Hua-Yu.

Early Grade Assessment and Action in Math
 Bobde, Savitri.

Early Grade Literacy Programs in Ghana: Language Policy and Language Traditions
 Adger, Carolyn. and Arkorful, Kingsley.

Early Grade Reading Instruction in Arabic: A Synthesis of the Research
 Boyle, Helen. and Al Ajjawi, Samah.

Early Home Literacy Activities and Immigration Background as Mediators between SES and Reading Achievement in Five Canadian Provinces
 Mirazchiyski, Plamen.

Early career, gender, and crisis in higher education: reflections on negotiating and navigating identity and on pedagogical experiences
 Misiaszek, Lauren.

Early exposure: increasing rates of minority student participation in study abroad
 Ramirez, Marjorie.

East Timor: An Analysis of Early Grade Reading Acquisition
 Amorim, Erica.

East? West? Authentic school leadership in Taiwan

Eastern dreams and Western realities: Revealing the unbalance of special college preparation programs in China and US admission decisions
 Hagedorn, Linda. and Hu, Jiayi.

Ecopedagogy in the Americas and China: Framing environmental education in China within ecopedagogical research conducted in Argentina, Brazil, and Appalachia
 Misiaszek, Greg.

Educating All for What Purpose?
 Williams, Dierdre. and Ginsburg, Mark.

Educating for Global Citizenship: the role of schools in shaping student outcomes
 Keating, Avril.

Educating for eco-tourism: A paradox between economic and sustainable development
 Locke, Steven.

Educating for global competence in the US: The interplay between policy and teacher practice
 Siczek, Megan., Connors, Christiane. and Engel, Laura.

Education Community Dialogue towards Building a Policy Agenda for Adult Education
 Hirano, Tatiana.

Education For All and Community Schools in Togo, West Africa: The Localization of a Global Movement
 Gurney, James.

Education Policy, Vocational Training, and the Youth in Sub-Saharan Africa: Kenya and Ghana
 Oketch, Moses.

Education Research: Challenges for the Next Decade
 Herrington, Carolyn. and Summers, Katherine.

Education Under Attack
 Nijhowne, Diya.

Education and (in)security: Canada’s aid to conflict-affected states
 Ghali, Mona.

Education and Children of Uruzgan, Afghanistan: Between local values and international norms
 Khan, Jehanzaib. and Burde, Dana.

Education and democratic participation with the use of social media
 Biseth, Heidi. and Madsen, Janne.

Education and empowerment for adolescent girls: How can education thicken girls’ agency in severely constrained environments?
 Murphy-Graham, Erin.

Education as Youth Social Capital Formation in Nicaragua: An Alternative to Conventional Youth Crime Control
 Maclure, Richard.

Education financing in Africa: trends and trajectories
 Samoff, Joel. and Irving, Margaret.

Education for All by All: Integration Challenges faced by Immigrant Teachers in Ontario
 Bukhari, Syeda.

Education for All, even “hard to staff” schools: The case of New York City’s Caribbean teachers
 Fitzpatrick, Margaret.

Education for All: A Case of Canada in Ghana

Education for All? The Failure of the American Post-Welfare State in Detroit and Internationally
 Pedroni, THomas.

Education for All? Roma Access to Schooling and College Education in Eastern Ukraine
 Osipian, Ararat.

Education for All?: A Policy Analysis of Minority Education in China
 Kong, Peggy. and Yu, Xiaoran.

Education for Democracy Coexistence and Peace in Pluralistic Societies The Case of Israel
 Iram, Yaacov.

Education for Melting Pot? Multicultural Education in Korea
 Kim, Hyojeong. and Han, Jae Bum.

Education for Migrant Children Along the Thailand-Burma Border: Governance and Governmentality in a Global Policyscape Context

 Johnson, Kim.

Education for Peace and Sustainable Development in Conflict Affected Countries
 Stewart, Jan.

Education for all but evaluation for whom? The case of Turkey
 Cakici, Hanife.

Education for all in Africa
 Samoff, Joel.

Education for all in the global village: Rights and responsibilities of students, educators and researchers of under-represented, ethnic and ability groups
 Langlo, Tatzia.

Education for all, governance and the professional development of teachers in Pakistan
 Abdi, Ali.

Education for all? Japan's responsibility toward immigrant/migrant children
 King, Kelly.

Education for some: Migrant access to public schooling along the Thailand-Burma border
 McLaughlin, David.

