Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference 2014-Mar-10 to 2014-Mar-16

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Facilitating literacy acquisition in multilingual contexts
 Nakamura, Pooja.

Factors Influencing Information Communication Technology Integration in Teaching and Learning in Public Secondary Schools in Kitui County, Kenya
 Okoth, Ursulla.

Factors Shaping Access to Environmental and Sustainability Education: The Case of Green Schools in Israel
 Gan, Dafna.

Faculty attitudes on quality in the Horn of Africa: University of Djibouti
 Jones, Thomas.

Faculty-Driven Assessment in Global Learning Curriculum Initiatives
 Landorf, Hilary.

Falling through the cracks: Adolescent girls in emergencies
 Hendriks, Sarah.

Family, school and placement effects on Indigenous and non-Indigenous students’ performance in Guatemala and Peru
 Villalobos, Esteban., Treviño, Ernesto. and Alvarado Urbina, Andrea.

Fashioning a Space in Global Hip-Hop Networks: Negotiated Identities of Female Rappers
 Hudson, Audrey.

Female Access to Higher Education in Afghanistan
 Hedayet, Mujtaba.

Film Leaders: The Expression of Non-formal "Lingdao" in Chinese Cinema
 Ma, Chenwei. and Shouse, Roger.

Finding the ‘public’ in public education: Activist narratives from India
 Thapliyal, Nisha.

Findings from Smartest Investment: A Framework for Business Engagement in Education
 van Fleet, Justin.

Focus on Reading in a Multilingual Context: Technology for Learning and Assessment
 Castillo, Nathan.

Following the “Shadow”: Private Tutoring Research in Asia
 Duong, Hang.

Fostering Early Grade Math Understanding: Experimental Evidence from Belize
 Naslund-Hadley, Emma.

Fostering Improvement in Education through Evaluation: A Study of ASER in India
 Goodnight, Melissa.

Fostering Partnership Capital: the case of an international Association of Educational Researchers
 Gomez Zaccarelli, Florencia., Veliz, Daniela., Gutierrez, Paulina., Salinas Barrios, Ivan. and Perez Mejias, Paulina.

Fragmented Legitimacy: The Functioning of a Rural Educational NGO in China
 Liu, Ran.

Framing Different Pictures of Rural Schooling: Review of Research on Rural Education in the Global South Context
 Tirtowalujo, Isabella.

Framing Human Rights Education in China
 Baldwin, Aftan. and Kong, Peggy.

Framing education infrastructure on principles and practices of experiential learning
 Langlo, Tatzia.

Framing the Global University: The Cognitive Nationalism of British and American University Administrators
 Friedman, Jonathan.

Freire in Practice: Applied Critical Pedagogy in the Autonomous Regions of Nicaragua
 Seeger, Christopher.

From Access to Learning: System effects that continue to delay children’s ability to learn.
 Chaluda, Ania.

From Africa to Central America to study sustainable agriculture: Perceptions and experiences of MasterCard Foundation Scholars at EARTH University
 Flessa, Joseph. and Bramwell, Daniela.

From Classrooms to Conflict in Rwanda
 King, Elisabeth.

From EFA to Learning for All
 Carm, Ellen.

From Education for All to learning for All
 Brock-Utne, Birgit.

From International Education Aid Receiver to Provider: the Transition of China’s Role in International Education Aids
 Liu, Baocun.

From Jewish and Democratic to a Jewish state period: The new civics curriculum in Israel
 Pinson, Halleli. and Agbaria, Ayman.

From Progressive Education to UNESCO’s Program of Fundamental Education, 1934-1966
 Watras, Joseph.

From life skills to the facts of life: Examining governmentality in life skills-based sexuality education for pre-service teachers in Zambia
 Greene, Elizabeth.

From the Ground Up: Revisioning a community-based approach to global citizenship education
 Hammell, Sahtiya., Cole, Rose., Spreen, Carol Anne. and Monaghan, Christine.

Fulfilling children’s rights or fulfilling international development agendas? Finding ways to move forward with ECCE post-2015
 Pearson, Emma.

Funding Higher Education in Africa: A Resource Dependency Perspective

Funding Higher Education in Africa: A Resource Dependency Perspective

Future-oriented Citizenship Education for an Uncertain Future in the 21st Century
 Lee, Wing On.
Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference 2014-Mar-10 to 2014-Mar-16
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