Education for sustainable development in Dadaab
 Dippo, Don.

Education in Dhaka’s Slums: Understanding Opportunities and Barriers to Access
 Cierniak, Katie.

Education in Emergencies: A case of Liberian refugees in Ghana

Education in Guinea Bissau
 Yonemura, Akemi.

Education in South Asia: Revisiting Equal Education For All
 Khaled, Pamelia.

Education policy and school leadership practice through the eyes of Generation X school leaders in London, New York City and Toronto
 Edge, Karen., Armstrong, Paul. and Descours, Katherine.

Education policy responses to the out-of-school phenomenon in Jordan
 Jarrar, Deema.

Education trend projections: will we [ever] reach EFA, and how much will it cost?
 Omoeva, Carina. and Chaluda, Ania.

Education, Conflict and Dimensions of State Fragility
 Paulson, Julia. and Shields, Robin.

Education, Privatisation, Globalisation: past, present and future
 Robertson, Susan.

Education, activism and decolonization: Critical cross-cultural ethnographies from Aotearoa/New Zealand, the U.S.A. and Canada
 Stirling, Carolyn.

Education, language, and the middle class in Dakar, Senegal
 Speciale, Teresa.

Education: Right or opportunity? A Foucauldian Genealogical study of The National Education Policy 2010, Bangladesh
 Hafsa, Syeda.

Education: the Rosetta Stone of multi-sectoral, sustainable development
 Fyffe, Patrice., Mirzaei, Muhammad Ehsan. and Wakil, Abdul.

Educational Costs of war against terrorism: a case study of Pakistan
 Sharif, Andleeb.

Educational Gender Gaps Among Migrant Children in China: A Mixed-Method Analysis
 Cheng, Henan., Tsang, Mun. and Ding, Yangqing.

Educational Inequality as Capability Deprivation: Towards a Conceptual Framework
 Mekonnen, Tebeje. and Gale, Trevor.

Educational Leadership for Social Justice: Perspectives from Canada and the United States
 McMahon, Brenda. and Armstrong, Denise.

Educational Opportunity in Urban China: Migrant Youth’s Access to Public Schools in Shanghai
 Yiu, Lisa.

Educational Policy Borrowing in Bhutan: Processes, Challenges, Possibilities
 Schuelka, Matthew.

Educational Quality and Egalitarian Educational Structures
 Bain, Olga. and Cummings, William.

Educational choices of Doukhobor adolescents in Georgia: Ethnographic study of educational decisions at the secondary school level
 Janelidze, Ana.

Educational governance and discourse on inequalities: unpacking the relationships in the context of public schooling in Pakistan
 Ali, Takbir. and Ashraf, Dilshad.

Educational inequalities and perceptions of students' life chances: A critical ethnographic account of an elite and a non-elite school
 Roy, Hajee Parveen.

Educational policy change for migrant children in China
 Tang, Wei.

Educational reform and leadership in India: A case study
 Shah, Payal. and Moyi, Peter.

Educational research for social advocacy in Lusophone African countries
 Dezan, Mila.

Effective integrated approaches to sustainability and energy management: communities of learning in rural Japan
 Howe, Edward.

Effective mechanisms for engaging community to improve access to education for children living in the most vulnerable contexts in Bangladesh
 Ali, Md..

Effects of Academic and Non-academic Instructional Approaches on Preschool English Language Learners' English Language Development
 Markova, Ivana.

Effects of Automatic Grade Promotion on Students’ Drop Out Rate and Students’ Learning Achievements – Evidence from Uganda’s Primary Education.
 Okurut, Jeje.

Effects of Parents’ Education on Student Achievement: Evidence from Pakistan
 Jamil, Baela., Khan, Zara. and Abbas, Zaheer.

Effects of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) on Socio-economic Development in Kenya: Students’ Perceptions
 Gakunga, Daniel.

Effects of science laboratory use on female interest in science at Caring for Cambodia schools
 Kelley, Tiffany., Plakmeyer, Andrea., Shan, Limei., Sonnenberg, Leah. and Vargas Salcedo, Hector.

Egalitarianism in Canadian Higher Education: Retrospect and Prospect
 Zha, Qiang.

Emancipatory schools, school choice, and the United States: considering alternative educational possibilities and tensions, with Porto Alegre as a model
 Potterton, Amanda.

Embracing the Global, Ignoring the Local: Creating a Reverse Gender Gap in Education in the GCC
 Ridge, Natasha. and Shami, Soha.

Emirati Female Net Generation, Connectivity, and Cultural Identity
 Tamim, Rana. and Essary, Jessica.

Empowering Child Laborers as Productive Citizens: Education and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for Sustainable Development in Bangladesh
 Begum, Moshammet Shahida.

Empowering ethnolinguistically diverse students: The effect of multicultural curriculum standards
 Cha, Yun-Kyung., Ham, Seung-Hwan., Lee, Moosung., Choi, Kyoung-Jun. and Ku, Hara.

Empowerment of Parents of Children with Disabilities in Tajikistan
 Lapham, Kate.

Enacting intrinsic empowerment
 Nikoi, Acacia. and Willemsen, Laura.

Encountering intercultural ways of knowing through dance and movement in inclusive classrooms
 Manson, Margaret.

Ending educational dependency: indigenous education and national development in East Africa
 Storen, Inga.

Engaging in Collaborative Textbook Analysis: Methods, Techniques, and Modes of Inquiry
 Shirazi, Roozbeh.

Engaging in Collaborative Work Across Disciplines and Place: Towards Interdisciplinary, Transnational, Evidence-Based Curricular Intervention
 Zakharia, Zeena.

Engineering Self-Efficacy and Innovative Behavior (IB) in Nigerian College Students in Engineering Programs
 Okonkwo, Charles.

English-medium education & mother tongue-based education in Ghana: Which legitimizes and which marginalizes?
 Lee, Amy.

Englishization as a Strategy in Developing Global Human Resources in Japanese Higher Education --- Insights from Students’ Perspective
 Tan, Chunyi.

Enhancing Education for All: New media literacies and mobile technologies in rural communities
 Sanya, Brenda.

Enlisting Milton High: Locating U.S. Schools in the Global War Circuit
 Nguyen, Nicole.

Ensuring Educational Quality, Inclusion and Sustainability through Women’s Participation in the Management of CBE Classes
 Hanif, Mohammad Taher.

Environmental scan of literacy practices in Uganda and the role public libraries play to match EFA goals
 Owiny, Sylvia.

Envisioning an Early Literacy Community of Practice: Progress to Date and Challenges for the Future
 Rhodes, Rebecca.

Equitable partnerships for mutual learning or perpetuator of North–South power imbalances? Ireland–South Africa school links
 Wilgus, Gay. and Kresky Gallwey, Susan.

Equity Issues Faced by Minority Beginning Teachers: A Narrative Inquiry of a Beginning Mongolian Teacher in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region
 huang, ju.

Equity and Inclusivity: Narrowing Disparities
 Naidoo, Jordan.

Equity and Quality in Educational Decision-making: Results of a longitudinal study of 6th grade Cambodian students
 Chhinh, Sitha., Edwards Jr., D. Brent., Williams, James., Kitamura, Yuto. and Zimmermann, Thomas.

Equity in uncertain times: What are the challenges to achieving equity in educational outcomes in the developing world and beyond?
 Cohen-Mitchell, Joanie. and benbow, Jane.

Eradicating Existing Power Structures in the Classroom Once and for all
 Golden, Shaena.

Establishing a Pedagogy of Social Justice in International Teaching Programs: A Case Study
 Cummings, Kelsey.

Establishment of Baseline Measurement of Intercultural Competence of Ukrainian Faculty
 Dzhuryak, Iryna.

Ethnic identity negotiation and second language pronunciation acquisition
 Hoff, Meagan. and Abercrombie, Sara.

Ethnic student mentoring in public schools: What can mentors that teachers can't
 Azougays, Attika.

Evaluating Room to Read's Reading and Writing Instruction Program
 Karim, Probak. and Jukes, Matthew.

Evaluating mLearning/mTraining: Attitudes of teachers towards teaching and training with mobiles
 Tuz Zahra, Fatima.

Evaluating the impact of a holistic early childhood development program: Evidence from Afghanistan
 Zonji, Shekufeh. and Proulx, Kerrie.

 Spratt, Jennifer.

Evaluation of Methods and Technologies of Online Educational Portals for International Learners in the Balkans
 Deandrea, Jessica.

Every shepherd a scholar: nomadic education in northern Pakistan
 Baughn, Brandon.

Evidence-based Practice for Designing a Project on Inclusive Education in the Primary Schools of Bangladesh: Learning from Plan International Initiatives
 Hossain, Iqbal. and Ahsan, M. Tariq.

Evolutional of Educational Outcomes in Kenya
 Oketch, Moses. and Mutisya, Maurice.

Evolving Youth Policy Discourses: The Ontario Government's Strategy
 Zoltok, Scott., Mojab, Shahrzad., Carpenter, Sara. and Ahmed, Ahmed.

Ex Ungue Leonem Redux: The social context of honorific addresses – The case of the CIES Presidential Addresses
 Bishop, J. and Erkaeva, Nigora.

Examining Immigrant Students Feelings of Belonging and their Political Socialization in the Nordic Countries
 Brezicha, Kristina.

Examining Jamaican Teachers' Global Perspectives: Prospects for Vision 2030 Jamaica
 Iuspa, Flavia., Mathews, Sarah. and Dawkins, George.

Examining cross cultural and intercultural perspectives on teaching, learning, and school curriculum
 Chan, Elaine. and Schlein, Candace.

Examining participatory arts-based methodologies on the impact on girls’ education following natural disasters in Pakistan
 Khan, Fatima.

Examining the connection between aspiring to a STEM profession and immigrant status among American, Canadian, and British youth
 Arce-Trigatti, Andrea.

Examining the determinants in school enrollment of children from rural households under universal primary education policy in Uganda
 Sakaue, Katsuki.

Examining the equity and efficiency of higher education finance in Taiwan
 Nyeu, Fong-Yee.

Examining the impact of age on achievement among grade 6 primary schools students in Kenya
 Hungi, Njora., Abuya, Benta. and Ngware, Moses.

Examining the implementation of interculturalization in teacher education
 Pearson, Donna., Wuraola, Arinola., Matinda, Rebecca. and Hunter, Cheryl.

Examining the relationship between immigrant students' feelings of belonging and political socialization in America and Canada
 Brezicha, Kristina.

Examining the tie between education and civic participation- a cross-national study from 1989-2007
 Fan, Peggy.

Exemplary Leadership Competencies Viewed From a Cross-Cultural Perspective
 Buchko, Olga.

Expanding "Education for All" to "Education for Altruism"
 Langness, Teresa.

Expanding the classroom with educational technology: Case study of a Cuban polytechnic high school
 Sabir, Najia. and Leftwich, Anne.

Expected Outcomes of Investing in Graduate Education and the Consequences: A Two Country Case Study
 Chien, Chiao-Ling. and Chapman, David.

Experiences from Teaching in A Novel Style to Freshman Chinese Students – International Higher Education in Practice
 Hemberg, Erik., Lin, Ying., Fung, Anthony. and O\'Reilly, Una-May.

Experiences of Rural Students with Community Schooling in Egypt
 El-Sherif, Lucy.

Experimenting reading strategies: Developing an effective implementation strategy for teaching literacy in the DRC
 Louge, Nathalie.

Exploration of Teachers’ Knowledge by Teaching Controversial Issues in Taiwan
 Hung, Yu-han.

Explorations of new pedagogical approaches, trends and learning technologies in education: a comparative and international perspective
 Scoppio, Grazia.

Exploring Characteristics of Professional Learning Communities in China: A Mixed Study on Schools of Shanghai

Exploring Ethics and Mining Engineering Higher Education in Canada
 Gutierrez, Monica.

Exploring Virtue and its Connection to Knowledge and Creativity
 Culham, Tom.

Exploring an alternative definition of literacy to include oral traditions
 Saul, Amy.

Exploring challenges to providing education for all in urban settings affected by drug-trafficking: A multi-sited case study in Guayaquil, Ecuador
 Bermeo, Maria Jose.

Exploring entrepreneurship training through a human capabilities approach: An analysis of youth financial literacy in east Africa
 Campbell, Anne., Liuzzi, Alex. and John, Ssenyonga.

Exploring global versus local influences in the appropriation of inclusive education policy in Tanzania
 Brown, Alisha.

Exploring imponderabilia: An ethnographic study on Korean immigrant children and their families
 Kim-Bossard, MinSoo.

Exploring international education as identity Self-Formation through the EAP lived experience
 Plonski, Joan.

Exploring teacher centered support in development of lesson plans to improve learning in Bungoma and Machakos Counties, Kenya
 Mwongera, Timothy.

Exploring trends and local developments related to global competition in higher education
 Bagley, Sylvia. and Portnoi, Laura.

eLearning Integration: From Policy to Practice
 Patil (Tilmanis), Lara., Light, Daniel. and Pierson, Elizabeth.
Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference 2014-Mar-10 to 2014-Mar-16
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